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#86232 Cool Find

Posted by PissBacon on 01 August 2006 - 03:18 AM in General Nerf

Those things are painful, I know by experience. However, they aren't really worse than paintballing, but keep in mind it'll hurt more than nerf darts. As for plasti-dipping, that's not gonna do much except jam the firing mechanism.

#84027 Xp220

Posted by PissBacon on 30 June 2006 - 03:01 AM in Modifications

If you don't mind the size of the tank you have, you can always just put something solid in there and make sure it doesn't enter the rest of the gun. Something like plastic pellets or rocks comes to mind. It's an easy way to reduce the volume without worrying about being air-tight, as long as the material doesn't enter the valves or pipes.

After looking at pictures of the XP220 I realized that I've modded one before, though the results were very disappointing. It had to do with the trigger/valve which didn't open fast enough to let all the air out quickly. It's a squirt gun after all; it's supposed to release the pressure over time.

#83918 Xp220

Posted by PissBacon on 28 June 2006 - 07:35 AM in Modifications

You definitely want to reduce that tank size, unless you are utilizing all of the air volume you have. When I modded a storm 2000 a while ago, I put on a really long barrel since it's such a waste to push so much air through a short barrel. Even with the long barrel, I cut the tank size in half, still keeping incredible ranges. I'd like to know the barrel length you're using, but my general advice is reduce the tank size.

On a side note, I'm posting from Japan. Woot!

#83096 Revival!

Posted by PissBacon on 11 June 2006 - 05:39 AM in General Nerf

Making a CS:S mod seems like a great plan to me. The source engine is so accepting of development and modification. The gun physics are all there, free to modify as you create new weapons which can accurately model nerf. A whole library of counterstrike maps are already available to use with the mod.

It seems there are 2 trains of thought. One is to take every gun seen in CounterStrike:Source and swap it for some equivalent nerf gun, leaving the gun physics as they were. The other is to forget about what CounterStrike has and define one's own, original gun physics to accompany the weapon models. This second notion seems more logical if the steam engine is to be used.

As for other fps mods, Halo CE is considerably easier to create new weapons for, I believe, since there is much less to account for in comparison to the source engine's intricacy. I've personally played a Zelda:OOT mod which was awesome; it had hyrule field as the map, and even the hookshot was a weapon. However, the Halo CE experience, in my opinion, is inferior to a source mod's fuition.

I'm hoping something is truly done with this project, instead of it being another thread in the pile of ambitious but never tried ideas.

#83095 Favorite Aircraft?

Posted by PissBacon on 11 June 2006 - 04:54 AM in Off Topic

The P-38 Lightning has always fascinated me for some strange reason.
Posted Image

Additionally, the F-4 Phantom II caught my interest while playing Chuck Yeager's Air Combat; putting on the afterburners and nosediving ripped that baby's wings off after leveling out at 10 ft altitude.
Posted Image

P.S. Isn't it strange the first search of the F-4 in google images returns a pic with the f-4 and p-38 together?

#82699 My Mini Nitefinder

Posted by PissBacon on 03 June 2006 - 03:02 PM in Modifications

I wish I could remember the name of the user, so I could credit them, but a long time ago I recall the first nitefinder minimization write-up which involved bondo. Some time after I discovered that thread, I did it to 2 nfs and they really are nice. I even got rid of the circular part on the shell, but carefully as it contained the trigger mechanism. More recently I'm considering junking these to do the nitefinder-maveric mod two times, as these were original nfs.

Wait, here it is

#81790 Angels Bbb

Posted by PissBacon on 14 May 2006 - 01:29 AM in Modifications

Good God, how did I miss this recent entry? You've taken my idea and made it much more durable and practical. Congratulations, what I came short in developing into a sensible version due to time limitations, you've gone all the way with. I hope I don't sound like I'm trying to take credit here, what you've done is great.

One thing I notice that differs in design, though, is the way your breach system works. The reason my system was a bit awkward was due to the inside slider as opposed to the much simpler outside slider. My reason for going with the inside slider was that there would be no change from larger to smaller diameters as the dart exits, and the effect of an ideal BBB barrel would be created each time a dart is chambered, with no rough surfaces for resistance and all the proper diameters. This seemed to be a positive change, to go to a simpler plan which probably results in perfectly useful ranges.

Another difference was that you used the upper slider to attach to the loader, which was something I had initially envisioned before needing leverage for the inner slider; of course using the lower (larger) sliding shell to attach to would be impractical when using large plastic piping as you did.

A last difference I'd like to point out is the use of a deodorant stick for a clip. While this is fine for you specifically (and the lid makes it very convenient), the deodorant stick is not a standard size, so people may not be able to reproduce it as easily. If you can make a receiver, the audio tape case is reliably the perfect size for stock darts and stefans cut to the proper size.

Sweet work Forsaken, reap the rewards of a high ROF BBB. Here's to hoping I don't sound presumptuous.

#81436 Ramrockets?

Posted by PissBacon on 07 May 2006 - 05:39 PM in Modifications

Hah. I forgot I did this a while ago. I used a barrel that was about 3 to 4 feet long, to utilize all that slow air pressure. Of course, it was hand powered and didn't have a trigger. The barrel went into the gun mostly, and stuck out a few inches. It shot real hard, but it mutilated many darts. As for where I got my ramrocket (heh, never understood why they called it that) it was a gift from about 1993.

#81355 Scout And Sspb Integration

Posted by PissBacon on 06 May 2006 - 12:27 PM in Modifications

Have you given any thought to connecting the cocking slide of the scout to the SSPB's pump knob? With a vinyl tubing tank expansion, it would take a few more pumps to prime, so it would just keep getting pumped as you use the scout normally, then be a backup shot when you need it. If you needed to re-prime quickly, you could just keep moving the slide, which would also cock the scout. This would also be a little more comfortable to pump, as I've always found those knobs to be way too small.

why not just twist around the pump on the SSPB, so that the pump faces you and the barrel faces forward, then just link it somehow to the cocking mechanism. it would serve you much better to do so, as many have already said.

You're forgetting that the pump has resistance. If the same spring energy that's shooting a dart is connected to priming an air gun, the already whimpy scout range will be further degraded. Now if you could somehow reverse the action of the sspb's valve so that pulling pumps air and pushing just returns the pump, then you might have something useful.

PS The quote system on the new forum is so good.

#81043 Nitemav Version:2

Posted by PissBacon on 01 May 2006 - 12:40 AM in Modifications

Truly an inspiration. I wasn't sure if the NF plunger could functionally fit into a maverick, but now I know. I won't hesitate to purchse 2 mavericks and transplant as soon as I can. Heh, anyone interested in 2 full ppk nf (bondo) shells?

By the way, extremely clean mod, nice!

#81041 Photography

Posted by PissBacon on 01 May 2006 - 12:26 AM in Off Topic

Nice photos everyone, I really like this thread. NinjZ must have some interesting stories. Sharp nature photos are tough, but the quality is great on ogopogo's (fuzzy photos really get to me). Here's a couple from me:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

All of these were taken while I was in Japan; I'm going back this summer.

#79951 What Is Your Favorite Mod?

Posted by PissBacon on 14 April 2006 - 03:28 PM in Modifications

The best mod is the mod you came up with and successfully performed yourself. I don't think I get more satisfaction modding than when I invent an original mod and do it myself.

#79524 Buzz Bee New Guns!

Posted by PissBacon on 10 April 2006 - 08:50 PM in General Nerf

Of course the ripoffs are going to look cheap or cartoonish; they're based off of well designed nerf brand guns, but can't look too similar due to lawsuits. Speaking of what their designs are based on, look familiar?

Posted Image

Buzz bee really doesn't look to have original content comming out at the moment, and the cheap plastic really detracts from their guns, at least to me. Why would I buy the knockoff when I can get the real maveric for only a few bucks anyway? I'll wait to judge the other two new ones just yet, but my expectations are low.

#79228 Guns Releasing Air Without The Trigger Pulled

Posted by PissBacon on 08 April 2006 - 10:30 PM in General Nerf

If it's leaking air from the barrel, you've got a valve problem. The sspb I would recommend simply replacing, but for the sf, you'll have to open it up and fix the valve. The red pin that sticks out is the area of interest; one quick fix that might do it is to apply some silicone lubricant (non-petroleum based) to the valve area and see if that fixes it. Good luck.

#78965 R/c Micro Air Vehicle

Posted by PissBacon on 06 April 2006 - 12:09 AM in Off Topic

I've got a couple questions. Is the entire ducted fan setup also part of the rapid prototyping product, or was that made/bought and added on? And less importantly, what does MAV mean in this context?

#78259 Rejected!

Posted by PissBacon on 31 March 2006 - 08:54 PM in Off Topic

Grats Ompa, I hope you're happy and successful with the college you chose.

I was wondering how people are paying for their colleges, especially out of state. Out of state tuition (both public and private) for college seems close to $30,000 a year, which for me is no small sum. I'd gladly go out of state if it weren't for this cost issue. Are people getting scholarships? Loans? Jobs? Since I'm likely to do a double major, finding a job during the school year would seem to defeat the purpose of affording college for me. Places like Stanford and MIT have very strong financial aid programs, but you still leave college with big loans to pay off, which is something that worries me. Maybe this is just the way college goes.

#77882 Split-tech 2k

Posted by PissBacon on 28 March 2006 - 01:13 AM in Modifications

Wow, that's pretty inventive. I can't wait to see how it looks with both turrets applied and finished up. If only my target hadn't stopped carrying at2ks months ago.

Also, how does it feel so far in terms of sturdiness? Are all of the parts fitting well together and sturdy, or does it feel like it would break if you hit it a little too hard on something?

#76100 Virginia Tech's Crazy Monitor

Posted by PissBacon on 13 March 2006 - 11:34 PM in Off Topic

This setup looks absolutely amazing. It's too bad that Quake III only gets 30 fps max, but 10240x3072 is undeniably incredible. Think The Infinite Shindig has had a go at it?

#75895 Painted Maverick

Posted by PissBacon on 12 March 2006 - 12:21 PM in Modifications

Just for clarification, the ultra-flat stuff you used is Krylon fusion right? The phrasing on your post could either mean ultra flat fusion paint, or that there happened to be ultra-flat paint next to the fusion on the shelf. If flat Krylon fusion exists, I'm getting some asap.

#75120 Perfered Types Of Guns?

Posted by PissBacon on 04 March 2006 - 01:08 AM in General Nerf

I voted runner because other than my doubleshot I only have pistols because my dad works for microsoft and Bill Gates sucks monkey D!?*

You probably won't bother reading either of these articles.


Bill Gates: Time's 'Person of the Year'

Sad you could judge a person you likely know nothing about. B)

#74487 Bbb In A Nf

Posted by PissBacon on 27 February 2006 - 12:43 AM in General Nerf

But even plastic epoxy made to hold 3,500 psi broke.

Maybe this is obvious to you, but just because the epoxy is strong doesn't make the whole design strong. A chain's only as strong as its weakest link.

#74438 R-clip Blast Bazooka

Posted by PissBacon on 26 February 2006 - 07:43 PM in Modifications

On the gravity-feed issue: for my bbb mod I added in a weighted dart on the top to ensure they always drop properly. The only problem is that you need to watch your dart count (which is tougher on this 'nested' clip than on the bbb). The weighted dart makes it easier to load top-fed clips as well. One thing I've wondered: is it really a clip if it's not removeable (like the power-clip).

EDIT: Really clean mod by the way. Nice.

#74436 Bbb In A Nf

Posted by PissBacon on 26 February 2006 - 07:36 PM in General Nerf

I'm wondering how you got the trigger to catch at all, since when I look at it there's no way the plunger shaft could be catching anything.

Shouldn't this be in the mods section?

#74331 Favorite Game System

Posted by PissBacon on 25 February 2006 - 11:04 PM in Off Topic

In terms of handhelds, I've always thought the gb, gbc, and gba (at first) unbearable for the simple fact that they were so touchy with lighting. It's supposed to be portable but you have to practically orient yourself towards the nintengod to be able to see the display propery if you dare go outside; playing in the dark was simply out of the question. Then the day came some genius thought of the afterburner mod for gba, and I bought one the day I heard about it. And portable gaming was never the same. Then Nintendo got smart and made the SP, which I can't argue was a bad thing (though I was definitely pissed they didn't do the flip design before).

Some time later the PSP comes along, and I was sure to get one as soon as it was reasonably priced (lik-sang sure went crazy). Considering I can't afford a car yet and my carpool to school typically takes in excess of an hour after we get on the freeway, portable gaming is very practical for me (when I'm not asleep and people aren't so talkative). The PSP hasn't failed me with all of its homebrew goodness (Baby Boomer anyone?), but in no way does it beat consoles which are currently much more comfortable to play.

Well my WoW que is up; sorry for the rant.

#73661 Bacon Big Bad Bow

Posted by PissBacon on 20 February 2006 - 01:52 AM in Modifications

I like the adaptation; it's much less complex since you don't have to cut the brass halfway through carefully without bending it (brass pipe is so thin and weak I couldn't use a vice). Sure the glue's a little messy but I'm sure it performs great, suggested by your ranges. I'm suprised it does so well considering how the breech is set up and would be expected to treat a dart.

#73660 Gun Lubricants-lubes

Posted by PissBacon on 20 February 2006 - 01:47 AM in General Nerf

Black Wrath, if you just clean the guns out and change to a silicone lube, it should be fine.

I know from experience soaps leave residue (tried on a wildfire long long ago).

#73287 Ways To Shoot A Dart.

Posted by PissBacon on 16 February 2006 - 01:18 AM in Homemades


I'm willing to bet at least one person here has heard of a gauss gun, where there is an inductor fed a high voltage pulse of electricity, causing a projectile to rapidly accelerate. With the right sort of (iron, cobalt, nickel) weight in the stefan, it could be projected at high speeds. It would require much more energy to fire a foam covered piece with high wind resistance than a dense solid slug, so making one you can easily move from place to place might not be realistic.

I've seen a lot of people posting ideas like alka-seltzer, but this and many others are just different ways of producing air pressure; there really aren't that many ways to propel a chunk of foam when all of the available methods are considered.

#73285 Fully Utilizing Secret Strike Pocket Blasters

Posted by PissBacon on 16 February 2006 - 12:58 AM in Modifications

To fit it in you'd have to do some fancy cut-and-glue on the valve to barrel connection, as seen in my mod (which cobbers, in fact, beat me to posting). The sspb has that vertical excess route between the valve and pump which can be shortened to save space (or lengthened to increase air volume). If you're willing to put in the time and are careful not to get glue anywhere inside that connection when you shorten it, it will produce a nice mod.

#73283 Gun Lubricants-lubes

Posted by PissBacon on 16 February 2006 - 12:34 AM in General Nerf

WD-40 is indeed corrosive to rubber parts. The problem with petroleum lube is people do not notice it because it ruins your parts over a long time period, so you won't know you're getting screwed over until it's too late.

#73111 3b

Posted by PissBacon on 14 February 2006 - 01:23 AM in General Nerf

Wow luke, you did my mod? Have you posted pics (can you)? I'd like to see what others have done with my design.

#73099 New Lbb

Posted by PissBacon on 13 February 2006 - 09:36 PM in Modifications

I can't help but laugh at how comfortably this thread jumped a year. The lbb is a helluva gun for less than $15 usd; and before I got a bbb, I was about to clip mod this one. Just adding about 1.5 of brass works just as well as I don't use the lbb too much, but it is incredibly powerful especially by the dollar.

#73098 Gun Lubricants-lubes

Posted by PissBacon on 13 February 2006 - 09:26 PM in General Nerf

Silicon (silicone? I do not understand the difference) lubricant is what I use. It'll never errode your rubber stuff and it works great. For spring guns you can put it around the plunger and the barrel. For air guns you should just put it in the barrel and pump mechanism. Generally think of where friction is created, and apply.

#73089 3b

Posted by PissBacon on 13 February 2006 - 08:28 PM in General Nerf

Additionally, I will state again that there is no such thing as an "accurate gun."  Accuracy is a user-based stat in Nerf.  Real guns can factor in non-user based accuracy variables due to recoil, but Nerf guns have very little recoil.  What recoil is present can be controlled by an experienced user, or not controlled well by a novice, which would make it appear that the gun is inaccurate.  But if you really take the time [10 seconds] to think about it, the user is making the gun accurate or inaccurate.  You control how well you aim, how you hold the gun, etc.  The gun only fires the darts.  You have all the control of where it fires the darts.  It is kind of like using a video or digital camera.  The camera is not causing a blurry image/shaky footage, it is you. 

I really think "accuracy" does not belong as a universal stat, like other true gun-based stats like range, because of the above reasoning.  No one seems to challenge the accepted, if the accepted appears to be flawed, and I don't understand why.  Same for the lack of widespread and progressive innovation.  There could be a lot more homemade designs out there if people took the time to come up with unique designs out of general interest to advance the current technology.  Also, instead of building exactly what is posted, people should improve on those designs to suit their own local wars and conditions.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this point. Sometimes the accepted norm grew to be from simple logic. Guns absolutely vary in accuracy, though considering the inconsistencies in how they are modded, they will vary greatly from piece to piece. Accuracy in terms of a nerf gun is how consistently it fires a dart to the same place. Sure this depends on many factors aside from simply a choice of gun: the dart, the barrel, air conditions.

In my experience what aids accuracy greatly, aside from consistently creating darts, is barrel length, but I won't claim to have a definite theory of why this is. Sure, the ultimate factor in hitting a target is human ability, but the whole point of reviewing and modifying nerf is to use this skill to its best. You bet players are going to connect more passes using a well maintained soccer ball instead of one covered in blemishes; you can also bet someone who's never kicked a soccer ball won't notice the difference. I don't intend to start a big debate over this; I hate forums going off topic but here I am doing it. If nothing else, we can agree to disagree.

On the topic though, the big bad bow is one of my favorite guns, though I'll admit I haven't managed to see/use many of the classics people adore. If you put in the time to mod it correctly, it won't fail you.

#72439 Micro Titan

Posted by PissBacon on 05 February 2006 - 10:24 PM in Modifications

Was it based on this?

It is a little smaller though, a good thing. Is pumping it awkward at all, or is there enough room?

P.S. I have the same exact keyboard.

EDIT: By the way, the second page shows some pics of it all purdied up.

#72317 Bag's Badass Bow

Posted by PissBacon on 04 February 2006 - 10:06 PM in Modifications

I guess it's sort of like two power rangers gettin freaky to 'the bad touch' (that's a good thing right?). I remain impressed with the greatness of this new spraypaint you discovered, but I wonder why you didn't take time to sand down the little things on the bbb that aren't particularly nice looking but easy to remove (tabs on top of sight, nubs on sides of sight for superfluous attachments, name brand if you didn't already,3 raised bars near sight, tiny nubs below the 3 bars). These differences are a matter of taste though, so I'm not arguing that you should have done it, it's your mod. I think I'm to lazy to touch up my bbb though, but like I said before, those extra areas of color are well placed.

#72281 The Sexbow 2.0

Posted by PissBacon on 04 February 2006 - 05:17 PM in Modifications

Drawing flames is an art, and a tough one at that.

The way you added color to the front handle on the bbb is great, I may have to do a little touch up on my bbb now that I've got some new ideas.

#72279 Artemis Arms Luger Model #2

Posted by PissBacon on 04 February 2006 - 05:06 PM in Modifications

I like the look, but I have to ask: is it actually faster to twist something and drop a round in compared to just letting the dart slide down the barrel?

#72050 4b - The Bacon Bow (semi-automatic Bbb)

Posted by PissBacon on 01 February 2006 - 04:23 AM in Modifications

Why did you say "use music wire in the future",  PissBacon?

Thanks for the compliments. Music wire, in a hobby store, is that stuff similar to coathanger metal, but more uniform and easier to work with, not to mention it comes in different diameters. For these reasons it's preferable to use if I were to do it over again.

It's incredible how busy I've been lately; this project's full documentation has been put off for months because of all the things I've been dealing with. Hopefully some weekend I'll get around to a video and/or some accurate ranges.

Go Hawks!

#72049 Radio Controlled Touring Cars

Posted by PissBacon on 01 February 2006 - 04:21 AM in Off Topic

It all really depends on how much you want to spend, and where you're racing it around, oxide.

#70736 Please Read: Spherical Ammo.

Posted by PissBacon on 10 January 2006 - 05:34 PM in General Nerf

Heres a possibility: Instead of bying 4000 of those things, take a bb or two and make a tape ball around it, lightweight, your bb is the centrat weight, and you can make planty. Just a thought, might not work.

Covering a painful projectile with plastic tape will not make it any less painful.

And I believe it's already been emphasized, but weight is not the only issue of a projectile. It's ok for airsoft ammo to be so like because it's so tiny and thus has much lower wind resistance; a large foam ball with the same weight suffers much more drag. Why do you think throwing a large nerf ball at someone hurts much less than a small rock?