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Maverick Air Powered Rifle

its epic...

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#1 Knud-Hansen



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Posted 05 September 2008 - 12:14 PM

This is my first real contribution to the haven, and I'm hoping its directory worthy. Any who, I will do my best for a write up but this is really loose ended and can be used with different parts then what I had. I will start off with a list of materials used:

Maverick frame and trigger
Sm3k pump
At3k air tank
Ls bi-pod

barrel materials:
18 inch 3/4 cpvc
brass breeched
1inch pvc "silencer"

other materials:
epoxy putty
hot glue
strong string (used string from double shot)

a really good dremel with sander and disc bits

I bring you.. my beauty


Posted Image

The pump is guided by the barrel, using a pvc T coupler (i think it was the 1inch size) and is lined by felt to make pumping smooth.

Posted Image

you can see that the base of the pump is securely fastened to the middle of the maverick, as opposed to the bottom which runs the slight risk of the pump breaking off the gun from pushing to hard. Also, the breech is visible. Its nothing fancy, just cut a hole in some 17/32 brass and put a short piece of 9/16 brass over that, as a cover. Epoxy a Short nail to that and there you are.

Posted Image

Here, we have 6 ammo holders made of 1/2 cpvc. These are attached to the stock, which is a combination of 3/4 cpvc and couplers that are glued in, using a variety of adhesives.

Posted Image

A shot of the Ls bi-pod folded up. It works amazing well for this gun and serves a much greater purpose then what it did on the longshot its self.

Posted Image

You can see where the At3k tank's valve comes out of the maverick here, its the little orange piece that the hose attaches to.

Posted Image

A quick shot to show the pump extended. This was by accident, but the "silencer" stops the pump from coming all the way out, yet still get a full pump of air in.

Posted Image

The reason I used 3/4 cpvc to house my brass barrel is because of how perfectly the cpvc fits into that orange barrel piece on the maverick, which does an excellent job of keeping my barrel straight and secure.

Posted Image

Yes, I opened it back up just for you all! the trigger system was inspired by my dad actually, because he was talking about pulley systems, and that sounded a lot more simple then some other ideas i had going through my head.

I carved a divot for the string to sit in on the trigger and knotted it outside of a small hole i drilled in the bottom of the trigger. The string then goes around 2 pegs that are already in the maverick and ties onto the air tank pin. You have to make sure that the string you use DOES NOT STRETCH at all or it won't work because of the air pressure. It is also important to make string very taught and put in a strong combination of knots on the pin. I slipped a small spring between the knot and plastic piece on the pin, and then hot glued it to make it stiff, which helps (kind of like the pic pen mod). To make sure the pin returns to its original position after firing, I threw a rubber band on there to push it back, the picture says enough for that part.

Posted Image

just a closer look at the internals for ya.

Alright and there you have it. I started this project at the beginning of summer and literally finished it yesterday. It was completed earlier but I had used the Sm3k air tank and that eventually exploded and set me back, until I bough a At3k off of badger.

No official ranges yet but I can easily say I can hit 100 flat by shooting it down my dorm hallway, but I will try to get those to you soon.

Compliments? Flames? Comments at all really. I hope you all enjoy!!

OH and if you play Goucher CTF, you better watch out. You have been warned mwahahhaa

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#2 Ambience 327

Ambience 327


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Posted 05 September 2008 - 12:37 PM

Well, it isn't pretty, it isn't clean, and it looks like the illegitemate child of a Recon and a Longshot, but it certainly looks effective for all of that.


I like the overall idea - you used the mav to get a frame for a longrifle style blaster. The advantages here (the existing trigger, the tactical rail, the existing support structure) are obvious.

I like the reinforced barrel/pump handle - attaching the pump to the barrel for support was clever, and should help this thing hold up to stress a bit better.

You have a decent looking breech, and it looks fairly easy to load, especially with the ammo in such close proximity.


As I mentioned, it is quite ugly. Perhaps a paintjob might fix that a bit - tie all those multi-colored bits together into a coherent theme, and it might just look nice.

This isn't the cleanest mod I've ever seen, though it doesn't look slapped together either. A bit of filing and sanding in a few places might help here.

The pulley-trigger seems a bit overly complicated to me. Couldn't you have just attached the pin on the tank directly to the trigger with a piece of plastic or sheet metal? (so that when the trigger is drawn back, the pin follows suit) I don't see the advantage of all that string which has to be tied just right, and if it stretched out or snapped, wouldn't work anymore.


Nothing extra witty here. Just reiterating how this gun makes me want to wash my eyes out with bleach. :lol:
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#3 Split



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Posted 05 September 2008 - 12:52 PM

The pulley system for the trigger is actually mechanical advantage, which could help quite a bit because a pump plugged 3k can be hard to fire. I doubt it will last a few weeks though. The string will wear through from the tension and friction.

That thing is so ridiculously intimidating though. If you fix the first picture to actually show and not be a link it would make a more coherent "write-up" of sorts. You don't really show how to do it, just the finished product.

With a few hours of bondo, sandpaper and spray paint work, this thing would be really sexy too. It's already half way there.

How many pumps does it take you with the Lanard pump and the Hasbro tank?
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#4 Blue



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Posted 05 September 2008 - 01:33 PM

Reminds me of the doubleshot. Maybe you could put the gray pulley system from the doubleshot instead of all the complicated stuff.

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#5 hereticorp



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Posted 05 September 2008 - 03:08 PM

That looks pretty evil, I wouldn't want to be running up a hill against it.

I like the concept, although the execution leaves a little bit to be desired, mainly in the refined look area, but I have no doubt it's a nasty bastard.

I might try out something like this with the AT2Ks I'm getting, I'm just going to yank the turret off one to make into an addon to my Titan Mk II mod, so I can easily do a nice singled integration.
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#6 Knud-Hansen



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Posted 05 September 2008 - 07:41 PM

Appreciate the feedback! Yes i could not agree with you all more, it is indeed messy and there will be a lot of cleaning and some kind of paint job on the way. Being in school and all makes that a little more difficult to get around to. I just got excited when I finished it and had to put it up.

Splitlip: I put in 2 pumps per shot. I could get away with 3 but I have already torn up a tank by over pumping, and I want this to last.

I do realize that there is no actual pulley involved in the trigger mech, but I did not think it was necessary to put one in when I could just weave the string in and out of the pegs already in the maverick shell. The string from the doubleshot is really strong stuff and is used to that kind of friction so I have no worries of it breaking anytime soon, if it does then its easy to fix.
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#7 Mackenzie



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Posted 10 November 2008 - 10:19 AM

I wouldn't say the nicest looking firearm, but it must be powerful. I ask, where did you get your scope?
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#8 Kid Flash

Kid Flash


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Posted 10 November 2008 - 10:38 AM

This isn't september. PM the guy.
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#9 imaseoulman



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Posted 10 November 2008 - 11:18 AM

Hmmm...I missed this last time around, so I'll post now.

Your trigger set-up is of serious concern. Are there screws running through the posts around which you've laced the string? I haven't looked at a mav in a while so I'm not sure. Those posts may break after a while also. My Arachnophobia II had such stress on the trigger that I had to use brass tubing (coated in PETG to reduce friction) and epoxy putty to get enough strength in the posts so the force of pulling the trigger wouldn't just rip them out.

There's definitely no mechanical advantage with that trigger set-up, if anything you're increasing the amount of force requried to pull the trigger because of the added friction of the string. If the string holds up over time, power to ya, but if it fails, try directly connecting the firing pin to the trigger.

As for the shell, I don't see much use for the bi-pod. If you can't actually steady your shot enough without a bi-pod, you're going to get owned in any actual NERF war. If it's just for cosmetic purposes, then I understand, I'm just not one for cosmetics.
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#10 Daecu



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Posted 10 November 2008 - 06:40 PM

Thanks for the trigger idea, I was wondering how to make a longshot trigger fire a titan bladder. :cry: Sorry about the post in the necro thread... I figure the damage was done earlier :/
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#11 zaphodB



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Posted 10 November 2008 - 10:08 PM

Longshot trigger to titan is actually pretty easy. I just ran some heavy gauge wire from a coathanger from the hole at the top of the trigger to the pin, and dropped the airtank where the maverick's magazine used to be.


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#12 Knud-Hansen



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Posted 11 November 2008 - 01:01 AM

Yes, I am aware its no super model. The scope used to belong to my younger brother who plays airsoft, so its off of some cheap airsoft gun. Sorry I don't know much more then that.

There are no screws running through those posts but there are female parts that fit over those posts, which keeps them from bending and breaking. I use this thing practically every Saturday for CTF at my school and have had no problems with it. The bi-pod is, for the most part, cosmetic. It is nice to have a way to stand it up though when I'm not using it. I have never used it to steady my shot though, and don't see my self ever needing too.

I used this trigger system, mainly to try something new and just see what would happen. It is more complicated then it needs to be, but it has a nice pull and would be easy to fix/replace in the event that it breaks. Not to mention it was able to help out Daecu with his project.
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#13 xtremejumpy



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Posted 11 November 2008 - 09:41 AM

I like it, but what ever you were using as "glue" you should run across a few places to make it smooth. And give it a killer paint job. Have you fired it for range yet?
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#14 s3an967



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Posted 11 November 2008 - 03:16 PM

Holy wow! Now mavericks are good guns(range wise) cool mod.

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#15 Llama Boy

Llama Boy


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Posted 11 November 2008 - 04:17 PM

Dude kill the caps lock and use the Shift key. Also, I must have missed this. Great gun.

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