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Zbigniew: An Overview

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Posted 07 March 2010 - 07:36 PM

Hi folks, hippo here with an overview (not a writeup) posted on NHQ and FU that was requested by someone here, It has now been reworked quite a bit, but It served me quite well at BAFF 5, and will be seeing more action at BAFF 6. On a side note, I apologize to those who were expecting a writeup and just wanted to make that clear, enjoy:
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>1 Longshot
>PVC of preferred length
>1 Airzone arrow or similar material
>Hot Glue
>An extra catch spring
>1 NF spring
>1 NF plunger rod

Part 1, the Priming mech and springs:

Posted Image

Okay, I set this up like a classic springer, and since PVC can't fit in a Longshot's plunger tube, I had to make it a pullback. I slapped on a NF spring, and made appropriate reinforcements, as long as I don't prime it too fast, It doesn't go off.

Part 2, the barrel:

Posted Image

I'm a sucker for accuracy, so I decided to chamber my signature blaster with my ammo of choice, mega stefans. So with this in mind, it's dead accurate at close range, Nerf is a fast, close range sport, so accuracy is key. Sloppy minimization's on the front were made to accommodate the PVC's length.

Part 3, the seal and barrel connection:

Posted Image

Since PVC doesn't fit onto a longshot's plunger tube effectively, I sliced a hollow portion of an air zone arrow off, and used the piece to support the PVC, It worked quite nicely, I also padded the plunger tube.

Part 4, other aspects:

I wanted my signature blaster to be personal and unique, and after feeling a jolt of patriotism from my quarter of Polish-ness, I slapped a Polish flag on the side, and dubbed it the most outrageous and unpronounceable Polish/Slavic name I could think of: Zbigniew, those who attended BAFF 5 will saw this guy in CTF and Zombies, It was quite reliable.

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#2 Talio


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Posted 08 March 2010 - 10:44 AM

What the fuck is the purpose of this? It's not a write up, I'm not even sure what it is. Members of this site have access to both of those sites.
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