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#31596 Electric Eel Problem

Posted by Katachi on 18 July 2004 - 12:52 AM in General Nerf

wow, your eel's internals look completely different from mine. I am missing all sorts of peices! Somehow, it still manages to work every once in a while.

what pieces are you missing? Maybe I can make some molds and resin cast them for you. I'll be making molds anyway, as soon as I get enough $$$ for the damn urethane.

#31595 Yes. It's Just That Cool.

Posted by Katachi on 18 July 2004 - 12:44 AM in Modifications

I dunno about you, but i dont roll my guns around in the grass, so I dont understand why you would get grass all over it....Also, Ive had the same E-tape on my plain x-bow for 3 years, looks brand new.....

I also dont have goop laying around the house, nore do I feel like driving 15 minutes just to go get some when I have 5 rolls of perfectly good E-tape right here.

3 Years? Usually after a few years, my electrical tape starts to degrade and the adhesive melts off all over the place... but that's on electronics, maybe it's different.

#31594 George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

Posted by Katachi on 18 July 2004 - 12:37 AM in Modifications

Wow. Now if only you could do that to each dart! Amazing job!

#31584 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 10:20 PM in Modifications

No, I mean there's so much room behind the dart in the barrel that almost no air is going to get to the dart in a compressed enough state to make it go anywhere (Hope that made sense). At least that's the experiances I've had. Basically, it'll get more range with the less distance between the plunger tube and the dart. And my stefans fit in CPVC if I shove them in. I need alot of force to shove them in there, but you get a very satisfying pop.


dammit, you're right. usually when I make adapters, I make them just a little bit longer than the dart, and jam them in the gun about an inch. Yeah it's not as awesome as some of you can do, but for indoor games, it works.

This was supposed to be a barrel replacement for the NF, similar to THIRST'S, but then I started looking at the Vash gun parts and molds I had laying around and thought it would be cooler to make the attachment look like the end of Vash's gun. But then I picked up that Sharpshooter at Goodwill for a few bucks and figured, hell, I'll just make an adapter for it and send him the whole thing :P. Ah well, I'll make it anyway, you can see what it looks like and yell at me when it doesn't fire :P I have a Dremel. I can fix it.

Hunter: It's not really worth it to get rid of the knobs. If you sand level with the rest of the gun, you're cutting into the notches that hold some important parts, and removing a peg that holds the air chamber to the shell. I put 3 coats of bondo on those holes and still sanded through or paper thin. If you want something to experiment with bondo jelly on, maybe try just filling in the knobs and sanding them smooth, instead of the "nerf" and notches.

Screw it. I'm going back to two barrels. I'm fresh out of Nite Finders, but I have a Tech target here. hell of a mod when it's done. Putting the microdart attachment on the SSII was dumb as hell and twice as ugly. If I'm gonna do this, I'm going all out and making it work halfway decent too.

#31581 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 10:06 PM in Modifications

Hm as for that cylinder... I don't know, I kinda like the original pump that came with it, and I'm sure you could make it look quite good.

Psst, by the way Katachi, unless you shove those barrels down the stock barrels alot farther, you're going to have some serious problems firing stefans.


oh great :P

Wait, I didn't think you could use stefans with cpvc? I take a round file and carefully sand out enough to fit stock darts. Then I go over that with higher grit sandpaper. All my adapters were for stock darts, since any modded darts aren't allowed at the campus games in WI. Small price to pay for being able to play weekly, I guess.

#31577 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 09:51 PM in Modifications

Who knows... Anyways Katachi, I think he meant double barrel a single barreled gun. Not double barrel a double barreled gun... But eh, it looks nice nonetheless. Glad you and Thirst worked things out.


Oh yeah, everythings cool with all but a few people now, I get IMs from people a lot :P.

I know it was originally supposed to be 2 barrels for one gun, but I picked up that gun today for 3 bucks and figured, if I'm gonna make a 2 barrel attachment, I might as well make something people can't flame me for not mechanically functioning properly for. I don't know the best way to put 2 barrels on a NF. 2 cpvc microdart adapters for a SSII I can do. With style :P What do you think of putting the Trigun cylinder on it somewhere? Any other suggestions?

NSF: yeah I learned not to do that. I use LJ more than I post in forums so I figured separate posts for separate thoughts would be appropriate.

#31567 Electric Eel Problem

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 08:25 PM in General Nerf

wow, your eel's internals look completely different from mine. I am missing all sorts of peices! Somehow, it still manages to work every once in a while.

really? I haven't seen the inside of too many of these. I fudged this one up once before and this is how I put it back together. All the peices seem to work. The only thing that's different in the real gun than the pics is that the lower spring is supposed to be stretched out and attached to a peg. That's where the assembly problems come in. Stretching that spring out makes the clip advancing mechanism VERY unstable, and it tends to pop out of place as soon as you let your finger off.

What I do is, I take the other light housing part off, where the clip goes past the chromed part of the light, and put that on to hold the mechanism in place. Then you can hold that however you find to while you try to put the outer shell back on. It's a LOT easier to hold that clip/light part than it is to hold the clip advancing arm in place :P

#31563 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 07:56 PM in Modifications

Loose the attitude. I'm getting tired of the 'You don't appreciate a good looking gun so therefore you're absoluteley horrid savages' routine.

That's excessively inaccurate and you know it. Or maybe not, since the "form vs function" battle raged on across several boards and several theads. I never said looks were more important than how a gun fires. It took me a while to understand that some of you are willing to take something ugly as sin into battle if it means overall winning. We've all discussed this enough, and things have been worked out with everyone. Unless people are still going to be upset when someone tells them their gun is ugly and offers ways to fix it if you're intrested. It's up to you do decide what to do with constructive criticism. If people here can't handle it, I promise I'll lighten up on them.

#31560 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 06:21 PM in Modifications

That's strange. Really, I just came in to check my e-mail and put the cat back in.

Okay, here:

You want more results from me and less talk, you got it.

There is a huge age/experience gap between myself and most of the members of your forum. If they don't want to do case mods, fine. They'll understand my postition once they get to hs or college.

I'm glad some of you have been inspired to do body/case mods. If I piss everyone but a few of you off, I can be happy with that. Thirst motivated me to make a few guns, and I motivated him to paint a bit more. We're all going to come out ahead here. Trust me.

Now really, I got resin curing right now and I gotta get back outside! Pics to come!

Look! I learned not to double post! :P

It occured to me that you might think I was making an insulting gun for THIRST. I"m not. I promised him I'd make a 2 barrel attachment, and it got me thinking so much, the project just kind of mushroomed from there... Check this out:

I went over to Goodwill and picked up the gun for 2 bucks. On a saturday! How rare! Got that, and a wildfire that needs a bit of work, and another gun I intend to use for parts, for a total of 8 bucks.

The microdart attachment for this gun still needs some sanding on the sides. The rubber bands are holding the thing together until the gorilla glue dries. The I beam type piece in the center is a piece of resin I quick cast and shaped with the dremel. Then it's... well, I'll show you when it's done. Think "Trigun" :P The cylinder sitting next to the gun is a resin shell I got from a mold I pulled off the Posiedon Vash gun. I'm thinking it would look nice where that green barrel selector was. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Similar projects?

ANOTHER UPDATE: now I"m going to get posts saying it's too long...

Okay, look. I'm not trying to make performance people look bad. I'm sorry if I have, and I'm sorry everyone's so upset over it. Internals are more important than a gun's looks, but take a look at any nerf website. They are lacking in any kinds of body mods or case mods. I'm offering something new. I never intended this to be a "form vs function" debate, you know that. I do what I do and I'm happy to teach other people. Am I really that much of a threat to your way of life? Some people here are more than willing to learn some new tricks.

Maybe it isn't an age/exerience gap that's keeping most of you from understanding me. I don't know what it is, but I've learned that not everyone cares how their gun looks, although there are a lot of people who are eager to learn.

#31558 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 06:08 PM in Modifications

hey all, hope you can learn something from me so far. I really don't have time to address cxwq's concerns right now. I'm working on a gun for THIRST.

You want less talk and more results? You got it.

#31536 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 17 July 2004 - 02:19 PM in Modifications

Sorry, Katachi, but I just see anything so special about your case so far. All I can see that you did was cover up the gaping hole in the front (which could have been used for something else, e.g., a maglite or ammo holders) and the ridges on the back of the handle (which I liked, but to each his own I guess). The paintjob doesn't look too special either. I for one, don't appreciate solid color paintjobs, but if you're planning on adding more colors it could look nice.

Yes, I agree with Seirus and Volt. I don't think realistic guns should be used in nerf wars either. It would be way too easy for someone to get in trouble with anything resembling a realistic gun. You'll also notice that every gun I've painted still has the orange tip. This project was just to show what could be done with the NF if you were to strip it down, fill in the holes, and paint it a realistic gun color.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

First off, I was wrong. It's not really the Nite Finder case mod done right. Close, but not perfect. The paint was old and sprayed in big uneven drops. Plus, my lighting wasn't that great, and sanded bondo absorbs light, so you really can't see where you need to sand edges until you get the primer on. Overall, I'd give it 8/10 for being the most stripped down NF project.

And I honestly don't like it. I think it's too smooth and minimal, and it's just lacking so much detail. But as I said, my heart wasn't yearning to make the gun of my dreams. I already have that. It's my weathered metal NF blaster :P. I know some people tried "the most stripped down NF" projects, and several others had talked about doing it or wanting to see what it looked like. So there you have it. There's room to improve if you like the design. If you want to get rid of the LED all together, you could round off that trigger guard to eliminate even more of the shell.


Removed the "Nerf" knobs
Removed the light housing
Rounded off the underside of the trigger guard
Removed the "metallic" part on the barrel
Removed the orange barrel tip
Removed the air restrictors

Filled in the back of the grip
Filled in the holes where the knobs were
Filled in any remaining holes

Rewired a 10000mcd white LED to the switch
Made a fitting for the LED
Added bondo to the inside to hold the air chamber more snug

Primer and one solid color paint

The LED is bright!

I can get an AVERAGE of about 40 feet level with stock darts. Nothing impressive for all of you, but it's good for my games.

The shell is NOT sealed with bondo. I filled the holes in the shell halves and sanded it down to make a seam. You can see it in the pics.

Definatley sand that bondo down more smooth around the edges

Add a screw just below the LED to hold the shell together there

Better paintjob

#31494 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 09:32 PM in Modifications

I've been trying to read back and see if this was already covered, but couldn't find it. Are you going to tip the end orange? Because you say you play on campus right? Over here, my campus police are always patrolling everywhere, they would know instantly if we had anything that remotely looked like a gun in our hands.

I have to say, it is turning out to be looking sweet.

Take a look at the pics of the gun while it's just grey primer. The whole barrel is orange and Im leaving it that way. Yeah it looks silly having an orange nub sticking out a couple inches, but it's my super secret "orangonium nerve gas" dispenser attachment. :P

#31485 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 08:27 PM in Modifications

Very well done, Katachi.

I'm actually on vacation right now... (complimentary hotel computer) and I just picked up some Bondo. I'll be back in a few days and I'll get back to work on mine.

There you are! I was starting to get worried cuz I hadn't heard from you in a while!

There will be plenty of suprises for you when you get back. The painjobcontest ends tonight!

Here's some new pics. The paint's about 10 years old, and I hit the bottom of the can so it comes out in big drops now, instead of an even spray.

Posted Image

Posted Image

#31483 Nerf Illegal?

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 08:09 PM in General Nerf

Where do you live Katachi, Madison? Try living in Brookfield. Or worse, Elm Grove. Basically, if you are seen carrying one of those cheap 20 cent water guns, you would be arrested and fined. Even with special permission, we're not allowed to shoot nerf guns. We'd probably end up getting arrested if they caught us shooting on our own property.

Wisconsin sucks.


Actually, the Brewers don't suck so much this year... :P

I'm in Madison. Probably the most liberal city in the country, mostly because of all the policics and uinveristy influence here. It's pretty laid back. The places we play, we have an agreement with campus police or other people who allow us to play on the sites.

#31475 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 06:38 PM in Modifications

We're going out to war. A nerf war. I'd prefer a gun that has "function over form."

It's true that the military's heavy artillery is ugly as sin, and works effectively, but this is the whole point I'm trying to make. Why are you arguing over which is better? There is no right answer. I'm trying to show you people how you can have BOTH.

Have you seen how much of an aftershock "Form vs Function" has had across multiple topics on multiple forums? There is obviously is some demand for better looking guns. The forums arent' just "hey! Let's talk about performance and parts!"

You're all offering some valid points and I'm glad this whole whole process hasn't completely degraded into one big counter-productive pissing contest.

CXWQ, if you're going to go through that much trouble to dig up old posts and dirt on me, you should have seen that I don't bash people, and I don't bash nerf. All my comments have started out as suggestive improvements or criticism, and some people instantly see it as a direct attack on them and a chance to flame someone and look l33t in front of their friends.

Furthermore, am I really threating your way of life that much? Why am I here? I'm here to show people that there's better ways cosmetically to go about case modding a gun, and share advanced electronic designs once I complete them. Apparently, I come from a completely different world of nerf gamers. Mine is full of prop makers, kit builders, engineers, programmers and mechanics, all with a desire to find a safe legal gun game they can play in the city or on university campus. There is nerf after high school!

It's not like I'm some 13 year old kid who comes in and posts "U SUCK! UR GUN IS DUMB!" every chance I get. If I dont' like it, I'll tell you I don't like it, but the DIFFERENCE is that not only will I tell you what I would change if it were me, but I give the steps to make it look like it was done professionally and offer help to anyone who wants it. How many of you have IMed me on AIM for comments or questions already? I get questions DAILY from people. I am happy to contribute and people appreciate it.

The other point you all seem to be missing is one I've stated several times now, and again with the computer analogy. When you play with people who have also done all they can internally to a gun, and the ranges are getting comparitavely close, people start working on the aesthetics. When you've done all you can internally, and the 20 people you game with have done the same thing, people natrually are going to turn to case mods. When everyone goes to a war with a Tech Target, all modded internally as much as possible, people are going to want theirs to stand out. At least they do here. Hey, maybe middle and high school aren't as competitive as college and the thereafter. Maybe that's what I'm missing here. Consider this "Nerf Cram School" then :P

And THIRST, I've said a million times, I'm sure any gun you make will have much better range than any internal mods I can do. I don't hate anyone here, and I take ALL criticism lightly. I'm twice as old as some of you so it's not going to bother me a bit if you decide to call me names. The list of things you lose points for in the NHQ contest was meant to be funny, not serious. You said yourelf it's all in fun. I still don't really care who wins the contest, I just painted some guns up to try to inspire people to paint their guns with a bit more than than a solid color. Heck, I even told you how I did it and what tools I used! I still can't believe you spent that much time on a "Katachi" gun. :P Hella funny. The other forum I post in is 419Eater.com . It's for another hobby of mine, e-mailing Nigerian scam artists and wasting their time thinking they can scam $30,000 or more off of you. One of the fun things to do is to waste their time and money by requesting pics of them holding silly signs and e-mailing them to you. These are reffered to in the 419 community as "trophies" and are prouldly displayed as how far the scammer will go to pacify you. It's good practice writing/acting, and putting my photoshop skills to use.

THIRST, thank you for the trophies. With my name on it even! I have one of them as my desktop wallpaper and I'll be printing them out soon. :P

Now, I'd start another post for being back "on topic" but apparently, it's bad forum ettiquitte to make muliple posts in a row in your own topic. Hell if I know. I ususally stay out of these things...

It's been about 12 hours since the last coat of primer, so I'll be slapping some paint on in a bit. Plenty of pics then.

I never said I used Bondo to seal up the shells. Go back and take a look at the pics! There's a seam! Not a very good one, mind you, but the concept is there. Yes, I can take the gun apart again.

A 2 barrel "attachment" is coming. I'm not intrested in attaching or modding the gun to take it. I'm sure it works for you, but the whole reason I wanted to do it was to show one of the fine uses for Bondo Jelly :P. You're gonna love it.

Back later with update pics!

#31394 Nerf Illegal?

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 05:32 AM in General Nerf

I can see why citizens would be concerned of paintball and certainly my decreasingly primary pasttime of airsoft as dangerous. But nerf? No real idea how most of our creations could be confused with any real-steel piece with exception to the Beretta CX-4... it looks like a Vortex Tornado, not even kidding.*

Paranoid soccer moms? Viciously territorial rednecks? I don't know. Alls I know is Nerf is the sport you take to the park and have a good time with the neighbor kids.


are you guys still going on about this? The police aren't worried about a few kids playing in someone's backyard so don't think they'll come after you. From what I gathered from the article, there's 200 kids who play over the ENTIRE TOWN, public and private property at any time of the day. I'd be nervous about that too.

The police arent' going to come and arrest you for playing in an organized game. As long as your'e not threatening people, or trespassing.

5:30am.... >_<

#31393 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 04:45 AM in Modifications

You know, if you want, I could write STFU on it for you :P :P :P

#31391 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 04:23 AM in Modifications

A moc silencer wouldnt work for yours anyways. Your not doing a brass or PETG barrel mod, so you dont need anything to support it, thats why the moc silencers are their. I am wondering what your going to do with the stock barrel though, dont you think itll look kinda funky being all "nipple" like sticking out the front?

I don't know. I didn't think you even needed that goofy thing. I'll go check.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Okay you tell me, does that look kinda funky? You really don't need that flanged piece at the end so I just left it off completely. I can still sand down the extra parts on that barrel. I'm open to suggestions...

#31387 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 04:06 AM in Modifications

Oh, and with all this work, I didn't lose a SINGLE screw! How the hell can THIRST lose all his screws??? In the pieces he cut off, there's SIX SCREWS he could have used as replacements! He lost those too?? Maybe he ate them.

TIP: When taking a part guns, get a dixie cup or mug, or hat or SOMETHING to keep screws in. I like to have a small cup for screws and a large one for other parts. That way, nothing gets lost. It's all in a cup. Like pizza.

#31384 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 03:50 AM in Modifications

Hahaha, I'm sorry. The Nerf STFU 6000 cracks me up every time I see it :P :P

Okay, back to the hardcore stuff:

Posted Image

Unfortunately, the pics turned out either too dark or too bright! :(

Anyway, the LED is nested snugly in that little white section of a Bic pen. I took out the board and wired the LED straight to the wires. I don't believe in resistors since the current draw is minimal and the voltage is under/at 3v. I cut just enough of a hole in the bondo jelly for the led to peek out. Sorry the pic didn't turn out. Too much flash.

The bondo inside the shell in the pic is to hold the air chamber in place better, since I had to sand off a peg that secured it to the shell. I'm sure I'll eventually find a more secure way to hold it in, but for now, we're doing the OUTSIDE of the gun! :P

Oh, here's what you're looking for:

Awesome stuff.

So the wiring is all tested, nested, and ready to go!

Here's the primer!

Posted Image

It's a cute little gun, and it's not getting a "mock silencer". The whole ideas is to make the most minimalistic NF ever, and adding to it would defeat the purpose of subtracting from the gun in the first place.


#31382 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 03:38 AM in Modifications

shortshit, did you even read my post? I dont' think I could have explained it any simpler. YOU don't care about how a gun looks. Good for you, I'm not going to care if you paint yours or not. I don't care about mediocre mods, but I don't think people should get so much praise for following someone else's tutorials when they're just step for step copying someone else's ideas, and skipping anything that someone can't hold their hand and walk them through.

If you arent' really reading my posts, maybe the bold will get your attention. Go back and read my post all the way through! When there is no need to mod a gun to 100 feet, and most guns have been modded about the same, people work on the aesthetics of the guns. People here can follow enough directions to mod the internals of a gun as well as the next guy, so it's time to start working on points for style. If you feel like playing with someting that looks like it was stolen from Home Depot's plumbing department, you go right ahead. But from that day on, I will refer to you as "That fat little plumber, Mario".

And as for bungee cords and rubber bands, yes, I know what they're for. I consider them gun internals, and as such, should go on the inside of the gun :P. It's ugly. I don't care if it adds 20 feet to your shots. Tying a squirrel on your gun might improve firing accuracy, but it's still just as ugly. Unless you like squirrels. Everyone here is content with keeping them on the outside, they haven't even considered moving them into the gun housings. When you're not playing on a football field, super range doesn't matter. I play mostly urban or indoor games and 15-30 feet is more than enough when you have the skills to use a gun and dodge darts at those ranges. Hell, I can even use a Supermaxx 350 stock effectively at those ranges.

Form Versus Function is an age old debate in the art and design world. This is just another example of it. Why settle for one or the other when you can have both?

You know what? Fuck it. I'll just make a gun you can be happy with:

Posted Image

There. If I told you it got better ranges than an Xbow would you carry that to a war? I sure as hell wouldn't.

#31378 Electric Eel Problem

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 03:16 AM in General Nerf

here ya go. My cam's not the greatest and it's 3am so I won't go into the details of it right now
Posted Image

Posted Image

#31363 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 01:01 AM in Modifications

And now back on topic!

Okay so say you're working with the bondo fiberglass jelly, and the first time you mix a bit, it's close to hardening right, but not quite. Then you mix a little bit again, and it's still a bit on the soft side. Then the third time you get the mix JUST RIGHT, it heats up, cures fast, and ends up being perfect. KEEP A SMALL PIECE OF THAT MIX!!! Since the stuff is almost impossible to mix properly by weight or measurement, the only way to get it right is knowing the color it turns when it's optimal. If you keep that swatch of the mix that worked just right, you'll know how close you are to it next time! I mixed the stuff about 12 times and finally got a near perfect mix, so I'm keepin the swatch from that batch.

I decided not to put a "mock silencer" on this gun. They're kinda dumb. And I prefer the orange barrel for saftey. I'm keeping the original barrel intact, it sticks out like 2 inches, but it still looks good. I used Gorilla Glue to glue the barrel to the air flow restrictor to the air chamber so it won't come out. I also put a ton of bondo jelly inside the gun to hold the air chamber in place, since I removed the peg for screwing the air chamber to the gun shell. I'll probably drill a hole and screw the air chamber to the bondo jelly for extra hold.

More pics to come tonight! I gotta pull an all nighter to get some other props finished!


#31361 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 12:54 AM in Modifications

Here's something I need to clear up, I'll put it into an easier to understand analogy instead of trying to explain why I hate electrical tape so much:

I come from an engineering university. In the dorms, EVERYONE modded their computers. EVERYONE put bigger hard drives in by themselves, everyone added more memory themselves, everyone overclocked the processors themselves.

So say a freshman comes to the dorms, reads some tutorials online and mods his computer. He then proceeds to brag about it and show off how awesome he is. At home, yeah maybe gramma couldn't do that, or the neighbors, but guess what? It's been done here before. By everyone else. We've seen it and heard it 100 times.

Now say that freshman modded his computer and maxxed it out, but put the whole thing in a 1985 Kenner Barbie convertible, with working headlights and tail lights. Now that takes some creativity and originality! Nobody gives a damn if you can follow a tutorial with pictures and copy of someone elses work. Bragging rights are earned by being original and creative or hardworking at the university. You don't earn them by showing up at a lan party with an ugly box.

So I look at the nerf websites, and the first thing I see are how to tutorials with step-by-step pics on how to add various barrels and whatnot. Okay, fine. But then I get to the forums and I see people all excited that they just made a gun with a petg barrel, and improved airflow like the tutorial said, and painted it like someone else did, but since there's not tutorial on how to make the gun look better, they leave it looking sloppy.

Should I be impressed that this person can follow directions? Definately not. Should I be impressed with something original like Groove's Buddha gun, or Pin up Xbow? Hell yeah. The Buddha gun was such a simple idea, but it was executed just right. Not like "look! it's a pic of the Terminator, cuz I terminate" or something lame. Dan Wask's General Bitch was another good example of simple deisgn, but high in the originality department. The General Lee was a cool ass Charger, and applying the paint and details to a large enough nerf gun was perfect.

In fact, so far, every TT and NF in that paintjob contest has been creative. Yeah some of them didn't look the greatest, but at least people are trying.

So for me, seeing rubber bands or electrical tape on the outside of a gun is like a freshman building the best computer, but holding the stock case together with rubber bands and electrical tape instead of screws. There's 100 better ways to go about it. But it seems here like the opposite is true. Rubber bands and electrical tape are the norm, and there's maybe 6 or 7 creative people here. And even less contributing to tutorials or new WORKING designs.

Maybe I am asking too much. Maybe there really is such a huge gap in skill levels. But at least I'm in a position to narrow that gap and teach you all some tricks. :P

The other thing is, in the games I play, guns that shoot 100+ feet are not allowed. Stefans are also not allowed. We play on campus or in city limits in public areas, and having anything reomotely dangerous attracts attention from campus or local police. We've come close to getting shut down because of over powered guns and custom darts with hard tips. . Plus, 80% of the time we play indoors, so anything over 40 feet is overkill. When your target is 15 feet away, a gun that shoots 20 feet is just as effective as a gun that shoots 40 feet. Most of us know how to make them shoot farther, but we dont' bother since there's no real point or advantage to it indoors.

So when everyone basically has a gun that fires about the same range, what do you to? You turn to case mods and custom shells for guns. Make sense?

#31355 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 16 July 2004 - 12:17 AM in Modifications

Did you fill in the grooves in the back of the grip just to make it easier to paint? Or does it feel better to hold?


Umm.. Neither I guess. I just wanted them gone. They're kind of ugly on a gun that consists mostly of smooth surfaces. It's not that hard if you're interested in doing it on yours.

#31345 George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

Posted by Katachi on 15 July 2004 - 10:50 PM in Modifications

Katachi, I was actually thinking the same thing....

Some OD green, some kind of silver detailing or shark teeth to make it have that older bomber feel. Im thinking of doing something like grooves SF with the two ill be getting soon, but with a good/evil/positive/negative thing with the set.

hell yeah, but I said his was perfect the way it is because there's a fine line between adding just enough style, and flat out reproducing a particular style on your piece. I think his is just enough. The full bomber might be a bit much.

#31344 Nite Finder Case Mod Done Right!

Posted by Katachi on 15 July 2004 - 10:46 PM in Modifications

Okay, I've started working on my own stripped down, cleaned up version of the PPK since Hunter hasn't acutally done anything more with his.

Here's what I got so far, it's all cut n paste from the wonderful thread over at NHQ:

Posted Image

The first coating of Bondo Jelly went well. I said "too much is better than not enough" and I was right, since I had some pock marks and air bubbles to fill.

The 3 different colors are:
whitish green - the first coat sanded down with sandpapers and Dremel to a fine grit paper
brown - I mixed the parts wrong! Too much hardner and it hardned in about 45 seconds! DO NOT mix yours to this color!
dark green - I had to mix up some more since the brown stuff hardened too fast.

I also had some problems with removing the "nerf" knobs. Apparently, the air chamber sticks out a little bit past the frame/shell, so when you sand it down, you're actually exposing the orange air chamber a bit. On the first bondo sanding, I actually sanded right through to the other side trying to level it out.

Also, if you remove the knobs, you have to take out one of the pegs that holds the screws for holding on the air chamber >_< I'll gob some bondo or Gorilla Glue in and replace the peg after the outside of the shell is finished.

Also also, you'll notice that there's no space left for mounting the LED lens assembly. I actually drilled a hole where it should go, and I'll be putting just an LED in a bic pen housing in the gun. No lens. Hey, it's got a 15 degree radius and it's bright!

As per suggestions, I'm rounding the lower part of the trigger guard. More pics and helpful tips to come!

Of course I edited it. THIRST's a good guy, and his internal work is outstanding. He was in a bad mood, I was up late, stressed out from work and tired, so things got out of hand. We're both past it now and would like the same from you.

#31338 George Petty Pinup Cosmetic Mod

Posted by Katachi on 15 July 2004 - 10:28 PM in Modifications

Painting update:

I started with the hardest part, the face. From here on there should be little difficulties, just lots and lots and lots and lots of wet blending. Here's a pic of what I have so far

Posted Image

And here's a zoom of the face.

Posted Image

More painting updates to follow.

Oh my god Groove, that's brilliant. I know people who would shit gold bars for an xbow like that much style. It's perfect the way it is, but I just wonder what it would look like OD green, with the nerf logo on the stock, and a little black dart icon for each "kill" :P :P :P

#31182 Electric Eel Problem

Posted by Katachi on 14 July 2004 - 01:18 PM in General Nerf

Well I just got an electric EEL, but it didnt have the clip so I modded it and when I took it apart, I mixed some pieces up and after I was done I couldn't remember how it went. All I really need is a picture of the inside. That would be great if anyone could do that.


Hahaha, that's awesome. Sounds like a kid's puzzle book!

"Rosebud has taken apart his Eel and mixed up some pieces! Help him put it back together"

Yeah I'll get you the pic this afternoon.

#31143 Time To Meet The General

Posted by Katachi on 14 July 2004 - 02:02 AM in Modifications

Go back and study up on Abraham Lincoln. Abolishing slavery in the South was punishment to the southern states. THE NORTH WAS NOT INITIALLY INCLUDED!

Mmmmm.. I think the gas stations here carry Slorange Slushees here in the summer. Only available for a limited time.

#30857 Help Find Fbr

Posted by Katachi on 10 July 2004 - 03:50 PM in Homemades

Somebody with a better cam than mine take a pic of the package so this guy can print it out and bring it to Home Depot with him. They have it, it's just hard to find since it's not a commonly requested item.

#30856 Nerf P-99

Posted by Katachi on 10 July 2004 - 03:47 PM in Modifications

That's more like it! Great job! See how much fun you can have for under 20 bucks? Paint the entire 3 inch barrel orange and sell it on Ebay!

#30604 Modded Lnl Pix

Posted by Katachi on 07 July 2004 - 05:53 PM in Modifications

The handle is styled after many loser rifle grips. They have that extra bit for comfort and stability.

Glad the handle works for ya. Can you find some pvc with an interior diamter the same as the exterior diameter of that foam silencer so it doesn't look like a foam silencer?

#30593 Modded Lnl Pix

Posted by Katachi on 07 July 2004 - 04:45 PM in Modifications

Looks good! That handle looks uncomfortable tho. How is it to hold?

#30544 John Titor

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 07:40 PM in Off Topic

This guy isnt' the only one capable of time travel:


#30542 The Nite Finder With Less Crap On It!

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 06:33 PM in Modifications

Might be after StarCraft Ghost come sout. I had antoher idea too after seeing the aliens v predator trailor again. Makeing the claw that predators have would be awsome. Mabey make it extend and contract too.

I don't touch US copyright props. FOX especially. They go after people who copy their stuff. Lucasarts, FOX, and DC are companies that are VERY possessive about their designs and artwork and will shut down anyone they can find who's reproducing props or costumes that they own the rights to.

#30538 The Nite Finder With Less Crap On It!

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 05:58 PM in Modifications

If you made replicas of the assault rifles marines use in StarCraft, thats would be freaking sweet!

Bleh. If I did, I'd probably only make one. Not much demand for Starcraft props.

#30501 John Titor

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 04:42 AM in Off Topic

I read a bunch of that. The only thing he mentions consistantly is Waco. He's just another anti-government nut. One time, in like 98 or 99, I saw this website from this guy who said he read everything in the bible about the world ending Jan 1, 2000 and had all this "evidence",pages and pages of stuff. About March of 2000, I went back to see the website, and it was gone. This John Titor guy made some predictions that didn't come true, and didn't mention important events like 9/11. His excuse for being wrong is the different worldlines or whatever he called them. People who make shit up usually have an airtight excuse for when they're wrong.

#30500 The Nite Finder With Less Crap On It!

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 03:59 AM in Modifications

I am well aware that I suck at photoshop but If I am going to try to convince people that I made this awesome gun (which it is if it's real) I would try to make it as real looking as posible.  The back just looks blurry to me.  And if you were just showing what you wished it looked like, then nice job.  I like.  Happy, Katachi?

Edit:  Well I didn't read the rest of the thread before I posted this.  Photoshop, Ninjz called it.  Knowing that, nice work.

:D Oh yeah, I'm pretty happy right now:

Posted Image

I got four Tiny Bees puttied and almost ready to paint

Posted Image

And I got these Cestus knuckle weapons from Naruto that someone suggested I make. Still need to put an edge on the blade and paint them, but they're only FOUR OUNCES of resin each! Cheap and easy to make! Crazy Nartuo fans...

And hopefully this week I can still stuff some Tech Target guts into a Tiny Bee shell. It's amazing how well it fits. Can't wait :P

Necrotech Inc. Is gonna work on his ultraslim Nite Finder tomorrow. And hopefully he'll have pics soon. And I might have to work on an idea I had a while ago for a Powerclip if I have time. :P

#30492 The Nite Finder With Less Crap On It!

Posted by Katachi on 06 July 2004 - 12:52 AM in Modifications

I wasn't sure i needed a Katana any time soon, so i closed your site a while ago.

Well, i can mould shit [plastic and all the extra's] to my gun through some textiles people at my dad's school. Don't you just love having a parent as a teacher?

Bleh. Shit is stinky. Or you could get some resin, some clay, and some silicone. Sclupt out what you want the body of your gun to look like over the guts. Make your molds, and cast your shell in a durable resin. That's what I'm planning to do. The resin shells I made of the FFX-2 Tiny Bee guns fit PERFECTLY over Tech Target guts!