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#363839 Next gen nerf. Or not.

Posted by Nitrocar on 28 April 2019 - 09:03 PM in Modifications

I didnt know that some of them already use the aeg system. The flywheel is new and only since the rival series right? Do you think this is the best way or are there another ways that are better for improving accuracy and power. What do you think the future holds for awesome nerf guns?

I know I may sound like an idiot to a well informed expert or modder. Sorry. Most of my knowledge is not invested into nerf guns xD

#363838 Next gen nerf. Or not.

Posted by Nitrocar on 28 April 2019 - 08:54 PM in Modifications

The stampede, vulcan, speedswarm, powerbelle, and swarmfire all use the AEG system. The Cons you're missing are that it's just as expensive and complicated as a premium flywheel and a premium springer combined.
With current top-tier flywheel builds (brushless big wheel, daybreak wheels, eclipse, multistage, etc.) you're looking at a FPS of 150-220ish and beyond (multistage brushless I've heard has hit 300+, but that's an insane build). Most users don't need more than 200 FPS in the current meta, and 150 fits most superstock players just fine.
Finally, pneumatic builds are easier and no more expensive than an AEG. Airsoft makes them work because flywheels wouldn't work well on the tiny pellets making gas power the best/only option, and because they have such low mass (1/6-1/8th that of a typical nerf dart). They don't take as much power or as massive motors, plungers, and springs.

#363826 Next gen nerf. Or not.

Posted by Nitrocar on 24 April 2019 - 12:59 AM in Modifications

Hey nerf gurus (hopefully) I was wondering on the future of the nerf gun hobby and although I am not an avid fan as many of you are I was wondering why in pursuit of better FPS and dart stability the idea of installing an electric airsoft gearbox in a nerf gun hasnt become popular?? Educate me please? No Im not trying to make an airsoft gun. Nerf has its niche and I believe it should stay there as a safer kid friendly game but Im not a child and I like more power, range and versatility.

Pros: consistent FPS
Adjustable FPS
Flexible power supply (rechargeable batteries, HPA, even propane, green, red or duster gas.

Cons: diy modification required (obviously this only applies to those who want the pros with no work but thats what some of you may capitalize on)
Possibly dangerous due to irresponsible practices (higher FPS, more power, higher rate of fire raises safety concerns)