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#164069 My Nerf Games

Posted by NYCNERFADDICT on 24 July 2008 - 10:29 AM in Nerf Wars

Hey I am brand new to this site but not new to Nerf at all. My friends and I have been playing Nerf for about 3 or 4 years now. We have practically every Nerf gun recently made. We also customly painted each of our favorite guns. I am posting this new topic to tell you guys about our forms of Nerf games/fights. I would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas from any who view this topic.

Firstly I'll introduce you to our rules. We play indoors which many of you might think is stupid. However outdoor play you must factor in wind and the huge factor or losing Nerf darts. We play extremely realistic. Each person has one life, if you get shot in the head, neck or heart your automatically dead. But if you get hit once in the arm, hand, foot, leg, shoulder, etc., you still have another life. Each gun has lives too, say if I shoot your Longshot twice, you can no longer use that gun for that round. We sometimes play with medics (heal wounded) and engineers (fix guns). We also play with points in order to make sure one person isn't walking around with Longshot and 2 Mavericks.

Now to introduce you to our three game types:

Team Deathmatch: Self explanatory pretty much. Two teams of even amount of players. We normally play where one team hides and when their team is set up they yell "Ready" and the other team's objective is to search and take out enemy players. This game we play both with light and in pitch black, flashlights are used if we can get our hands on one or two.

Hostage: One person from an opposing team is captured or taken hostage at the beginning of the game. The team holding the person hostage can not kill the hostage but kill those who try to free him. The hostage is normally tied down with blankets, fake handcuffs, and blindfolded. The hostage has a Maverick loaded in front of him and if he escapes he can use the Maverick to take out those who captured him.

Cops and Robbers (newest creation): Im sure most of us have played cops and robbers one time in our life wether it be on bikes or on foot. This game is similar to team deathmatch except that the objective is not to kill the robbers, but to arrest them. Cops and robbers must use Mavericks (to add to realism, I dont think a cop carry's around a machine gun or loser on a day to day basis) and cops have shields similar to those SWAT shields. Robbers can either willingly be arrested or cops could rush them and take their guns by force. There is a room normally assigned as a jail where imprisioned robbers go, if a robber who has not been arrested touches or frees those captured, game continues.

As I said before I would greatly appreciated feedback or ideas on our types of Nerf gameplay.