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Xbox Live Help.

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#1 nerfer9



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Posted 30 December 2008 - 04:07 PM

Ok, I thought all you electronic gurus could help me with my xbox 360 elite. Ok, I have a signal, and everythings working when it comes to that, but it says I need to download an update. Any time I do, it either stops in the middle and says that I lost my connection, or it says that it can't access the update. I don't know. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks.
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#2 mulletman243



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Posted 31 December 2008 - 12:51 AM

2 things,
1. Maybe Bad connection, (happened to me before)
2. Xbox is defective?

Things to try.
Restart your modem and/or your router.
Call Microsoft. (It's a pain in the a** but it might help you)

Hope that helps.

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#3 nerfsharpie6



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Posted 31 December 2008 - 01:49 AM

If you are using a wireless router to the wireless network receiver then unplug your router for about 5 minutes. This dumps all the cached info and leaves a clean slate...it also speeds up your internet a little bit as well.

If you are using an ethernet connection then call microsoft tech support (1-800-MYXBOX) and sort it out with them.

Your signal may drop in and out if your are far away from your router, or it has to travel through walls, or another EMF field which can weaken the signal considerably. If you are hooked up with an ethernet cable, then call tech support, they can help you better than most of us can.
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#4 Demo tay26

Demo tay26


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Posted 31 December 2008 - 03:46 PM

Three things you can try:

1: Open doors of your in a separate room from your wireless connection (if you have one)

2: Get ANY wireless phone away. The phone can still screw up the connection, even if it's not 2.4 gH.

3: Make sure microwaves are unplugged.

I had that problem, and did these. Now I pwn noobs.
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#5 gow2 fan 123

gow2 fan 123


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Posted 03 January 2009 - 01:36 AM

My friend had something like this once. He got a new game and wanted to play an old game that required an update. Every time he tried to download the update, it would get stuck. Did you get a new game?
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