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#51237 News From Hasbro '05 Part 1

Posted by Lemmypoo on 01 April 2005 - 01:09 AM in General Nerf

Damn... I thought I was done buying nerf guns with the Titan, Maverick, and RF20. Was I ever wrong! I guess two (or three) more couldn't hurt...

#50067 Soooooooo..... :o

Posted by Lemmypoo on 20 March 2005 - 02:21 AM in Off Topic

What's up! I guess this is the week of worthless drifters, myself included [:)]

#50051 Maveric Rev-6 Mod

Posted by Lemmypoo on 19 March 2005 - 09:32 PM in Modifications

Well, I bought one. I must say, it is quite huge. I looked at it and am now searching for silver paint and a crimson-red coat. I think my mom has some yellow hair-dye. Now if I can just work out the cyborg arm-machinegun I'll be all set... For love and for peace!

I think Jyhad hit upon something important. My biggest gripe is that the Mav's cyllinder barely swings out. Makes it a pain in the ass to load, so that's something I'll keep in mind when I work on the Mav tonight (I should be done with my Scout tonight, only need to do cosmetic work, for those of you keeping tabs on my life. I'm not keeping tabs.) and see what I can do.

The craft foam sounds like the best idea yet. I believe my mom has some, but if not I'll run to Walmart tonight (being unemployed rocks! Not really...) and grab some 2mm stuff.

Now, this is just a suggestion, but lemmy propose something the Ruskies figured out when revolvers were brand new. In about 1895, Mr. Nagant was sitting on his brand-spanking new indoor plumbing device trying to dream up how to make a decent gun so the Czar won't tie his genitals in a knot. Thing was, all revolvers before this kinda had a problem, the damn things shot gas out the sides and it lost a lot of power! Not to mention that shit got hot!

So he's sitting there and suddenly gets an idea, what if he made the cyllinder move forwards prior to the hammer falling so that the cyllinder was taught against the barrel? Well, it worked. The Nagant 1895 was born and it was the .44 magnum of the day. It blew the heads off of Ottomans and gave the Czar serious wood until the Bolsheviks lost it to a man named Vladimir Lenin. Now the horrible lack of any historical coherence in that takes a back seat to the central idea here.

Let's put a dealio in the trigger so that when you pull it, the revolving deal scoots back and seals with the piston better. What we get is great air efficiency and a cool design to boot. Now the real question is, how do we go about getting the revolving part to slide back?

As for my thoughts on the gun? It's by no means a split-fire, but it improves upon the 350 drastically. No more bent darts, it has better range, and holds more ammo. It's hugeness does not bother me, I have fairly big hands, and having a chunky cannon like this makes me happy. I also like that Nerf attatched some crude sights, I plan to hang onto this gun and probably deck it out with a Trigun approach. I might also keep with my trend of megaman fandom and go with painting it up in red, black, and brown and go with Metal Man as the theme (my favorite robot master!).

Posted Image

By the way, don't play Russian Roulette with this thing, I almost lost an eye.

#49957 If You Could Ask Hasrbo

Posted by Lemmypoo on 18 March 2005 - 03:12 PM in General Nerf

Hasbro, please, bring back the Vortex blasters. Use the same rings as before and start releasing them instead of four different colors of the same football each year. There was clearly a market for the Vortex blasters and you had a loyal fan-base.

Keep up the good work!


#49956 New Member

Posted by Lemmypoo on 18 March 2005 - 02:56 PM in General Nerf

Greetings and welcome to NH.

Since you've already been introduced to the venerable CoC I'll enlighten you on the history of NH.

Now the whole earth had one language and few words. And as men migrated from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to one another, "Come, let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly." And they had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth."

Salut! I think I remember you during my stint on NHQ, seems to be down right now, they had been attacked by hackers or voles earlier apparently.

I actually had to look up that quote... I am disappointed I was unable to pick it out. What I am more disappointed at is my spam:

"Subject: FW: geenric Codein pills
From: Kristina@intels.lt
Time: 5:12 AM
To: Lemmypoo





I mean, I didn't mind the herbal enlargement pills. The Nigerian princes were funny too! But this shit is making me outright mad.

#42150 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 21 November 2004 - 01:47 PM in Off Topic

Agreed, but I have one other gripe. The loading times are ridiculous. Although the game is very linear and you don't get magically teleported anywhere between loading (save the mis-teleport at the beginning), it still needs something to keep a person interested while it's loading.

Everything else is amazing. I remember the first (and only) time I shot the alternate fire on the pulse rifle. It went through somebody, fried him, bounced off a wall, and exploded in a flammable barrel surrounded by 3 cronies.

Ant lions are ridiculously fun as well. I don't quite remember where or how I got 7 ant lions at one time, but man did they own infantry. Got their asses handed to them by machine gun fire though.

Right now I'm in Nova Prospekt, and I don't really know what to expect. Lots of loud noises and creepy cages with blood on the walls. I couldn't figure out how to get past the first room, due mainly to the fact that I was too scared to explore the basement. I'll try again later with the help of the trusty magnum.

[EDIT] For those wondering about multiplayer HL2, voila. http://halflife2.fil...Test_Maps;33049 and http://halflife2.fil..._Mini_Mod;33099 ...aaand http://halflife2.fil..._Menu_Mod;33185

Ooh! Thanks for the maps!

I'm in Nova Prospeckt too, just got done fighting the first "King Antlion" in there. It sucked much ass.

My biggest question, though, when do we get the OICW? I mean the Pulse Rifle is the fucking shit, I'm not sure if the game even needs the OICW, but I'm still interested in grabbing it in case my .357 runs outta ammo :P

#42141 Staking My Claim

Posted by Lemmypoo on 21 November 2004 - 04:44 AM in Off Topic

Ok, I know I can't FORCE anyone to not bid, but i would appreciate some reserve, as I have backed off of others auctions. Bottom line, I will win this. Don't out bid me man, it's just a dick thing to do.

And I'm not linking the auction just in case, you'll know what I mean.


Do you mean that one by chance?

You have to realize she has like 9 billion of the fuckers. Demand will dry up before supply does, they will undoubtedly bottom out. Remember the powerclip flood a few years back? Yakman bought like 26 or something, I nabbed 14 or so. Demand was so low you could not give them away, yet they are now one of the best blasters around and are in enormous demand.

The price will get lower, and seriously, you asked for somebody to link an auction.

I am of course assuming you are bidding on that and not this:


or this:


Your choice, inflatable strap-on or a badly overused joke.

#42140 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 21 November 2004 - 03:48 AM in Off Topic

But boy do I feel sorry for anyone that has to run the game on an older DX8 video card...(shudder). To think that that's probably what it would look like on Xbox.

Another thing is that since TVs run at a much lower resolution, you can't put anywhere near as much detail on it as you can on a monitor. I tried playing Call of Duty on a TV once, and the resolution was so bad that it was hard to see anything, even on a 30" screen.

Side-note: nevermind about my above edit, I found the way, and I feel stupid for not seeing it earlier. Shame on me.

[EDIT] General edit.

Let's drop the discussion over shit computers running HL2, my computer feels bad, I can hear it's little overclocked Radeon 9500 crying when I run HL2! But yeah, building a god damn super computer for Half-Life 2, have a budget in the 1300+ range by Christmas.

Anyway, let's talk about the game itself you proud owners!

Half-Life 2 does one thing to me that I don't like, it makes my other games seem like shit. MGS3 is not only ugly, but absolutely no depth! I have grown tired of carrying around a zoo in my backpack and chasing after the "very special forces" known as "cobra" (no relation to the marvelous organization-- I hope). The only reason I continue to play it is:

A. Paid for it.
B. I have made it to the final fortress.

Throwing bug bait, throwing shit around with the gravity gun, and blowing shit to an alternate dimension with the alternate fire on the Pulse Rifle give me glee beyond measure!

There is no question, Halo 2 does not compare in single-player to HL2. But why the fuck didn't valve release a multi-player version of HL2? CS:S, whoopdy damn doo! I've been playing Counter-strike for years and am continually bored by it. I want to throw barrels at people over the internet!

I hope to find Gabe Newell, grab a couple of crowbars from Home Depot, and beat the fuck out of vivendi for delaying this masterpiece. If only Gordon were capable of brewing me some sort of tasty beverage, then this game would be perfect.

#41946 Ohio Recount

Posted by Lemmypoo on 17 November 2004 - 08:37 PM in Off Topic

He concede, which while it just means he admitted defeat literally, it also means he drops out of the race.

Actually, not so in this case.

If the electors put in enough votes to make Kerry the president, he becomes the president. His consession was merely an indication that he won't stand behind a protracted court battle over the election results.

Technically, it all comes down to December 13th and who can say "Most of your electors are belong to us."

Certainly, I guess he could become president and then stupidly step-down, but I'm sure Edwards would cream himself for the opportunity.

Now this isn't about getting Kerry into office, so let's not change the topic. It's about the possibility we may have had a rigged election, it must be investigated regardless of who was in favor. Not only is it a prime characteristic of totalitarian governments, if there is the slightest chance somebody did not get their voice heard, we should at least do a recount and investigate the suspect machines.

If this were the other way around and Kerry was the assumed next president, and a few of the voting booths had Heinz catsup smeared all over the Bush button, wouldn't you think it would be worth investigating?

#41868 Ohio Recount

Posted by Lemmypoo on 17 November 2004 - 04:00 AM in Off Topic

Conspiracy theorists! Start your engines!



Seriously, almost shit my pants reading this. Not to say we have the Manchurian Candidate in Bush (something I firmly believe, just don't say) but there is something awfully fishy about the American media. Makes me wish the only stations I got were Comedy Central and the BBC :/

#41753 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 16 November 2004 - 12:12 PM in Off Topic

Lamar! Get back here Lamar! Jump down onto my head Lamar- no NO! Don't get in that vent Lamar! LAMAR!

Heh, full of laughs this Half-Life 2. Gots me a crowbar AND a handgun, but no gravity gun yet :/

#41705 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 15 November 2004 - 07:24 PM in Off Topic

eeerrmm uuggh ahhha huh
im losing speach capabilities here. 10hrs

Know the feeling... BLUE BALL!

That's the ball I always seem to have trouble knocking it into the hole when playing 8-ball.

Eh, who am I fooling, had Halo 2 to work up an erection and am going to use Half-Life 2 to blow my load. Then probably marry Metal Gear Solid 3.

#41683 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 15 November 2004 - 05:19 PM in Off Topic

AGGHHHHH HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN! Gordon Freeman is coming to my house at 1:00 in the AM tomorrow morning my time! So that means, as usual, I will have to get ready by doing the funky chicken dance on my porch until said time, as per regulation of anytime I am anticipating an event of enormous gratification!*

So who all is not showing up for class tomorrow?

* http://www.zuidwijk.nl/fun/funky/

EDIT: Almost forgot, digital delivery is the shit.

#41490 X-bows

Posted by Lemmypoo on 12 November 2004 - 01:30 AM in General Nerf

I am still trying to decide how to mod my x-bow. I really like rags' but it just seems so impractical to remove the barrel every time you want to reload. Any suggestions?

Again, the ramrod vs. breach debate. The Breach is the bettter way to go for a springer. But do not fret somebody (AHEM!) will come by and make a breach that is fixed to the cyllinder with a slide.

I called up my nearest Big Lots and they are out of nerf guns entirely, must have heard the lady over the phone ask everybody and their dog. I am going to a larger city (Salt Lake City) than my little college town to see if there are any crossbows in biglots or a known toy liquidator. If I see any, I'll probably nab 'em, but expect to see a dramatic price difference, the way I figure it, crossbows will bottom out pretty quick here, I may as well be the one to sink everybody's profit margin first.


I mean shit, look at that auction, looks like a scrap book threw up in there.

#41439 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Lemmypoo on 11 November 2004 - 02:38 PM in General Nerf

I already have plans for barreling it. Since the original barrels get wider to accomodate the rubber suction cup, you could have an extra barrel (brass and PETG would probably work best) that comes into the original barrel and has a seal with the original barrel's wider part. you would have to pull the barrel in and out between shots but it would probably shoot alot farther than stock.

Look more like an actual revolver anyway! Interesting gun-nerd story as well, the first revolver ever produced that moved the chamber forward to the barrel to create a better seal with the barrel was the Russian Nagant Revolver '95. Smith and Wesson copy, and it was the .44 magnum of the day, granted it was a .45, but that was enormous for a pistol calibur then.

Anyway. I doubt you could apply the technique used in the above revolver to the Maverick, for one, a seal with the chamber and the air tank would be dificult. But that is DEFINATELY on the right track.

#41437 Nerf Turret To Be Produced

Posted by Lemmypoo on 11 November 2004 - 02:33 PM in General Nerf

Not to rain on your parade but itís been out for quite some time. I picked one up a few months ago and thought it would be cool if I could get it to fire darts. Sadly the firing system does is not air/plunger based and not powerful enough for balls. I may try and salvage the motion and remote if I can make one of my guns support a motor. And yes I did try it with the mb but you still need time for the rollers to rev up before firing which creates to much of a lag in shots.

Ah, that's unfortunate. I was kind of hoping wiring a solenoid into it and making a home-made scattergun. I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, but that's a tad outta my league.

#41401 Nerf Turret To Be Produced

Posted by Lemmypoo on 11 November 2004 - 01:40 AM in General Nerf

I seee it now. Modding it to be hand held. Nice find. Wonder how much clip/ammo it holds.

I'm thinking disks, not particularly effective as a handheld. But disks fired from a stable platform could be very effective.

My question is if it will be released in the US?

#41374 Nerf Turret To Be Produced

Posted by Lemmypoo on 10 November 2004 - 09:15 PM in General Nerf


Doesn't look too bad, no tracking (of course) but it is probably more reliable and significantly cheaper than the mindstorms creations. The deactivation remote is a nice touch too.

Link is brought to you by www.gizmodo.com

#41294 N-strike Maverick

Posted by Lemmypoo on 10 November 2004 - 02:39 AM in General Nerf


I'm a mechanical engineer.

Hey thanks for the info! This will definitely fit right in with my collection, I have a thing for revolvers. Just looking at it, in my completely non-expert opinion, I'm thinking it would function similar to a double-action revolver in terms of barrel rotation. But then I guess it's far too early to speculate!

The only question I think I can legitimately ask, is will there be another "core" gun to the "n-strike system"? Like another titan but sold individually and functions diferently. I like my titan an awful lot, but find it a bit impractical sometimes. I would be pleased as a tobacco bug in phillip morris' shipping warehouse if I could have one of those Mavericks, a powerclip, and a core gun integrated with one another.

#41200 Halo 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 09 November 2004 - 12:34 PM in Off Topic

Well last night I got my Halo 2 (sort of). Apparently my brother waited in line at Walmart and was lucky enough to be the first person in line after they ran out of copies. Everybody but him and the people behind him got a copy. Bummer. So he went to Game Crazy inside Hollywood Video. Waited about 2 hours and found that Hollywood video had rental copies available. So he went over, rented it, and brought it home. He kicked my ass out of bed and we went and played Halo 2 for two hours.

It's pretty nice, graphics that are pretty close to Doom 3 in terms of prettyness in game. The x-box sometimes even struggles, especially through the movies. But it is impressive. What I like most is the method for dual weapons (similar to red-faction 2) and the assault rifle is an acquired taste. They also pumped up the Covenant's weapons, which is a welcome change, and made the needler a tad on the nerfed side (pardon my use of the term).

Everything is nicely balanced, and I'm pretty happy with it, if not for one thing, fucking splitscreen. We are stuck on vertical alignment splitscreen and have no idea how to make it horizontal. I fucking hate vertical splitscreen. I would be 8 times more likely to blow my load with Halo 2 if I could play coop splitscreen.

As for refreshments, we chose pints of Guinness, which went very well with the full-bodied flavor of this game.

#41189 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 09 November 2004 - 02:05 AM in News

Hey, the reps survived 8 years of Clinton, I'm sure the dems can survive another four of Bush.

Well not necessarily, I got that self-immolation pire-boat I had stashed away for my funeral when I die a proper viking death, but it could do fine!

#41152 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 08 November 2004 - 06:31 PM in News

GA Man Commits Suicide at Ground Zero

Well, that's one way to avoid another 4 years of Bush.

#41144 X-bow Spring...

Posted by Lemmypoo on 08 November 2004 - 05:20 PM in Modifications

I would strongly suggest heavily reenforcing the plunger, latch mechanism, and the posts that the spring sits against and using external bungi cords or industrial rubber bands. You can replace the spring (obviously) but I wouldn't suggest it based on experience. No matter what you do, though, you must reenforce the plunger, etc. If you do not reenforce, some parts will inevitably break no matter which strategy you use.

I got no idea why my last x-bows lasted so long, I was a fucker to them.

After a half-assed attempt at a search (3 times) I turned up nothing, so lemmy just ask this here:

Why shouldn't we replace a crossbow's spring? I did that on Mickey, switched it for I believe a Big Bad Bow spring that wasn't so weathered. I wonder this because I just figured a spring of higher tension would be just as bad as an elastic. Perhaps worse on the plunger and the deal that keeps the spring inside the tube (something I yanked out and replaced with a solid plexi-glass piece), but I'd like to make sure. I was thinking of buying a crossbow and doing the unthinkable, sticking on a bow to make it look like a crossbow! (Can you say short hunting bow?)

#41143 The Legend Is Back

Posted by Lemmypoo on 08 November 2004 - 05:14 PM in General Nerf

Uh, um, does this mean they're making another Zelda game?

#41142 X-bows

Posted by Lemmypoo on 08 November 2004 - 05:11 PM in General Nerf

Actually you win with the highest bid. Llesson learned, they call it a maximum for a reason, not the price you would like to pay. That's why I strongly recomend my method of putting down a maximum, and walking away until the auction is over. No demoralizing losing.

Maybe I am reading too much into the Steve-ness (Tao of Steve reference) of e-bay bidding.

Don't get me wrong, X-bows always get the finest materials integrated into their mods and do have a wide variety of mods because the "pros" (professional nerf gun tinkerers?) prefer them. However, I was just making a comparison to the previously prolific 1500. There were so many of them, we could do wild experiments with them and as a result, built a huge database of mods for the 1500. Outside of integrations, crossbow mods remain mechanically the same with exception to the materials used. Example: Compare the 5000 tank relocation to the barrel relocation on the crossbow, much more sophisticated.

Then again, what can you do with a spring gun? (Yesss.... yesss.... what can you do with a spring gun, make them think that's a legitimate question....)

Well I successfully disagreed with I think everybody, ass-paddles are 3.99 an hour with an initial fee of 4.99, pay in advance and have a nice day/beating!

#41099 X-bows

Posted by Lemmypoo on 07 November 2004 - 08:16 PM in General Nerf

The value of X-bows will certainly go down. In fact, they have. In the few days that buy it now has been up, she has sold a grand whopping total of only 10 crossbows. Just a couple of years ago, virgin, USED crossbows went for upwards of 50. Now that we have pristine crossbows that are new in box, they have devaulued themselves something awful.

What's this mean? As an investment, crossbows are shit compared to, say, firestorms. Upside is, expect loads of practical mods popping up, the Crossbow has always been a tad slow compared to the rapid evolutions in modding found in guns like the AT2k and the SM1500.

Another upside is that they may actually bring revenue to us through our skills. With so many crossbows available, we could effectively buy a few up at 30 bucks a pop, mod the hell out of them, and sell them back to less experienced modders for 60 bucks or so.

I remember when I broke the record for stupidest buys ever, paying $140.00 for a used, poorly modded X-bow that later became Mickey. Wasn't that bad of a crossbow, but I was way too new to responsibly own a crossbow, as a result I ended up having to fabricate and reinforce parts something awful later. Again, experienced modders can benefit from newbies by selling very sturdy, already reinforced x-bows.

I'll browse around and see if I can dig up anything else online.

EDIT: Yup, another auction popped up on e-bay:


So this is definitely happening across the country. So I strongly advise selling any rare guns you have stocked up for a rainy day rather soon, simply for the sake of the market being flooded with the crossbow and new production guns that beat the snot out of most all previous models.

#41091 Fuck The Electoral College

Posted by Lemmypoo on 07 November 2004 - 06:51 PM in Off Topic

I dunno if we want to throw it away. for one that requires a constitutional ammendment.

HOWEVER! The states can ammend their own elector system similar to Colorado and Maine and switch to the "District Method." (Jesus fucking Christ my feet stink)

Lookie here if you don't know what I'm talking about:


#41021 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 06 November 2004 - 09:47 PM in News

You may disagree with me on this, but in my oppinion stating faults in a leader is not the same as saying "damn, I wish otherguy had won". As I think I have said here (I may have not, I honestly have lost track of what I've said to who politically, obviously its a busy time in this regard <_< ) I believe that staying informed and informin others is a form of working for a change. Not necessarily as in trying to oust a leader, but in working with him as well. Information is the most important thing when trying to improve anything, including a country.

About "letting Bin Laden go". Yes, we did. We were in a position where, had we moved, his capture or elimination was almost certain. Bush issued an order for our troops to hold and give the indigenous forces an opportunity to capture Bin Laden. Great idea politically, would have made great headlines, but it didnt work. If capturing Bin Laden was as important as Bush used to say it was, then that was definitely a wrong decision. Our forces should have captured him when we had the chance, but the President chose not to.

I will never agree with Bush's economic policies. He is content to spend spend spend without trying to work off any of the debt. No one likes it, not even his own advisors. Im not saying taxing the rich is the solution, but Bush has offered tax breaks that are more likely to benefit the wealthy by drafting bills full of ambiguity. We need some serious economic reform, or the country will not do well. Our national debt has always been a serious issue, and it is growing at an alarming rate under Bush's policies. It will seriously hurt our nation if the debt continues to grow at the current rate.

Oh, and I apologize. I should not have brought age or educational level into it.


What's up now bitch?!?! It's like wearing a "Howard Dean '04" t-shirt... Tad late for relevance.

Now questioning heroism, that can only be answered by his comrades, a few of which are big fat fucking liars, were never there, or a combination of the two:

http://www.myleftbra...ocs/swift.shtml *

The election is over and Friends is canceled, what the FUCK am I gonna do on Thursdays?!

*Yes it's a Liberal-biased article, but who the hell on the GOP payroll would write this? McCain? Maybe Arnold Shwarzenegger? His wife?

#40991 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 06 November 2004 - 02:33 PM in News


So what your saying is, Kerry is unworthy because he was drafted into something he didn't want to do and wasn't sporting in killing Vietnamese? Forget the medals, do you even have the slightest idea how rediculous that sounds? War isn't pretty, Kerry was very careful in bringing up his service but didn't like touching his war record for the very reason I just mentioned, war not being pretty. Considering him as less of a man because he didn't do enogh to kill people is the words of somebody who's already been heavily biased by slander.

There is no refuting his service, he is an American, he was a soldier, and he fought for our country. You, those veterans, and everybody else you mentioned should all be ashamed for considering one of America's soldiers so low because somebody thought it would be a good idea to give him a medal. Though I'm entirely sure others are more worthy but never recieved medals, that is no reason to devaluate Kerry's service.

#40983 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 06 November 2004 - 02:06 AM in News

Jesus Christ that's a lot of Red, like a fucking Zombie movie. Wanna know what I am disappointed about? One county in Idaho actually went blue and it wasn't mine! Some little pisshead county, Blaine county or somethin'.... No! The strongest democratic presence in Idaho-- Bannock County-- had to go RED! Nevermind we are a college town, by damn we have to keep the filthy left-wingers outta office!

I was invited by my state representatives Edgar Malepeai, Elaine Smith, and Donna Boe (all 3 democratic reps that sought reelection and won it, wooo!) to the campaign helper's post-voting shindig. Granted, I helped with the campaigns of all of them, and had the pleasure of shitting my pants with everyone else when Ohio crapped out. Good times man, good times.

Hope you enjoy the ass-wipes CX', because I'm gonna be living like a king! A king with a water fixture hosing my bum down!


Hell yeah! Beam me up Scotty, I have to go to the bathroom!

Now on the T-shirt, I sent the idea into T-shirt hell, we'll see if I get a response and a shirt out of it!


#40979 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 06 November 2004 - 01:08 AM in News

Between 90-110 is the standard deviation for an average IQ score.

Just wondering, your not basing that off statistics? If that were the standard deviation, 65% of people would score 90-110 above of below the mean score. I think you mean that 90-110 is the mean score.

I think he was saying that 90-110 is within the first standard deviation.

It actually varies, depending on the IQ test in question. Typically, IQ tests aim for a 100 mean and a 15 standard deviation. So it follows that, on an 'average' IQ test:

68% of people score between 85 and 115
95% of people score between 70 and 130

...and only 14 people in ten thousand (.14%) score above 145.

Of course most IQ tests that people take are free web-based tests or tests administered in 30 minutes during class that bear no resemblance whatsoever to an actual clinical test which is longer, generally harder, and timed.

It's also true, as noted, that IQ tests are only a measure of a specific kind of talent and it doesn't apply as a general indication of success.

Well I probably at one point had a high IQ, but due to alcoholism and eating glue, my IQ is probably substantially lower than before.

Many bad things have come from this election, INCLUDING the fact that I now CANNOT wipe my ass anymore. The most bitchin' toilet paper company in the world, Shit-Be-Gone, just put an embargo on all red states, including my own.


Not going to use Charmin, gonna buy a fuckin bidet. Fuck off Mr. Whipple.

Now you wanna know what the definition of Evil is? Yes, a shitty bum is very evil, but this is much more evil. Back in 2000, Republican Senator John McCain planned to run for the nomination as president! Yes he's republican, but I'd vote for him regardless. Well, that is he planned to run, he couldn't snag the nomination because of a mudslinging campaign by a group called "Republicans for Clean Air". Hrm, wonder why they protested against a strong Republican leader... oh that's right! They were funded by two oil rich tycoon brothers that just happened to be friends with the little nobody Governer of Texas George... George... I forget his name! Sounds like "Mush" or something. But that guy must be a fucking bastard-o for shooting down McCain.

While I would agree with the consensus of "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade," I put my own twist on it, and I plan on a t-shirt deal! "When life gives you lemons, chuck them as hard as you fucking can at the Whitehouse!"

#40845 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 05 November 2004 - 03:53 AM in News

I retract my previous statement. Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't realize that Mr. President had "accomplished" that. Hmmm....foundations of my support for Bush have been shaken. I do not agree with his faith-based initiatives now that I know of them. Man, I need to pay more attention to the news.

Sigh, unfortunately listening to the news rarely keeps you informed. The news networks are inconceivably evil. All of them. The news networks have been known to censor information that is important to the public, not just boring news material, but things that matter. Public health issues related to corporate pollution, the horrible divisions of wealth in this country will never come up on any news network anchor's teleprompter. On top of that, biased sources will even manipulate their material to suit their needs, Monica Lewinski, the Patriot Act, and Fox's declaration of Bush winning four years ago before the polls were closed. On top of that, they never comment on who owns them.

Gone are the days of Deep Throat and Reporters seeking truth. We are now ruled by Corporations who use their opinionated correspondents to keep us blind and unaware.

Sorry to vent like that, but we need the FCC to grab a Louiseville Slugger and beat some fuckin' ass. Fuck off RIAA, you corporate fucks are going to be the ones getting beat.

#40839 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 05 November 2004 - 12:06 AM in News

I am worried that Bush will start another war in his second term. Think about it, we had 2 wars in 4 years. The middle east is being bombarded with the United States trying to shove democracy down their throats. We really need to step back and let them do their own thing. The United States should not start a war. Bin Laden (who seems to be out of the spotlight now that sadaam has become pop culture) should really be our #1 enemy. How did our offensive focus switch to Sadaam instead of Osama who killed 2000 people on american soil just 3 years ago? The latest tape showed Bin Laden's reasons for the attack in the first place, which he says are still evident. The war in Iraq seems to have made America even more unsafe. I know Bush will be gone in 4 years, but during that time will we face even more death, hate, and war?

I'm moving to antarctica.

I wouldn't, the Penguins have been organizing lately and it seems they are interested in our fish reserves, throwing propoganda at their own people with slogans like "Down with the fisherman, we want our fish, now gibbit back!"

#40801 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 04 November 2004 - 07:27 PM in News

Too bad Ben Franklin was a diest and Thomas Jefferson was at least agnostic, if not atheist. To give you come credit,George Washington and James Madison were especially religious,though

I was seriously considering putting up that quote that Washington made at one of the constitutional conventions, something like, "anybody who doesn't consider themselves a christian shouldn't be American," or something to that effect. Only trouble was, I was unable to find the exact wording.

Yet another unfortunate happening, Cobra Commander not making it on the ballot. And I was a freaking Cobra Henchmen for Halloween! Between dumping men's lives and losing millions of dollars of equipment to obtain an "explosive gas" and half the other stupid shit Cobra Commander does, he would seem like an unworthy candidate. Well if you agree with that latter statement, you will be shot in the head with a laser blaster. Anybody?

#40799 Omg This Is Strange!

Posted by Lemmypoo on 04 November 2004 - 07:14 PM in General Nerf

I know you aren't supposed to post or tell about ebay deals, but how can you miss this one? Has ANYONE else noticed the HUGE abundance of X-bows on ebay? One guy, has twenty-six of them, and they are all buy it now! And they are all NIB. I am afraid to buy one though, is this guy safe? Or a hoax. ( I am alittle nervous, I get gipped of a 450$ video card on ebay. :( )



Yeah that is strange. I dunno, I'm doubting it's a hoax, but you can never be too careful. I was considering picking up the four x-bows bundled together, and selling them off later/super-modding them. But found with the mods I intended it would be as easy to fabricate a shell and such out of hose-clamps, PVC, bakelite, and polycarbonate moving parts. But that's for another day when I finally get my dad's garage in working order. Yes, this is an ENORMOUS undertaking, I've moved probably ~300 pounds of saw dust and scrap wood, not to mention a few heavy powertools like a planer up from the shop in our basement to a garage outside. I'm hoping we can get all of his shit together and I can start fabricating parts sometime this winter.

Hrm, that was irrelevant.

#40776 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 04 November 2004 - 02:09 PM in News

Now for those bashing Bush. Have any of you paid any attention to the issues or do you simply like standing on the bandwagon and point fingers because everyone else is? The Democratic Party ignored most of the major points and avoided the morality issues completely, and rested in my opinion on the change for change sake but offered no answers just a lot of pointing and criticizing. They took no firm stance on any issue and that is why they lost the presidency, that and lack of a strong candidate. And that is why they have been loosing power for the past 10 years. Both the house and senate are majority Republican can we blame that on Bush too? So what if Bush isnít the most eloquent speaker is there something wrong in having a president that people can understand, all be it not always agree with. If a man can answer a question in 5 words should he do it, or should he sit up there and talk and talk and by the end youíve forgotten the question?

Really don't want to disect your post (well I do, but you put quite a bit of effort into your reply), but what are the issues that President Bush so strongly supports that it is essential to keep him in office?

Let's put the economy, terrorists, nuclear proliferation, judeo-christian morals*(1), and uhhh what the hell, global warming aside for the moment.

Iraq, you have to remember that we have deprived a LOT of innocent people of their rights. And I don't mean the Republican Guard, I mean women and children. Granted, bombs blow shit up and it's horrible, but arguing that we liberated all of Iraq is not yet true. In fact rivaling factions are wildly fighting for control as we speak, the US is mounting another offence, and on top of all that, we are still controling another country's government. Saddam Hussein was one evil fucker, but so is Kim Jong Il, the Burmese military regime (note, I say "Burmese", not "Myanmar", keep fighting for democracy guys!), about half of the military controlled pseudo-governments in Africa, and the list goes on. Now before you start arguing that I don't support the ground troops, not at all true, I have friends over there too, one of which I keep in pretty regular contact with. He doesn't like it, but nobody does. He certainly has seen some of the good things we have done there (i.e. taking Saddam out of power*(2)) but we agree it's about time to come home.

Now the only other thing I am going to be a bitch about is saying it's better if our leader is a man of few words. Granted, all the best speeches are incredibly short, I have a dream, and the Gettysburg Address. But those were words from the heart. Bush is a man that coldly labels people as things. "Axis of evil", for instance. The idea that there is a series of nations trying to end the entire world. They could argue the same about NATO. Any of his speeches consists of words that would equate to this: the most powerful nation in the world is going to invade a "backwards totalitarian government we must bring [Christianity] to" to find the Terrorists. Terrorist no longer means simply "those who terrorize". It has been redefined to exclusively describe those against Bush. Take a look at the Patriot Act to understand the ease of being labeled a "Terrorist" and having your rights taken away. If anybody remembers Joseph McCarthy, you will understand the absolutely totalitarian circumstances of such a procolomation. (Hah! Beat that sentence John Kerry!) So I will translate this paragraph into a few words. When a leader labels something, he is not a man of few words, he assumes that we are easily fooled.

*(1) Nobody may ever consider one leader's actions moral over another's. It's strongly, STRONGLY bigotted to believe that all the world's peoples are the same and wish for the same things. Not at all true and entirely ethnocentric. Confucianism calls for peasants to be the second highest class in the country, bested only by scholars. The US's conclusion was that the Chinese are ruled by evil communists and we must end their regime [for open trade, our own benefit, and to further expand our profits].

(2) Like I said, Saddam is an evil guy, thank [snip] we got him removed from power, but don't think that conflicts with my argument that there were priorities above him. The world is safer with that nutball out of power.

(3) I know there wasn't a third footnote in the above text, but well I fucked up. I did end up disecting your post. For that, I'm sorry, but you have to understand as CX' said "Believe me, people who are anti-Bush have good reasons for feeling the way they do." As does the GOP have reasons for feeling the other half of the country is a whole bunch of Godless commies looking to end their way of life. In reality, we are a Christian theocracy run on a democractic constitution. Anything wrong with that? No. Most nations are run on a theocracy with exception to the Soviet Union and some Euro nations. Even our laws come from the Bible. Again, no problem with that, it's just that assuming that because a nation has a different structure of government is evil scares the shit out of me. The Democratic party being considered immoral also scares me.

(4) Again with the footnotes, but reading (3) I thought about my reference to the soviet union, even though it was atheist, it could be considered a theocracy on the basis that it's founding was based on the strong ideals of Marxism. So I guess you could call most every nation a theocracy when you break them down, even capitalism is the ideals of John Locke. (Marx could totally beat up Locke.)

#40764 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 04 November 2004 - 02:56 AM in News

Ugh, I think Reagan caused me some birth defects.

Well Rumsfeld getting the ax is definitely good, but Rice and Powell are about the only two folks I like in Dubya's cabinet. Granted, both are puppets, but they are nice puppets.

Oh! I meant the move to France and join the French Foreign Legion thing tongue-in-cheek. Sarcastically! Fasticiously! (Fast... fac..... the Fast and the Furious!) I'd move to Russia anyway, not only are they easily impressed with crappy music, possibly the hottest loose women in the world! Germany somewhere in the top ten, but considering Russia exports hot women, vodka, and uhhhh I'm thinking maybe snow, lots of snow.

Anyway, I missed Oktoberfest.... again. No weiner. No pint. No hot Germans. Siddhartha was right, life is suffering.

#40752 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 03 November 2004 - 11:07 PM in News

Well I have a few recomendations for Bush that doesn't envolve "rolling the Constitution up, stick it up your bum, and light up because you're gonna smoke that fucker through your ass."

1. FIX THE FUCKING TAXES MOTHER FUCKER! I mean the rich are pretty rich. However, the stock market is starting to pick up, and that is at least a signal something good could happen.

2. Oh for the sake of all of us, quit dicking around in the middle east. Osama just got through telling us that he'd do it again if we didn't lay off. If you want him, fine, send in some Rangers, no Afghan warlords, and fucking find him. That is if he was the actual mastermind, he funded it, but somebody else more than likely was the guiding hand that made it happen.

3. Stuff anymore conservative Supreme Court Justices in and I will necessitate two abortions in the Whitehouse-- if you know what I mean.

4. Learn to talk. Handicapped-ass mother fucker.

5. Kick Cheney and Rumsfeld out, and I mean out the window, make them do a face plant and either die of a heart attack or die of being the biggest asshole in Washington.

Five easy to follow suggestions, if he does more than three of them, I will be very pleased and could support him. Even if he is a Facist.

By the way, look what I found! http://www.foreignlegionlife.com/ Somebody wrote a book, on the French Foreign Legion, I am considering buying it. Why? Well Chirac hates Bush, so I get a Famas, a bad-ass hat, bunch of booze, and the French girlies to boot! That's assuming they don't throw my ass out somewhere...

Now all I need to do is learn to parles en francais! And figure out how to do accents on letters.

#40665 Election 2k4

Posted by Lemmypoo on 03 November 2004 - 12:43 PM in News

Uh what I meant to say was:
Followed by:
After that, I would immediately point out:

Well I'll meet you guys over in France, seeya later!

#40560 Half Life 2

Posted by Lemmypoo on 02 November 2004 - 12:23 PM in Off Topic

Well this game will get me started on the path to blow my nerdy load, that is until MGS3 gets here and I call in sick a week straight.

Not to mention my computer is going to ROCK the 49.99 extra-cheap ass wanker Bronze package I bought, listen to these specs!

512 mb of ram, one stick that creeps along at a nice super slow clock speed. Right around 133 mhz I believe.

Superfly, super fast as hell AMD athlon running at 1500 mhz OMG! IT R RUN SO FAST ON TEH INTARWEB!

Radeon 9700..*

*Actually it's a 9500 running on 9700 drivers, with all sorts of wild ass 3d errors and it's generally slow giving me around 25-30 FPS in CS:S. Yay!

At some point it makes more sense to immolate your computer instead of upgrading it.