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Posted 30 January 2008 - 10:40 AM

Some of you may have noticed that I have been particularly active on the forums for the past few weeks. You may also have noticed, if you had not already known, that I do not find the type of conduct that many of our members are exhibiting to be acceptable. I have been, and will continue to heavily prune our member base as the winter turns to spring. And from the looks of things, I'll have quite a job cut out for me.

You see, I have begun the process of bringing our user validations a little more up to date. As it stands there are more than 1000 new members pending approval and, while not all of them will get attention just yet and even fewer will pass muster, we are going to have a sizable influx.

I was planning on reiterating the rules here, but that is rather pointless. Take a look in the upper left hand corner of your monitor. Yeah, that link that says "Code of Conduct"....well that's the fucking code of conduct. We expect it to be followed.

And if you think I'm alone on this little adventure, you're wrong. I have advised each and every active administrator that I not only welcome but EXPECT many new names and IP's on our ban list.

Now for all of you who are thinking that this is going to make your lives a pain in the ass, don't worry. If you are one of our many upstanding members this will only serve to make the forums more legible and enjoyable. If you are not, you've been warned.

Oh, and for all the new guys coming on. Welcome to NerfHaven! My name is VACC and I'll be your overbearing site owner. Try me.

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