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At The End Of My Rope

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 11:37 AM

Our validation waiting list is a topic of much consternation in the NIC. I have often tried to reduce this issue by shortening our queue to a manageable length. As recently as this month I had the queue down to a month's wait time. I often think this will improve the atmosphere around this site, and I am always wrong. The shorter the queue, the more problems we have.

As such, I'm instating a new policy. There will be no mass validations. If you are an applicant, and would like your membership to be validated, you will need to submit a brief essay. Within that essay we want you to tell us:

Your Age Bracket (<13, 13-18, 19-30, 31+)
Your General Nerf Experience (more is not necessarily better)
Why you want to post on our site
What you would bring to this community/why we should validate your account.

All such essays should be sent to NHAdmissions@gmail.com
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