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#226652 Amtgard

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 27 April 2009 - 07:05 PM in Modifications

OMC, Larping is huge. There are more than 500 "business" games in the United States alone, where larping isn't as popular as it is in Europe. At least two full feature-length movies have been made about it for general release in the last few years. It's everywhere, and it naturally coincides with nerf.

As a general rule I wouldn't recommend taking on a condescending air while addressing an Admin. I'm sure OMC knows how big LARPing is etc etc, but yeah, I'm sure he appreciates the information.

And as for bows in Nerf, evertime this stuff comes up I'm always at a loss for why you would use weapons meant for hunting and killing for Nerf. I always looked on it as a game where we take child's toys and make them more enjoyable... Hm don't know about you but I don't want to get shot at by a real bow.


#204558 Thaygor Breach

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 18 January 2009 - 09:47 PM in Homemades

If I'm getting this right (and I honestly can't tell, sorry but the overexposure and general fuzziness make it hard to get a clear view.. You might want to try out the Macro function, that generally helps), It's not bad. You could have made the cuts cleaner etc, but thats not the point. I know alot of people have been asking me (before I quit) to make breech's with a handle on them. I never did, because in my design, which I made to be the most efficient as possible, I never wanted a handle on the side. It doesn't really make sense for mine to have a handle anyways, with the handle being at the front...

Anyhow, it does seem somewhat inefficient because of the dead space, but if you like it, Just Go With It.


#197214 Twilight Review.

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 19 December 2008 - 03:12 PM in Off Topic

Lets get a few things straight.

The Movie was shit.

The books were good.

In Breaking Dawn the author sortof threw stuff in randomly, but it's still a good series.

Pretty much.

So, I know there's got to be a ton of people who hate the books and the movie, but I mainly hate the movie because the books were better. I doubt there will ever be a girl alive that will not like the books or the movie, but that's just me.


#195663 Holy Shit

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 12 December 2008 - 04:41 PM in Modifications

Nice job on the mod. Clean, and although I generally don't use PVC (CPVC mostly, when I was active...), it's still nice.

On a side note, I find it funny how your Zar'roc isn't even red :o.


#193554 Big Blast With Integrated Recon Laser Light

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 02 December 2008 - 06:37 PM in Modifications

First off I'm not directly saying this at you fuzz080. But does this really even deserve it's own thread? All you did was take out a recon's light and glue it inside of another gun. I think that it would be good to post this in the modification/paintjob pictures thread. Allot of people have been posting their newly modded guns on it's own thread. All that this seems to be doing is clutter the forms. So please just post your guns in the modification/paintjob pictures thread instead of making a topic for every gun you mod.

Flame: hierarchy this is a mod that has never been done before. He has a total right to make a writeup and contribute to the nerfing world. Yes, not everyone will find this mod effective and quite possibly, worth the effort but it still is a mod. So shut up!

On Topic: This is a neat mod, if you were to replace or strengthen the light like fuzz already said it would be very nice to have in a indoor war, in the dark, that allows BBBBs.

No, you shut up, please, and let me explain.

First off, I find it slightly perturbing that I only recognize about 10% of the people here that still post on the Haven. I stopped Nerfing like a few months back, and already people are having more posts than me, seems like we have a ton of postwhores.

Tornado, this doesn't actually do anything to add to the functionality to the gun, and if you're all about indoor in-the-dark wars I'd doubt any parent would want a BBBB firing projectiles all over the place. It absolutely pointless in my opinion, and therefore shouldn't have a thread in the first place. But since it is "new, something nobody's done before..." whatever the hell everyone says. First, I can guarantee someone has done this before, and have you actually looked around the forums to see if anyone has? this forum has been around for years before you came. Maybe you did, and if so I'm sorry, but I doubt you've looked through the countless pages of mods here at the Haven.

I'm not trying to flame anyone in particular here, and that's just fine if you like "integrating" pointless (imo) lights on guns which will dent walls, but I just thought everyone should be aware.


#177743 Nerfhaven Accessories Directory

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 16 September 2008 - 02:22 PM in Modifications

I like the idea. What about a section for barrel/turtet accessories? Breechs for instance, and maybe someone could make a thread quickly explaining staggered barrels (speedloaders). Just a thought. I'll link my breechs if you'd like.

#177557 Crossbow Stickers

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 15 September 2008 - 05:40 PM in General Nerf

I could try and get scans too, but my scanner isn't very good. I'd be interested in purchasing some of those decals though.

#177396 A Different Ls Dtb

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 14 September 2008 - 06:36 PM in Modifications

Yeah, I must say props go to you for everything (especially the clip-modded DTB, that is sick-- I've been trying to think of something like that for half a year). I am starting a thread next time I post to buy a DTG...

Great gun, great write-up. Yours is definitely my favorite LS-DTB (yes, more than mine).

Nice job ice.


#176662 My Idea Of What A Longshot Should Look Like

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 11 September 2008 - 06:18 PM in Modifications

Yeah, that is pretty orgasmic.

If you made it as spermatic in functionality that thing would be the best LS I've ever seen...

Honestly, it looks sick.


#176649 A Different Ls Dtb

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 11 September 2008 - 05:49 PM in Modifications

To be honest I don't think this thread was necessary unless you had any questions. But goodjob?(even though it's not finished)

I also love how this mod is a copy of B00M13's, and ice is getting more praise then he did for it. Not saying anyone should be praising up to people for mods, or paying 500+ dollars for anything Nerf for that matter. Regardless though, a decent mod, but why do you paint ALL of your guns primarily silver(and if not primarily, secondarily)?

I said in the first post that the DTB intergration was OATN's mod.

Yeah, I love how I originally did this and B00m always gets more praise than I did.... Wait never he didn't, he just always gets recognized for making it.


Ice, that's pretty clean. I personally hate LS's now, and am not going to ever use anything but my Crossbow for wars (at2k integrated, PETG and Brass breech's), but Singling the LS definitely made it more effective. Everything looks nice and straightforward, but I would like to know how you singled the LS (I'll do it like that when I ever get another one, and probably make another LS-DTG if I ever get around to it). I see that ther isn't any cocking handle, do you cock it from the handle by the breech?

I honestly don't see why everyone still hates Ice. I admit his video's (the ones I watched) weren't really anything great (IMO), but he doesn't act like a noob at all anymore. He's been making stuff that's original as of late. You don't have to like him, but I hate it when people who haven't contributed anything to this forum or the NIC post derogotory comments about someone who's actually done something with themselves but is still hated for a number of reasons that elude me.

I look forward to that write-up, and a closer look at the LS singling.

Again, nice job.


EDIT: and as for him making tons of cash because of his Tube account, you're just jealous because you can't win the love of loaded gun-toting tweenagers who have no modding capability (no sarcasm, and no offence).

#175692 Petg Breech

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 07 September 2008 - 04:36 PM in Darts and Barrels

What you will need:

Posted Image

10" of 1/2" PVC
1 1/2" of 1/2" brass
1 foot of PETG (I'm using OMC Thick-walled)
Plumber's Goop
Small ring of CPVC
Dremel with cutting wheels and sanding bits, or other cutting/sanding devices

A air duster is also helpful to clear off all of the PVC dust.

Take your PVC and round out one end (this is the one that will be going into the coupler)

Posted Image

Now make a mark 1" from that end, and then another 3" after that.

Posted Image

Now mark out a dart slot.

Posted Image

Cut it out.

Posted Image

Now take your 1 1/2" of 1/2" brass and wrap e-tape around one end until it makes a good seal when slid into the PETG. Make it snug so it won't blow off when shot, but not so tight it is hard to remove.

Posted Image

Then wrap e-tape around the other end so it fits snugly in the PVC.

Posted Image

Glue it in with either Goop or superglue.

Now take the PETG and wrap tape (I chose masking tape) around it in several places so it doesn't jiggle around in the PVC too much.

Posted Image

Slide the barrel back in and mark the place where it meets the back part of the dart slot.

Posted Image

Take your CPVC and cut about half off.

Posted Image

Goop it on at the mark.

Posted Image

Now you're done! Let the Goop dry, and you should have a nice PETG breech.

Posted Image

If I ever get darts that fit in PETG well for air guns and springers, I would completely switch to these. As it is my darts fit weird, so I'll still be sticking to my Brass breech's for springers, and PETG ones for air guns (one of each for my crossbow (at2k integrated)).

I'll also be selling these if anyone would like to buy them. $11 shipped for one or $8 each with $3 for however many you buy. If you're intersted please post in my Sales thread (sig) or in my Breech sales thread. Let me know what you guys think of the prices also.

Questions? Comments?


#175589 My Petg Breech

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 07 September 2008 - 06:45 AM in Homemades

Rogue: Okay, I'll do that. If I sold them they'd probably be $9 nstead of $20 shipped. $8 with anything else, or with multiples or something.

Ice: Yeah, I will. I'm going to have to figure out prices though-- I want them to be cheap enough for people to buy for convienience so they don't just make their own. What would you guys buy them at?

Z4: I'll make a writeup.

Galaxy: Yeah I didn't think so either. I used standard 1/2" PVC, the stuff I normally use in breechs andOMC Thick-walled PETG.

Thanks everyone, let me know about prices!


#175475 My Petg Breech

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 06 September 2008 - 06:39 PM in Homemades

Split: I like your breech. I would do that on most of my guns, except I like my barrels being detachable and mainly use couplers (on all the guns I use frequently, atleast). This isn't all that heavy, as there is no real brass to speak of. I would say it's easily under half a pound, more like a third max. As for breaking the barrel, I don't think it would be very easy to do. Only if I had the very end of the barrel, and I was trying very hard. It would happen in a war situation atleast, since it doesn't take too much effort to slide the barrel out.

Z4: Thank you. Yeah, it acts the same as my brass one, except it doesn't have a barrel stop like I said, it would be easy to make one though. I get the same ranges if not better with the PETG barrel. Mainly because my darts are slightly too fat anyways, but I'll mainly use my brass breech's for springers.

Would anyone be interested in a write-up and/or buying some of these?


#175462 My Petg Breech

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 06 September 2008 - 05:52 PM in Homemades

I apologize for the bad picture quality, but I lost my camera and am taking pictures with my camcorder.

Posted Image

It creates a good seal by having this brass piece in the back. It's made out of 1/2" brass with e-tape around it to make a nice secure seal when the barrel in moved over it.

Posted Image

The barrel is completely removable at the moment, but can easily be secured inside the breech by glueing a piece onto the very end of the barrel (the part that is in the dart slot, so when you pull it out it stops at when the PVC begins).

I'll make a write-up eventually (my first one in a LONG time), once I perfect everything. It is pretty obvious though, let me know if you guys don't think you need one.

These are alot easier to make and alot cheaper than my brass breech's, so eventually I should be able to make alot more alot quicker for people to buy.

Questions? Comments?


#175249 World Of Warcraft

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 05 September 2008 - 08:44 PM in Off Topic

That "Night Elf Horde" thing was quite lol'able.

I'm only level 20 B) and am an Orc Hunter. I've only been playing for like a week though, not that I can play all that much....

#175246 Crazy Prices You Bought Your Guns

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 05 September 2008 - 08:38 PM in General Nerf

I got an sm1500 for $5 shipped on ebay. Peg's removed and everything.

Anyways, I have a really instinctive feeling that the word Dildo is posted in this thread somewhere, and it is bothering me to hell that I can't find it...



#174247 Dart Tag Blaster Help

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 01 September 2008 - 05:34 PM in Modifications

Yeah, 2"-2.5" max. It's plunger chamber is also so small that the darts being too tight can severly effect it.


#173757 Nerf Fight: The Prisoer

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 30 August 2008 - 06:09 PM in General Nerf


I hate it in my drinks.

Anyways, my comp is being touchy and won't play the video, but as Split said you only need to tell him once, and even if a mod did see it I don't think they would automatically ban him seeing as it's not in the CoC. No need to get so tense imo....


#168117 Pvc Scout

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 11 August 2008 - 02:17 PM in Modifications

Have you actually tested ranges, or are you still missing your o-ring? I highly doubt that thing will shoot very far, mainly because of the insanely low air capacity and power of the scout. You're just making the space between the plunger chamber and barrel bigger...

Anyways, creative to say the least. I would recommend just doing a normal barrel replacement (or my scout mod, which I still think to be the best I've seen :o) if you want to shoot stefans.... or stock darts, since the barrel doesn't need to be longer than 3 inches.

Interesting job,


#162658 How Far Does You Nf Shoot?

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 13 July 2008 - 05:18 PM in General Nerf

This is a flamewar-in-a-can if ever I saw one.

Yeah, don't lie on ranges. Don't even post them please, people. No one is ever going to get 100' out of a nightfinder with stock internals (parts, not spring etc.) for more than 1 shot (if that), and if you do I'll personally fuck myself.

Badger ftw.


#162531 The Things Some People Pay For...

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 12 July 2008 - 04:06 PM in General Nerf


I feel sorry for the ass who bought that NF.

#162126 Quick Questions

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 09 July 2008 - 07:37 PM in Modifications

Don't just ask Grenada, ask most of the people who modded their Longshots before CS or whoever discovered the ar-15 was a good replacement...

I have one in my Finesse, without a brass breech it gets 70' tops (and that far acurately, if I'm lucky). You really need the ARs out and a Angel Breech on it to take advantage of the extra power.

Anyways, I think $10 would be fair especially since they don't have to pay for shipping. A BBB is $20 you know, and the only other way they're gonna get it is by buying one.


#162056 A Few Mods Of Mine

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 09 July 2008 - 05:38 AM in Modifications

I love the Reactor-LS. Everything looks very cosmetically pleasing, good job.


#161691 Good Non-cancelling Headphones.

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 06 July 2008 - 11:29 AM in Off Topic

Well the ones that came with my iphone finally broke, and so I bought a pair of the Ink'd Smoking Buds (Skullcandy) and am very pleased with the sound (for $5). They are mainly for use while waiting for my se310s to come in.

But now I am in search of headphones of similar quality, but non noise-cancelling, for various situations.

Anyone know of any that are cheap-ish? I don't need them to be extremely good, just for use while walking around and not wanting to get hit by cars and such.


#161139 At2k, Why!

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 01 July 2008 - 06:33 PM in Modifications

Plug the pump, pump it four times, and use a 12" not-too-tight-fitting barrel. I use it and get about 90' consistently.

#160762 Dtg 4 Noobs

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 28 June 2008 - 01:05 PM in Modifications

Try embedding the pictures, more people will probably read it.

#160405 Spiderman Dtg Petg Barrels

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 25 June 2008 - 03:32 PM in Modifications

Pretty cool. I agree these things are great, and I've got about 10 of them and haven't done anything with them yet (I won't sell them, so don't ask).

Anyways, Looks very clean, althought I'm slightly concerned about the seal without any adhesive whatsoever. It might be tight, but may not be completely airtight. Then again, it might.


#160365 Colleges That Nerf

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 25 June 2008 - 08:18 AM in General Nerf

I know Olin in massachusetts has a club.

You Serious? I literally live in walking distance of that place. Now that I think about it my local hardware store said that students from there came in asking for PETG..



#160310 Colleges That Nerf

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 24 June 2008 - 06:45 PM in General Nerf

I'm not exactly going to college anytime soon... But I don't think you should be looking solely for a college that has wars, you should be looking for one that has good... Well I don't know education-related stuff.

It'd be nice to have both, but put priorities first.(..)


#160238 Built-in Shotgun Upgrade

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 24 June 2008 - 12:49 PM in Modifications

Nice. I think the added shotgun-like effect is cool. I'll hopefully be making one of these once I get some LS parts from my friend, but I think I'll put a single Big Salvo tank in instead of the two hornet ones.


#160237 Recomendations On Paint

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 24 June 2008 - 12:35 PM in General Nerf

What the fuck does this bitch have to do with Nerfhaven? All I've seen him do is post randomly.

Have the admins been around lately? I haven't been, so I wouldn't know...

Anyways, for spray paint Vinyl Dye is the best as others have said, and I'll back up the Krylon Fusion too.


#158531 Airfender & Shield

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 09 June 2008 - 02:56 PM in Homemades

Insane. I don't think it's completely for show either, I could see (attempting to) block a dart on the underside of my arm.

As always those paintjobs are slick.


#158288 A Small Nerf Related Chuckle.

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 06 June 2008 - 07:09 PM in General Nerf

Yeah, kinda weird. My phone also editted Nerf to nerd while searching "nerf gun" on eBay. It stopped after about 20 times (adds it to the dictionary...).


#157823 Ls-dtg Integration

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 02 June 2008 - 08:02 PM in Modifications

I see. Evidently I need some patience along with readon comprehension skills.

Anyways, sorry for not seeing that. Good job, great since it was broken anyways.


#157820 Nerf Outing Side Arms

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 02 June 2008 - 07:45 PM in Modifications

For the record I HAVE SEEN an NF with a FULL BBB spring in it, unscrewed and together. It's held up for like 2 years, although the spring has started to feel weaker.

As for your question I would also recommend an NF, mainly because of their availability.

You'd want to remove the AR, change the spring (ACE #49 or a DS spring addition, I've heard other spring additions/replacement like the TTG spring work well), add another o-ring and increase seal (add e-tape under the orings) and do a barrel/coupler mod. You should be getting ATLEAST 50' flat, although I've gotten 65' consistently, but I don't want to get into a range debate.


#157806 Ls-dtg Integration

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 02 June 2008 - 05:44 PM in Modifications

What? Singled? Sure, it might be a little more comfy... No maybe not. But honestly You can't be getting more than 60' with that, even singled, and even so it's a perfectly good 10-shot gun to begin with O.o.

Anyways, whatever suits you, and sorry for not ever getting back to this. It does show some ingenuity on the attachment part.


#157563 Ls-dtg Integration

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 31 May 2008 - 03:50 PM in Modifications

Well, you're kind of stuck since you cut of basically everything. Boom's way is the same way just cleaner, but you could try to do something with more of the handle and some plexiglass/PVC enforcement. Ill elaborate when I get home.

#157397 Recon Modification

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 29 May 2008 - 05:46 PM in Modifications

Interesting. I'd like to see what the ranges are with the barrel replacement.

That's got to be annoying to cock with the rf20 spring in it.

#157293 Is There A Decent Dtg Mod Out There?

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 28 May 2008 - 04:05 PM in Modifications

17/32" brass fits perfectly into the stock turrets stubs (just take off the orange piece completely), only if it fits your darts though.


#157105 Primary Ranges

Posted by OfAllTheNerf on 26 May 2008 - 08:19 PM in General Nerf

I'll say that my Crossbow (which I can't seem to do well without) gets 80' CONSISTENTLY. I know we've all gotten the 130' shots, right...

Micros go about 10' further (consistently), but I've switched to megas.