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#56219 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 01 June 2005 - 06:19 AM in Nerf Wars

Hey guys, I'm really really sorry, but I'm not gonna be able to look at Menotomy Rocks Park until tomorrow, Thursday. I thought my next baseball game was on Thursday, but it's actually today. Sorry about that, I'll look tomorrow. (I'm not slacking off guys, I just have these 5:00 games that run until 8:00, and I can't really do anything between 3:00 and 5:00 without being late for my game.) :angry:

#56390 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 02 June 2005 - 05:11 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have my pictures on my digital cam, but how can I show them to you guys? I know I could e-mail them to you guys, but I don't have your e-mails, and I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to post them in a forum...

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm good, posting in in a second.

#56414 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 02 June 2005 - 08:20 PM in Nerf Wars

I tried posting these as pictures, but I couldn't get it to work. Sorry.

Oh, look, a lake!

Enter the forest...
General terrain of this area.
My good friend Bryan demonstrates the effectiveness of big rocks--as cover!

My general assessment is that this area would be best for a free-for-all deathmatch, because the layout seems formatless. There are some great boulders for hiding behind, and the level of the ground changes a lot. Theres also a small part of it that is only trees on flat ground.

Pine needles flood the ground...
How-you-say... base on a hill? losing position, anyone?

This place is AMAZING for a team match or a capture the flag. There are two areas perfect for bases on a higher elevation than the primary battleground. These two areas are either high enough so that the ground itself provides cover, or have rocks to hide behind. The area inbetween is like picture #1, and the second picture (it's a little hard to tell) is on the top of one of the bases looking down at the battlefield. It's a little steep going straight down or up that hill, but theres a sort of pathway to go around, which doesn't take much more time and is less on a slant.

In general, I would really like to have the Nerf war here. It might be a bit more "foresty" than some of you may have expected, but I really like the natural scenery that can be used to hide behind and such. I'd have to tell you how to get to the two areas--you kind of have to go up a hill. I didn't see very many people there, and those I saw stayed to the main paths.

Rest of the pics:
Another shot of the pond
On a path
More Rocky Region 1
More Rocky Region 2
More Rocky Region 3
More Rocky Region 4
The Flat Ground of Rocky Region
A totally awesome little stream--with stepping stones!
Another Picture of Bryan
This place is kinda inbetween...
More of Team Spot 1
More of Team Spot 2

#56503 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 03 June 2005 - 10:31 PM in Nerf Wars

:lol: Dangit, I spent so long trying to get those on the web. Grrrrr... I dunno what to do... -_-

EDIT: ...Bad news. I can't Nerf on June 25th.... Really sorry, something's come up.

#56069 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 30 May 2005 - 06:18 PM in Nerf Wars


The subject has been found to be rich in plantlife, including a high concentration of pine trees. At the center of this hive of nature is a pond--not a threat to foam, due to the nature of the park--primarily, it's size. Consisting of many hills, proficient in acting as bases if the need be, the subject's many trees provide excellent cover to the reload-needy. A vast area, it is expanded to the far reaches of the forest.

SUBJECT MAP: http://www.friendsof...ges/parkmap.gif

I think this would be a great place for a Nerf war--at first glance, it appears to only be a pond with a path around it, but if you go into the trees, it's a great place for various skrimishes to take place, and it's really big, so people can run away and take refuge if the need be.

On the subject of people there--if we were to play in the forest, no one would bother us. some people fish at the lake and walk their dogs on the paths, but most of the paths don't go into the forest--not to mention that the forest is kind of on the other side of a hill, so prying eyes aren't a problem. Not that it would be a problem, it's just that we'll have our own sanctuary.

Long post? Yes. (if it's here in Arlington) I'll be able to bring a maximum of 3 or 4 people, and a minimum of 2 (I gotta ask my buddies). If someone wants to check it out, I can give some directions. I'm gonna do a thorough look on Wednesday, because it's late and I am busy tomorrow afternoon. As per above, there's a pretty good map that illustrates the vastness of the park. It's best for me if it's either in Arlington or Lexington, because I'm kinda hung up with getting out of town.

And as for a date, I don't need to vote--any of those Saturdays are great for me. I'm not sure if I mentioned it already, but I'm best on the weekends ANYTIME in the summer, if these things become monthly or quarterly or something. I'd like to agree on a group name everyone is happy with at a later date, too.

EDIT: If you look at the map, you see that parts of the park are segregated by roads--I suggest playing in one of these quadrants, or perhaps a combination of two. (when I scout it out on Wednesday, I'll check and see if any of these roads are dead ends, hardly used, or have a good way to cross them)

EDIT #2: At second glance... those might not be paths but roads, which makes it much better. I'll check it out on Wednesday.
(the part outlined in blue is the pond, by the way)

#56063 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 30 May 2005 - 06:03 PM in Nerf Wars

I have found a great place in Arlington--sorry about the sequential post, I just wanna let you know I'm not slacking--if anyone is reading this, I'm typing up stuff now.

#55998 Any Out There In Ma?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 29 May 2005 - 10:56 PM in Nerf Wars

Although I have only 1 gun, and it's just a pistol, I actually live in Arlington, right next to Lexington! OMGnobpwnedw00t!!!!!!111one!!1

I haven't really done much with my pitiful pistol either..... sorry. :blush:

Edit: Upon venturing on Amazon, I have found there to be a reasonable selection of guns. Methinks I'll improve my arsenal!

EDIT 2: Uh, and if one was to ask about location in Arlington... uh, if it can't be public, then it won't be here. But we have a few big fields. I'm 15, by the way, I don't know if I'm out of my league here or something. I've wanted to mod my gun, but I'm just not sure about how to go about doing it or if I might break it.

EDIT 3: Woah, I'm on a roll here! I don't get outta school until late June like you, Team Slaya, so I'm in the same boat as you here. I'm great for weekends anytime in the summer, though.

#66657 Maniac 2?

Posted by Kiljhadh on 27 October 2005 - 05:59 PM in Nerf Wars

Pansy's back!

I really want to nerf, but I have next to no Nerf guns or Nerf darts. ;)

I was so pissed when I found out Hasbro came to Menotomy Rocks Park last time... I should have come.

They did come, right? Or was that some kind of joke in those earlier topics...?

Anyway, dunno where you guys are talking about. How was Menotomy Rocks Park?

#37580 Greater Boston

Posted by Kiljhadh on 21 September 2004 - 08:05 PM in Nerf Wars

Damn, guess not. I've got half a dozen friends or so interested in being on my Nerf team. It'd have been awesome to nerf against another team.

#37692 Greater Boston

Posted by Kiljhadh on 23 September 2004 - 03:26 PM in Nerf Wars

Cool, thanks.

#37572 Greater Boston

Posted by Kiljhadh on 21 September 2004 - 04:35 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey, any Nerfers in the Greater Boston area? And no, I don't say flowiz and pahk ya cah. I'm sort of a Noob, I guess. I have my first mod planned soon, I'm just modding a Nite Finder. Barrel, spring, yougetthEffeminateture.

#37640 Greater Boston

Posted by Kiljhadh on 22 September 2004 - 06:26 PM in Nerf Wars

Ok, thanks.