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#358274 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Soothsayer on 27 February 2017 - 08:42 PM in Modifications

I know most of you don't know the history of this blaster, but it's been this color scheme since it's debut at 2011 Apoc.

About to hit it with some sand paper and give it a fresh/new scheme. the SS bolts aren't as cool as I thought they were when I was younger lol 


#349754 Who's still around from 2008/2009

Posted by Soothsayer on 30 November 2015 - 03:26 PM in Off Topic

yeah fuck those 08/09 vets 

#349753 Why I still nerf.

Posted by Soothsayer on 30 November 2015 - 03:21 PM in General Nerf

"She grudgingly fetches her roughcut "



dude I was waiting for this to turn into softcore fanfic nerf porn 

#332015 Apocalypse 2013

Posted by Soothsayer on 17 July 2013 - 02:47 AM in Nerf Wars

My money and vehicle situation is too grim right now to make an appearance. I miss this, I hope you guys have fun and stay safe.

#332014 How to convince my community to allow elite modding...

Posted by Soothsayer on 17 July 2013 - 02:44 AM in Off Topic

Basically, what would be a good blaster to tutorial them on and any other advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Find some Nitefinders or something close to them. Pop out the AR in front of them, show them the difference in range from just that, and then tell them to grow the fuck up. That, or convince the less timid members of your community to bail on that community and start your own based around no-college-cry-baby-bullshit style nerfing.

#332013 You say Panther?

Posted by Soothsayer on 17 July 2013 - 02:38 AM in General Nerf

A few days before my last war I picked up a few of these, they were on sale for $3 a piece. I spent about an hour each on each blaster, and the people I loaned them to were hanging with +bows all day. I did a little more than you did as far as modding, I'll get a little write up here in a bit because with a few simple alterations and CPVC barrels I was getting exceptional ranges.

#330619 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 06 June 2013 - 04:56 PM in Nerf Wars

I haven't had a single minute to reply until now. but

I had a great time guys. Positive crowd despite a few issues. I hope everyone had a blast, I hope the MVP cherishes their golden trophy, and I can assure you all, much more wars to come this summer. (from me anyways)

pictures to come

#330440 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 31 May 2013 - 10:20 PM in Nerf Wars

You're all wrong.
my crossbow was pink first

eat a bag of baby dicks

I jest

but not really

#330433 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 31 May 2013 - 07:48 PM in Nerf Wars

There is some storms brewing for tomorrow, but if I'm honest, if you pussies wanna stay home and play minecraft and league of legends be my guest, I'll be nerfing my ass off in the rain, and in the woods near the structures with roofs.

#330352 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 29 May 2013 - 06:23 PM in Nerf Wars


#329799 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 14 May 2013 - 11:12 AM in Nerf Wars

Hey sooth! sorry I broke your sawtooth like two years ago... hopefully I can make up for it by being at this war???
anyways... kentucky crew will be back

Thaygor +1
Can't wait to see you guys again should be really fun!

okay now it's a fuckin' war

#329522 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 08 May 2013 - 11:43 PM in Nerf Wars

This is going to be on June 1st, right?

Sure is.

#329521 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 08 May 2013 - 11:41 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm a strong maybe assuming Coop is going.

If it means anything, I'm against melee at wars with outdoor primaries. The hammer tossing at the CU wars was pretty funny though.

I personally think using melee weapons anywhere is a fucking joke for kids who need to stick to larping with their WoW buddies, but if they want to get lit up with 100ft shot primaries, be my guest.

#329216 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 01 May 2013 - 09:37 AM in Nerf Wars

What about thrown melee? Have you seen the Nerf Thor hammer the fly brilliantly

case by case, but I'm sure we can come up with a time and place for most foam weapons even though I'm strongly against them in blaster based modes of play.

#328493 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 02 April 2013 - 11:47 AM in Nerf Wars

I'm a maybe. I'd love to come down but I can't confirm until we get closer to the actual date.

Also, can I assume bows and arrows like these are acceptable under your dart rules? I usually use slingshot weights under felt pads and don't want to make new darts just for your war. So I was going to use these arrows and Elite darts out of a Stryfe just for the lawls. Also, I missed details regarding dart tip restrictions. Would you prohibit Streamline darts with hot glue tips?

I feel like a noob not using stefans, but I don't want to make darts for a single war, lol.

I'm perfectly okay with all of that. Hot glue tips are fine/what I've always used/always will.
Depending on the range of those bows, I may even give each hit from those a little more meaning. insta-kill or something.

#327721 Coop's Stryfe Modification Write-Up

Posted by Soothsayer on 06 March 2013 - 07:00 PM in Modifications

After checking this out, and remembering you had a youtube thing and looking that up. I checked some of your other work out man, and it's been years since I've been on your youtube, and I gotta say, nice stuff. I've never been into more kinda "indoor" blasters, but the way you combine these things together is rad as fuck.

#327628 NDA Exclusive! New 2013 Nerf Mega Centurion

Posted by Soothsayer on 04 March 2013 - 08:14 PM in General Nerf

Cutting? I'm planning on integrating this underneath my Longshot.

This seems like a horrendous idea considering the size of each blaster, but to each their own.

#327622 NDA Exclusive! New 2013 Nerf Mega Centurion

Posted by Soothsayer on 04 March 2013 - 05:10 PM in General Nerf

The new gun I get to see everyone single and chop to pieces. At least it'll hopefully be a new spring gun worth buying, and not some reverse plunger piece of shit.

#327504 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 02 March 2013 - 06:43 PM in Nerf Wars

You know I will be there. Have you posted this on the Cincinnati Nerfers FB page?
I will do my best to get everybody warmed up for you, as I plan on doing a war mid to late March.

I was praying you'd still be around. I can't wait to see you and catch up man

#327447 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 28 February 2013 - 05:50 PM in Nerf Wars

You should probably Bump this when the time gets closer so some people don't forget. That would be nice. Thanks.

EDIT: Are plugged-pump Panthers allowed? And is there going to be like raffles, a War Trade Exchange, ect.? (I know you probably can't answer that because how far away the war is)

anything is subject to being banned. Raffles? uhhh, not really. We all usually exchange/trade during lunch, and at all of /my/ wars there is always an MVP award blaster that I mod myself.

#327189 How has everyone been? who's still around?

Posted by Soothsayer on 22 February 2013 - 11:20 AM in Off Topic

Sure do, just finished this yesterday
My link

wow, you're a crazy little G aren't ya? haha
That was dope dude, I really like the way there's no talking, but very well detailed pictures n' shit
bravo man

#327188 How has everyone been? who's still around?

Posted by Soothsayer on 22 February 2013 - 11:18 AM in Off Topic

I'm still kicking Sooth. Got a list a mile long for some more cosmetic mods.

Good to see you back.

no shit dude! I am so stoked you're still keeping the dream alive

#327173 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 22 February 2013 - 01:13 AM in Nerf Wars

If I can get a ride, (or have my car by then) I will come from Detroit,MI just to help you celebrate. Its about time I got active on this board as an actual nerfer. :D Add me as a maybe.

I don't know if you know me, but just an fyi, people who come from crazy distances, you're royalty around me. It's dedication to take a trip like that just for a war, and my crew respects that.

#327171 How has everyone been? who's still around?

Posted by Soothsayer on 22 February 2013 - 01:03 AM in Off Topic

Been scanning the forums over the past week or so...attempted modding a rough-cut but it's been a good 2 years since I've touched a screwdriver so things went...poorly. Still no nerf scene in western Canada it looks like. Good to see a few names from back in the day.

It's crazy. I've had my guns in a bin for like, years now. I got a few out, and it was just like second nature, opened them up, tuned them up in only a few hours, and they still fire like a nail driver.
I'm trying to make 2013 a big come back year. wait and see.

#327167 How has everyone been? who's still around?

Posted by Soothsayer on 22 February 2013 - 12:08 AM in Off Topic

I just recently returned myself. Good to see you back.

fuck yeah man. you still got your youtube thing going or what?
Last I saw I was starting to really respect your work, no offense at all seriously

#327165 How has everyone been? who's still around?

Posted by Soothsayer on 21 February 2013 - 11:56 PM in Off Topic

I completely understand if a moderator feels this thread is pointless. I haven't really been on since 2011 apocalypse.

How has everyone been? who is still around from my generation? I've missed you guys even if most of you have no idea who I am haha.

one last time, mods, feel free to delete this, or let it live for a few days and then delete. I understand either way

#327162 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 21 February 2013 - 10:57 PM in Nerf Wars

Add me a maybe. It's a long time from now so I don't know what's gonna be happening. And what are the rules for Stefans?

I'll add info on that, one sec

#327152 Cincinnati Birthday Brawl

Posted by Soothsayer on 21 February 2013 - 07:11 PM in Nerf Wars

To celebrate my birthday I'm going to be having my revival-ish war thing. I'm hoping for a sick turn out, but not expecting the world. Many of my old nerf colleagues have long since quit or fallen off the face of the earth (not that I have any room to talk).

Location: Mount Echo Park
When: June 1st (saturday)
10am - 5pm ish

After the war, I'm having a sick party at my house. The party is for more of a "older crowd"
if you'd like to hit the party, I can provide a floor for you to crash on, so get at me.

What to Bring:
Eye Protection (Anyone under 18 must be wearing some during rounds)
Some friends
A Good supply or darts
A mighty supply of extra blasters
Did I mention Water?

What not to bring:
Real weapons
Narcotics or Alcohol
Realistically painted blasters (if you do, you'll need to deck it out with some neon tape)
Singled Titans
Homemade Airguns
Plugged pump BBBB (I will be testing all, and I'm not a twit, so don't try me)
Most air blasters will be subject to being banned.

Game types will vary, we'll try to touch most bases as to get better practice. I'm mostly interested in deathmatch

and if any of you remember, I don't fuckin play zombies.

I go big or go the fuck home. I don't recommend showing up with stock darts, or modified stock darks cause me and my other nerf gurus will stomp your ass and I don't want that.

No slingshot weights
no exposed metal/sharpness
no excessive bbs in one dart
nothing that's gonna take someone's eye down their throat
There's a lot of long range situations at mt echo, but there are 20-30ft away situations too

get the gist?

Soothsayer + friends (4-5 as of now)
Father Time
archangel24 +2
ck24 +3-4
Thaygor +1

Ezio Nerf
blacklion +1
Joe Espinoza

final notes: This is my first war in years, and I want it to be a casual yet competitive day.

no matter the attendance forecast, we will be showing up regardless.

As true to all of Soothsayer's/my wars, I will be giving out an MVP blaster modded by yours truly at the end of the day/when I leave.

#319216 Apocalypse 2012

Posted by Soothsayer on 25 July 2012 - 04:37 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm sure there's an interest of my attendance, but unfortunately I don't think I'll be making it this year. I'm a few bucks short this time around, if I had the money I'd absolutely go. Sorry guys. :c

#303076 Apocalypse 2011 recap thread

Posted by Soothsayer on 08 August 2011 - 11:34 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm indifferent about the actual war, but I had a great time this weekend.

Reaching out to new nerfers
playing some fun as shit board game I've never heard of
my boys hooking me up with some darts (forget all of ours in front of my house :c )
Headin' back to my hotel and chillin' to the max with some sex dwarves and split
seeing my old buds, mainly sex dwarves, split, and the canadians

Everyone is perfectly aware of the only 2 things I was really considering a "con"
realizing how I need to find my fuckin' passport and go teabagrock out at all of canada's upcoming wars.

as a side not to canadians: I'm at this moment tearing my house apart for my passport. If I can't find it I'll have to cancel my old one, and get a new one, which will more or less guarantee no Hell5. I might be able to swing a temporary passport, but I dunno. I'll keep mike posted.

"That's DX, dude. Have some respect"

#299515 Captain America Disc Launching Shield

Posted by Soothsayer on 07 June 2011 - 09:43 PM in Modifications

While I agree, I think we would require that, like the Manta, a blaster could not be carried at the same time unless firmly attached to the shield.

Follow the exact same guidelines as the manta, agreed.

#299455 Captain America Disc Launching Shield

Posted by Soothsayer on 06 June 2011 - 10:16 PM in Modifications

This thing has my vote as another war acceptable shield alongside the manta ray. It will be a legal shield at any of my wars, personally.

#299454 and then the soothsayer returned...

Posted by Soothsayer on 06 June 2011 - 10:12 PM in Off Topic

*Cough* 1' 4" a minute *Cough*

Sooth we're talking about another Cinci war sometime soonish. I know, Mafia, Flash, Paul (Lol lives like 5 minutes from most of the parks, he better go, maybe chop and dez and some more of the UofC group are down.

Oh and PVC made with a tiny bit larger than 9/16 or 17/32 ID so you can make breeches with brass real easy would be nice as well.

I'm not a fan of the UC nerfing community. At all.

I can order unique things through my connections, but I'm not sure on custom PVC pipe diameters.

#299078 and then the soothsayer returned...

Posted by Soothsayer on 31 May 2011 - 04:26 PM in Off Topic

Soooo... You lay pipe on a regular basis?

All day, eh' day.

#298952 and then the soothsayer returned...

Posted by Soothsayer on 29 May 2011 - 11:12 PM in Off Topic

Get your ass out to Hell Before Halloween 5 in October.
There will be a special present if you do.

I am regardless of any presents, but I will gladly take whatever you have in store. I'm plumbing now, so I got a steady flow of money to support the trip/trips.

#298851 Xploderz XRangers Trigger Mod

Posted by Soothsayer on 28 May 2011 - 11:06 AM in Modifications

What's the diameter of the plunger rod?

#298806 Apocalypse 2011

Posted by Soothsayer on 27 May 2011 - 08:48 PM in Nerf Wars

Sooner the better as far as I'm concerned, but I can attend any of those dates.

#298801 and then the soothsayer returned...

Posted by Soothsayer on 27 May 2011 - 08:03 PM in Off Topic

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I didn't overdose, I didn't die, and most importantly I didn't quit nerf. I had some serious problems in my life, and it's been an extremely rocky year since last APOC, which was more or less my going away party. What most of you may not be aware of is that last APOC, I was in extremely bad health. Mentally and physically, and my doctors strongly apposed me "driving to new jersey to play with toy guns." But I went anyways. I didn't care. This is my favorite hobby and a big part of my life. It was the only thing that kept my mind busy during my teenage years, and I can easily say prevented me from killing myself from my extreme depression problems during those years. I owe my life to nerf, as childish and "gay" that sounds. So as you can see nerf is something I hold very close to me, much closer than a hobby. Going on hiatus wasn't something I had planned or wanted to do at all, but it had to be done. I'll skip anymore sob story bullshit with this.

I'm back for good mother fuckers. I'm in perfect health again after nearly 2 years. Let's blow this bitch wide open. If anyone had contracts they were discussing with me they would still like to move forward with, message me.

Alright listen. I just wanted to throw something out there, to all of you who seem to believe you're so above the rest of us. I don't, and neither does anyone else have the time or patience for your rockstar bullshit. When you act like a jerk, I am completely unimpressed with your infantile display that you might think comes with your dubious status from modding and playing with toy guns better than one another. Your behavior towards your fellow nerfers makes you an atrophy to the hobby we all share. I don't respect usernames, status, mods, wins, losses, age, or gender. I respect respect. All you need for mine, is yours.

#287486 Hell Before Halloween #4

Posted by Soothsayer on 25 October 2010 - 12:18 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey guys. Sorry I wasn't there. 5 and a half hours into driving there some dumb mother fucker merged into me and fucked up the side of my car and pushed it into running over some metal shit on the side of the road and blew out two of my tires. I just got home literally 40 minutes ago cause of all the shit I had to deal with, not to mention all the shit I had to deal with getting back home. Fuck my life, maybe next year, FA.

#287139 Hell Before Halloween #4

Posted by Soothsayer on 18 October 2010 - 06:09 PM in Nerf Wars

I'm fuckin' beyond ready and excited for this war. This is gonna be a dumb question, and you can all troll me to your hearts desire, but does canada take US currency?