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do you know any good rainbow pump commissioners in UK ( if you dont know any in the uk thay can be from anywhere)
Jan 18 2016 02:56 PM
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    I have no idea, I am from the US, and I am not familiar with homemade commissioners, but some people might or might not be willing to ship overseas. On another note, I have done a little homemade building, and would be willing to ship overseas for a fair price, if you are willing to give someone with no track record (as far as this is concerned) a .
    Jan 24 2016 08:47 PM


On your trading forum, a useful thing might be to stock felt pads in bulk, make slugs even cheaper.
Jun 06 2015 06:51 PM


You still selling/giving out foam samples?
Mar 17 2015 07:36 PM