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#98863 The Old Armageddon Videos

Posted by SSWB on 27 January 2007 - 05:25 PM in Nerf Wars

Thanks for the answers guys, I found exactly the video I was looking for.

So, I am generally pretty incompetent with these things. Would it be worth it to load some of these vids up to youtube?

#98303 The Old Armageddon Videos

Posted by SSWB on 15 January 2007 - 01:51 AM in Nerf Wars

Hey guys, I wanted to show a friend of mine how I used to nerf back in the day, so I wanted to find the Armageddon video made all those years ago. It was the first Armageddon video, 2000 or 2001 maybe, and it had music from Rage Against the Machine "killing in the name". I think that was the best one. Anyone know where I can find it?

Could we also put it up on YouTube somehow, if it isn't already? I think it would be a great resource and advertisement for nerf as a sport if it were available easily.

#71115 Nerf On Wikipedia

Posted by SSWB on 17 January 2006 - 03:14 AM in General Nerf

I think the idea of a Nerf page on Wikipedia is excellent. I did just a little work on it, making some of your sentences less awkward. I think the next task then, is to get this Wiki article to come up on the first page of results for "nerf" on Google. It's on the second page right now. As soon as that happens (somehow, you guys know?) I think traffic will definitely increase.


#71071 Nerf Online

Posted by SSWB on 16 January 2006 - 03:25 AM in General Nerf

you, sir, are gay

You rock, VACC. Anyway, I was just taking a trip down Nerf-memory-lane with my friend tonight, thinking back to our first war in some woods with only Secret Shots, our first discovery of Nerf on the Internet with Stephan Mohr's website which looked like it come from 1996 and probably did. NO was really a great place to foster our budding Nerf-selves and stuff.

Oh, but look at me, an old geezer reminiscing on the old times. VACC, I remember you liked that parody Nerf site I did a long time ago. Check it out, it's still up: looking sharp, as ever.

#69276 Nerf Online

Posted by SSWB on 15 December 2005 - 03:35 PM in General Nerf

For a whacky trip down memory lane, recall that time Hal wouldn't let Vacc stop some dumb asshole from making about 3,000 defensive and passive-aggressive posts with no value to the forums whatsoever.

Great place, that.

Oh come on though, we had such a big and lively community back on NO. And Gunther. Gunther rocked.

Tampon darts!!

#69183 Nerf Online

Posted by SSWB on 14 December 2005 - 02:33 AM in General Nerf

Damn, I remember Nerf Online. That was such a great place.

#22889 Bean Or Hung?

Posted by SSWB on 30 March 2004 - 03:07 AM in Off Topic

Hahaha...William Hung goes to my school. My roommate was in a class with him last semester. All my friends see him on campus. I swear, I live vicariously through that guy...

#5805 Eagle Eye

Posted by SSWB on 19 June 2003 - 01:11 AM in Modifications

I concur: that's a pretty nice looking mod. My eagle eye has been sitting around way too long, and I always wondered if there'd be decent mod for it.

#4012 Sigs

Posted by SSWB on 25 April 2003 - 09:46 PM in Site Feedback

Ah, cxqw, good to know you're one of us. I know you live in California, so you best be voting Green this next Presidential election; you know, maybe get them that 5% needed for federal funding, and maybe scare some Democrats.

And Vacc, you know, the world would be a better place if everyone nerfed. You're right, Nerf is about taking out your aggression. If everybody just shot up his friends with some foam, maybe they wouldn't be out taking over poor third world nations. And I don't hug trees...often...

I've never thought of Santa Cruz as a hippie town. Around here in the Bay Area, Berkeley is the bane of all conservatives. As it happens, I'm going there next year for college.

#3900 Sigs

Posted by SSWB on 24 April 2003 - 01:01 AM in Site Feedback

Aw, man, and I thought I had finally found a nerf board where I could put an image in my sig. Now I'll never get to use that cool Green Party banner I found.

#3830 Nerf Training Poll

Posted by SSWB on 22 April 2003 - 11:10 PM in General Nerf

I'd have to agree with that: the best way to train is to nerf. Target practice doesn't work because in the heat of battle you hardly ever get to aim properly. Athletic training is always good to have for any sport, but I could never imagine doing it solely to better my nerfing.

By the way, not to diss you or anything, Nerfinator, but when people use "gay" to mean "stupid" it sorta bugs me. Let's say I didn't like black people, and a friend of mine did something stupid in public, so I said to him, "Dude, that was black." Would that be in good taste?

#3480 Nerf Movie

Posted by SSWB on 15 April 2003 - 10:49 AM in General Nerf

My friends and I once tried to make a nerf movie...which failed horribly. Because I have nothing better to do, I'll give you some warnings based on that disaster:

1. Beware complicated plots. Filming will always take way longer than you expect. If your script (if you plan to use one) is way long as mine was, you won't finish it in a day because a lot of the time, you have to do a particular shot over and over and over...and over until it looks perfect. We spent at least two, maybe three hours filming a battle that took only 5 seconds realtime.

2. Beware dialogue. I mean it's good. I use it all the time when I write, but when all your "actors" can't act worth shit (as was my case; not that it's bad they can't act, it's just not their area), you put a camera on them, and they start behaving all stupid and unnatural.

3. Beware equipment. Technology can be really be a fucking nuisance. We had two cameras: both ran out of batteries prematurely because their owners didn't check. Just make sure your gear is in order, that's all.

4. Beware humans. They can be really uncooperative sometimes. At least one or two guys in my group were. Some will just never listen and will go do their own thing, or even worse take over the whole operation (his reasoning being that I was only the writer and he was the director). Keeping order somehow without being a tyrant is the only solution I can think of.

Well, I sure hope your movie doesn't go as mine went. Good luck.

#1886 Shotgunners Rejoyce!

Posted by SSWB on 28 February 2003 - 06:13 PM in Modifications

Heh, interesting that you guys know German. My dad's actually from Austria, so I can understand some simple German. Oh, yeah, and I can also speak Vietnamese...

But yeah, I never though about cutting a dart lengthwise; I'll have to try it one time.

#1750 Shotgunners Rejoyce!

Posted by SSWB on 23 February 2003 - 11:48 PM in Modifications

Yeah, Zero's right. My friends and I discovered this thing several years ago. I posted about it on the old Nerf Online, but no one seemed to care...

Anyway, we never actually made them by quartering a dart; we just sort of eyeballed it: about one inch was the average length I believe. Also, though I can't remember if I actually tested to see if this made them better, I always put three BBs plus hot glue at the tips. When I still had my 1500, I'd just load in 4 to 8 in one of the barrels: very effective, many kills. A friend of mine would just go crazy. He'd stuff 15 to 20 into the barrel of his modded Super Soaker. The barrels were removable, so he'd have five or six of them fully loaded in a quiver for quick reloading. The cloud of shotgun pellets was huge; getting shot with one directly was an interesting experience: it was as if a huge, dense wall of foam were flying inexorably toward you...yeah, I pay attention in English class too much...

#527 Hal's Letter

Posted by SSWB on 11 January 2003 - 09:05 PM in General Nerf

Now, did anyone notice what's going on here? Everything in this thread save Merlinski's reply has been an exact replica of what was posted at NHQ. This is the further support of my point that all the different forums are 1) mostly the same, seeing as most of the same people populate them, 2) a waste of time for posters b/c they have to post the same message on all the forums to get maximum coverage, and 3) a waste of time for readers like me who want the most Nerf info possible but have to check a bunch of different forums. What we need, as I said above, is a central hub forum of some sort, which everyone goes to. It'd save a lot of time. Honestly, I don't have a suggestion for one, seeing as I only just got to this place, but it's something to look into in the future.

#519 Hal's Letter

Posted by SSWB on 11 January 2003 - 04:40 PM in General Nerf

Well, just for the hell of it, I'll put a copy of my long-ass reply to this on NHQ here:

"There are really three points I want to address: access to Nerf information, centralization vs. scatteredness (uh..that's probably not a word), and commitment.

What we need is easy access to Nerf info. If I want to find some mods for the AT2000, I do not want to sift through all the forum messages from the past too months. Neither do I want to make a post entitled "aNy at2000 m0dz??????///" because then I sound like a "st00pid n00b," which I am most definitely not, despite what my post count says. No, what I want to do is go to a website I trust and find neat, well-written instructions for a mod. Lately, I feel this has been very lacking. I mean, the forums are a great place to share ideas, but for those ideas to be of use to anyone in the future, someone needs to write them up neatly and put them in a database-type thing. I remember someone wrote an editorial on NO about something similar to this; "Open Nerf" I think was what he called it. I mean, we have lots of smaller sites each with the webmaster's personal mods. I'd have to say Yakman's was the best for that kind of thing (where'd he go?), but what we need is a larger site with a more comprehensive collection.

Which brings me to my next point. Hal's right: Nerf sites are cropping up everywhere. In my opinion, our community is very scattered right now, not having much of a focal point, though NHQ serves that purpose partially. Every webmaster is vying for the top spot, but can any of them truly be succesful? Granted, they're all great sites. NHQ has become the place to which (almost) all the NO members have congregated. Nerf Haven has the vets and Death by Foam. NC has that new design coming soon, which I'm excited about. Then we have all the smaller sites, many of which have good info. But that info, as I said above, is hard to find being so scattered. Then there's the issue of the forums. I see a lot of smaller sites with their own forums, trying to attract members. I feel this is hurting us. We're a small enough community as it is. We can't afford to have everyone on different forums when those forums all have essentially the same members. I'm busy; I don't have time to check five different boards for stuff that could have been found on just one. I remember, back when NO and NC were "neck in neck," so to speak, I hated having to check both forums when I wanted some Nerf info. I think it's better that we take one of the existing forums, tell everyone else to come there, and make that our "official" board. It'd make things a lot easier.

Now it may seem to you that I'm in favor of centralization. I'm not entirely though. Having one big, scary, Communist Party-like website might stifle creativity and discourage others from trying out a unique, novel idea that they have. So I suppose in that sense I'm in favor of the hub-type setup, with different sites specializing in different things, just so long as we have one large database of reviews, mods, etc. So that is what I suggest on this issue: a compromise between centralization and scatteredness.

The bigger problem, I think, which I've also saved for last, is commitment. We need to make sure that if this new NO goes up, it won't degrade like before. I know better than anyone that real life is a drag, but we seriously need to work harder at this. I can name so many examples of a site starting up strong and energetic and soon degenerating into sloth and apathy. Foam Corner, Nerf Center, and NerfOnline followed this pattern. If you don't agree with me about NO, just look at it in its last few months. They had maybe five "weekly" columns, none of which were being updated and most of which had only two articles to begin with. Nothing else was being updated either, like the mods and the LANO movies and all that. Certainly people will lose interest in Nerf, or will be obligated to stop by outside pressure, so how can we be certain the site, if it's an important site like NO or NC, will keep going? More staff members will help, as well as choosing enthusiastic people to run the site. It's always sad to see a good site degenerate, so I say we take these measures and others which I'm not smart enough to think of to ensure smooth running of any new NO or hybrid of it or whatever the hell the original point was.

So, in conclusion, I'm excited about the idea of a new NO, but I'd really like it if all of you and Hal as well take my points into consideration. What I don't want is the entire Nerf community reduced to something to the likeness of 1337 /\/3rF3rz, which embodies all that I find annoying in the Nerf world."