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#363830 Rhino Fire Firing Trigger Issue

Posted by vandernerf on 24 April 2019 - 08:55 PM in General Nerf

You may have issue with trigger switch but this could also be spring issue.


If you open up RhinoFire, you will see small spring supporting trigger. Try replace that spring with stronger one. I personally replaced mine with left over orange mod longshot trigger switch.


If replacing spring doesn't solve issue, then probably you need to replace switch.

#363829 Worker ndfeb Motors

Posted by vandernerf on 24 April 2019 - 08:47 PM in Modifications

After the major shell cut, I installed 2 41.5mm OFP cage + cyclone flywheel + this worker neo motor + original fang motor as pusher motor in my Rhino Fire. (I have a dream using this with 2 50 round drum magazines)


Mod was complicated because installing 16AWG wire and mosfet was "MUST" since each motor rated 45A. (Also requires high amp Lipo. mine is 3S Turnigy lipo battery (5.0*60C))


I wish outofdarts sold mosfet board when I was modding rhino fire but it came out few weeks after I finished mod.


You probably want to use mosfet board from outofdart website if you are planning to use this motor.


If you want to cheaper option, they also sell non-board mosfet kit which is what I used.


My rhino fire circuit is same as diagram in link below




As for the performance, Used accufake shoot 135FPS, fresh accufake / used adventure force waffle shot 145fps, used elite shot 150fps. disappointing but lucky at same time because I recently found adult nerf event in MA with 150 FPS limit.


but if you want better performance than mine, consider using flywheel other than cyclone with 41.5mm cage or use cyclone with 42mm cage.


This review in youtube shot 171fps average with fresh accufake, nearly 30fps better than mine. he used white worker wheel instead of cyclone.




My setup created lots of foam dust yet none of my darts decapitated like many experienced with eclipse flywheel cage.


but this setup gave no mercy to poorly glued darts. Many accufakes lost tips but I rarely lost tips with official accustrike darts and adventure force waffle.


Before I installed, I tested same flywheel cage setup with original fang vs this worker motor.


I didn't have chronograph back then but worker motor did shoot harder(both canted and non canted flywheel setup) with my eye test and make less noise compare to original fang.


If you are planning to use any of canted flywheel, I do not recommend this motor. During my test, I would say 1/5 darts went randomly after spinning like crazy (this doesn't happen that often with original fang).


As for durability, my pusher motor original fang died before this worker motor. But I can't say worker motor having longer life time over this one incident.


I recommend this worker motor if you are planning to use for high crush setup like Eclipse cage, DRS High Crush cage or 41.5mm setup.


But original fang and kraken are very good options (probably better) if you are planning to use mid crush cage setup.



Hopefully this helped you.