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#333142 Suction Dart Mod for Use in Magazines

Posted by Ambience 327 on 16 August 2013 - 08:02 PM in Darts and Barrels

I wonder about the long-term durability of darts modded in this fashion. When I used to war with the youth at my church a lot, we already had issues with stock darts losing their heads eventually due to repeated firings. I imagine this would only exacerbate the problem.

#332360 You say Panther?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 26 July 2013 - 06:25 PM in General Nerf

Same problem bro. You can tell its bullshit if the inside of the barrel is black. If the inside is white, it's unchanged. Hmm... Wonder how they came up with that? *fake coughs* (racist)

Thanks! I wasn't sure if there would even be a way to ID these before getting them home. Now, if I decide I want some of these smaller-tanked versions, I know what to look for.

#332096 You say Panther?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 18 July 2013 - 06:38 PM in General Nerf

Any chance you could get some exact measurements of a minimized tank (i.e. all unnecessary stuff removed)?

If these are small enough, they might be just what I need to finally realize my dream of an old double-shot with airgun tanks replacing the plunger assembly.

#331289 Cataclysm 4 - Chicagoland War

Posted by Ambience 327 on 26 June 2013 - 09:30 AM in Nerf Wars

Bummer - I won't be able to make it this year. I have a wedding to attend. Of course, since I won't be there, it means DemonLord might actually show up as stated... ;)

Fling some serious foam gentlemen!

#328270 Homemade flywheel gun

Posted by Ambience 327 on 22 March 2013 - 08:09 AM in Homemades

How are the darts getting from your "hoppers" to the flywheel? Are you just using a rod to push them, then pulling the rod out, turning to the next "hopper" and repeating the process? Seems like this will be a very long blaster.

#327070 Shrinking stock darts?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 20 February 2013 - 09:32 AM in Darts and Barrels

I have found that darts twisted into the size barrel you are using, and then left there for a while, will permanently shrink a bit. Might be enough for your purposes.

#326865 Hasbro Ironman 3 inline Jolt

Posted by Ambience 327 on 15 February 2013 - 09:34 AM in General Nerf

I officially declare that Iron Man and Warmachine will be worth bonus points in any Defend the Core rounds at Foam in the Fort events. :lol:

Also, the ability to fire a largish, non-aerodynamic Iron Man figure 15 feet probably means that it can fire the darts farther. (Assuming the 15 foot claim is for the figures and not the apparently included dart.) Might be useful for integrations. Might just be useful for giggles.

#326005 New member groups?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 28 January 2013 - 08:07 PM in Off Topic

Beaver - you just need a hug. :lol:

#325970 New member groups?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 28 January 2013 - 12:20 PM in Off Topic

There's no need to be rude.

Welcome to NerfHaven. Seriously - that is pretty much how things run around here - and that is the way the mods like it. It works for some, not for others. Me, I just ignore all the latent (and not so latent) hostility and just keep my eyes open for the quality content. Don't like it? There are other Nerf forums around that are friendlier places.

#323964 AMIORS

Posted by Ambience 327 on 27 November 2012 - 08:40 AM in Darts and Barrels

I'm considering a crude extruder.

Time to bust out the Plah-Doh toys! :lol:

#323725 AMIORS

Posted by Ambience 327 on 19 November 2012 - 10:14 AM in Darts and Barrels

One thing I have seen at most wars I attend is people who pick up darts and drop them in their hopper without looking at them. This most often results in humorous headless darts fishtailing out of their blaster, but I have seen slugs with no felt pads (i.e. washers exposed) fired in this manner.

Thus, I ask whether you guys have tested how these things feel & fare when fired with just the putty and no pad. I imagine it would be far safer than washers with no felt pad, but empirical data on the safety of such would be appreciated. (Especially seeing as you mention felt pad loss being the most common type of failure, whereas total head loss seems much more common with slugs. I imagine firing these darts feltless wouldn't be a rarity if they catch on.)

#323724 Direct Propulsion Pistol

Posted by Ambience 327 on 19 November 2012 - 10:01 AM in Homemades

To prevent the rubber bands flying off, wouldn't it be a simple matter of adding some form of band-stop on the ends of the dart pusher? (i.e. a small washer or something similar to hold the bands on)

#322614 Vote for NH's Next Avatar Pack

Posted by Ambience 327 on 15 October 2012 - 09:23 AM in Off Topic

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Most of you have no idea who they are right not, but if the reboot goes through and is successful, you will... :lol:

#322233 Melee in Nerf

Posted by Ambience 327 on 05 October 2012 - 04:44 PM in General Nerf

In my experience, anything safe enough to throw tends to be either too small or too floppy to be much use as a melee weapon.

I sometimes carry a few weighted craft-foam throwing stars that I made - usually for "shield breaker" duty, or occasionally for Defend the Core (when large ammo counts for extra points). I can throw them fairly accurately up to about 15 feet, and they are quite soft and safe, but far too small to be much use as a melee weapon.

#321929 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Ambience 327 on 23 September 2012 - 08:01 PM in Modifications

Got my hands on a Panther. These things are absolute beasts, especially considering the $5 price tag. Less than an hour's work, and a day's drying (for the Goop and the epoxy putty) and it was ready to rock. The pump is untouched - i.e. stock OPRV - and is fully capable of firing the last shot from my RSCB and from my PumpSnap's hopper at decent ranges. I haven't measured, but the last shot is hitting at least 40' flat.

The most important mod I did, though, was the pump handle, which is just some CPVC (drilled out a bit to fit the pump shaft) and an elbow. Much easier to pump now.

Posted Image

Obviously, it is hitting even better ranges with a single barrel - clearing my entire back yard. (I really should measure it sometime for better range estimates.)

Posted Image

Aside from the basics of cutting off the original barrel and shaving down the shell to fit, I also filled some of the dead space in the coupler area with epoxy putty.

Posted Image

#321883 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 22 September 2012 - 10:28 PM in Nerf Wars

Great war, in spite of the weather and the army of...shall we say..."adoring fans". I couldn't help feel bad turning all those little guys away, but they were WAY younger than I was comfortable with allowing for walk-ons, and we really weren't equipped to deal with them.

Sorry about that guys - that place has NEVER been busy like that, what with the picnic and all, before. Of course, my previous wars all took place in between school years - something to keep in mind for next year.

The older guys who did play with us were pretty cool though. And the rounds we got in between the rain showers and the mini-hailstorm were all quite fun. I loved carpe as always, despite having only 1 ball in my team's bucket at the end.

It was great seeing all the returning faces, and meeting some new folks (like DM's sister*, Phoenix's dad & cousin, etc), and it was definitely great having Ryan, Wes and DarkMatter present, continuing the tradition of all of us rocking out at Foam in the Fort. You guys are officially disallowed from ever missing one. EVER.

* P.S. - long live the Queen and victor of the melee-only "Highlander" round. Her tactic of blending into the environment in her bright pink jacket, and sneaking up to back-stab the "winner" of the round when he thought he had slain all opposition was clearly superior, and in no way instigated by the war host or anyone affiliated with the war in any manner at all. No sir. Not a bit. :lol:

#321852 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 21 September 2012 - 08:48 PM in Nerf Wars

Just an FYI - we are still a go unless there is lightning or pouring rain.

#321838 WoodHeight War

Posted by Ambience 327 on 21 September 2012 - 08:23 AM in Nerf Wars

From what I can read, what you are planning is quite a bit different than anything the folks that frequent this site are familiar with. Thus, you should probably go into quite a bit more detail as to how exactly your war will work.

It seems to me you are trying to set up some kind of single-elimination Nerf tournament over the course of a weekend or something, where people try to take each other out Hunger-Games style. That may be fun in its own right, but I doubt many of us here would be willing to travel very far to play in a game where we may get eliminated in a matter of minutes/hours and unable to play the rest of the time.

#321630 Melee in Nerf

Posted by Ambience 327 on 14 September 2012 - 02:26 PM in General Nerf

If it's a war more oriented toward fun

i.e. Foam in the Fort - must be why it works so well there... :lol:

#321627 Melee in Nerf

Posted by Ambience 327 on 14 September 2012 - 08:12 AM in General Nerf

We allow melee and shields at Foam in the Fort, and I personally enjoy it and think it does add an extra dimension to the game. We even have melee-only rounds and they have proved rather popular.

A player with a decent sized shield and a melee weapon can effectively soak up a bit of fire from a distance, though our shield size restrictions keep you from carrying a huge tower shield that would make you impossible to hit. They also make good objective grabbers, as they can use their shield to protect themselves as they run up and run back.

Melee is also very fun when you play HvZ rounds - the "Humans" use blasters and the "Zombies" use melee weapons. During these rounds, we usually shelve the really high-powered primaries though, since nearly all of the shooting will be at close range anyway.

I do agree with Vacc on the "welts aren't a practical excuse" thing though. If you choose to use melee at my wars, and it is not a HvZ or melee-only round, EXPECT to get hit close-up with high-powered blasters. Don't like that? Don't melee.

#321530 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 10 September 2012 - 09:11 PM in Nerf Wars

Important update:

Since the attendance for this war looks to be a bit smaller than last time, I am going to try something. Darts that weigh roughly the same as a #6 slug and still maintain a felt tip will be accepted for use provided you allow me to inspect them for safety and let me test fire them on you and have you return the favor. Keep the weight in mind though - I don't want slingshot weighted darts popping up please.

Please do not count on these darts as your sole source though - if they are deemed unsafe for any reason, you will not be allowed to use them. Think of this more as a way to war-test darts that you have already tested a bit at home for safety and practicality.

#321416 Buzz Bee Panthers - normal or a batch of lemons?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 06 September 2012 - 09:06 AM in General Nerf

Picked one up last night, loaded a dart, and...WOW! These things are freaking sweet!!!

Thanks again for the info guys. Glad I didn't just give up on them.

#321375 Buzz Bee Panthers - normal or a batch of lemons?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 05 September 2012 - 07:58 AM in General Nerf

Sweet - I was really hoping that was the case. I will be returning to Meijer ASAP!

Thanks for the quick answer Buffdaddy! Maybe I can shoot you with it the next time you come over for Foam in the Fort. (Or if I ever make it over to a Columbus war!)

#321373 Buzz Bee Panthers - normal or a batch of lemons?

Posted by Ambience 327 on 05 September 2012 - 07:47 AM in General Nerf

So I found six Panthers at Meijer for $5 each, and was going to grab one, but then I did a bit of test firing and was disappointed. They all sounded very weak, with most of them just fizzling the air back out. I figured they were probably all lemons, and didn't get one, but then I thought on the way home that maybe there was something in the air restrictor causing the issue, like how Nerf Nitefinders and Mavericks have the little spring & prong setup that the dart pushes back.

So I wanted to ask if this was a normal behavior with no darts loaded, or if the blaster should really "pop" like the 2K's I've known and loved for so long. Can anyone comment on this?

#321341 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 03 September 2012 - 03:43 PM in Nerf Wars

Why do I get the feeling that the chances of you showing up are somewhat higher for having said that...? :lol:

#321193 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 29 August 2012 - 02:12 PM in Nerf Wars


These will be explained in detail as needed at the war, but for any of you who may be interested in the rules for the various gametypes we will probably be playing, here they are. (Other Than Strategic Assault, I did not create any of these game types, though some of them may have been subtly altered from incarnations found at other sources.) All of these rules are subject to change at the whim of the hosts and the players present - we will do whatever we feel makes for the most fun and exciting rounds! (Respawn count-times are especially variable - they may be made longer or shorter depending on the pace we want to set for the games.)

If anything is unclear - please feel free to ask questions. If anything is wrong - well, I'll just take my ball and go home! (Just kidding of course - point out my egregous errors so that I may bow to your obviously superior knowledge of Nerf!)


Teams: The number of teams required/allowed by the game type

Setup: How the field is set up, where teams start, and any special areas or equipment that will be used for the game type.

Respawn: How many "lives" each player has, and how they go about returning to active play.

Objectives: The goals which the teams work towards. This may be the same or different for each team.

Special Rules: Any unusual rules specific to this game type.

Variants: Any specialised variant rules for a game type which change the objectives, setup, etc. These may or may not be used, in part or in whole.


Teams: 2 or more

Setup: Teams begin play at their designated "spawn point" (1 per team), which should be spread out evenly around the play area. Nothing else is needed.

Respawn: Unlimited, 15-count at designated "spawn point"

Objectives: Have fun and get warmed up for future rounds. (There is no true objective in Meat Grinder.)

Special Rules: None

Capture the Flag

Teams: 2

Setup: Each team is given a "base" where their flag is kept, as well as one or more designated "spawn points" (which should be at least 20-30 yards away from their "base" locations). Players begin play in their "base".

Respawn: Unlimited, 15-count at designated "spawn point"

Objectives: Take your opponent's flag from their base and return it to your base without being tagged. The first team to return the enemy's flag to their base wins.

Special Rules: If a player is carrying the flag and they are hit, they must drop the flag where they were hit before heading for their "spawn point". A player form either team may then pick up the flag. If a player from the owning team picks up the flag, they must attempt to return it to their base as quickly as practical, (No running around in the backfield with your own flag.)

Variants: It may be declared that both flags must be at your base in order to win. In this case, players are always required to move any flag they are carrying towards their base as quickly as practical. It may also be declared that a player carrying the flag may not use their blaster while carrying it. (Melee weapons may be used as normal.) It is also possible that the flag may be a melee weapon, and the only melee weapon allowed in the game.

Sieze the Balls

Teams: 2 or more (generally at least 3)

Setup: Each team is given a "base" location consisting of a bucket filled with a number of balls (3 or more), as well as a designated "spawn point" (which should be at least 20-30 yards behind their "base" locations). Players start at their designated "spawn point".

Respawn: Unlimited, 15-count at designated "spawn point"

Objectives: Take balls from your opponent's buckets and return them to your own bucket. The team with the most balls in their bucket when the time is up wins. Balls not in buckets when time is called do not count towards any team.

Special Rules: A player may only carry a single ball at any given time. If a player is hit while carrying a ball, they must drop the ball where they were hit before returning to their "spawn point".

Team Powerball
(Adapted from multiple sources.)

Teams: 2

Setup: Each team is given a "base" location consisting of 3 buckets spread out 20-40 yards apart, roughly parallel to the opposing team's buckets. (The center bucket on each side should be a bit further back than two outside buckets.) Each team is also given a designated "spawn point" which whould be 20-30 yards behind the "base" location. Finally, each team is given 8 balls of their team color (red or blue, or similarly contrasting colors) and 4 white balls (the "Powerballs"). These are placed at the team's designated "spawn point" at the start of the game.

Respawn: Unlimited, 15-count at designated "spawn point".

Objectives: Take your balls to your opponent's "base" and get them into one of their buckets. Any balls in a team's buckets when the time is called score points for the opposing team. The two outside buckets are worth 1 point each, the center bucket is worth 3 points. A "Powerball" in a bucket is worth double the normal points (so 2 or 6). Balls not in a bucket when time is called are worth no points. The team with the most points wins.

Special Rules: A player may only carry one ball at a time, and they may only carry balls of their team's color or "Powerballs". No player may intentionally touch, pick up, block or otherwise disturb a ball of the opposing team's color at any time. When a player is hit while carrying a ball, they must drop that ball where they were shot before returning to their "spawn point". (The ball may not be dropped into a bucket after a player has been hit.) Any player may touch, pick up, carry, block, etc. a "Powerball" at any time, except that you may not attempt to strip a "Powerball" from the hands of another player. Once a ball, whether it be a normal ball or a "Powerball", has been placed in a bucket, it may not be removed by either team.

Variants: One player per team may be designated a "Goalkeeper". The "Goalkeeper" is armed with either a melee weapon or a single shot blaster that shoots less than 50 feet (but not both). The "Goalkeeper" must remain on his team's side of the field (i.e. may not cross the "center line"). The "Goalkeeper" is invulnerable - i.e. he may not be eliminated by either shooting or melee hits. (Optional - the "Goalkeeper" may be "stunned" for a 5-count by shooting and/or melee hits - which means he cannot move or shoot/swing melee.) Unlike other players, the "Goalkeeper" may touch the opposing team's balls - but only to attempt to block a thrown ball or to quickly throw a ball back towards the opposing team's side. (The "Goalkeeper" may not hold an opposing team's ball for more than a 3-count before he must throw it away, and all throws must be directed toward the opposing team's side - no throwing it behind your own team's buckets.)

Defend the Core

Teams: 2

Setup: Each team is given a "base" location with a "core" - a large container with a receptacle for darts/arrows/missles/nerf balls/etc to be fired into. Each team is also given a designated "spawn point" which should be 20-30 yards behind their "core".

Respawn: Unlimited, 15-count

Objectives: Put as many darts/arrows/missiles/balls/etc into the opposing team's "core" as possible within the time limit. Each "hit" on the core - i.e each dart or other projectile put into the "core" - counts as 1 point. The team with the most points when time is called wins.

Special Rules: None

Variants: Scoring can be adjusted by allowing larger projectiles, which are generally shorter ranged/less accurate/otherwise harder to get into the core, to be worth more points. For example - all arrows/missles/nerf balls could be worth 5 points. There could also be 1 or more "bombs" placed in the middle of the playing field. (i.e. a colored ball - a player carrying it may not shoot/melee, and must drop it immediately if hit.) The ball may not be thrown, it may only be dropped into the "core" when the carrier can touch the "core" with both hands. These bombs could be worth additional points - i.e. 5 or even 10.


Teams: 1 or more "Zombies" (each armed with a single melee weapon only), everyone else is a "Human" (each armed with whatever weapons are allowed). Zombies should be designated by wearing a clearly visible loop of flagging tape around their neck/head/arm/etc.

(For games with 10 or more players, starting with 2-3 "Zombies" can keep the game from getting off to a slow start)

Setup: The "Humans" scatter throughout the playing area, while the "Zombies" remain in the center of the playing area at a designated "Zombie Spawn" location. (The "Zombie Spawn" location should have an ample supply of melee weapons and flagging tape.)

Respawn: When a "Human" is tagged out by a "Zombie", they are "Infected" and turned into a "Zombie". The new "Zombie" must go to the "Zombie Spawn" location and drop all weapons they are carrying and arm themselves with a single melee weapon instead. They must also acquire a flagging tape loop as described above.

When a "Zombie" is tagged out by a "Human", they should sit/kneel down and begin a 15-count. During this time the "Zombie" may not move or attack. When the 15-count is reached, they may become active again.

Objectives: The "Humans" must try to survive until time is called. The "Zombies" must try to "Infect" as many humans as possible. The only winners are the surviving "Humans" when time is called.

Special Rules: None

Variants: If, during their 15-count, a "Human" gently taps a "Zombie" with a melee weapon, the "Zombie" must stop their count and move to the "Zombie Spawn" location. Once there, they may resume their count. Once they reach 15, they may become active again. It may be declared that some/all "Zombies" may only walk. (i.e. only starting "Zombies" may run, or only non-starting "Zombies" may run, etc.)

#321115 2012 Nerf War Schedule

Posted by Ambience 327 on 28 August 2012 - 07:45 AM in Nerf Wars

[url=http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23069]22nd [IN] Foam in the Fort IV[/url]

#321014 Foam in the Fort IV

Posted by Ambience 327 on 25 August 2012 - 06:42 PM in Nerf Wars


Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
10:00 am until we are beat (probably around 5:00-6:00 pm)

Please try to arrive a bit early (~9:45) so that the first round can start promptly at 10:00 am.


Glenwood Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne, IN

Posted Image

This is simply an awesome location for a war! As you can see in the above image, there are lots of trees to use for cover, but spread out enough to allow for lots of room to maneuver. There are also two different playground areas that might also be usable for CTF or other objective games - I don't have any shots of them yet though.

What to bring:

- A Primary (more than one is a good idea - in case you have breakage!)

- Darts (#6 slugs or stock ammo only) (If you are making or buying slugs, they should be made using the guidelines provided by Ryan201821.)

EDIT: Since the attendance for this war looks to be a bit smaller than last time, I am going to try something. Darts that weigh roughly the same as a #6 slug and still maintain a felt tip will be accepted for use provided you allow me to inspect them for safety and let me test fire them on you and have you return the favor. Keep the weight in mind though - I don't want slingshot weighted darts popping up please.

Please do not count on these darts as your sole source though - if they are deemed unsafe for any reason, you will not be allowed to use them. Think of this more as a way to war-test darts that you have already tested a bit at home for safety and practicality.

- Eye protection - anyone under 18 MUST wear it. 18+ at your discretion, though it is still strongly recommended and at your own risk.

- Lunch / Money - There are lots of fast food places within a 10 minute drive. You are of course welcome to bring a bag lunch and eat on the field during the lunch break.

- Water

- Proper clothing - Dress for the weather. Also, don't be a moron and show up in camo unless it is neon pink or something.

- Any and all missle/rocket/ball shooting weapons you might have access to. You might find they come in handy during some of the game-types, and they are always useful for breaking shields.

- Melee weapons and shields will be permitted - see below...

What not to bring:

- Dangerous blasters/darts/etc - i.e. no metal spikes, wooden "gunblades", etc. Blasters will be banned if they are deemed unsafe for any reason, including firing way too hard. No blanket bans will be imposed, but it is unlikely that your singled Titan will be used unless it is fairly underpowered. (No, "I will only pump it X times" will not be acceptable!)

- Blasters or other gear that could be mistaken for actual weapons (i.e. black-painted blasters, silver "knives", etc.). These should definitely be left at home.

- Participants under 13 years old are welcome, but MUST be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult (18+) who will assume full responsibility for the youngling's actions, attitude and safety. I will only assume responsibility for younglings that I personally bring. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Miscellaneous Information:

- We don't do "barrel tapping". Don't shoot someone from five feet away with your high-powered primary though. If you have a melee weapon, use that. If you have a weaker side-arm, use that.

- Beyond that, we do allow you a "mercy shot" if you are very close - fire your primary into the ground near the feet of your target and tell them they are "out". (Judgement and the honor system are needed here.)

- If you act like a 3-year-old, we'll send you home like a 3-year-old.

- Please clean up after yourselves - a trash bag will be provided, and everyone is expected to participate in dart-sweeps.

- Please note that there are no restrooms at the war site. Go before you get there, and go during lunch. You have been warned!

- Please keep the loud outbursts and swearing to a minimum - we will be playing in a schoolyard with nearby residential areas and don't need any residents or passers-by to have reason to complain about us.

- We will break for lunch some time around 12:00 or a bit later, probably for 30-45 minutes.

- I have not set up a specific game schedule. Gametypes will be determined mainly by popular opinion - but we will likely be playing mostly objective-type games (CTF, Sieze the Balls, etc). Meatgrinder will most likely be used as the first round and the post-lunch round - it is just a great way to get warmed up! I have the gear for the following objective games:

Sieze the Balls
Capture the Flag
Team Powerball
Defend the Core
Melee-only rounds

(Details for these gametypes can be found later in this thread.)

Melee & Shield Rules

Melee weapons will be allowed, though they should conform to a few basic rules.

- No metal should be used in the construction of the Melee weapon.

- All striking surfaces should be covered with a sufficiently thick layer of foam.

- Unmodified, store-bought plastic toy lightsabers will be permitted without regard to the above two rules. Lightsabers are cool. Bonus points if you use them with batteries for that lovely hum & glow. :) (Polycarb-bladed "Force FX" sabers are not included in this - those blades are HARD!)

- Anything I deem ridiculous or dangerous will not be allowed.

- Melee weapons can be used for blocking darts just like shields (see below) - but only if they are in your hand. If your Melee weapon is holstered, a hit on it counts just like a gun hit.

You'll be limited on the maximum size of your shield depending on what blaster you're wielding. This will be the standard ruling for most gametypes. Here is the breakdown. (Your most powerful blaster is what counts here.)

Melee Only = 3 sq/ft
[The largest blocking face of the Melee weapon(s) counts as part of the maximum shield area.]

One Single shot pistol, ranges < 50' - 2 sq/ft

Anything else, ranges <50' - 1 sq/ft

Blasters shooting over 50' will not be allowed to use a shield.

Shields may be used to deflect darts - hits on shields do not count as long as the shield is in your hand, strapped to a blaster that is in your hand, or strapped to your forearm. A shield strapped/slung anywhere else will not block hits - it will count the same as a gun hit.

Balls, missiles, rockets, etc. (basically any ammo larger than a Mega dart) may not be blocked by shields or Melee weapons - a hit on a shield or Melee weapon with ammo of this type will count as a normal hit.

Shields can be made from whatever, cardboard should be reinforced with duct tape. Shields that do not meet the specifications for Melee weapons may not be used as such. (i.e. Don't go whacking people with a large wooden shield!) Shields that are deemd unsafe for any reason will be disallowed.

Ambience 327 (host) + Guests
DragonSnipe +1

MrPzowned +1
Demon Lord

#320817 New Dart Forum and New Moderator

Posted by Ambience 327 on 22 August 2012 - 05:57 AM in News

A big thanks to the mods who worked to put this together, and congratulations to Carbon on his promotion.

#320779 Foam in the Fort IV Planning Thread

Posted by Ambience 327 on 21 August 2012 - 02:08 PM in Nerf Wars

Ah - I didn't even realize that was what that meant, but yeah, I get it now.

Ok - votes alone will be enough. If you happen to be available for both, but prefer one, let me know in a post.

#320767 Foam in the Fort IV Planning Thread

Posted by Ambience 327 on 21 August 2012 - 12:54 PM in Nerf Wars

I am looking into hosting another Foam in the Fort in September, and I wanted to see what date might work best for those who may consider attending. Please only vote in the poll if there is a possibility of you showing up.

Additionally, more weight will be given to votes cast by those who have previously attended a Foam in the Fort (or two...or three), so if you are among this elite crew, please also add a comment below stating your vote.(Hit the poll too though!)

Rules, details and such will be posted later, but will be very similar to what we have done in the past.

#320515 A small oddity with "View New Content"

Posted by Ambience 327 on 15 August 2012 - 12:16 PM in Site Feedback

It will probably be corrected (along with several other issues with the 'view new content' feature) when the site software is upgraded. Until then I think clicking 'View New Content' a second time will--oddly enough--take you where you want to go.

Indeed it does, which is why it is only a minor inconvenience.

#320500 A small oddity with "View New Content"

Posted by Ambience 327 on 15 August 2012 - 09:49 AM in Site Feedback

I just thought I would point this out, seeing as you are looking at how people browse the forums at the moment anyway.

I have noticed that when I am currently in the Messenger area of the site, and click "View New Content" it defaults to the "Members" tab of the New Content screen. I assume this is because the Messenger area falls under the "Members" tab of the site. It is mildly inconvenient if I am checking a PM and then trying to go see new content. I don't personally care about any new members added recently, and I doubt most of us do, so would prefer that it default to new posts instead. Not a huge deal, and if it is left as-is my life will go on virtually unaffected, but if it was corrected then rainbows and unicorns would suddenly appear.

#320016 Homemade foam sword help

Posted by Ambience 327 on 06 August 2012 - 09:09 AM in Homemades

Swords aren't used in wars though.

The participants of Foam in the Fort III would like to disagree with you. The melee weapons were out in force, and the melee-only round was popular enough to be voted up for another go. There are lots of ways to Nerf - and foam swords can be one of them if the participants agree.

However, as Beaver has pointed out, NH is not the place to go for info on making good boffer swords.

#319107 Foam in the Fort III - July 21st, 2012

Posted by Ambience 327 on 24 July 2012 - 03:27 PM in Nerf Wars

*My daughter was very amused/pleased at receiving her nerfing name of Carbonite. She tells me she's keeping it. She had a great time (especially since she took me out during a round).

Sweet. I wonder if Flywheel will do the same? :lol:

*Discovering that 3:15 isn't all bad! When you've been running like crazy all morning, a more methodical, strategic elimination game is pretty nice. The elimination rounds added a nice twist to the day.

Note to self - 3:15 to be placed near the end of the war.

*Ambience's boffer mace. That thing was like getting hit with a lightly padded truck.

Yeah, I was quite surprised at how much extra impact that little bit of extra foam and duct-tape amounted to.

*Forgetting the primary rule of a zombie apocalype: if you have a spare moment, RELOAD. Almost managed to pull off a sprinting reload/turn and fire, but just got a simultaneous kill. BRAIIIINS.

You almost outran that zombie. You wouldn't have outrun any further zombies that showed up after that though - you looked ready to heave!

#319030 Foam in the Fort III - July 21st, 2012

Posted by Ambience 327 on 23 July 2012 - 12:15 PM in Nerf Wars

Recap Time!

This was an awesome war, and it was really a pleasure to Nerf with such a great group of guys. The attitudes both on and off the field were awesome. Thank you all very much for making my third foray into hosting such an enjoyable time! If this is what I can expect when I sound the call to arms, it will happen again!!!

-Nerfing with an awesome bunch of guys with great attitudes, competitive spirits and sweet blasters.

-All the youngins having a great time and showing what their energy can accomplish.

-Having more than 1/2 of the founding members of Foam in the Fort present. DarkMatter and his Dad and Dragonsnipe and one of his boys. Missed the rest, but lots of others to take their place!

-Getting to hang with my buddy Carbon again. I'm not saying that he and I make wars great, but we were both at Cataclysm and it was great. We were both at Foam in the Fort and it was great. Coincidence?

-Meeting Phoenix66 face to face, and meeting his crew. Guy does great work on homemades for a great price. Look him up if you need work done.

-Spending another day enjoying the sweetness of my PumpSnap. (And showing off my new hand-painted shamrock and cross logo.) Works great, and as I put a few small customizations into it, it will only get better. (See the above comment for the source of this great blaster...)

-Phoenix66 helping my nephew out with some issues he was having with his own PumpSnap after some hasty repairs that I made were only partially successful. (His younger cousins had damaged it by firing it with the pump-handle only half way back.)

-My wife chatting it up with Phoenix66's mom. Homeschool moms never seem to run out of stuff to talk about, and she really enjoyed the conversation.

-Melee only rounds were awesome. I've taken to referring to melee only elimination as "Highlander", because of course "There can be only one!"

-Scoring the only points in DTC, but still helping my team to win as I scored more than the other team managed to. (See below.)


-Dart recovery - I think I got maybe a dozen of my own darts back. I am lacking somewhere in the 100's. That's ok though, they were inexpensive, and I can always get more.

-Minor issue with barrel tap / mercy rules at the very beginning. It was handled quickly, and everyone was very mature about the mix-up and the resulting "win" in the CTF round.

-Forgetting my cardboard boxes for making a DTC core and being stuck with three rubbermaid tubs which were bouncing all the darts from our high-powered blasters right back out. (Scoring was still possible, but very hard, as both sides proved!)

-My wife got a sunburn from talking to Phoenix66's mom for so long. If they strike up a conversation next time, I'm going to make her hold an umbrella.

#318940 Foam in the Fort III - July 21st, 2012

Posted by Ambience 327 on 21 July 2012 - 07:10 AM in Nerf Wars

it's the day before the war and to work decided to have me work overtime saturday so as much I hate do this for the third year in time to roll I'm gonna have to cancel.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Boo. Hiss.
(Oh well, a man has to make a living. I will get you here yet!!!)

Blasters repaired, darts made, car is packed, and the daughter has decided that she wants to make it there for the beginning...so we're hitting the road at 4:30am. HARDCORE TIME ZONE TRAVEL.

We'll see you guys in the AM.

So you are as wrapped around her finger as I am my own daughters' eh? Sweet. :lol:
(I am pretty sure if my oldest was much more than 5, she would be begging to come with me - though that would change the first time she got shot.)


Rise and shine folks. Thankfully, it isn't going to be in the 100's like it has been in the last few weeks, but it is still going to get up into the 80's, and it may be rather humid. Make sure you bring plenty of water!

And don't forget, there are NO RESTROOMS AT THE WAR LOCATION!!!!

#318871 Foam in the Fort III - July 21st, 2012

Posted by Ambience 327 on 20 July 2012 - 08:11 AM in Nerf Wars

Let me hold one, and then shoot me with it (with my permission) and I will most likely allow it. I can't imagine something with silicone and no metal being worse in any way (from a danger standpoint) than a slug.

#318826 Tubular Magazine Speedloader

Posted by Ambience 327 on 19 July 2012 - 06:46 PM in Homemades

Many of us use ball-valves or dart doors on top of our hoppers. These allow you to quickly load those, but retain the ease of loading darts by hand with little fuss. (i.e. once your speed-loaders are out, or if you only need 1 or 2 darts to top off)

#318803 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Ambience 327 on 19 July 2012 - 01:23 PM in Modifications

So I finally got around to customizing the PumpSnap I commissioned from Phoenix66.

Totally freehand (and the flaws are less noticeable when you aren't zoomed-in with a camera!) I am fairly pleased with it. :D

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