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SpokkyLucazDirect Threat

Hey Threat, I greatly admire your work, especially on your crossbow. I was curious as to what you used as the green light at the top? As for your attention to detail, the barrel/extension is pure original design. If you are taking commission, what would it cost to have you mod mine, and a barrel extension similiar to yours? no paintjob.
contact me at: halo_green_gun@yahoo.com since i...
Jun 09 2011 03:38 AM

SpokkyLucazKid Flash

already replied mate. figured it was you lol
Jun 06 2011 10:40 PM

SpokkyLucazmr inbetween

Please get back to me about your crossbow for sale at my email address: halo_green_gun@yahoo.com
i do pay top dollar for blasters i want. please reply, thanks mate.
Jun 06 2011 09:06 PM


as a side note, i can not post more than twice a day so thats why i cant post in thread. just wanted to clear up. also note i have an ebay, and paypal so i am a serious buyer. please respond soon via comment here or email. thanks.
May 28 2011 10:54 PM


hey mate sorry to not post in the thread, but i would like to negotiate prices on your crossbow? does that include the plastic front bow piece? contact me at my email: halo_green_gun@yahoo.com
May 28 2011 10:46 PM