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#54184 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by k7hq on 04 May 2005 - 10:16 PM in Modifications

If this really does go 120+ feet, angled or not, I want to know what you're putting in your NF. And a write-up would be awsome.


Yeah, so it does go 120+ angled... still havent figured out flat distance. NO TIME. but i will eventually do a write up under a new topic on the mods forum page... look forward too it. it is very useful information. I just did the same mods as i did to my gun to a friends tonight, and it functions the exact same, if not better, since it was my second of hte same type of mod.

#53968 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by k7hq on 01 May 2005 - 04:56 PM in Modifications

thats not a hard number to belive when you measure it out inside your high schools gymnasium with a measuring tape from the track team that they use for discus.. keep in mind, its with home made darts made for distance.. not crappy ones. and i will post flat distance sometime this week when i go back to school and have time to test it. later.

#53847 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by k7hq on 30 April 2005 - 04:06 PM in Modifications

yeah, it was angled... and i will get a video soon, not sure how soon but a new post will be added for it and ill try the flat distance.

#53815 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by k7hq on 30 April 2005 - 12:00 AM in Modifications

sorry about the colors... the option is there because? My fault though.. im new

#53813 Update On Nf Mod

Posted by k7hq on 29 April 2005 - 11:23 PM in Modifications

Hey guys, my first post listed just below was about a mod on my NF. I did some more overhauling and i added elastic string to the cocking mechanism, and stretched it over the front of the gun. This did an amazing ammount of change for me. Before this i was shooting about 50-60 feet on average with stefens about 1.5 inches long. i was in our gym at school this morning, to test the range in no wind conditions.. my distance report now is.. 120+ feet consistently, every time... I am thinking of adding a link to a video clip of it, or make it available for download, because to me this feat seems quite amazing for a nerf NF! if any of you have found a mod that will increase range even more for me, let me know. Also, my stefens sometimes fishtail. Although they still go the full range, they are slightly less accurate than those that don't (only about 3 to 4 feet left and right deviation) I have read just about all there is on stefens, im sure i need a little practice on making them, for better performance... but just wondering if anyone has ideas..

#53760 Modifying My Nite Finder

Posted by k7hq on 28 April 2005 - 10:52 PM in Modifications

Thanks for the support guys. It IS velcro on top for an optional ammo holder that i am creating. Its computer cord velcro so its quality stuff. What do you mean by a nested brass barrel? Yeah the paint job needs a little work... okay, im going to explain the use of this weapon now, and the game we are playing. We are playing TAG, the assassin game. Its a group of about 20 guys from school jr./sr.'s and we have a set of rules.. wont go into that cause they are quite lengthy mainly you cant do anything cheap, like at school or school functions that you are participaring in. (although i was thinking about getting my kill at our school's drama production tomorrow while he is on stage since he is hte main actor, imagine how fun that would be.. but its NOT legal since its a school event) you get assigned a kill from whoever is hosting this game, the only contact we have with this person is an email address. and after you get your kill you report it to the email and get your new one, until someone wins... eventually we might have an entry fee and then the winner gets about 90% and the coordinator of the game keeps the other 10... the rules are no BIG GUNS. keep it simple, and oh yeah, the biggest rule... no witnesses to a kill. make sense? no one can see you kill the other person, if someone witnesses the kill besides the person being shot, it is not a viable kill. (kind of an oxy moron there... viable kill ... ) anyway, any recommendations on mods to a gun, preferably nightfire that would make it a great losing weapon... my prefered tactic... oh yeah, no CO2 legal. thanks guys... 'K7'

#53744 Modifying My Nite Finder

Posted by k7hq on 28 April 2005 - 05:49 PM in Modifications

Hello everybody. I found this site shortly after i began to modify my nerf nite finder. I completely modified EVERYTHING before finding this site. Which kind of sucked, and had its benefits. A list of everything i did to my nite finder...
1. stretched spring inside for more resistance
2. added an extra 0-ring inside so that it had a tighter seal, then i added valve grease to the plunger.
3. i saw air restrictors inside.... RIPPED THOSE OUT
4. modified the barrel slightly
5. gave it a new paint job
6. put an ACTUAL LASER in for a sight. using existing wiring and batteries, but changing the inside components.
7. i modified all my darts, stick darts now a little heaver, and completely air tight due to hot glue and shake straws; long losing darts kind of like stephens, and a shorter stubby type stephan for max velocity

here are links to see my pics... tell me what u think

reccomendation on more mods? A question is... will a brass barrel, longer too, help distance and accuracy?

the box when i first got it pre mod said 35 feet... i did field testing today and my average distance is 56 feet, due to those mods... quite a difference i think. The small stephens went a max of 62 feet. i was shocked. the standard dart that came with it only went about 48 ft. due to lack of weight. and this is with NO WIND whatsoever. Drop me a line on my first post... later `k7`