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#83185 Co2 Nf

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 12 June 2006 - 10:47 PM in Homemades

Ok, I'll tell you right now that a co2 nerf gun will not work without a paintball or airsoft regulator, that regualtes the air flow coming from the co2 or compressed air. Without a regulator, your plastic, pvc or any other material will not be able to withstand the pressure and brake at the connections or explode (bad either way). Yes I have tried to make this work and it doesn't, the pvc gun I was using exploded, right where the joint between the con2 adapter and the airtank connect and if I had been holding the gun when it happened I probalby would have been really hurt... so please don't attempt to do this without a regulator, its just stupid. Paintball regualtors aren't cheap as far as I know but I think you can buy them online from paintball suply and modification sites, just search around on google.

#77336 Ocman Octet Flash Game

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 23 March 2006 - 07:49 PM in Off Topic

Yeah man, Fun game you should definately see about sending it to some serious game sites. Very fun and the differences in each level take care of the repetition. Takes a while to get used to the aiming but once you do definately a blast. Great job and I can't wait to see other creations of yours in the future!

#77287 Bladder-repaired Wildfire

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 22 March 2006 - 10:27 PM in Modifications

Yeah, not exactly a new idea but glad you realized it and were able to utilize it. I've been fixing PC and RF20's like that for a couple years and I know of at least a couple of people that used those hose clamps to reinforce the weak stock ones.

#76484 Sledgehammer

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 16 March 2006 - 10:19 AM in Homemades

Awesome designs, my only concern is that, that design looks extremely front heavy making it rather hard to aim well, run with, etc. (kind of like a minigun?). Anyway I'll enjoy seeing the finished product.

Just out of curiosity, how long does it take you to draw up those desings? I'm an a engineering acadamy at my highschool using inventor and if I was to make those it would take days but you seem to push em' out almost immidietly!

#76242 Favorite Baseball Team?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 15 March 2006 - 10:10 AM in Off Topic

Yeah! RED SOX! I am really dissapointed about the trade of Damon to the Yankees though. How could he have betrayed us like that!? I live in Seattle so obviously the Mariners are close to my heart but ever since they traded Jose Guillen (short) and Freddy Garcia (pitch), two of my favorited mariners weve just sucked. Anyway I hate the Yankees, the only reason their so good is because of their television contracts, because they are in one of if not the most heavily populated areas in the country. Without the money that comes from those contracts they could never win!

edit: I'm sure someone is going to come in here and flame all the yankees fans for the same reason as me and someone will do the same for all the sox fans just because they won the series, but I've been a sox fan since I was like 3 and Nomar Garciapara was still playing for em' so I believe I have the right to root for my team.

#74139 Fall '06 Blasters

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 24 February 2006 - 02:00 PM in General Nerf

Just a thought but maybe instead of trying to mod both guns (longshot) you could remove the gun on the front and simply mod the second like adding a longer barrel. This would take down the weight of two large guns and make it a lot easier to carry, run with. Also it that some sort of working bipod on the front of the second gun?

#72261 My Answer To The Far

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 04 February 2006 - 12:21 PM in Homemades

Wow beautiful design, It looks like every nerfers dream, my only advice is to focus on the basics of the gun and build them first until you have the gun functioning perfectly and then add things like sights and rails and so forth, because whenever I start building a homemade all I ever plan out is the accesories and then when I start to build it i build it around them rather than the basics of the gun. Just a thought but I'm guessing your pretty on top of everything.

#72120 Sawtooth Mod: Big Clip

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 02 February 2006 - 10:56 AM in Modifications

I think we've heard that sibling excuse a million times by now. Just fess up and admit that sometimes you can be a n00b. Anyway thats an awsome mod, could you post some ranges and rof. My friend has a sawtooth that he hates and if this mod improves range maybe I'll try it.

#71265 An Actual "nite Finder" Mod

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 19 January 2006 - 05:48 PM in Modifications

Bondo is also a great tool for fixing holes, changing shapes, and filling stuff. For those of you who don't know what it is: it's used for autobody repair and can be found at any hardware shop, don't forget to buy the hardener though. It's a great way to make your mods look professional and just requires sandpaper a mixer and a ventilated room. It takes a little while to get good at it but once you do it looks absolutely amazing.

edit: all the materials can usually be found for 6 bucks (us) and can be used on at least 3 different gun mods. I do recommend buying 2 hardener packages though because you will often run out of that quicker than the actual bondo.

#70636 First Gun?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 08 January 2006 - 01:37 PM in General Nerf

I got my first nerf gun when i was 8 i think and it was a secret shot 2. It broke pretty fast though so my second gun (pc) was the first one to actually get me into nerfing. I still have that pc and it's still one of my favorite guns.

#68459 Knives/swords Collections

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 27 November 2005 - 02:11 PM in Off Topic

I don't have a huge collection but I have the various collection of 20 or so random knives and pocket knives. I recently purchased the gerber fast draw knife: Posted Image
It has a spring assisted open, which means when you start to open it the spring flips it open. It is essentially a switch blade except it's legal to carry if your over 18. Plus is has the quality of a gerber and a nice combat oriented blade. You can find it here: http://www.rei.com/o...vcat=REI_SEARCH

I hope to get a gerber applegate combat knife sometime and I've also wanted a saber ever since I started fencing 4 years ago. (I no longer do it though)

#65134 Grammaton Cleric's Sidearm

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 October 2005 - 08:32 PM in Homemades

Wow... The very first homemade nerf gun I ever saw was your original sharpshooter* rifle, of course I tried to copy it and pretty much failed but that was almost 4 years ago. Since then you have mad 3 or 4 just as amazing homemades, All of which have been amazing. I love equilibrium and your homemade. Although I less active in the nerf community I still love to see your homemades and you always inspire me.

Thanks for being a great inspiration to me and every other nerfer out there

*edit: Since when does it edit s n i p e r to say loser? :P

#58502 Washington State?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 30 June 2005 - 06:36 PM in Nerf Wars

Well, I live in Seattle and I guess I'd be up for a nerf war sometime because nerf has been slowing down for me and it may be a way to get me back in, but to tell you the truth we've tried to set up a washington war before and noone is very motivated. Good luck.

#58287 Pulsator 4000

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 26 June 2005 - 08:16 PM in Modifications

Looks great, clean mod, and a great idea. Overall Awesome. Plus having the seperated triggers takes care of any ROF issues that having to rotate both barrels might have created. Give it a paintjob, a sling, and mod those barrels and you've got yourself an amazing primary.

#58284 Titan Stefans

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 26 June 2005 - 08:13 PM in Modifications

Okay I've finally found time to work on nerf now that school is out so I decided to remod my Titan so I couod take advantage of it's full potential. I might post the mod later but basically i rebarreled it with a 2 1/2 ft. long, 1/2 in. pvc outer barrel with 9/16 brass innerbarrel. The other half of the mod is working on modifying the shell and pump to look more like a modern loser rifle. Anyway onto my problem, yesterday I tested the new barrel and silencer and it shredded 3/5 darts that I tested with. From what I can tell the, I'm happy with ranges and accuracy and such but I need help making my darts stronger. I was using my 2 in long non-hollow stefans with tacks instead of bbs and a dome of hot glue. The problem is not how well I make them because they are made very well, but they were all either fishtailing or just getting ripped apart. Any help is appreciated.


#54884 The Next Generation Xbox Name

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 14 May 2005 - 08:52 PM in Off Topic

I live in seattle so my local paper already covered it: here's an article and some pics: http://seattlepi.nws...=1&searchdiff=2 , Search Xbox on the same sight for more interesting articles. I'm really looking forward to the next Perfect Dark as that was one of my fav N64 games but Halo 2 of course and others. I gotta say I think this thing realy takes away from Xbox's feel, It has great features, but even I could design a better console. Whatever I'm sure I'll drop the $300-$500 bucks for it anyway just because I feel I must. Yeah also after the PSP this thing looks like crap.

#53696 Track&field, Cross Country, Bicycling

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 27 April 2005 - 10:29 PM in Off Topic

Oh, I didn't see the bicycling part in the title either, but yeah I love to BMX as well. Anyway I haven't done too much posting in the last three-four weeks but I have still been reading the forums and I've seen a lot of people getting pissed off at other people for just about no reason and then a huge post-fight ensueing (sp?) I know I've been loaded down with tests and homework for the last little while, but please come on you guys, Its a nerf forum lets just get along.

#53433 Track&field, Cross Country, Bicycling

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 25 April 2005 - 10:21 AM in Off Topic

I started running track in 2001 and ran X-country for the first time ever this year(freshman year). I have to say that although I enjoyed it, it took up so much time and energy I didn't have time to finish my homework or ever get rested for the next day so I'm still considering not running next year. I think my fastest mile was 6:30 but speed really isn't my thing even though I'm a skinny kid with long legs. Yes I do think that running can help a lot in nerf but for x-country at least I think its sometimes more about how high your pain-threshold is rather than how fast you are.

#51678 Converter?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 April 2005 - 09:25 PM in Off Topic

Dude I've been doing that for hours and haven't found a single one that wasn't a trial. Maybe I'm just not a tech geek, Oh Well

I got it to work but it IS a trial and you can only do 20 conversions with it.

"Oh, and by the way. I found hundreds using the simple keywords "mp3 wma convertor", admittedly some were trials, but still."


#51671 Converter?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 April 2005 - 08:56 PM in Off Topic

Hey I just got a new Ipod mini and I have 98SE, anyway I got it to work fine with a program called anapod explorer (worth the 25 bucks) and have put a lot of music on it put Anapod doesn't support wma encoding and most of my music is in wma so I was wondering if anybody knew of a good FREE program that I could download and use to convert around 500 wma files to mp3. Yes I will download a trial as long as its at least 5 days and doesn't have a limited number of conversions.

Any help would be great, thanks.

#50732 Organizing Music Files

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 27 March 2005 - 03:18 PM in Off Topic

Hey I was wondering if anybody out there knows of a free downloadable program that I can use to organize random music tracks in a folder by Album.

I have a lot of music and don't have time to make a bunch of new sub-folders and find the tracks that belong in them manually.

It needs to support windows medai format and mp3.
I need to do this in order to make it easier to put on an mp3 player.

#49135 Yet Another Music Thread

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 09 March 2005 - 06:15 PM in Off Topic

When are you going to create a forum for the group, when more members join?

#49079 Yet Another Music Thread

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 08 March 2005 - 11:51 PM in Off Topic

I had to join just to see what other people were listening too and this sight sounds pretty cool.

#48533 Most Influential In Online Nerf History?

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 02 March 2005 - 11:40 PM in General Nerf

I'd have to go with Boltsniper, no I've never met him but his site is what really got me interested in homemades, and after seeing his newest creation I'd have to say that he has influenced me personally the most. Don't worry Stefan darts and Nerfhaven are close too.

#48530 Magazine-fed Fast-action Nerf Rifle

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 02 March 2005 - 11:37 PM in Homemades

That gun is truly amazing. I like the looks of it even more than your original rifle and can't wait to see a write-up. Could you maybe go into more detail about the ejector works because I don't understand that part. Looks great and I'd be interested in knowing the accuracy. It looks the best with scope and suppressor but does the suppressor decrease range?

You are the man.

#47301 Instruments

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 15 February 2005 - 01:53 PM in Off Topic

I voted trumpet because I've been playing that the longest, but I also play piano, and I just started learning bass guitar so I can play some rock tunes and possibly jam with my buddies. I'm really into playing jazz on trumpet, and piano.

#47089 Ipod Shuffle Question

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 10 February 2005 - 08:37 PM in Off Topic

Ok I already have a Creative Zen Xtra 30 gig mp3 player but I want something a lot smaller and cheaper that will be easier to use when I'm riding my bike and less of a hassle if it gets stolen or lost (only $99). I have a windows 98 computer so I cant get Itunes but I was wondering if I would still be able to put songs on the shuffle from windows media player 9. I can do it with my zen form wmp but I don't know if the shuffle is somehow different. Yes I'm willing to download any drivers needed.


#46939 Homemade Mac 11

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 February 2005 - 11:29 PM in Homemades

Heres an inline regualter, If i bought this could i screw it directly into a pcv female adapter and what size would it be? I'm guessing 3/4" or 1". Any answers would be great

#46937 Homemade Mac 11

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 February 2005 - 10:40 PM in Homemades

Hey rusty, these regulaters you speak of , could you possibly find the link to what your talking about online because like Ompa said the cheapest ones I've been able to find are around 30-50 dollars. Heres an update: I just went out and bought the brass so I should have a paint pic. up soon, plus my dad found an old pressure gauge in the basement that If i cant find a regulater I will be using.

thanks for the comments

#46922 Homemade Mac 11

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 February 2005 - 04:21 PM in Homemades

Yeah I'm starting to worry about that too, I'm planning on adding a psi gauge to the airtank if I can find a way. I think I read that 60 psi is the max, nerf brand parts can take, if anyone could verify that or tell me different that would be great.

#46920 Homemade Mac 11

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 05 February 2005 - 04:06 PM in Homemades

For the last couple weeks I've been working on a homemade mac 11 type thing.
Pic. of Mac 11
So far all I've really been able to work on is the handle which will hold the airtank tire valve for C02 and rf20 valve.
I used 1" pcv and a piece of 1' pcv for the handle but these pics are a little outdated and since then I have cut a deeper piece of 1'pvc for the back to cover up the tubing and such. I've also have plans for the action but will have to make them up in paint. Yes I am planning on using brass shells, 1.5" darts and at least a 5 shot clip/magazine.

Here are some pics of the handle before I cut the new piece of pvc for the back of the handle:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

click thumbnails to enlarge, please feel free to post in comments, concers, or questions.

#46536 How Co2 Regulaters Work

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 25 January 2005 - 08:25 PM in Homemades

Ok it sounds like I already have what I need, thanks cxwq. I would also like to know the cheapest place online to buy a psi measuring type thing I could attach to pvc just like a tire valve?

#46522 How Co2 Regulaters Work

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 25 January 2005 - 09:15 AM in Homemades

I did purchase one of those a long time ago but every time you want to let air into it you have to twist it. I want one that regulates the air flow automaticly.

#46501 How Co2 Regulaters Work

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 24 January 2005 - 09:18 PM in Homemades

I know that many of you don't like the combination of CO2 and nerf but I was wondering just how paintball regulaters work. For those of you into paintball I'm looking for a cheap ($20) regulater that will regulate co2 flow at 60psi. I'm looking for one that I can screw right onto a male or female 3/4 or 1/2 pvc attachment and that the co2 canister screws right into the back. Any info would be great: heres one http://zephyrpaintba...m/product/AIM68

#45636 Washington War

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 07 January 2005 - 05:55 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm interested but I don't know if I'm doing anything else plus Kent is a long drive from Seattle.

#45599 Problem With Rapid Fire 20

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 06 January 2005 - 11:18 PM in General Nerf

Actually It might not been faulty, you can easily brake a check valve by overpumping the gun but If I was you I wouldn't tell the salesclerk that and just return it. Also replacing your AT2k with a supersoaker pump probably wasn't the best idea, the check valves in them break easier and I've found they often snap easier.

edit: This may be because you feel you need to over pump supersoaker nerf guns because they have so little power unless pumped a lot. Also just buy a new AT2K at target for 2 for $10 bucks

#44048 Nirvana

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 14 December 2004 - 08:46 PM in Off Topic

Whoah it was merely a question, lets not get into quarreling (sp?) All the bands mentioned here are good, I prefer Nirvana to Sonic Youth, but Sonic Youth still kicks butt, also I don't understand why half of you hate the pumpkins, they are almost as cool as both of the bands mentioned above, also how many of you like STP, and no bashing!

#43902 Nirvana

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 12 December 2004 - 10:35 PM in Off Topic

I just got the new Nirvana Box Set: With the lights out, and I absolutely love it, I hadn't listened to Nirvana for a long time but now I'm starting to remember how great they were. I was wondering how many people had heard of Nirvana and if they like them or if It's more of a Seattle thing?

#43536 Star Wars Nerf Chewbaka Crossbow Gun Thingy

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 07 December 2004 - 09:47 PM in General Nerf

Either you don't have a slingshot, don't know how far 40ft. really is, or just don't know what you are talking about. I'm still interested.


"the darts shoot like only 40 feet." That means he has no idea how far it fires.

#43519 Star Wars Nerf Chewbaka Crossbow Gun Thingy

Posted by CheeseNerfer on 07 December 2004 - 06:46 PM in General Nerf

Ok this looks sweet! Has anybody found one? If so is it any good, It looks like it would have a nice feel? Anyway if you've found it where and is it as cool as it looks!?