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Friend's Dad's

my friends dad just died

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#1 TualatinNerfer



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Posted 04 December 2003 - 08:23 PM

my best friends dad just died. IT is so wac . right before fing xmas. i really don't have a point here. just i need to vent a little
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#2 Alexthebeast



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Posted 04 December 2003 - 08:53 PM

That sucks nut man, I'm sorry. How did he die?
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#3 TualatinNerfer



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Posted 04 December 2003 - 09:10 PM

he had a heart attack.

YOu know what really bloes about the whole thing?

he was just about to start nerfing, seriously. now that his dad is , well, it just sucks
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#4 Ice Nine

Ice Nine

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Posted 04 December 2003 - 09:17 PM

Ouch. I mean, sorry. Man, I feel your pain. Good luck.

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#5 wtrent10



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Posted 05 December 2003 - 03:35 PM

woa.... that sucks..... but, ya know what's weird.... today I was thinking of what it'd be like if my dad died.... weird.....
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#6 Talio


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Posted 06 December 2003 - 01:57 PM

Well as some of you may know, my Pop just passed in October. I can tell you what it's like. You never realize that someone has had such a profound influence on your life and personality untill they are gone. My dad was more of my friend then he was my parent. I loved the guy to death. I'm real sorry to hear that about your dad. I know from experience that Thanksgiving was hell, and I almost don't want to think about christmas. Something I've never had the heart to think about is that my Dad used to watch these boards. He really found the halarity in the sport. He was schedule for knee surgery the day after he died. After he got that taken care of, we were going to start going to the Jersey wars together.

When you loose a parent you really do realize how much that person meant to you, and just how much you needed them. After I lost my Dad all of a sudden life became very hard. I'm 20 and living at home for college. I have been in and out of the house throughout my College carreer, but when I really hunkered down, and decided that I wanted to be a Network Engineer, my attitude completely changed. I stopped drinking, spent more time on homework and generally enjoyed what I was doing. My Pop asked me to stay at home till I was done school. He dropped out of college to have me instead, and he always would say he wished he had just waited a year or two to finish up. It was his dream to see me succeed were he had failed.

He went a step further, started paying my car insurance, tuition, not charging me rent, that way I wouldn't have to work nearly as much. This gave me alot of time for homework, and other hobbies (hence my boom in posting on the boards in September). Unfortunetly, now, I have to work quite a bit to pay for all of those things he was providing. The costs aren't that high, but they do add up when your part time help as a carpet cleaner.

If there's one thing you can learn from this sob story is never take for granted what you have, because in an instant it can be taken from you. As you heard in the earlier story, it's as simple as a heart attack, or in my Pop's case, a bus pulling out in front of him.

Parents are a real pain in the dick sometimes. Me and my Pop defenitely had our scuffles. Yet, my relationship with him will never be duplicated. We had pet names for each other. He was "Dick-in-the-Mouth", and I was "Slut Boy". Needless to say most of my sick and twisted world view mostly came from him. My relationship with him was not like a full house episode. Words of wisdom from my Pop normally ranged from "There are guys who do it, and guys who lie about it" to "Never drink light beer, it's a direct devil incarnate". I loved him, and I'll never be able to have a relationship with anyone like that again.

But you have to remember, that these things happen. People die. Yes my Dad was young, but he was going to die one way or another. You just have to pick up, and move on. I believe the term is "Shit Happens". I miss him, but I won't forget him, and I'm a better person for everything he taught me. I'm glad we had the time that we had, and that some weird shit happened to us, some that I don't even dare to mention. So cherish what you have, and remember if you loose it, life goes one with or without you. What you have to decide is whether or not you want to go with it. I have choosen to move on and live my life, and I hope for those who have lost someone, or those who have yet to, will choose the same thing.

Your long winded Viking bard,

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#7 Sylent Blade

Sylent Blade


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Posted 06 December 2003 - 02:52 PM

Talio, I didn't know you lost your father... it takes guts to talk about it, since you said it happened so recently. I respect the way you posted that... sort of made me think of my dad, and how much he does for me, and sometimes it seems as though I don't appriciate him that much. You really do have to take time out of your day to just tell you parents that you love them, and that as long as they are there for you, you will be there right with them. Like Talio said, choose to move on... living in the past isn't the healthy way to live, and it can end up doing things to you. Hold on, because life gets better, and theres always a way out of anything... see the light at the end of the tunnel, and reach for it, because if you want things to get better, and you work at it, they will. Theres always something missing, and you'll never fill that gap, but the only thing you can do is remember that gap, and remember what filled it... that is what will help you through, remembering what the departed would do. Good luck with everything, and good luck to your friend... may he find happiness once more, while remembering the old days, within his heart.
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Sylent Blade


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