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Double Couplered/ Shotgunned Bbb

Bad picture sizing...sorry

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Chris is cool


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Posted 13 June 2009 - 12:16 PM

This is my first write-up, so sorry if things are un0clear. Well, I wanted to try something different with my BBB, and I did. The materials for this project are:

1) 1" pvc slip coupler
2) 1" pvc
3) 1/2" cpvc
4) 1/2" cpvc slip coupler
5) Hot glue

The tools necessary are:

1) Wire cutters
2) Sandpaper
3) Metal file or Dremel w/ sanding bit
4) Hacksaw
5) Large drill bit w/ drill (only a couple cases need this tool)

First, get your BBB and unscrew the front part. Then, take the front part where you put the arrows on and remove the loose parts except for the white piece. Hollow out the center as usual but keep the outer rim remaining. Then, hollow out the center of where the AR's were removed so it can accept a 1/2" cpvc coupler. Make sure it's straight, and remove all that dead space with hot glue (shown on left of picture) If your plunger stop comes out to far that after you pull back and shoot once you can't push it back forward, drill the hot glue and coupler (but NOT THE WHITE PIECE) down until it fires properly.

Posted Image

Afterwards, saw off the part where the missiles are put on until you get a little lip that holds the barrel outside the gun. Then, epoxy the 1" PVC coupler over the lip after it has been sanded smooth and cleaned. You also want to cut down the coupler before doing so, so that you do not damage the wall that prevents the PVC from going through, but have that wall hit the beggining of the lip.

Posted Image

Then, make room on the shell for the 1" PVC coupler. This includes removing the plastic that holds the lip out (shown on right side of picture)

Posted Image

Next, do your usual re-inforcements on the C shaped disk and put some hot glue on the open spots of the plunger head. I also added steel wiring to the plunger rod and epoxied it (shown in picture above in the center) for extended life. Add some epoxy to part of the catch that holds the plunger (DO NOT EPOXY THE PART THAT TRAVELS UP THE PLUNGER'S CATCH) then put some putty on hollow parts of the plunger rod. You can also add a rubber washer to the back of the plunger tube if wanted.

Posted Image

Now, for your shells. I got a small but long enough piece of 1" PVC that it can be gripped and pulled out from the slip coupler. Then, after sanding out the inerts, I hot glued 2 OMC PETG barrels in there. Choose whatever length you want, there is no specific winner. Also, make sure there are no holes on either side of the PVC where the PETG ends are shown. Throw some foam in there if you want to and make sure your barrels are straight.

Posted Image

Last of all, I did one funny thing to protect my paint. I added FBR on the parts where friction is made between the 2 shells (also where the smaller rod comes out front the hole on top of this too, just didn't get it in that picture)

Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed! The double-barreled shells get a good 50-60 ft. if you make 'em right and the singled attatchment gets about 115' for me. Just a heads up, do NOT damage the walls of any of your couplers that keep the pipe from going through. They will not become removable and destroy your coupler if you do so. Sorry about the crappy pictures/sizes, hope it got through to you guys!

Questions? Comments? Flames? Chuck Norris Jokes (please)?

Super important edit: You HAVE to glue the plunger tube's end to the orange piece that has the 2 couplers. Then, glue the orange part in place. I had the orange part with the coupler and shell fly at my friend. This happens because there is no stopper for the front piece. Also, just use your head on where to glue it, try to imagine how it was before.

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Posted 13 June 2009 - 12:50 PM

Chuck Norris fathered himself. Anyway, could we have a finished over all picture. Also, how did you end up with pics of different sizes.
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#3 Chris is cool

Chris is cool


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Posted 13 June 2009 - 01:22 PM

1) I'm applying numerous coats of spray paint and then have to wait for epoxy to dry. I guess a finished pic will be up in a day or so.

2) Stupid camera phone and photobucket don't work together so well :o

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