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Incredibly Easy Big Bad Bow Mod

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#1 Tehmandude



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Posted 04 March 2008 - 01:19 AM

This is an extremely easy mod. I hope I explain clearly enough. I'll assume I'm the first to do this because I can't see it in the modifications directory.

I took out the orange piece that always sticks out of where the arrow goes (no pictures). There will be 4 thingys that will prevent the mod from being completed. So use a file and take them out.

Next I took out the insides of a crayola marker (for crayola barrel) and wrapped E-tape around it.
I also sawed off the uneven parts on one end. One side has thin layers of E-tape, which is going to be stuck into the arrow shooting barrel.

Sawed off end with thin layers of E-tape

Posted Image

Part that's going to be sticking out, with a thicker layer of E-tape.

Posted Image

I took the gun apart and got the plunger stop thing out and dug out the center so it looked like this:

Posted Image

There is also an air restrictor, with a pole on it. Take that out and throw it away (no picture).

Then, I put the sawed off end of the crayola barrel into the arrow barrel. Reminder to cover with a thin layer of E-tape (no pictures).

As far as the barrel got with some of it sticking out, wrap the crayola barrel with E-tape so it's as thick as the orange arrow barrel (no pictures).

Finally, put E-tape right on the little gap in between the E-tape thickened crayola barrel and the arrow barrel (no pictures).

This is the final product:

Posted Image

I find this mod very easy. There is also a more simple alternative to this mod.

First, just make the crayola barrel.

Second, take out the thing sticking out of the arrow barrel and the air restrictor with the pole.

Third, take out the center of the plunger stop.

Then take out the 4 things inside the arrow barrel.

Insert the crayola barrel in through the rough end without sawing it off, then E-tape the crayola barrel to make it thicker.

Then either hot glue the gap or E-tape the gap left (I used E-tape).

No ranges yet. I might get ranges soon.

So now the BBB can shoot normal micro darts, and this mod can be done by complete newbies.

This is my first writeup. Any comments?

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Posted 04 March 2008 - 06:28 AM

It's a pretty cool, simple thing I'd like to do some weekend.
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#3 Mugatu



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Posted 05 March 2008 - 01:33 AM

For the most part I did this exact same mod but used a plastic test tube instead of the marker shaft. This was in addition to the AR removal. The test tubes were filled with sample shots of some alchohol that my friend got from his bar and they work extremely well for launching Stefans and Streamlines. Blasting either dart type results in ranges of ~70-80' from level shots and ~90-100' when angled about 20 degrees (some Streamlines go quite a distance beyond 100'). The test tube doesn't blast micro darts very well since they don't go far enough into the tube to seat snugly for pressure build up and only launch about 15'.

Additionally, I enclosed the orange barrel + test tube in 1" cpvc. The length of the barrel is now ~6.5" and very sturdy. I plan to add a clip because I simply hate single loading darts.

I'm diggin' your mod and glad someone else was on the same path of thinking.
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