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#53228 Track&field, Cross Country, Bicycling

Posted by TOFUburger on 22 April 2005 - 07:40 PM in Off Topic

I play the world's sport, FOOTBALL, as well, and my mile time is 5 min. 50 sec.

#53040 Good News, Bad News

Posted by TOFUburger on 20 April 2005 - 09:49 PM in General Nerf

This is really awesome news. I've always awed at the mighty BBB but never held one in my hands before. Now I'll get the chance, and I'm really excited. Thanks OMC and Talio!

#52548 Favorite Nerf Guns

Posted by TOFUburger on 14 April 2005 - 11:45 PM in General Nerf

I'm gonna have to go with Duce on this one. I think the SM1500 is one of theee best guns out there and I absolutely love mine.

#52470 Armageddon 2005

Posted by TOFUburger on 14 April 2005 - 12:39 AM in Nerf Wars

Sign me up, this will be my first REAL war and I'm really excited. It's awesome because I live so close to Irvine too. Any dates are fine, it's not like a first-timer like me is going to influence changing the date of Armageddon anyway. :lol:

#52430 Do You Recommend The Maverick?

Posted by TOFUburger on 13 April 2005 - 06:24 PM in General Nerf

I was just wondering if the Maverick would make a good sidearm or not. Is it too big to be a sidearm? Does it jam a lot? Are the ranges really that bad? I've browsed the forums and have found a huge variety of ranges on it, and would like to clarify them once more. Thanks!

#52253 Where Can I Get Brass?

Posted by TOFUburger on 11 April 2005 - 05:39 PM in General Nerf

It might be me, but I don't understand how you're supposed to nest 9/16" of brass barrel inside 1/2" PVC. Isn't 9/16" bigger? Maybe I just have my numbers mixed up...

#52210 Where Can I Get Brass?

Posted by TOFUburger on 11 April 2005 - 12:10 AM in General Nerf

I'm pretty darn sure I've seen one of these topics before, but when I searched for it, I couldn't find it. Anyway, I went to my local ACE hardware store and couldn't find any brass piping. Which stores and where in them can I find brass? Thanks.

#52174 Show Me What You're Working With

Posted by TOFUburger on 10 April 2005 - 04:56 PM in General Nerf

Duce, I love that pony in the bottom right of your arsenal pic. What are the ranges on that thing?

#52014 Question About Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 08 April 2005 - 09:31 PM in Modifications

I'd like to be able to shoot stock micros out of the expand-a-blast mod on the NerfWorld site. Would CPVC fit inside the stock barrel and do the trick? If so, what kind of CPVC? Or should I nest a crayola barrel or something into a 1/2" sch. 40 PVC? What type of barrel would be best to shoot stock micros? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

#51079 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by TOFUburger on 29 March 2005 - 08:51 PM in General Nerf

Looks awesome!!! Can't wait until fall. Keep up the good work OMC and Talio, thanks.

#50924 Help With Nf Mod

Posted by TOFUburger on 28 March 2005 - 08:15 PM in Modifications

Question 1: The little cap closest to the plunger casing, does it matter if I flip it inside out?? The part originally facing the rear end of the gun has a little nest where I can easily wrap my crayola tip with tape and fit it in. Do you think I can do that or do I have to keep the cap facing the right way?

Question 2: To silence my gun, you guys suggested to place foam near the back of the plunger head. Could you please show me a little bit clearer where? I'm still a little confused.

Thanks a bunch.

#50827 Help With Nf Mod

Posted by TOFUburger on 28 March 2005 - 01:13 AM in Modifications

But I don't really have access to brass...that's why I started a topic about crayola barrels...

#50824 Help With Nf Mod

Posted by TOFUburger on 28 March 2005 - 12:50 AM in Modifications

Hi guys, I wanted to crayola barrel my nite finder and i found this mod http://denoffoam.tripod.com/id49.html. The directions were a little bit unclear to me and I just wanted to double check. So after you drill a hole in that little cap next to the plunger casing, it says glue the crayola barrel. But in this picture, http://denoffoam.tripod.com/id33.html, you can still see a little white piece inside the cap. So does that mean when you make your crayola you should leave on the part where the drawing tip is, and stick that part into the hole? My next question was how I can keep my crayola barrel straight, now that the stock piece is taken out. Should I just wrap it with some kind of tape? And my last question was is there any way to quiet down my nite finder? It's super loud, and it feels like every time I shoot it something's going to break. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

#50647 Armor Shot And Gator?

Posted by TOFUburger on 26 March 2005 - 07:39 PM in General Nerf


Is it me or are these two really crappy guns? How come this auction is getting all the way to 25 bucks? I have an armor shot myself, and I thought it flat out sucked. Now I'm wondering if I can sell it...

#49465 I Just Wet Myself

Posted by TOFUburger on 12 March 2005 - 08:59 PM in General Nerf

Can someone please tell me which stores carry buzz bee stuff???

And can somone also please tell me if the clip rifle is out yet??? Thanks

#48844 Ruff Stuff's Shotgun

Posted by TOFUburger on 05 March 2005 - 11:52 PM in General Nerf

Wow that looks awesome, and those are some pretty nice ranges for it being stock too. It looks kinda weird to modify though...

#48829 Best Feeling In Nerf

Posted by TOFUburger on 05 March 2005 - 10:25 PM in General Nerf

Well I nerf indoors, and one time after I passed a room my friend crept out of the doorway and held his 2k at my head and was like "I got you now bitch." Then I pulled off some weird Jet Li move, spun around, deflected his arm so he shot to the left of me, and then pelted him straight in the chest. That felt great, and to this day I have never stopped making fun of him. :P

#48734 If You Could Ask Hasrbo

Posted by TOFUburger on 05 March 2005 - 01:42 AM in General Nerf

"Give Boltsniper a job!"

Amen to that... <_<

#48535 Magazine-fed Fast-action Nerf Rifle

Posted by TOFUburger on 02 March 2005 - 11:41 PM in Homemades

:cry: It's so beautiful....... Thanks bolt for your great contributions to the nerf society.

#48280 What Guns Do You Take Into A War?

Posted by TOFUburger on 28 February 2005 - 07:27 PM in General Nerf

My trusty sm1500 and NF for backup ;)

#48051 A Teaser........

Posted by TOFUburger on 25 February 2005 - 09:21 PM in Homemades

Wow, simply beautiful...... :cry:

#47639 Westminster Nerfers

Posted by TOFUburger on 20 February 2005 - 02:12 PM in Nerf Wars

Irvine, eh cx? That's pretty close to me, I'm in Lake Forest. I never knew you were down here. Anyway, keep me posted for any upcoming wars.

#47025 Crayolas On An At3k?

Posted by TOFUburger on 08 February 2005 - 09:35 PM in Modifications

How are you supposed to cut the barrels without damaging the central rotating mechanism? What I used for my AT2k was just an ordinary hack saw, but I'm not sure if it is precise enough for the AT3k, since there are more barrels. Any tips? Thanks.

#46963 Crayolas On An At3k?

Posted by TOFUburger on 06 February 2005 - 04:53 PM in Modifications

I've become very comfortable using stock micros for all of my guns. I just picked up one of those double 3k packs at Toys R' Us and was just wondering if there was any way you can crayola an AT3K to shoot red stock micros. Should I just do Cx's mod on the site and just cram crayolas into the barrel stubs? Will that do? Any help will be appreciated, thanks a bunch.

#41097 X-bows

Posted by TOFUburger on 07 November 2004 - 07:31 PM in General Nerf

How do you find out where the Toy Liquidators locations are? I looked around the site but I can't figure it out. Maybe it's just me...

#40541 At2k Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 02 November 2004 - 12:16 AM in Modifications

No I think I got it AA, I just did what you said and it worked out A OK. Thanks AA.

#40484 At2k Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 01 November 2004 - 05:25 PM in Modifications

Ok, so I sawed off the 4 stock barrels, cut 4 new crayolas, but now I am stuck. How do I put the crayolas onto the rotator? I don't know how to make the crayola bottoms perfectly flat, and the ends are not thin enough to fit inside the stubs. How can I glue them on and make sure they're really straight?

#39965 At2k Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 26 October 2004 - 11:50 PM in Modifications

Is there a way to mod the At2k and place 4 crayola barrels on to shoot stock micros? I usually only nerf indoors and stefans aren't really all that necessary because i almost always find my darts. How could you keep the thin crayolas in place and sturdy? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

#38170 Ridiculous Question

Posted by TOFUburger on 02 October 2004 - 10:50 PM in General Nerf

set up cans or somethin in your backyard on tables, and practice jumpin around corners then shooting to pratice speed and accuracy....

#38063 Titan Rocket

Posted by TOFUburger on 30 September 2004 - 07:33 PM in General Nerf

so whats up with this N-Strike only micro dart for $.75 each.........

#37384 Crayola Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 17 September 2004 - 06:34 PM in Modifications

yeah i just modded my 1500 with crayolas and it shoots stock micros flawlessly ^_^

#37315 ? About Where Nerf Wars

Posted by TOFUburger on 16 September 2004 - 04:42 PM in Nerf Wars

Do you live in Lake Forest IL? Or Lake Forest CA? Cause I live in Lake Forest CA and maybe we can put something together.....

#37296 Crayola Barrels

Posted by TOFUburger on 16 September 2004 - 01:21 PM in Modifications

On a SM1500, is it possible to remove the 4 barrels, keep the 4 barrel stubs, replace the stock barrels with 4 crayola barrels, and shoot Nerf micros? I am not entirely familiar with the usage of crayola barrels.

#37079 Sm1500 Help

Posted by TOFUburger on 12 September 2004 - 07:57 PM in General Nerf

what kind of stefans does yakman's 1500 mod shoot? If its sched 40 pvc with no brass, does that mean mega stefans?

#37073 Sm1500 Help

Posted by TOFUburger on 12 September 2004 - 07:12 PM in General Nerf

And one more thing, how much of a difference is there if you plug the release valve and keep the stock barrels versus plug the release valve and replace the barrels with pvc (with brass)?

#36878 Sm1500 Help

Posted by TOFUburger on 10 September 2004 - 09:01 PM in General Nerf

So I opened my SM1500 up but i noticed something very weird. If you look at Yakman's internals on the 10th picture here you see that the orange tank in the back is glued to the right side of the shell. (looking directly at the barrel) Well, my orange tank tube is glued to the left side of the shell, unlike Yakman's. When I tried to put everything back together, i noticed theres a little spring attached to the trigger above the pump shaft. To make a long story short, I was unable to get the spring around the orange piece sticking out of the trigger and in the blue rectangle at the same time because my orange tank was glued to the wrong side. What does that spring do and is it necessary that I have it in place? I've tried multiple times but I cannot get it in correctly. Any advice?

#36253 At2k Help

Posted by TOFUburger on 02 September 2004 - 06:05 PM in Modifications

and also on the At2k plunger, theres the main hole at the very end but there is also a smaller hole on the side of the plunger. should i plug that too?

#36247 At2k Help

Posted by TOFUburger on 02 September 2004 - 05:42 PM in Modifications

does plugging the over pressure release valve at the end only help the gun if you are planning to change the barrels, or should plugging it also work if you want to keep the stock barrels?

#33561 New Target Exclusive Air Tech 2000 Twin Pack

Posted by TOFUburger on 09 August 2004 - 02:12 AM in General Nerf

yeah, i'd like one of them twin packs as well, of course i'll pay also. just pm me or something to let me know if you can. Thanks!

#33181 Modded Titan!

Posted by TOFUburger on 05 August 2004 - 12:02 AM in Modifications

hey cxwq, ya think you'll be adding the titan under your mods section once you get one and experiment? i'd like to know how to mod it step by step (w/ nice pictures) so i don't break mine. thanks!