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#296872 Idea For Homemade Darts

Posted by shadowblue42 on 30 March 2011 - 01:35 AM in General Nerf

I was browsing on Nrev, and found this. I'm pretty sure its what your looking for.

ah yes exactly, i was thinking of using some kind of caulk.


#296860 Idea For Homemade Darts

Posted by shadowblue42 on 29 March 2011 - 10:17 PM in General Nerf

how about making some kind of mold to pour melted rubber into

similar rubber to stock dart heads

mold would make maybe 50 dart heads at a time that you would then hotglue onto FBR segments

i know most people here use BB or washer stefans but I personally dont like the metal bits

as for the design of the dart heads, i think something like streamlines would be best but there would have to be some way for them to not swerve/fishtail off target

in my expiereince the most accurate stock darts are

mini suction- not available anymore, came with the original blue+orange nite-finders
regular suction
sonic tagger ( the ones with new 2011 Dart tag blasters whistle )
streamline/clip system

i think maybe a hollow Dome shape would be best but may need aditional weight like a rubber plug T shape with a dome on top of it

i dont know how hard it is to get what you need to melt / inject rubber into a mold, but i figure once you have the equipment it would be cheap and easy to make very uniform darts

#296847 Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Modification

Posted by shadowblue42 on 29 March 2011 - 07:00 PM in Modifications

just did this mod excpt added a 2nd spring that had a smaller diameter, i just cut little notches for it in the prt of the plunger with the + shaped fins

getting about the same ranges as AR drilled and Marker barreled NFs

10 shots

fired flat, im 5'7"

avg about 58 ft

high 67
low 54

oh, and 1st post , lol. been lurking a while