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#26211 Home Made Vortex Ammo !

Posted by Saber18 on 14 May 2004 - 09:24 PM in General Nerf

Hi Everybody ( Hello Dr. Nic)
I've been trying to make my own vortex rings now for quite a while and I thought you all would
like to know the system I settled on. I found some stuff at a local craft shop called Card Stock
paper. Its just reeally thick construction paper from what I can tell. Once you get the card stock
cut out some 5.5 x 1.25 inch rectangles. Sorry for the non metric measurments. Once you get
the rectangles (you can usually get about ten per page) cut out, measure .5 inches in and make
an even line going down the rectangle. The rectangle of paper is now devided up into two
sections, one bigger than the other. Fold the bigger part in half and then fold it again to where
you have an edge thats 3 times as thick as the other. Then take some electrical tape ( the good
kind most cheaper brands wont stick to paper) and covere the buldge down the length of the
paper. Put one more strip of tape on the back of the paper. Rub the now tape
covered piece of
paper on a sharp edge to give i a nice curl. After this connect the ends using a piece of electrical
tape. Once thats done your left with a Vortex ring that goes just as far and is just as accurate as
a normal ring and a whole lot cheaper. The only downside is if they get wet they fly apart
considering they are made out of thick papere and electrical tape. But most people with Vortex
guns use them primarily indoors so moisture shouldnt be to big of a problem. I hope this helps
and happy nerfing. If I left anything out or you have any quesions just ask.

I call them evans <---- (My first name)

Here are some pics