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Bfno- Fulleron, Ca Nerf Out

Bringing Home A Touch Of The Wild

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Posted 23 August 2009 - 02:37 PM

Well well well, folks, BFNO is back! This is most likely going to be a single portion war, and I might bring a grill so Nodoka can cook for us...but I may charge, For a good reason though. Its still not a guarantee that that will happen though. ....Anyways, the location is a bit complicated for people who haven't been here before. It a bit of a walk from the war site to the parking lot, as illustrated by the following image.

Once you have your stuff, walk down the path that the arrow under 'War Site' is pointing. Come the day of the war, I will set up some pickets to guide the way.
Posted Image

The address for the parking is::
1766 W Bastanchury Rd.
Fullerton, CA 92833

Time & Date:
9:00, September 12(( 8/12 ))

If there are any problems, let me know now that way I can hopefully arrange stuff with my parents to free up a different weekend.

Food To Be Served: Q-Bites (Please Order)

Q-bites are a tasty little treat me and Nodoka came up with tonight. they consist of hollowed out french bread, sandwich contents in the shape of cubes, and a small section of the bread that was cut out caps it off. see the diagram.

Don't complain on the phallic level, please, i tried my best on that.
Posted Image

The basic Q-bite is ham and cheese $6

the B/F-Hollows special is Ham, Cheese, Mushrooms, and grilled onions $7

special ingredents $8
Please, let me know if you want one at the war.
The money that the food generates goes the this cute little kitten Gami, who has a disease that has proved to be fatal in previous generations of his bloodline. My parents refuse to pay for a trip to the vet for some medication, but we don't even know what the name of the disease is.
Posted Image
Posted Image

That is all for now, Fellow Nerfers and Pet Owners. I will use the space below for any updates and the day nears.

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