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#99868 Nerfing Music

Posted by rawray7 on 15 February 2007 - 06:44 PM in Off Topic

I don't actually know how to find the direct IP, sorry. If anyone can figure out how to record the show, please let me know. I'm going to try to get a friend to record it with one of those ripper programs, but we'll see whether that works or not. Thanks.

I am in fact alive and well. It's funny because a bunch of my friends out here have been watching all the old videos and want to start nerfing. We've already got a club on campus that runs huge assassin games with water pistols, so we might actually have a respectable nerfing force in the near future. The only problem is, everytime I pick up my nitefinder and start getting nostalgic, I realize I should to be working on organic chemisty. That's life I guess...

#99749 Nerfing Music

Posted by rawray7 on 13 February 2007 - 09:25 PM in Off Topic

Hello everybody. I'm sure its quite a surprise to see me posting here, I can't think of the last time I was on the boards. Anyways, I'm making a quick return to shamelessly plug my new radio show on WPRB in Princeton, NJ. Starting Feb. 22, I will have a show every Thursday morning (mind as well call it Wednesday night) from 2am to 4am EST. For those of you lucky (or unlucky) enough not to live in New Jersey, you can stream it through RealPlayer, iTunes, or Windows Media Player by following the link at www.wprb.com. In fact, I encourage you to tune in even if its not 2am on Thursdays, because the station's pretty sweet. You won't be hearing any top 40 music, most of the DJs here (myself included) are pretty snooty about playing more underground stuff. I'm going to be playing a lot of different kinds of music on my show, and you're definitely going to hear a lot of hip-hop and a fair share of experimental rock. Oh, and if you want to request a song or try to distract me you can IM 'wprbdj'. Thanks.

#90436 Chronicles Of An East Coast Nerfer

Posted by rawray7 on 24 September 2006 - 11:40 PM in General Nerf

Damn girl. I like the video a lot. I think next year we're going to have to add some zebra men pulling flaming chariots to the mix. I feel so special that I got a shout out at the end of the film - all I did was hobble around. So right now I'm feeling more like an east coast nerfer than ever (I don't know whether this is a good thing or not). I've properly armed my Princeton abode with a Big Bad Bow** and Nitefinder. I'm sure it will go over real well with the ladies. So I'm sorry I haven't been around the forums a whole lot...apparently there's a lot of work at Princeton. If I'd only been warned... Anyways...thanks Groove for making me laugh. Peace.

**Story addition: So I found a BBB in a Target in New Jersey while I'm buying shit for my room...and it's like 15 bucks so I scream like a little girl and throw it in the cart. I keep it new in box for like 2 weeks, and wonder whether or not I should try to sell it on ebay (remembering the days when a BBB was almost as much as an Xbow). Well apparently nobody told me (or maybe I'm not on the forums enough) that they re-released it. It's almost better though, because now I don't have any mental hangups about using it like it was meant to be used...for shooting people walking from the shower back to their room.

#87936 Comics Who Likes Them!

Posted by rawray7 on 20 August 2006 - 08:00 PM in Off Topic

Scud is for the win.

Scud the disposable assasin rules.

Y: The Last Man
The Invisibles

#85154 Armageddon Recap Thread

Posted by rawray7 on 16 July 2006 - 02:33 PM in Nerf Wars

I had a blast hobbling around with you guys, I'm glad i made it out. I definately did significantly less ass-kicking than usual, but that's to be expected when you're on the DL (and you haven't fixed your guns in the last two years). It was great to see all the east coasters, nice to see what I'm going to be up against for the next four years. i just hope CXWQ made you eat The Hat for breakfast before your flights. The apres-war was rockin too. My number one moment of the day was walking into CXWQ's living room and seeing his son watching Triplets of Belleville. I wish I had taste like that when I was his age.

Good nerfing.

#84869 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by rawray7 on 12 July 2006 - 01:31 PM in Nerf Wars

I'll be there - probably filming for whoever wants to give me their camera. Or I'll be hobbling around kicking all of your asses. Who's bringing the Coronas?

#83614 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by rawray7 on 22 June 2006 - 06:06 PM in Nerf Wars

I will most likely not be at this war. I just got off my cane about a week ago, and while I can walk independently now, I can't move very quickly. If I do come out there though I'm going to go terminator on all of your asses, seeing as how I'm a bionic man now. As well, I'm not even positive I will be in town that weekend. If I'm around, I will try to make it down, but I can't promise anything at this point. This is pretty much the last war before I move into enemy territory (New Jersey) for four years, so if I can't make this I might force you guys to nerf in August. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted and cross my fingers.

#77812 April Yano Planning Thread

Posted by rawray7 on 27 March 2006 - 04:21 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm afraid I will definately not be attending this April war. Two weeks ago I got into a car accident (I still don't know the details because I don't remember a thing and the accident report hasn't come in the mail yet). All I know is that my car got T-boned by someone going way too fast and I'm still alive. I was in the hospital for about a week, now I'm finally back home. I've got a titanium rod in my leg, a fractured pelvis and a lacerated (nothing serious) spleen. I'm getting better and I've got a sweet walker (which i added tennis balls on to for posterity), so everything is looking good. I will most likely be running around again in time for Armageddon, but I don't know for sure yet.

#75590 Armageddon '06 Planning Thread

Posted by rawray7 on 08 March 2006 - 08:31 PM in Nerf Wars

1st two weekends of July (1st, 8th) are a definate no-go for me. I know nothing for sure about the rest of my july, but i think the 22 and 29 look okay.

East Coast Sucks. I'm ready for a bona fide feud. Although, there could be some serious controversy if I ended up in New Jersey for the next four years...I could be the first trans-continental nerfer in HISTORY! If I were in New Jersey for college, I might have a serious nerfing identity crisis.

Left Coast Rules.

#74344 Next Yano

Posted by rawray7 on 26 February 2006 - 02:50 AM in Nerf Wars

Hope you're feeling better! Are you going tomorrow?

i will be there for at least a little while tomorrow. i'm getting better, and i'm just going to nerf until i can't breathe anymore. although, first i have to find some working guns and darts...

#74117 Next Yano

Posted by rawray7 on 24 February 2006 - 12:48 AM in Nerf Wars

well, i'm sick as a dog right now. don't worry, i've been skipping as much school as possible to get better for sunday. yep...i've got my priorities straight.

#71841 Next Yano

Posted by rawray7 on 29 January 2006 - 01:30 AM in Nerf Wars

I'm pretty sure I'm clear for the 26th. I need to quadra-check though.

#71631 Next Yano

Posted by rawray7 on 25 January 2006 - 01:22 AM in Nerf Wars

How is Feb 25th for everyone?

For now, that looks like a good date for me. I will need a few days to absolutely make sure, but that's one of the best days for me in February.

#71502 Next Yano

Posted by rawray7 on 22 January 2006 - 07:21 PM in Nerf Wars

Now, the new CAFF location is really working out well. Granted, it's all the way up here in Glendora, so I don't think you'd want to move YANO that far from Irvine. It can be a heck of a drive. But it does have an urban area like the one at Venado, plus a tree-filled park next door, two playgrounds, some open fields, basketball courts, handball walls, table/bench combos, etc.

could you throw up some pictures? maybe they already exist and i'm just lazy. glendora is fine with me, its much closer than irvine. if i'm remembering correctly, glendora is pretty central to where most people are, except it makes the trip from san diego probably 30 minutes longer. the nice thing about glendora is that its right near the 210, 605, and 57. anyway, i'm a second-semester senior very soon so i'm definately down for a war.

#66100 YANO November 05

Posted by rawray7 on 19 October 2005 - 12:49 AM in Nerf Wars

i'm pretty much out for this one guys. there is a slight chance that i could make sunday the 6th, but i can't even count on that. After the end of november i am much more available, but at this point i've got too much to do with sports, school and my college apps. so i'm down for a december or january war, but i'm going to have to sit this one out. sorry guys.

#59819 Soundtrack Suggestions Needed

Posted by rawray7 on 21 July 2005 - 11:09 AM in Nerf Wars

Joe Satriani - Sleep Walk (maybe not the pace you're looking for, but i think it would be appropriate for some of the CAFF action ie slow)

Haiducii - Dragostea Din Tea (this is also performed by O-Zone)

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

#59272 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by rawray7 on 14 July 2005 - 12:13 AM in Off Topic

Edit: what exactly do you mean by "rawray7" having two different user names? If you mean the hash value after the connection attempt, that's normal. Also normal for both machines to be cpu:01 - that's to distinguish the CPUs for multi-processor machines.

i mean my user ID # (1CAB516...) is different on the other computer (1CAC412...). maybe that number regenerates every time...i should write it down. once the other computer finishes a work unit, i'm sure i can troubleshoot it. i know i spelled the name the same way.

#59195 Nerfers Nerfing Disease

Posted by rawray7 on 13 July 2005 - 12:29 AM in Off Topic

about two days ago, i installed it on two computers within minutes of each other with the same username, and i'm noticing today that "rawray7" has two different user names, runs two different types of work units, and both cpus think they are cpu:01. this computer shows me things like "250000 out of 500000 <50>", and the other one says stuff like "frame completed <9>". i'm confused on how to consolidate my resources. also, its been like 18 hours since i finished my first unit on this computer and i'm still not on the boards.

#58949 Armageddon 2005

Posted by rawray7 on 09 July 2005 - 01:07 PM in Nerf Wars

one. maybe two.

#58420 I Hate Topics Like This

Posted by rawray7 on 29 June 2005 - 12:08 AM in Off Topic


just too funny.

#58117 Crossbow Barrel

Posted by rawray7 on 24 June 2005 - 02:25 PM in Modifications

apparently all sch. 80 is not created equal. i had the same problem when i bought new sch. 80. my suggestion, bring your brass in the store and try different pieces of sch. 80 OR:

use sch. 40, and make the brass fit by wrapping electrical tape around the ends of the barrel, then epoxy it, like this

#56032 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by rawray7 on 30 May 2005 - 11:17 AM in Nerf Wars

i'll be there. i have no idea what gun i'm using but i'll be fine. see you bitches at 10:30.

#52605 Armageddon 2005

Posted by rawray7 on 15 April 2005 - 10:15 PM in Nerf Wars

Alright, no Spoon is a deal-breaker so lets adjust the window of possibilities.

7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6

Start over.

i'm game for those july dates, i might have a little trouble with the 6th of august.

#51175 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by rawray7 on 31 March 2005 - 12:46 AM in Nerf Wars

Oh man, i'd really like to go to this one.
what bus would i take from the gold line station at sierra madre to get there?
It's foothill transit i believe, but the website doesn't help at all, its just a big jumble of poorly animated flash blobs and lines.

i'm going, and my friend is going.

we'll see if maybe more people will go.

if you are near the sierra madre goldline station, i could give you a ride over. have you been to any of our YANO wars? i don't recognize your name. anyway, and if you're not too out of the way i could probably give you a ride over.

#50614 Xbow Mod Help

Posted by rawray7 on 26 March 2005 - 01:08 PM in Modifications

try this

#50318 Caff - California Foam Fest

Posted by rawray7 on 22 March 2005 - 10:16 PM in Nerf Wars

wow, a war closer than irvine and farther away than my house. sounds fun, i'll check my calendar. who are we expecting?

#49368 The Ultimate Nite Finder

Posted by rawray7 on 11 March 2005 - 11:56 PM in Modifications

Posted Image

#48119 A Teaser........

Posted by rawray7 on 26 February 2005 - 06:54 PM in Homemades

amazing. my only question is: What supplies the power to eject the shells out the side? i'm sure this will be answered in due time though, so feel free to ignore me.

#48070 I Am Back ! Jspb Sport

Posted by rawray7 on 26 February 2005 - 01:46 AM in General Nerf

Blaster tag 2005 video

awesome. i love your video.

#47970 Help On Xbow

Posted by rawray7 on 24 February 2005 - 08:30 PM in Modifications

I wouldn't put in a larger spring because the stress points behind the plunger are really weak.  Try giving it a spring stretch, cook it if you need to.  If that doesn't do it for you, get some mini Bungies.  And remember, there's nothing like good old making it up, thats what most of us do, so don't expect to have every detailed drawn out for you.  Practice makes perfect.



Faine, as a writer an thorough disillusioner of many x-bow mod seekers - i found out after i wrote my mod that there is no good replacement spring for the x-bow that you can find in any standard hardware store. I've never found one in 3 years of looking both in real- and cyber-space. don't replace the spring - don't even think about it. if you are getting shitty performance, the only thing i can point you to that Talio hasn't mentioned is barrel/dart size. The x-bow needs a long barrel, with a relatively constricting piece on the gun end. look at my mod on this site for a great barrel. I have nerfed with no one with a better x-bow barrel system than mine*


*neonerfer's x-bow rocks mine anyday, but his barrel system is the same. He also uses a very strong bungee - which i would recommend to anyone. bungees are good.

#47366 I Love Gw!

Posted by rawray7 on 16 February 2005 - 08:31 PM in Off Topic

The last two sentances reminded me of MC Paul Barman.  Anyone ever listen?

MC Paul Barman is the shit. Aside from Immortal Technique, MFDoom + MFGrimm, Cage, and Deltron - MCPB is top of the list.

#47365 Fast Food

Posted by rawray7 on 16 February 2005 - 08:27 PM in Off Topic

I think I'm actually more okay with semen than saliva, I don't know why.

boy, i'm glad i caught this one early. I'd like to announce that i am the first person to say:


...and i had just convinced myself again that nerfers were normal.

#47363 Rifled Barrel

Posted by rawray7 on 16 February 2005 - 08:22 PM in Homemades

how did you keep a steady spiral for the grooves? i'm assuming you just rotated it by hand as you pushed, but i'm interested as to how you attempted to keep the spiral rotating at a steady rate.

#47289 Happy Birthday

Posted by rawray7 on 15 February 2005 - 12:14 AM in Off Topic

thank you all.

aside from being able to buy R-rated movie tickets, 17 is certainly more uneventful than 16 or 18. i guess you need an off year in between the cool shit. anyway, thank you guys.

#47137 Brass Online, A Sweet Gun, And Some Q's

Posted by rawray7 on 12 February 2005 - 09:40 PM in General Nerf

Awesome! 38 inches!


#46853 At2k + Nf = ?

Posted by rawray7 on 03 February 2005 - 02:28 AM in Modifications

I hope to go to tru either tomorrow or Friday, if fencing permits. It's been colliding with my overfilled mod schedule.

Too weird. You fence as well? I fence foil.

#46839 December Yano Recap

Posted by rawray7 on 02 February 2005 - 09:05 PM in Nerf Wars

So, we've all been sick as dogs, and I wasn't able to edit the war footage until now.

Here's a preview. Please right-click and save to your hard drives.

Music video coming soon!

Funny, I like it. Thanks, Julie. You rock.

if you're sick,
Posted Image
it is the best.

#46838 At2k + Nf = ?

Posted by rawray7 on 02 February 2005 - 08:59 PM in Modifications

Award for best integration since groove's xbow-splitfire.

looks good and seems usable. nice job, ima try it soon. definately going to forget the liquitron though. nice job, you should write it up.

#46837 Anyone Know Of A Website To Make A Projector?

Posted by rawray7 on 02 February 2005 - 08:50 PM in Off Topic

i'm not going to waste my time to find the website, but my friend made a projector out of a tv, a cardboard box, and a lense (he had to buy). basically the tv goes upside down in the box, there's a hole cut for the lense concave to the tv. then you turn off the lights and point it at a wall.

#46746 Help With New Nf's

Posted by rawray7 on 31 January 2005 - 04:53 PM in General Nerf

I think someone needs to actually measure the resistance of both springs with some weights using the same system to compare them.

there's only one amongst us capable of such a task, and at the moment he seems pretty tied up with karma. it looks like this is just one case that will never be solved.