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#284907 New Shields?

Posted by Vinnie D on 06 September 2010 - 02:22 AM in General Nerf

The stonewall is a decent shield in its self, but to balance things out, if someone is carrying a stonewall they should also occupy one of their weapon "slots" with the accompanying mini sword. If you for instance allow 3 weapons, a primary, a sidearm, and a melee, then they couldn't have a marauder with the shield. Perhaps even go as far as making the shield occupy another slot.

The best way to handle the stampede shield on the stampede would probably just be to not count gun hits when it's equipped. Though the shield its self would be more mobile if placed on a sidearm, so it's more the user trading off between the two advantages.

I'm in agreement that heavy ammo (arrows, missles, balls) should count as hits when they hit a shield, essentially making them shield piercers in function. And it gives people an excuse to use bigger ammo (that some of us plain find more fun. I like arrows myself.)

#281829 Nerf Spectre Rev-5 Reviews

Posted by Vinnie D on 02 August 2010 - 04:50 AM in General Nerf

So it looks like a reconmav. I'm betting that's a recon style plunger tube in there. Which while not a great plunger, sure beats the tiny plunger of the maverick. We might have a nice revolver on our hands. A slight sacrifice in capacity for an improvement in power.

#281119 Nerf Barrel Break - Reviews & Internals Guide

Posted by Vinnie D on 24 July 2010 - 04:28 AM in General Nerf

I'm a bit disappointed that the barrels are in front of the reverse plungers instead of nested inside them. That design would have saved space and improved the efficiency of air delivery to the dart. The smaller than recon plungers are also a let down. With a lower capacity, and less power than the recon I can't see any practical use for this thing without some heavy modding.

I'm sure it's fun to screw around with but so is a double shot in that regard.

I could see it being possible though to cut it down some, saw off a good chunk of barrel lenght, replace the dart holders with couplers, and relocate the barrels to inside the plunger tube, but it would be a lot of work with some bit of trial and error.

The upside is there seems to be a lot of space behind the barrels, so if you want to slap some air tanks back there instead of plungers you might have something worth while. Like two AT2Ks slapped together. If you saw it off, change out the power source and rebarrel it could be a great secondary, or at least a fun indoor primary, but unmodded it doesn't look like anything more than a gun to goof off with. Mind you thing wrong with goofing off, I keep a double shot and a deploy by my computer chair for that very reason.

#280913 Stampede Official Nerf Demo Coverage

Posted by Vinnie D on 21 July 2010 - 09:44 PM in General Nerf

The vulcan still does kind of fill a niche in a way. the 25 shot belt is still more than the stampede's extended clips (not sure if the stampede will work with a drum, that might throw the timing off). So if you just need a long stream of automatic fire it might be functional. Plus I still like its overall look. Maybe not a functional gun but it certainly is a fun type of gun.

With an expanded ammo box, and doubled chains, and a plug in mod, the vulcan can still function as a stationary emplacement. Though the Stampede is certainly a sturdier and more mobile kind of gun. I'd say it fills the role of a machine gun. Light and high rate of fire, while the Vulcan is a stationary machine gun, big, heavy and high capacity.

Though it seems most of the N-strike series is centered around the idea of every gun being just slightly different, to fill different niches. Like the Alpha Trooper which is basically a more balanced raider at the cost of smaller capacity, or the Deploy which is a good light secondary weapon. Not as light as a pistol recon, but the pump grip gives it better handling, for a higher rate of fire.

Still the Stampede does look like a solid weapon for those who love high rate of fire. I do wonder about modding potential. Outside of minimization I don't see much you can do without messing it up. I'm hoping this means that Vulcans go on clearance. I've been meaning to pick one up on the cheap to screw around with.

#280296 Humans Vs Zombies Recommended Weapons

Posted by Vinnie D on 15 July 2010 - 04:48 AM in General Nerf

Sorry I should have mentioned about the Belt Blaster, that you should drum mod it. It's as easy as cutting two holes in a tupperware container and using a bit of velcro to affix it to the bottom of the gun. The chain feeds out of the container and keeps your chain from dangling, breaking, or clattering.

If melee is allowed, consider adding a bayonet to your gun. Not having to holster the gun and draw your blade can be a life saver, but that goes for any nerf game that allows for melee.

#280198 Humans Vs Zombies Recommended Weapons

Posted by Vinnie D on 14 July 2010 - 04:31 AM in General Nerf

Melee seems fair if the zombies can use it too. You'd still have to score a hit first.

Personally I like the Buzzbee Belt Blaster. HvZ is all about capacity, and you can't argue with 30 shots. Raiders and other clip fed guns are also good, but all of them have the potential to jam, so keep a side arm handy. Maverick or a tek 6 is good for that since they're simpler revolver designs.

#277124 Mini $2 Knock Off Ttg

Posted by Vinnie D on 08 June 2010 - 12:21 AM in General Nerf

I have one. If you rebarrel it, and seal it up well, it makes a pretty decent assassin gun. It's very flat so it easily slides into a pocket.

#276022 N-strike Barrel Break Ix-2

Posted by Vinnie D on 26 May 2010 - 03:10 AM in News

Actually if it functions like the reflex and eliminator (as the IX name implies) then a reverse plunger would be good for it, since the dart barrel would be inside the plunger tube, and thus applying the entirety of the air displacement to the dart (no dead space). If it works like that it could blow the double shot out of the water, as long as the price stays reasonable. More air displacement, no shells.

I can already see sawing it down a little more, modding it for steffans (possibly a coupler involved), and having a great side arm out of it. Though compared to that it looks like more of just for fun kind of gun, though those I can appreciate in their own right.

#275283 N-strike Alpha Trooper Cs-18

Posted by Vinnie D on 19 May 2010 - 06:18 AM in General Nerf

This one is really pushing the idea of slight variations in handling. I can see the uses for a Recon, Raider, or Deploy in terms of different handling. The recon is a light pistol, and the smallest gun to use the clip system, the raider has rapid fire, and a huge capacity, and the deploy has that nice collapsing feature putting it somewhere between the portability of the recon, and the rapid fire of the raider. (and the longstrike just plain looks good).

But this thing is kind of just the raider with a smaller drum and a different grip. In terms of pure function it's identical. I can only see it being useful if you just plain find the raider to be uncomfortable. Shotgun grip instead of vertical grip, and vertical clip instead of horizontal.

I do kind of like the 18 shot mini drum though. It's a nice middle ground between raw capacity, and lighter easier handling. I do wish Hasbro would stop pushing the drums as the gun's selling point and just sell the drums on their own though.

Anyway, the Alpha Trooper looks nice and might have improved handling over the raider, but it doesn't really bring anything new to the table, just tweaks what already exists. That might not be a bad thing though.

#273074 New Info On Nerf Big Blast

Posted by Vinnie D on 23 April 2010 - 04:43 AM in General Nerf

Probably the easiest way to accomplish the 50 round clip would be some kind of gravity fed hopper. This would keep all the darts in the tightest space possible without the need of any additional mechanisms. The last dart just naturally rolls down into a standard clip sized opening and into a slide breech. Might be prone to jams though.

Failing that I think a larger drum would be in order. Or it could be something crazy that takes multiple clips at the same time. I'm betting on a drum or a hopper myself.

A reverse plunger might not be so bad for something like this. It's a simpler mechanism and that means that there's less to risk breaking, and easier modding. As we've seen that modding the vulcan is pretty much pointless due to its complexity, a simpler reverse plunger that could at least take some standard reverse plunger mods would have at least a little potential.

I highly doubt it will be a flywheel simply because the tommy 20 already proved that you just don't need that many batteries to power it. You likely need so many to provide enough torque to pull back a spring.

#272871 Singled Doubleshot Mod

Posted by Vinnie D on 21 April 2010 - 03:32 AM in Modifications

I find that 3" is the ideal length for a double shot, so even at maximum output, a 6" barrel would be the longest you'd want on this thing to get the best ranges. It's a good idea what with it doubling the air displacement in your shot, but it seems that something is holding it back.

#271364 Belt Blaster Rebarreling

Posted by Vinnie D on 05 April 2010 - 02:12 AM in Modifications

Yeah, singling the belt blaster is kind of pointless unless you're going to replace the plunger tube with something like a longshot's or an air tank.

On the upside, if you kept the guts, you can freeze off hot glue and reverse this. If you do just want a single shot gun with the style of the Belt Blaster, you should at least use a coupler. You missed an easy opportunity to make a slide breech there.

#271272 The Secretstrike Internals Revealed

Posted by Vinnie D on 04 April 2010 - 02:36 AM in Modifications

Looks like plugging the valve on it should be incredibly easy. This is a great contribution to the community involving a blaster that pretty much everyone loves. Great job.

#271271 My Belt Blaster

Posted by Vinnie D on 04 April 2010 - 02:33 AM in Modifications

I really like Belt Blasters and this is the best mod on NH for one. The aesthetics are nice. Have you thought of doing any kinda major internal overhaul? It seems like there is so much room in the back of the shell that a much bigger Plunger Tube could be used, but it might be tricky with the front grip bars. Also I'm not sure if more air would even help without a proper 'barrel'. I was thinking of having some kind of sliding barrel that slid into the shells via the priming handle on each shot, but this became too problematic.

Still, very nice mod.

I considered several alternatives. With close to mid range being the intention here I just powered up the existing hardware, but if you're willing to divorce the belt feed mechanism from the priming mechanism (obviously anything with a longer draw than the original plunger wouldn't be able to prime in the same stroke), you could fit even a LS tube in there.

However a barrel long enough is a bigger problem. You won't be able to make a proper seal that could line up with the current shells, so you'd have to extend the barrel on every shell. Someone else managed to do this with barrels intended for nano darts and got up to 70ft without changing the internals significantly, but if you follow the link on my first post you'll see that it's impossible to make longer barrels in micro size with CPVC due to the location of the tabs used to align the shells, unless you're willing to rebuild that as well.

I think it COULD be done, and might be worth the effort if you want a nigh capacity outdoor primary, but I was building a mid to close range gun with capacity and rate of fire in mind.

But yes theoretically everything you suggested is possible. I've taken this gun as far as I can take it, though I'd love to see someone else take a whack at it.

#271170 My Belt Blaster

Posted by Vinnie D on 03 April 2010 - 12:57 AM in Modifications

Pretty much. There are holes on each side allowing the belt to feed out of it and return for safe storage. A broken belt in the midst of a game where there's no time to pick it up, could be an instant loss after all, since you'd pretty much end up restricted to your pistol and the bayonet. This keeps everything nicely together, and takes the stress off the belt links.

#271059 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Vinnie D on 02 April 2010 - 04:01 AM in Modifications

Posted Image
My first mod. I brought it back out of retirement and fixed it up with a better seal, better barrel, and coupler. The light has been replaced with more dart storage. Since it stores 9 darts in total, and has a rather Luger like profile I opted to name it "Red 9".

Posted Image
A rebarrelled Tek 3. It takes a hacksaw to get the barrels off, but it's worth it for the improved range. It may have a tiny plunger but the spring in that thing is pretty strong for something so tiny. An ideal assassin gun.

#271058 My Belt Blaster

Posted by Vinnie D on 02 April 2010 - 03:48 AM in Modifications

Alright, bumping an old topic but with good reason. I've improved upon the design with a drum mod. Someone posted once once before involving a CD case. Unwilling to buy a stack of unneeded CDs I instead took measurements and purchased a similar sized Tupperware container. Also studded it a bit with some felt dots. It's simple and rough, but the whole thing is rough, so it kind of fits in, in a sort of way. Maybe I should just throw on some random duct tape to finish the look. :P

Posted Image

Posted Image

The drum is attached via Velcro, so if I ever get a second chain, I can make quick swappable drums. Also added some felt tabs for....no real reason.

#269068 Doubled Recon With Twin Drums

Posted by Vinnie D on 13 March 2010 - 08:48 PM in Modifications

I keep looking at that sawed off Raider and I can't figure out how you prime it. So where did you move it to?

#267987 My Belt Blaster

Posted by Vinnie D on 04 March 2010 - 06:30 AM in Modifications

First of all. This is NOT a full blown write up, but the belt blaster has been modded in the past already, so the basics of getting it open have been covered. A quick search will turn that up if you need it. Second, apologies in advance for my horrible photography skills.

Moving along I first want to point out I did http://nerfhaven.com...hl=belt blaster that to the shells before beginning.

Now it's time for pics.

First off the springs.
Posted Image
I replaced the stock spring with a cut down nitefinder spring, and a skinnier hardware store spring inside of it. Not pictured, I also lubed up the tube and bored out the end for better airflow. As you can see I also replaced the O ring (the old one didn't take to the lube well) and added a second one. This gives the thing some serious oomph.
By the way if you want to respring the thing, use a flathead screwdriver to pull the pin holding the plunger tube on by sliding it under one of the caps. It's similar to pulling the cylinder pin from a maverick.

Moving, along. The Guts, and the only guts any zombies are going to see when this puppy is around.
Posted Image
Everything is reinforced obviously, the locks have been removed allowing it to be de-primed without having to dry fire, moving parts lubed, and most obviously you can see that's a longshot stock on the back. More about that later.

Moving right along, let's see the whole thing assembled.
The Zombie "Cure." Of course there's only one cure for a zombie. The doctor is in, so let's "treat" those poor bastards.
Posted Image

Now load the "cure" up with plenty of "medicine" (yes I misspelled it. I'll repaint that one later)
Posted Image

The top
Posted Image
With instructions "Directly to forehead" and you'll note I also integrated an LED book light into the handle. It's pretty bright and handy for both illuminating and blinding.

The bayonet offers a little backup should 30 shots prove insufficient.
Posted Image

The backside
Posted Image
I ran out of white paint so this side is just black and red. It's okay, the whole thing is meant to look kind of slapdash anyway, like a guy who's been up to his neck in the undead a little too long, customized his weapon as he becomes a bit unhinged.

Posted Image

It consistently gets 40-50' with rare shots up to 60'. I'm quite happy with it, but I'd like to do a nice drum mod to make that belt more stable before I take it into action.

#267985 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Vinnie D on 04 March 2010 - 05:35 AM in Modifications

Some quick stuff.

A Tommy 20 from a 2 pack at half price at target. It's been sawed off, and the battery compartment relocated. The AA power source has been replaced with a 9v power source. Consistently shoots 40' now.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Also while I'm at it...

Modded a tetrastrike. Shoots a good 45' and is full from just 4 pumps, 5 if you want to push it. Sadly the top chamber leaks sometimes. I think something is caught in the valve and it's not closing all the way. Also removed the trigger spring for a lighter pull that helps to feel the clicks in the progressive trigger. The barrels aren't perfectly aligned, but that gives it a nice spread.
Posted Image

And does the world really need another pistol splat? Gets 60' and jams if I don't have perfect steffans in it.
Posted Image

#265837 Reverse Plunger Dead Space Killing Method

Posted by Vinnie D on 18 February 2010 - 04:23 AM in Modifications

I did something similar a while back though I used the shaft of a pen and hot glue instead. The results are about the same either way. More pressure with reduction of dead space but with reduced airflow due to higher resistance. It doesn't seem to change performance with the stock spring. If you powerstock it though you should see an improvement in performance.

This mod sounds easier though, and I'll probably use it next time I'm working on a reverse plunger.

#264408 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Vinnie D on 05 February 2010 - 02:59 AM in Modifications

My humble Wall O nerf
Posted Image

#264036 Finding A Blaster For A Friend In A Power Chair.

Posted by Vinnie D on 01 February 2010 - 05:28 AM in General Nerf

If you go with a magstrike or a powerclip, band the piston to slow down the rate of fire, to be able to get a better burst or sustained fire, rather than blowing the whole load at once.

#263771 Finding A Blaster For A Friend In A Power Chair.

Posted by Vinnie D on 30 January 2010 - 06:04 AM in General Nerf

Does this thing have an electrical outlet on it anywhere? I'm thinking of a plug in mod on two vulcans and go to town. Alternately Magstrikes with an air compressor. He'd be great at rushing if he can hit some decent speeds in that thing. Essentially the "OH SHIT" mobile. When you see him coming, raining down hundreds of darts, you can only declare "OH SHIT!" and hope to outrange him before you get inside his kill radius.

#263770 Mm3?

Posted by Vinnie D on 30 January 2010 - 05:47 AM in General Nerf

Don't rebarrel them. The plunger doesn't displace enough air to fill a barrel. The darts only fire because it shoots through a tube inside the dart, thus having to displace a significantly smaller amount of air to move the projectile. You might be able to get them to fire nanos but that's about it.

#262691 Big Bad Bow, Rapid Fire20, Rapid Fire20

Posted by Vinnie D on 22 January 2010 - 01:29 AM in Modifications

A bit of advice. RF20's hate bike pumps. I tried 3 before settling on the Bell dual action frame mump for mine and the end result is that since it's the same width as the RF20's pump and shorter, the dual action results in it taking the exact same number of pumps to fill. It's not really worth the effort aside from the pump being a bit sturdier.

Wider pumps won't work. You have to exert the force necessary to not only compress air (as in with a hard tank) but also to expand the bladder, which is the same amount of physical work involved as trying to stretch the rubber by pulling on it. Thin pumps work since they displace small volumes of air at a time. Wider once simply will reach a point where you can't physically fill the thing against the resistance it causes. I know from experience. A full pump I couldn't fill the thing without putting it on the ground. A ball pump worked but was still harder to pump and ended up being slower. Just using both RF20 pumps linked might be a better idea.

#262571 Big Bad Bow, Rapid Fire20, Rapid Fire20

Posted by Vinnie D on 20 January 2010 - 11:11 PM in Modifications

I'd suggest a quick cheap way to improve that would be to link those two pumps on the RF20's. A short length of pipe or maybe a T coupler so you can attach a central handle would allow you to pump both at once. Though if you've plugged the OPVs on them you'll have to expend both before repumping, but it might be worth it for half the pumping time.

If you connect the two bladders to one another via an additional tube, then you could eliminate that problem as well since overflow from one tank would just run back into the tank with less air.

#261656 Mississippi Nerf

Posted by Vinnie D on 13 January 2010 - 06:24 AM in General Nerf

I'm in Hattiesburg here. Also my roommate is becoming interested.

#261562 Mississippi Nerf

Posted by Vinnie D on 12 January 2010 - 03:35 AM in General Nerf

I'm a Mississippian myself. I've tried to get Nerf going via assassin but it seems the more widespread nature of the cities here makes it hard for people to find each other.

#261338 Longstrike Cs-6 Revealed

Posted by Vinnie D on 10 January 2010 - 03:35 AM in General Nerf

Now I'm starting to wonder why the box makes identical range claims to the Longshot. Either there's a stronger spring, or the AR is smaller. That plunger tube is pretty disappointing really. It might be longer, but the width is clearly the same as the recon.

However it looks like there's room enough for Longshot guts in there. It's such a nice shell, it deserves better internals than that. Recon plungers are fine in a Recon, but don't try to pass them off as a longshot.

#261162 Problems With Nf

Posted by Vinnie D on 08 January 2010 - 06:12 AM in Modifications

10 feet? I think you should be getting better than that even with a stock barrel. Your barrel must either be way too wide or way too long for that to be the issue. Check your plunger head. Did you remove, stretch, or deform the O ring? If so that would cause the plunger to slow down drastically.

One nerfer posted a nitefinder with extension springs. You just add them to the outside to pull the priming rod in, just as you would with rubber bands or bungies. But this looks like you're not getting much air to the dart. There's something big you've missed and the spring isn't the issue.

#260989 Deploy Cs-6 Sneak Peek

Posted by Vinnie D on 06 January 2010 - 07:09 PM in General Nerf

I'm willing to bet the stock is spring loaded, but that does look like the firing spring there. I don't doubt it has the same guts as a recon, just different shell features. From the looks of it, the recon is still capable of being smaller as a pistol, but the collapsing feature kind of reminds me of the expand a blast only much beefier. Not as compact as the recon, but still more portable than the raider, and the ability to fold away the handle will mean it can be stored more easily (thus the previous backpack suggestion.

I usually bring a messenger bag to work with me (I'm an artist on the side so I draw during my lunch break), so I could probably fit this thing in there and really step up my assassin game. Sure beats the SSPB for that. I think that may be the purpose of the gun here. There is more to a gun after all than just its range. One has to consider portability, handling, capacity, and other features as well.

The only regretable thing is that unlike the recon and raider, this thing doesn't look like you can do a spring addition as the stock is already quite busy, and there probably isn't room for a PVC extension to hold a spring, without locking up its collapsible feature. Though it also looks like it might have more room inside, so maybe it'll open up the possibility of respringing it, or maybe a bungee.

If nothing else, it looks fun for indoor use where ranges aren't as big of an issue.

#260914 Deploy Cs-6 Sneak Peek

Posted by Vinnie D on 06 January 2010 - 06:57 AM in General Nerf

I like the looks of it so far. The ability to collapse into a more portable package, is a plus for transporting it. Might be a good assassin gun, with the aid of a backpack. I see modding potential. Slap a maglite, a halogen bulb or some strong LEDs in there for a blinder. I like putting flashlights in my guns anyway.

The whole transforming aspect appeals to me. If nothing else this could be a fun screwing around with gun.

#260913 Longstrike Cs-6 Revealed

Posted by Vinnie D on 06 January 2010 - 06:53 AM in General Nerf

I'm thinking it looks like a wider inverted plunger. Inverted isn't so bad, if it displaces enough air. You could probably use a length of PVC added to the back to add a nice big spring behind the tube. Lots of air displaced at high velocity could lead to some good ranges. Not as good as the longshot.

The thing about inverted plungers is they work best when the barrel is set inside the plunger its self. Thus all of the air in the plunger is acting directly on the dart. The eliminator did this well. The problem comes when you put the barrel out in front, so instead the air in the plunger is displaced into the inner plunger, and in turn displaces the air in the inner plunger plus the difference in inner diameter between the inverted plunger and the inner plunger and that acts on the dart.

If that were water instead of air, it would be pretty potent. But air compresses, so that inner plunger instead becomes dead space. Area over which the air can just compress and sit there rather than act on the dart. Of course the air will still try to decompress back to 1 atmosphere and then act on the dart, (the principal behind air powered guns), but at the pressures a springer creates that's not nearly as much force as just violently throwing a plunger full of air at the dart. Spring additions help a little by forcing the air through more quickly, and hopefully pushing the dart forward before the air can compress, and dead space removal can force the air into a tighter space creating more pressure, but at the same time reduces the efficiency of airflow.

Even still, bigger plunger tube means more air displaced, and that in its self is a good thing. I personally like the recon. not its plunger setup, but rather its ability to break down into a pistol. If you treat the recon as a pistol, rather than a light rifle, you understand its strength is being the smallest clip system gun, making it an ideal sidearm. That's the very reason I didn't pick up the Raider. No ability to break down into a pistol configuration.

The Longstrike compared to those might be either a heavy pistol. Stronger than the recon, but still in pistol territory, or it could be a light rifle. Note, while it's as long as the longshot it does look lighter, and it's definitely less bulky. For top ranges it won't beat out the longshot, but it might have its own place an intermediary between the pure range, longshot, and the lighter, recon.

#259696 Crossbow Longshot

Posted by Vinnie D on 24 December 2009 - 01:50 AM in Modifications

I tried this on the longshot I've had in storage and holy crap it's awesome. I changed up a few bits to personal taste, but man is this blaster efficient, comfortable, and powerful.

#257279 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Vinnie D on 26 November 2009 - 02:52 AM in Modifications

Posted Image
A rather old mod of mine. The recon there has a CPVC barrel carved to fit together tightly with the stock breech. It still needs a lot of air to fire, and only the titan displaces enough to do it. It gets 180' with filled streamlines and pierces cardboard. Never did get around to painting it. It's more of a screw around with gun than anything else.

Posted Image
Based on Riff's laser from Sluggy Freelance. http://sluggy.com
Ranges are terrible, but it's more a prop than any kind of performance gun.

#255952 Couple Questions About The Double Shot?

Posted by Vinnie D on 11 November 2009 - 06:04 AM in Modifications

I hope this isn't butting in, but to answer the question. The popular stubby mod removes the entire front portion of the double shot keeping only the handle, then rebarelling the shells and fusing them directly to the plungers. This makes it more of a front loading double barrel pistol, and loses the shotgun aesthetic. It does however make it into an effective side arm.

I've recently finished a mod not far from the one you're suggesting using CPVC, and retained the break action so I can tell you it is do-able. You'll need to make a tighter seal though. Cutting a bit of felt to bridge the gap between should work fine. A bit of black duct tape works just fine for me.

I wouldn't bother with the shells if you're going to rebarrel it the way you suggested. I personally used parts of the shells to stabalize the barrels but the way you're suggesting shouldn't require them at all. I cut the barrels down to about 3" to get it to fire. You could just only rebarrel a portion of the gun and leave the rest of the barrel stock if you want to keep the gun at full length.

#254922 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Vinnie D on 30 October 2009 - 02:38 AM in Modifications

My assassin guns. First a fairly clean pistol styled SSPB.
Posted Image

Then Fugly but effective double barrel.
Posted Image

#254921 Rebarrelling Buzzbee Belt Blaster Shells

Posted by Vinnie D on 30 October 2009 - 02:30 AM in Modifications

Sorry about the blurry pics. I had to turn the flash off because they were coming out overexposed in my workspace. The pics that are clear are those I moved out of the workspace into a darker area with flash.

To answer the questions. I doubt an air gun could rotate the belt without serious work. If you check some of the other belt blaster writups you'll see that it rotates much like a firefly with a piece sliding through a gear with the same stroke you prime with.

To get a nitefinder spring in you'll have to cut it down a bit. It took a lot of experimentation and I only gained slightly more power for all the work. Since the NF has more coils than the Belt Blaster spring it's longer when compressed so I had to cut it shorter, then stretch it. Though the gauge of wire in the spring is also thicker than the belt blaster so even after doing this it is just slightly stronger. I wouldn't recommend it, it's more work than you'll get in return. To get to the spring you'll have to pry out a metal pin. A flathead screwdriver should do it, similar to the way you remove a Maverick Cylinder.

My belt doesn't come apart easily. There's probably some quality control issues with buzzbee products but I got a pretty solid belt.

#254859 Nerf N-strike Longstrike Cs-6 - Preview!

Posted by Vinnie D on 29 October 2009 - 02:06 PM in General Nerf

So far I'm liking the look of it. It seems to be a longshot with a lighter, easier to handle design and a lower price point, not to mention a better location for the priming handle. I'm pretty sure it's a longshot with a new shell, but without pixel by pixel comparison to the longshot (using the priming handle as a judge for scale) I couldn't say if it has the same draw length.

Hopefully the internals are a little less complicated than the longshot.