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#92093 Big Bad Bows In Stock!?

Posted by CrazYFisT on 17 October 2006 - 05:38 PM in General Nerf

DOH! Forgot the clickable,

click here for BBB!


#92090 Big Bad Bows In Stock!?

Posted by CrazYFisT on 17 October 2006 - 05:01 PM in General Nerf

Good evening my backward Yankee bastards, ye.

It would seem, according to the stock update automated e-mail I subscribed to on amazon, that Target is shipping BBB's. The box art as shown on the site, appears to be the old style BBB, whether or not this is indeed the olde style Bow remains to be seen, however I think it's worth the meager $19.99 to find out.

I thoroughly expect to be shipped 3 of them for modding by you guys for my amazing find. Unless this has been posted already, in which case I sincerely apolagise.

But in all seriousness I'm gonna just take the plunge and get one shipped to England

Thanks guys,


#74787 Damn It's Been A Long Time...

Posted by CrazYFisT on 01 March 2006 - 11:29 AM in Off Topic

Thanks mate :D Yeah, filled it all out and everything. Just dismayed that so much Nerf has been Discontinued... SplitFire... The PC... The Blastfire (I had one of the few BF's to ever touch British shores... and my friend pumped it over 40 times like a SuperSoaker)

I have no idea what's going on... although Mavericks, and NiteFinders are available to UK... worth purchasing I suppose, the mods look do-able :D


#74674 Damn It's Been A Long Time...

Posted by CrazYFisT on 28 February 2006 - 06:32 PM in Off Topic

Hey all you Old-Skool NO forum frequenters,

Not that this'll be life changing news, but an old forum member from way back when has returned after nearly 4 years of absence from foamy carnage.

I used to be Pestilenca and a few other names of the old NerfOnline forums, I even remember Groove's first DbF, and the Trolling incident, it's all flooding back to me now. Recently I've gotten into airsoft in a big way, and for my 18th a friend got me a NERF pen, (which annoyingly, I just broke :angry: ) and I was looking at my ancient WildFire with a kind of Retrospect to my teenage years, I did some digging and lo, NerfHaven is still here!

I guess the real reason I'm posting is to say, thanks to Cxwq, and just a general howdy to the Nerfing community at large.

Long Live Nerf!


#1356 Fps Games

Posted by CrazYFisT on 13 February 2003 - 11:38 AM in Off Topic

Ok, now if Counter-Strike isn't your cup o' freakin tea.... that's cool. But Tac Ops?? I respect Rainbow 6 fans.... they are excellent games that deliver solid action and they actually require thinking and planning, I personally prefer the more immediate action of CS but the Rainbows are nice for change. SoF? Ok... you like the gory stuff... personally though I wouldn't consider SoF to be Team Based or Realistic at all so it kinda turns me off. But Tac Ops?? Dude... Tac Ops blows... hard.. I played a demo once, it looked nice but it's a ping-based game. No skill, no thought, no planning, lowest ping wins... period. And if you say CS is the same I'll fuckin kill you. I'm a 56k man and I still consistently rank in the top 40%. Now some people bitch and moan that they always die as many times as they get a kill. Well guess what? It means you're perfectly average. Not everyone can be of some amazing caliber that you can go 20 and 5... the ODDS are that you're just not that good. Now if I can go 15 and 8... I'm happy... the rare occassion that I go like 20 and 6... I just assume that everyone else on the server blows.

I dunno, maybe you're all about the twitch games.... so yeah, UT and UT2k and all that shit is great for you. But Tac Ops is a twitchers BS excuse trying to pretend that they like strategy too. Every game you said is crap requires thinking... .. just wanted to point that out.

Rainbow 6 was good, but there's better out there, like Op Flashpoint. Yes, all the games i said were crap require thinking, i've thought, and i've experienced better, but i refuse to give in to the majority (not aimed at you) of gun-nut, sad-act, SAS wannabe brain-boxes. I like being challenged, and making plans, but when theres more bugs in the game than Hitman: Codename 47, i tend to get rather bored, cos i'm tired as FUCK trying to outwit some retarded buggy A.I. that uses a pea-shooter as a rifle, and a railgun as a sidearm, or in the case of Cs, some asshole hacker; and at least i based how much i liked Cs on a full version, after playing for about a month, unlike you who played but a DEMO for how long? not long enough. Still, shoulda been more accurate. besides the hackers, I've tried to play Cs, and it just doesn't like my machine. The HL Engine hates me. TO isn't just about low ping, I've been owned by guys with 300+ ping, and slapped T1 bitches all round the fuckin show. No tactics? Thats just bullshit, JOLT and Gameserver.net servers give everyone a ping of less than 150. So how do you out "twitch" people who are running at the same speed as you? and I'm talking bout clan matches, not Publics in which some people excell, and others do better in wars. TO is a mod, just like Cs, i like TO because it uses the U engine, and therefore the HL engine based Cs, is not worthy in my eyes. and, i shit you not, EVERY single game i've played on Cs has had hackers, every fucking one. 56kers are usually the best out there, protected by lag, and they are dedicated. if a 56ker was so pissed off with their gameplay, they wouldn't bother playing at all. I was better on ISDN than on my 1MB as of now. when was the last time you played, even your DEMO of TO? I played Cs 4 days ago. I'm STILL trying to get better at it, after a year of trialing and upgrade, to no avail. And on top of that, with my latest upgrade, I'm gonna try it again after doing rather well in an internet cafe yesterday. Ya ya, blow me my opinions change, least i'm willing to make compromise and try again. 5/13 on de_dust :D i own.

Ugh. i think thats what i mean.
[eats cookie]


#1312 Uk: The Useless Kountry

Posted by CrazYFisT on 12 February 2003 - 02:03 PM in General Nerf

Fuck this lil island. It don't have nothin. Cept paintball. And I'm not rich enough to do that often. I have what, 2 good guns? A collection thats taken 3 years. My brand new BF + My WildFire. It's abysmal, it's too wet to go any place I wont lose my darts, I've lost the will to just take my friend, and just go somewhere and Nerf, the bullshit opinions of every passing motherfucker is to tease provoke and beat me up, for having safe clean fun with "Childrens toys". I can't Nerf anywhere if I wanna have the use of my kneecaps in a weeks time. There's no Nerfers in England, so even if I could make a clan, I wouldn't EVER find another clan to go against. And it's not like I expect Nerfers to just spring outta no-where, goddamn, have I ever tried to get people inta this. No results. no-one either cares, or has the time to do it. Even my friend aint that interested anymore. Nerf's just too babyish. The fact that people think it's babyish, is cos they never seen a powerful gun. All Nerf gotta do, is get rid of the lame-ass kiddy gun thing, and make the guns powerful, meaning, no more pissed off mums cos this gun really hurt her 6 year old kid, more money for Nerf cos more people will buy a great alternative to paintball, and more fun for me! It's a fucking win win situation. No more air restrictors, holes in the barrels and annoying bits of plastic. But, it's far more workable in the US. Even if it became mainstream in England, Nerf have never taken any notice of the US Nerfer's wants, let alone the English. What to do. Anyone care to comment?


#1311 Fps Games

Posted by CrazYFisT on 12 February 2003 - 01:30 PM in Off Topic

*deep breath*... Unreal, UT, UT2k3, SoF, SoFII, Tac-Ops, Project IGI, Operation Flashpoint, Quake + Q2, JK 2 : Jedi Outkast, Serious Sam + SS2, Deus Ex, Doom, NOLF, all the Half Lifes, (all the rainbow 6 games, and they we're all utter SHIT) RtCW and finally, Red Faction.

Cs is a pile of shit, Tac-Ops OWNZ Cs, and I'd rather eat bleach coated, cyanide razor blades than play an FPS on a console. Ugh! Cannot stand them, the polygons are so jagged I feel like I could cut myself on them.

I really want Theif. Mine got all scratched, and I miss it :D

Yeah, I'll shut up now.