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Take Aim Or Fire On The Run?

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Poll: Take Aim or Fire on the Run? (98 member(s) have cast votes)

Say you have a gun with a decent ROF and fairly good accuracy. If you are charged by an opponent do you drop to a knee/hold your ground and take some aimed shots or jump out of the way and put as many shots in the direction of you opponent as possible?

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#26 Watari



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 01:19 AM

If you had a good with fairly good accuracy and decent ROF

Well there's nothing in that phrase that says it's an automatic, so i'll say you had a DTG...If I had a DTG in that situation, depending on how many darts were loaded, most likely i'd run, charge back at them and scream...(no I wouldn't scream because that would make me look stupid). But I would charge back. Now lets say that the person that I was charging had a X-bow or BBBB, and was good with it, then i'd run for it.

Now if you did have an automatic, which was loaded, i'd again, charge. In my opinion, it there are too many factors and i'm just describing one of them, which is the guns/darts loaded. Also, if the person that's charging at you can run faster then you, then i'd probably try to hit that person, yet if you run faster then that person, you could run away.

EDIT: Since I am a slow runner, and I use a gun that can shoot twice before having to reload, (as of now) and both barrels weren't loaded, i'd run backwards, try to reload and charge/shoot back, although since I CAN'T AIM for my life, i'd probably miss and get shot. But hey, Nerf isn't about winning or losing, (In my opinion...) it's about having fun :D so if you get shot, and it was your last life, and it was the start of the last round of the day, at least you had fun with it! Hopefully...

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#27 mintee



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Posted 17 August 2008 - 01:03 AM

I just had a Nerf War without my Longshot out of comission, (w.i.p.) and my Magstrike (friend was borrowing it) and I used only a Disc Shot pistol.

I found myself hugging cover and running like never before. I couldn't sit still outdoors, and when we moved indoors I could only pop out of cover and fire rather than applying pressure to my target constantly, knowing I had multiple shots.

I had fun. I enjoyed hopping around dodging darts while fumbling with loading my DS with a stefan. I enjoyed knowing that I was capable of taking an opponent with only a pistol. How did I get through a war constantly outgunned? It was thanks to a light load.

You can dodge, strafe, duck, jump, turn, aim and shoot all quickly very fast if you're lightly armed. Your footwork and balance are closer to your natural ability when you're not carrying three different guns, clips, ammo, etc. All I had was a pistol, a holster and an ammo bag. I learned today that the weapon you wield inherently affects my style of play to the point where I wouldn't bother dodging with my Longshot because I knew I had superior firepower. With a much heavier and unwieldy gun, I couldn't run backwards or sideways while taking aim and shooting.

Now my philosophy is, you can do both with the right guns.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I think pistols and one-shot springers inherently FORCE you to do both. :lol:
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#28 imaseoulman



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Posted 17 August 2008 - 01:52 PM

Min.Tee, you make a very good point.

At a Minnesota war last year, I made the same realization with my SplitFires. I usually carried them as side-arms, but when I dropped my larger primary and just dual wielded my SF's, I was much more mobile. I could run significantly faster and take more shots on the run. Now, I switch back and forth between using my SF's or my other primaries. One round I'll be using the Unfair Gun and the next I'll be using only SF's. They both have their advantages and it all depends on the situation.
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