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Triple Strike Fix

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Posted 20 May 2008 - 09:11 PM

Triple Strike fix

Screwdriver phillips
15/64 or 1/4" drill bit

This will repair the triple strike if one of the barbs breaks off of the air tank.
Posted Image
First undo all of the screws.
You will have to undo some tabs.
It will look like this on the front insidePosted Image
and back inside.
Posted Image
Now that it is open take out all of the internals.
Widen the hole a bit in the back of the air tank with the scissors then when it is a bit larger use the drill bit to widen it fully. Make sure there is a snug fit on the tubing to ensure the best seal.
Posted Image
Now remove the broken barb from the tube with whatever you feel.
Then put the tube into the air tank and make sure you have enough of it to reach so the tank will normally sit in the case.
When this is done and you have the appropriate length of tubing epoxy it in there.
Posted Image
Now it may be difficult to put it back together and I forgot to take a picture when I was doing this so this is the best I can do.
Posted Image
If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it because I am not sure where to put this.

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Posted 21 May 2008 - 08:57 AM

Repair threads belong in Modifications.
You can also fix it with a small tapping bit (UNF 10-32) then replace the original barb with a miniature tube fitting of your choice.

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Posted 21 May 2008 - 01:14 PM

Nice fix. I imagine this would work on semi-auto guns like the Splitfire, and the Big Salvo? I think this fix should be added to the directory. This could really help some people. Good Job.
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It's not like that. I put lube on it and its the same. Its just stuck. And when I cock it back it goes farther back then usual. Also I push as hard as I can and it wont go back in. I've tried the methods and they wont work. Also pics are up.

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