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At 3k Mod Finished

Ok Tell me what you think.

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Dan Wask


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Posted 30 January 2003 - 05:59 PM

I found some at3ks lying in the clearance isle at the target for 5 bucks a piece. So, I naturally bought 3.

For the AT3k mod you will need:

1/2 sch. 40 pvc
1 Crayola barrel
hot glue
Duct tape
a few 1/2 rubber washers
1 coupling that fits your pvc pipe

Ok first off carefully open up your gun. If you knock something out heres a pic of the insides via the la Marios. http://tlmhome.web1000.com/index2.html
Now take the pump. Plug the pump with hot glue and wait for it to fry EDIT:geesh dry rather
Next close up your gun and take a hammer. put your gun in a vise and knock the barrel assembly off. Next cut yourself five in. of your pvc and epoxy a crayola into it. Then epoxy the crayola onto the barrel stub wait for it to dry. Next lightly hotglue the washer into the coupler. It should fit well. The next step is to lightly lubricate the waher with vasilene. Now, cut yourself a few 6 in. long barrels and lightly hot glue one to each of your barrels. Lightly lubricate them and have fun ! With the rubber washers you can preload a few barrels with mega stefans and just slip the barrel in, pump and fire ! This greatly increases ROF while not sacrificeing to much range beacuse of the seal the rubber washers make.
The range is about 90 feet ! This is a great improvment over my last mod on the at3k.

I did this on 2 of the at3ks I bought (left one for brassing later heheheh)but left out all the washer and 6in. pvc steps and left 1 a micro shooter. The range is pretty good ! 70 feet and an even better ROF !

Soooo, please tell me what you think about my mod ? And, just for my knowlage if you had a at3k would you do my mod ?
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