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Suck It Spielberg!

ROTK tied for Most Oscars Ever.

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#26 Langley


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Posted 02 March 2004 - 02:04 PM

And saying that in a few years everyone will forget about it, well, that's just plain fucking retarded. Sure the frenzy will die down, you won't see movie posters all over the place or Frodo book covers or whatever, but I can't concieve of any fantasy or fictional Effeminate that will eclipse LOTR.

I'm more afraid that the hype won't die down.
The worst case scenario:
The LOTR seriese is the next Star Wars. The movies, being relatively mainstream now develop their own cult following that may even be completely seperate from the books. Authours that don't have Tolkien as their last name start writing their own novels about Middle Earth. In 2029 the LOTR Special Edition is released in which some of the pointyer weapons are replaced with two-way radios or boffle swords ala ET. The Nazgul King swings first*. In 2034 Frances Walsh writes a screenplay for another trilogy that takes place after the origonal movie. Etc.

(* if you don't get it, it's a play on "Greedo Shoots First" which was oddly enough a big point that star wars geeks didn't like about the special adition. In the cantina in the SE Greedo shoots at Han first, but missed, and then Han nails him in the head through the table)
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#27 Spectre2689



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Posted 02 March 2004 - 03:09 PM

That's a scary thought...LOTR going the same way as Star Wars. I think I'd shoot myself if someone decided to make a LOTR: Episode One. Or even worse, LOTR Reloaded. (shudders)
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#28 merlinski



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Posted 02 March 2004 - 04:26 PM

Oh and about Merlinski... I won't even bother with you... it's 7:49 am, and I'm getting ready for school.

Ok, I'd still appreciate it if you could tell me what movie has more advanced special effects than LOTR...
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#29 J cobbers

J cobbers


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Posted 03 March 2004 - 10:56 AM

For all you think reading LOTR books is hard, try the Silmarillion, now that will bake your noodle! Its shorter yes, but a much more difficult read. It is however useful in getting a lot of the history behind the story in LOTR, and middle earth in general.
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#30 VACC


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Posted 03 March 2004 - 11:42 AM

(Lethal Weapon, Maverick, The Matrix, Badboys)

Ok, I have to clarify before I cough my lungs up in laughter....you're referring to these movies individually, and not measuring 3 of the 4s' trilogies up against LOTR, right?
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#31 LDM



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Posted 03 March 2004 - 04:42 PM

I've read the books, and I think they add much to the movie. After seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, I read the book. I saw it again, and it was much more understandable. Then I made sure I read The Two Towers and The Return of the King before they came out in theaters.

And I agree with Merlinksi.
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#32 Black Wrath

Black Wrath


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Posted 03 March 2004 - 04:58 PM

(Lethal Weapon, Maverick, The Matrix, Badboys)

Ok, I have to clarify before I cough my lungs up in laughter....you're referring to these movies individually, and not measuring 3 of the 4s' trilogies up against LOTR, right?

Individually for the most part. The Matrix to me, is one movie and nothing more. Lethal weapon however, is the best quadriligy in my opinion, because those are the genres of movies that I like. Action and comedy don't get much better. Well, maybe Rush Hour, those two were good movies too.
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#33 Grinch



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Posted 03 March 2004 - 06:58 PM

It's a bit unfair, however, because LotR is usually associated with the other two films. It ain't easy just to judge on of them.

By the way (in case anybody hasn't mentioned it yet), Ben-Hur won 11 Academy Awards and was the best film of 1959.
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