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#359764 Screw Ports - How to reconnect?

Posted by vaan on 08 May 2017 - 05:55 PM in Modifications

Usually the best thing to do is fill it with putty, and a small layer around it, after it cures, drill a pilot hole into it, and screw it together. You could also solvent weld the plastic together, if you have the tools, work area, and patience.

#359712 Nerf supermaxx 5000 tank leaking. Solutions or at2k tank?

Posted by vaan on 06 May 2017 - 03:53 PM in Modifications

All adding that valve is doing, is only allowing air to flow one way, from the pump to the tank, so that way it doesn't flow pack out the pump. It has little to do with the over pressure release valve in the pump.

#359711 Nerf Vulcan Modification (Help)

Posted by vaan on 06 May 2017 - 03:50 PM in Modifications

Use boiling water. Dip it in for a second or two and then tap it with a hammer. It should come off if it's glued.

#359615 slugs and breech help

Posted by vaan on 01 May 2017 - 02:14 PM in Darts and Barrels


#359569 Nerf longshot help

Posted by vaan on 29 April 2017 - 04:06 PM in Modifications

So, if that's the case you should pad the plunger head with rubber/ foam and use a longer screw ( depending on the size of the existing screw ) to hold the plunger head to the plunger rod. People put foam inside the blaster to dampen the sound of the plastic echoing since you've removed the air restrictor. It isn't necessary, and I haven't used the method much to let you know how well it works.

#359562 Nerf longshot help

Posted by vaan on 29 April 2017 - 01:19 PM in Modifications

Use epoxy putty to reinforce the shell, and I'm slightly confused by your statement about the metal plunger rod then you go on to say its a stock plunger rod? If its stock, you can put thin pieces of metal in the grooves and epoxy them in; if its metal and you mean the plunger tube, you shouldn't have to reinforce the tube itself, but the front and rear plate, and screw ports. Epoxy putty and longer screws can help with that.

#359349 What barrel to use?

Posted by vaan on 20 April 2017 - 05:35 PM in Darts and Barrels

Some materials like CPVC for example, have an inconsistent ID, so it works for some, and doesn't work for others. Other materials like brass, have a very consistent ID/OD, so it's a more uniform fit. Materials like CPVC are great if they work for you because of the price point, but they're going to vary from tube to tube because they're ment for flow / wiring, which don't require tight tolerances on the ID, only the OD for couplings and such.

#348513 How to Shoot a Nerf Gun Accurately ?

Posted by vaan on 24 August 2015 - 06:57 PM in General Nerf

How exactly do you aim under people?

#348474 Airgin mod questions

Posted by vaan on 21 August 2015 - 11:42 AM in Modifications

Pumping up the 4B tank with the Salvo already at pressure wouldn't be an issue since air always moves from high pressure to low pressure. No air will go to the Salvo until it and the 4B tank are at equal pressure.

The 4b tank would take a higher pressure to achieve, so in order to fill BOTH tanks it would take quite a bit of pumping, also, I'm not sure of the difference in tank strength, but you could risk blowing the salvo tank.

#348464 Airgin mod questions

Posted by vaan on 20 August 2015 - 03:29 PM in Modifications

#1, Yeah. It will. Just plan on pumping it quite a bit to fill both tanks, and if you don't set up some type of way to switch tanks, I'd imagine you'd damage the big Salvo tank when trying to get the BBBB tank up to pressure.
To answer #2, if you're using a plugged pump, you've negated the oprv valve, so as to why you'd negate one then add abother doesn't make sense to me, unless you wanted an adjustable one.

#348416 Triad Troubleshooting Help

Posted by vaan on 16 August 2015 - 02:12 AM in General Nerf

I don't see why people are so bent on this being an abnormality. It's common the smart at system doesn't hold darts well. Rebarell or deal with it really; there's no many other options unfortunately.

#348389 Houston area war

Posted by vaan on 14 August 2015 - 08:20 AM in Nerf Wars

I mean not to many replied, but everyone who said they're coming should be there.

#348247 Raider and Longshot Troubleshooting Help

Posted by vaan on 06 August 2015 - 06:55 PM in General Nerf

Sounds like the follower spring or follower on the clip you're using for the raider is the problem. On the longshot, I have no idea.

#348213 Triad Troubleshooting Help

Posted by vaan on 03 August 2015 - 09:32 PM in General Nerf

If you remove the AR'S in smart AR blasters like the triad or roughcut, it will just shoot all the barrels at once, and not very hard.

There's really no way to *fix* the problem you're having, outside of rebarreling. You just have to make sure you push the darts in real well.

#347780 Houston area war

Posted by vaan on 09 July 2015 - 07:09 PM in Nerf Wars

I just updated that. Let me know if I left anything else out.

#347777 Houston area war

Posted by vaan on 09 July 2015 - 02:46 PM in Nerf Wars

Location: Humble City Park/Schott Park
8510 Will Clayton Drive Humble, TX 77396

When:August 15th, 2015. 9 am. ( any later and we'll be dying in houston heat )

What to bring: water, eye protection ( required), whatever you want to trade, as well as your blasters to use.

Banned blasters: Case by case basis. Use common sense. No singled titans, massive homemade airguns, etc.

Rounds: 3:15, capture the flag, king of the hill, and anything by popular demand.

Melee: Really would only like to see it used as an alternative to barrel tapping.

Ammo: slugs, Silicone domes, stock ammo. No hot glue dome darts, or anything with exposed metal. Put yourself in their shoes, metal to the face doesn't sound fun.

Bring as many people as you can bring. Post in the thread or PM me to find out more info if you need it. Remember, the more people that actually show up, the more fun it will be. Houston is huge, so getting 20 people wouldn't be unrealistic if everyone comes.

List of attendees so far;

Snakerbot +1-?
Nerfsurgeon +1-?
Zack0909 +?

#347481 Nerf Wars in Houston, Texas?

Posted by vaan on 27 June 2015 - 11:33 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm in when/if people start hosting wars down here. Up by me in Humble, I can think of a place or two to host a war. If theres enough interest from people in Houston, I'd be willing to do pair with someone, and do some of the leg work myself.

#309882 Nerf Rayven - Mod Guide!

Posted by vaan on 21 January 2012 - 11:03 AM in Modifications

We'll my plan was to use 3 of the them to acheive 9.6-10.8V ( depending on what they are charged at) since i play indoors, i don't need the 60+ feet ranges, but around 45-55ft is perfect.

#309819 Nerf Rayven - Mod Guide!

Posted by vaan on 19 January 2012 - 11:51 PM in Modifications

I found 3.2v LiFePo4 batteries, 14500 size, would they work as well for this application? ( sorry for the questions, im just not good with bbatteries ) or is there something I should worry about before using them?

#309753 Nerf Rayven - Mod Guide!

Posted by vaan on 19 January 2012 - 08:28 AM in Modifications

I was wondering if you could use a mixture of akaline and li-on batteries or would using let's say 2 li-ons and 2 alkalines for a total of 11.4 v not work?

#288368 Looking For Some Yugioh Cards

Posted by vaan on 13 November 2010 - 07:38 PM in Off Topic

This may be the wrong section ( trading may be better?) but I figured because its not nerf related it should be here.

I'm looking for a few yugioh cards.

1x Mirror force (2$)

1x Draining Shield (.25$)

2x feather of the phoenix (.75$ ea)

1x yata-garasu (.50$)

1x united we stand (1$)

1x Deliquent duo (1$)

1x Crush card virus (4$)

3x mirror of yata (.25$ ea)

3x Negate attack (.50$ ea)

2x rageki break (.50$ ea)

1x Shadow spell(.75$)

3x double coston(.50$ ea)

prices can change, looking for as many from one person as possible.

#262009 Removing The Plunger From The Plunger Chamber

Posted by vaan on 16 January 2010 - 11:00 AM in Modifications

The rod the spring rests on is the plunger rod, and the part that has a o-ring on it at the tip is the plunger head, theyre connected by a screw, togather make up the plunger.

#259761 Berserker Fusion! Daikaiju!

Posted by vaan on 25 December 2009 - 05:57 PM in Modifications

Why didn't you leave in the spring system, but just direct the BBBB part to the top of the turrect as you did? it would allow for both, since one fires from the top, and the other the bottom. The only problem is barrel length.

#259173 Breachless Raider/longshot

Posted by vaan on 16 December 2009 - 04:18 PM in Modifications

It would cause a large amount of dead space, however, it would just cause a decrease in range, but would still fire.

#259153 Breachless Raider/longshot

Posted by vaan on 16 December 2009 - 08:26 AM in Modifications

Yes, kind of. But with them you glue the top on, creating the seal, and then the clip, or deodorant body is the actual clip, is removable. But with the nstrike clips, you can't just glue down a piece of it, like you can with the deodorant ones.

#259119 Breachless Raider/longshot

Posted by vaan on 15 December 2009 - 09:07 PM in Modifications

You would have to use some form of detachable seal however, or else you wouldn't be able to reload it.

#256492 Help With Paypal

Posted by vaan on 16 November 2009 - 06:53 PM in Off Topic

By not having, I mean not having a bank account. I was asking if there was a way to send money WITHOUT having to link a bank account/credit card, and if there was how, as I've searched, and still am seraching, to no avail.

#256484 Help With Paypal

Posted by vaan on 16 November 2009 - 05:38 PM in Off Topic

I tried, but it asks for routing numbers, and an account number, none of which I have.

#256481 Help With Paypal

Posted by vaan on 16 November 2009 - 05:11 PM in Off Topic

I understand that, I'm saying, its allowing me to receive money ( I have money on my paypal ) but not allowing me to send it, because its not linked, and I was wondering if there was away around this.

#256477 Help With Paypal

Posted by vaan on 16 November 2009 - 04:41 PM in Off Topic

Hey, I was wondering if anyone with knowlage of this could help.

I was trying to send payment to split, for a powerclip and some petg, via paypal. When i went to send it, it says my sending limit is 0.00$, unless I add a bankaccount/creditcard. I used to have a debitcard linked to it, be removed it a while back, because It expired, and I didn't feel the need to renew it.

So, my question is, is there a way to send money via paypal, without linking it to a bank account/ credit or debit card?

#158743 Selling Diablo 2 Items

Posted by vaan on 10 June 2008 - 07:44 PM in Off Topic

Keep thinking that. Anyways, its more of a collecters account at this point. If you even know what the stuff is, you'd understand.

#158693 Selling Diablo 2 Items

Posted by vaan on 10 June 2008 - 03:43 PM in Off Topic

Offer? Im guessing its around 200$ + since a unperm 08 valk goes for around 30$ on a site, and i have a perm one, and a unperm one. As well as items like griffs and eth treks that go for a bit. But it really is all what your willing to pay, since I can take off some stuff if its not wanted.

#158586 Selling Diablo 2 Items

Posted by vaan on 09 June 2008 - 07:36 PM in Off Topic

Why? I'm not out to scam no one. Im really just looking to quit the game, and try and make some money instead of letting it go to waste. For the fact sites want about 2x what I want, it makes it worth it.

#158582 Selling Diablo 2 Items

Posted by vaan on 09 June 2008 - 07:25 PM in Off Topic

Well, I put this here, because I couldn't figure out if it belonged here or in trading.

Anyways, Im selling MY Diablo 2 account. I have a 91 Hammerdin, a 80 Fire sorc, a 83 smiter, 83 Zealer, and lvl 80 barb.
If you want to know the items just ask, but its to much to list.

Highlights include,
A PERM 08 Valk
A Questionable 08 Valk
20/11 Griffs, open socket

Also, I do accept trades, as in nerf guns and the like.

#144500 Warcraft3

Posted by vaan on 09 March 2008 - 08:51 PM in Off Topic

Hell no. DoTA is so much more fun. And I finally get to play again this week and after, after my long month hatius that I couldn't.

#144491 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Posted by vaan on 09 March 2008 - 08:27 PM in Off Topic

Mhm its a great game. My brother preordered it, and picked it up today. Ike is insane. Also I'm lovin the C-stick hit, it makes every charcter have a nice ending hit.

#143520 Razorbeast Rotation Problem

Posted by vaan on 02 March 2008 - 08:17 PM in Modifications

It seems to be like that on every ones, check out Starbuck's mod. He got his to jam much less often, and got decent ranges out of it to.

#143304 Hi Nerf Fans...

Posted by vaan on 01 March 2008 - 11:09 AM in Off Topic

Good luck, and stay strong Boomie.

#142926 My Breech

Posted by vaan on 27 February 2008 - 08:53 PM in Darts and Barrels

Yeah all the air would go right out that hole. The only other thing you could do, its try and put a peice of 9/16 brass over a cut like that peice of 17/32, and it might be air tight, so you'd push the 9/16 foward load a dart into the 17/32 move the 9/16 back. Frost did that in his 5k mod, but he also had a pvc cover over the 9/16, so it might not be a airtight seal.

#142127 ΦΗΣ Nerf Project Input/advice Wanted

Posted by vaan on 23 February 2008 - 09:36 AM in Modifications

Use sch.80 pvc. It fits stock darts very well, and its pretty cheap, and its simple to glue on, without having to telescope brass and such.