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#124939 Nerf Is Dying

Posted by Ballistick on 03 October 2007 - 07:46 PM in Articles

You probably don't know me, I registered a while ago but ive never posted before. I live in Oregon, and yes, I have a big collection of nerf guns and such.
Here is my point of view on the subject.

I know plenty of people besides me, friends, random people I meet, and others at school that nerf. The reason there isnt many around nerf forums and sites to me is the fact that while they might have wars at their homes, they just aren't that into it to plan official wars or go to them. And that just cuts off the whole circulation of it- they dont bother to plan wars at parks and such, and people don't see it and want to participate, and its just not spreading about.

Also, the subject on stores and companies.
I actually have seen alot of nerf toys at Fred Meyers, Wal Mart, and Target, and Toys R Us. These stores around where i live, around Eugene and Springfield, Oregon all have at least a fourth or third of an aisle to theirselves. The Toys R Us that i have been going to for years has one whole side of an aisle of its own.

Hope this makes something of a difference