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How To Handle Very Large Numbers Of People?

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#1 Thom



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Posted 29 July 2008 - 08:14 PM

Every April, my school's gaming club holds a convention at our school, and the largest single event is a midnight Nerf war inside the Student Union building. In the last couple of years, its popularity has made it difficult to manage. Last year ago, we got about sixty people. This year, we had over a hundred. Now, we're thrilled to have such levels of participation, and the building is spacious, but you reach a point where there's just too many people playing for some types of round.

We've mainly been doing CTF. What other types of formats would work well with so many people? Anything with permanent elimination is right out, since a round might last an hour.

We might just have to break it into two wars next year, each with a sixty-person maximum, but I'd rather not if possible.
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#2 Myster E

Myster E


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 08:30 PM

I'd say there's a pretty wicked game of Humans vs. Zombies in the making with so many people.
Maybe if you quadrupled the initial number of zombies to 12 or maybe even 15. It could be a slow start for the zombies to catch any humans, but once the zombie count starts climbing all the humans are screwed and the game goes fast, leaving only the strongest humans standing until they're swarmed.

:) Nerf Out :D
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#3 Mr Tubb

Mr Tubb


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 08:31 PM

I'm not sure if this would help much, but if one of your problems is telling who is on what team, you could try team color jerseys (sp?) or something of the sort.
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#4 The Infinite Shindig

The Infinite Shindig


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 08:43 PM

I know it is an outside war, but the setup for Apoc is about the best I've been able to come up with. Field supervisors help keep rounds and players in check. Breaking off into smaller rounds about half the time gives participants a smaller war feel without taking away from the fact that you have so many people. I do not know what your building situation is, but even having a small skirmish outside could help you out a lot.

Vary things up, and don't be afraid to throw someone out if they don't cooperate.
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#5 karpenter63



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Posted 29 July 2008 - 10:08 PM

A megaphone and a whip ;)
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#6 Oni Kadaki

Oni Kadaki


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Posted 29 July 2008 - 11:02 PM

Just an idea, but you can have a limit of, say, 25 people active per side at any given time. So once a player on a team is eliminated, a benched player joins the fray. The benched and eliminated players would wait in a secure room that would be off limits to the other team.
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#7 Flaming Hilt

Flaming Hilt


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Posted 30 July 2008 - 12:08 AM

Split the building into halves, thirds, or quarters, and play 2, 3, or 4 games at once.

Zombies sounds good. You would have to have a high starting zombie count and no leaving the building to have it finish in one night though.
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