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#364346 Would it be possible to put a clip for the mega thunderhawk and put it

Posted by Mutt on 16 December 2019 - 11:38 PM in Modifications

I was modding my nerf nailbiter and I had a clip from a Thunderhawk and I notice they are almost the same size. Both are the same thickness but the mega clip is longer.

But I was hopping for tips on how I can fit the mega clip into the nerf nailbiter.

#364177 Nerf EAT mod idea.

Posted by Mutt on 21 September 2019 - 11:47 PM in Modifications

Thank you for the help but I think I will try to make my own large plunger tube out of pvc as well as a plunger head for it. If I can get it working and play around with it I will post it on here somewhere.

#364172 Nerf EAT mod idea.

Posted by Mutt on 16 September 2019 - 01:38 PM in Modifications

Hey guys I am seeing if its possible to put in a Worker Expanded plunger tube into a Alpha Trooper with the same amount of modding work as you would with a retaliator.

Any help and advice would be great.

#363946 What can take a 12kg retailator spring?

Posted by Mutt on 30 May 2019 - 12:15 AM in Modifications

I would like to know what can take a 12kg retailator spring with almost no to little reinforcements that needs to be done.