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Doubleshot Writeup

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#1 psychoswan



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Posted 03 May 2008 - 04:28 PM

Ok this is my first write up, and its kinda after I already did the mods, but Iíll do my best to make it clear.
I know the Doubleshot has gotten a lot of crap, but I think itís a pretty cool gun.
Ranges aren't great out of the box but with some modding I rather like it.
Posted Image

I recommend removing the air restrictors in the shells.
Here is how to do that http://nerfhaven.com...2&mode=threaded

Ok first you need to saw off the barrels. A hack saw is the easiest way.
As you can see I decided to cut just in front of this screw, I thought it would be more structurally sound that way.

Before cut
Posted Image
After cut
Posted Image

Then you open it up by removing the screws, donít bother unscrewing the ones on the barrels you won't need that part unscrewed.

Here are the internals
Posted Image
Here's where you can cut the string.
Posted Image
Take out all the pulley stuff, you wont need it anymore

Cut a whole in the back end of the gun so you can put the string through
Posted Image

This is where you'd attach the string (you can use the stock string but mine broke so i added a shoestring instead)
Posted Image
This is how you attach a string to the cocking thing if you want to, or you break the normal string.
Loop the string around (ignore the smiley pencil, itís the easiest way to demonstrate)
Posted Image
Take the ends through
Posted Image
Tighten and youíre done
Posted Image

Here is a close up of the string coming out of the end
Posted Image
I tied a key ring on the end to make it easier to pull
This is the craft foam I added to cushion the impact when it swings open
Posted Image

Posted Image

Personally I find this mod makes this gun quite a bit more fun. You can now open it with one hand. Its very Boondock Saints or Desperado esc, of course the fact that it is bright yellow and blue takes away from this, but it's still cool.
The ranges are decent for a $10 gun and perfect for a indoor war.
I consistently got 40 to 45 feet using cutdown streamline darts
Hope this was helpful


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#2 Renegademilitia15



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Posted 03 May 2008 - 08:07 PM

Wow, nice mod.

I would consider doing this to my DS except its broken... :(

But great first mod anyway.
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