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#261008 I Have A Question About losers.

Posted by Poseidon on 06 January 2010 - 08:58 PM in General Nerf

With stronger guns, constant moving after every shot, and painted camo guns, I don't understand why they would be looked down apon.

Just because you have a stronger gun doesn't remove the fact that there is no way that a nerf gun is going to be accurate enough to be hitting targets at long distances. The fact of the matter is, we're firing foam projectiles at relatively slow velocities from toy guns. From any significant distance, the target could see the shot coming and dodge it. Plus it's just silly. What fun is hiding in a bush when you can get out and run around like a little school girl?

#260499 Skype Group Chat

Posted by Poseidon on 02 January 2010 - 04:33 PM in Off Topic

Never mind. I'm getting sick of the random messages.

#260047 (almost) Semi Auto, Rscb Titan, Powered By 12v

Posted by Poseidon on 28 December 2009 - 10:31 PM in Modifications

When Nerf comes to batteries and air compressors, I'm out.

Nice work though.

#257133 Heeelp!

Posted by Poseidon on 23 November 2009 - 06:27 PM in Modifications

Essentially, the power stock should give you about the same range increase as putting rubber bands on a Nitefinder. So yeah, 3 feet.

#257031 Heeelp!

Posted by Poseidon on 22 November 2009 - 03:34 PM in Modifications

poseidon-Does that mean that all of the people in the directory who posted ranges of upwards of 60 ft. lie?

We prefer the term "over embellish".

Sorry, but I highly doubt a Recon will ever get over a 60.

#257020 Heeelp!

Posted by Poseidon on 22 November 2009 - 01:06 PM in Modifications

Not to sure if you're comprehending what everyone is saying.


It's hurting your ranges very badly. Don't drill it out or try to work around it.

Rip the damn thing right out and you should be good to go.

Just did that. I plan to get a replacement o ring asap.

Well then you're all set. But really, don't expect much above 40. As it's been stated a thousands times, Recons suck.

#256982 Heeelp!

Posted by Poseidon on 21 November 2009 - 10:54 PM in Modifications

So basically what you're saying is that I'm screwed?

Are you telling me to get a new o ring?

I don't hink that simply slipping a new o ring on there is going to fix all my problems...



It should.

I don't believe finding a replacement o-ring would be that difficult. At Lowe's, they have a good 10-15 different o-ring sizes that come in 3-6 dollar packages of 10 or so rings. I make no guarantees, but I imagine they'd have the correct size there. I got a replacement for a NF and a SF so they must be standard sizes.

Perhaps someone could correct me, but I'm pretty darn sure that plunger head is your problem with not having an o-ring. Hope it helps.

#256978 Heeelp!

Posted by Poseidon on 21 November 2009 - 10:37 PM in Modifications

Dude13- the oring actually broke.

Well there's your problem. At least in my experience, using other materials to mimic o-rings fails miserably.

Also, there is no real "rifle vs. pistol" debate with the recon. The main purpose of a stock is to steady your blaster allowing you to aim better or to simply add comfort. Regarding the former, the Recon will never get the ranges needed to require any sort of this "sharpshooting". It's ranges tend to not be much higher then that of a Mav and when was the last time you saw someone with a stock on one of those? In short, there's absolutely no functionality purpose to the Recon stock except for putting a spring in it which only increases its range by minimal amounts anyway. Just use the stock if it feels comfy to you.

#255344 Lb Pump Relocation

Posted by Poseidon on 04 November 2009 - 10:17 PM in Modifications

I agree with the previously stated that it looks a little unwieldy at this point. However, I see a lot of potential in this. Perhaps if more of the handle could be kept and the new pump moved upward so it's not hanging out almost in mid air, this would be a lot more usable. Obviously the general masses likes the handle pump, but hey, if you like your LB like your AT2K, then that's your business. Major props on getting the ball rolling though. It'll be interesting to see where this idea takes others.

#255291 New Dart Concept

Posted by Poseidon on 04 November 2009 - 04:36 PM in Darts and Barrels

So they're basically like Slug's felt and washer stefans? I'd use these, 'cept it seems like you'd have to make the slants just perfect for them to function properly... Are they just about as accurate as slug darts, then? And pictures/dart comparison videos would be nice. :)

I'm pretty sure they're pretty much nothing like Slug's darts unless I'm understanding him wrong.

Anyway, not a bad idea. My only problem with this would be almost encouraging people to make the ends of their darts pointy. If that began to happen, we would obviously have some serious problems.

#254420 Happy B-day To Groove!

Posted by Poseidon on 24 October 2009 - 09:46 AM in Off Topic

While I've always been a fan of Happy Birthdays from my friends here at NerfHaven, I don't think I've ever had the privilege of receiving well wishes two whole days in advance. Thanks, guys.

Now that it is officially my birthday, in the infamous words of Capt. Mal, "I aim to misbehave." Smell you punks later.



Just remember, if any fighting ensues, you drop to the floor and run away. It's okay to leave the others to die. :P

Have a good one man.

#254110 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Poseidon on 20 October 2009 - 06:21 PM in Modifications

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

New LS for a friend. I'm quite pleased with its paint especially. I guess all that drying brushing I picked up from War Hammer like games was good for something. Getting about 90-100 with the LS (singled) and 35 with the Mav.

#254101 Planning On N-force Swords Mods

Posted by Poseidon on 20 October 2009 - 05:51 PM in General Nerf


*Except :D

Anyway, if you were really bent on doing something with your sword, I'm sure you could figure out some way of attaching it to one of your Recon's tactical rail accessories as a sort of bayonet. It's been done with the LS scope but it could be interesting. But the previous comments were correct; nothing from "modding" a sword has anything to do with the sort of modding we do on this site. Generally speaking of course.

#253726 Red Strike Series?

Posted by Poseidon on 17 October 2009 - 08:15 AM in General Nerf

Well, I had thought I had seen a Red Recon before, but before I stuck my foot in my mouth, I did a bit of searching. After going through a couple dozen pages on Google images, I couldn't find the Red Recon. I then did the same with the Red Vulcan and came up with nothing. I doubt the photos are doctored; there's to many of them for him to have tried that. So, I figure the guy got lucky and a store near him accidentally stocked this "Red Series" Vulcan early. I'm guessing we'll probably start seeing similar ones in other stores within the next month or so. Just my guess though.

#253393 Guide To All Guns Directory

Posted by Poseidon on 12 October 2009 - 04:21 PM in General Nerf

Just out of curiosity, if a NF or a SF counts as having a moderate rate of fire, what counts as having a low one?

#253153 Guide To All Guns Directory

Posted by Poseidon on 10 October 2009 - 02:04 PM in General Nerf

I put down what I think the average price is based on NH sales threads.

Well, it'd be nice if K9 could clear up what his intent was because you are right in the aspect that many of the gun descriptions go by store/web bought price while others go by NH price. Perhaps, the guns still available in stores go by stock price while the not-in-production ones go by average NH price?

#253150 Guide To All Guns Directory

Posted by Poseidon on 10 October 2009 - 01:56 PM in General Nerf

Firefly price - $10

LS price - $20-$25

Both of these are low for stock guns. If you check web sites and most stores, FF's are still around $20 and LS's are $30.

#253148 Guide To All Guns Directory

Posted by Poseidon on 10 October 2009 - 01:52 PM in General Nerf

One of the new Nerf DT guns.

>>>>> Stormfire
>stock ranges: Low
>possible ranges: Medium
>modding difficulty: Low
>avg. price: $35-$45 for 2 with the CTF unit.
>rarity: Common
>standard position: Secondary/ Pistol
>Rate Of Fire: Moderate
>notes: Similar to the NF with a bit lower ranges. Cocks like a Maverick and has 5 additional ammo storage slots.

#253132 Guide To All Guns Directory

Posted by Poseidon on 10 October 2009 - 11:23 AM in General Nerf

Under SF, it says it's worth $12. I'm pretty sure it's a fair bit higher then that. Other then that, spectacular.

#252760 Nerf 1928 Tommy Gun

Posted by Poseidon on 06 October 2009 - 04:22 PM in Homemades

Wait wait wait. It's fully automatic. You have one post to explain that Al Capone or I'm going to give you the equivalence of a syphilis induced death in regards to these forums. Cause that thing isn't fully automatic.

Yes it is full auto and don't threaten to kill me.

"Syphilis induced death in regards to these forums" does not imply death in real life. Work out your metaphor and simile interpretation bud.

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, I'll give you that. Does it have any war practicality in the state it's in now? Probably not. Too flimsy. However, given a different shell and clean it up, you could have something pretty cool.

Don't take the internet so seriously though. It's the equivalent of a syphilis induced death.

#252532 How To Use One Trigger For Two Blasters?

Posted by Poseidon on 03 October 2009 - 09:34 PM in Modifications

Thanks guys. That was pretty much what I needed.

#252526 How To Use One Trigger For Two Blasters?

Posted by Poseidon on 03 October 2009 - 08:51 PM in Modifications

I've seen this done a few times before where someone has used one handle and trigger to fire two blasters at once. The closest example of what I'd like to do that I could find was dim3's Maverick(s) as shown in the far right of this picture...

Posted Image

What I was hoping to do was use two Stormfire's to do something very similar. However, I wasn't sure where exactly to begin and as I only have two spare StF's lying around, doing an overly large amount of experimenting wasn't an option. For starters, I wasn't sure if I would have to use one of the two StF's handles as my single handle or if a LS frontgun handle would do the trick. Essentially, if anyone who has done this before could give me any pointers, that would be great. I attempted to search, but found nothing explaining how it should be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This isn't meant to be theoretical or speculative; just asking a question. Thanks!

#252395 Maverick Stalk And Other Varoius Things

Posted by Poseidon on 02 October 2009 - 04:28 PM in Off Topic

Stalk... do you mean "stock" or are we talking about corn now?

#251858 Raider-cs 35 Drum Clip

Posted by Poseidon on 27 September 2009 - 05:53 PM in Modifications

Do not go and assume that someone stupid because they asked a question you assume is common knowledge.

Anyone who has ever seen a Vulcan or even a picture of one would know it takes chains, not clips. Why would you be planning on chopping one up to put one of the drums in if you don't even know the basic concept of the Vulcan? You'll lose money fast if you go by that policy.

Anyway, nice work. I personally like it more on the Raider now but not quite as much on the LS.
Original and clean all the same. Nice.

#251732 Tommy 20, Good Buy?

Posted by Poseidon on 26 September 2009 - 03:23 PM in General Nerf

I would generally say it is not a good-buy. It's pretty cool to play around with, but is not overly useful in actual games. Most darts other than Buzz-Bee darts tend to fall out of the barrels when it is pointed downwards or when running with it. Additionally, it doesn't get notable ranges or accuracy. That's just what I say from my experience but it's really up to you based on what you intend to use it for.

#251522 Damn East Coast.....

Posted by Poseidon on 24 September 2009 - 04:30 PM in General Nerf

Hey guys. I live in southern New Jersey, and I was just wondering. IS THERE ANYWHERE WHERE I COULD BUY A DECENTLY PRICED NERF GUN?!?!
I've tried Target, K-Mart, and Walmart. The Furyfires are !#@$@$# fourty five dollars. I read the forums a lot here and here people say that they have purchased and LS for 20 dollars, while here they are 30. It's not fair that everything costs more in the more populated areas.
If you live in south jersey, please tell me if you know of a place with afordable prices for nerf.

That is most definitely not true. $30 is the set unit price for a Longshot. If it is cheaper, it is because it's on sale or it was bought at a flea market/liquidation store. Furyfires are around $40-$45 as well. If you want cheaper guns, order them from someone in the NIC or try flea markets. Otherwise, you'll just have to pay the stock price like the majority of us do. Sorry.

#251458 The Off-topic Section

Posted by Poseidon on 23 September 2009 - 08:34 PM in Site Feedback

In a perfect world, guidelines would work great. Unfortunately, we're far from perfect. The exact same people who are posting useless topics in the Off Topic section are the ones who wouldn't read the guidelines anyway. Essentially, the guidelines would just be telling the more err... enlightened? members what they already know.

#250515 A Nice Add On For Your Nerf

Posted by Poseidon on 15 September 2009 - 03:41 PM in Modifications

Absolutely Fucking Brilliant!!!!!

Best Idea I have yet to see from a new member. I cannot wait till everyone has one, because I'm fat and slow and have a terrible time trying to sneak up on you god damn little kids. This is perfect, now I can hear you wherever you are and can sneak up on you because your busy scrolling through mp3s to find the new Kayne West song or watching an Eminem Video. Having a $400 POS attached to your blaster pretty much guarantees you are not going to leap over a shrub or dive roll under a park bench to get away from me either. Also I can Whistle, Belch, Fart and hum my favorite tune while wandering through the woods with no threat of you hearing me and ambushing me. Usually I have to be careful not to break twigs or walk through leaves all while watching the foliage for hidden children, Now All I have to do is listen for Rap music and watch for the gentle glow of a backlit LCD screen reflected in your nerf goggles. GREAT WORK!

Have you ever heard of sandpaper? the edges on that thing look sharp enough to open a huge gaping wound on your face if you are not careful while dancing through the brush.

LOL... kids...

Way to miss the whole entire point. He made this so videos can be made documenting a Nerf war (which is pretty brilliant). I don't believe anywhere was it said that it was meant to be actually listened to while you're playing. Nice use of sarcasm though.

Really though, it has a few bugs to be worked out, but I really like it. Once it can be created to be more stable and sticking out as much, this would be a really neat way of recording wars. Nice work man.


OBVIOUSLY, nobody is going to listen to music while they're nerfing. This is specifically for recording video during an event if you already own or plan to buy a 5th gen ipod nano.

^ Exactly ^

#249474 Battle.net Account Dump!

Posted by Poseidon on 03 September 2009 - 08:25 AM in Off Topic

I play Starcraft Broodwar. Just to let you know though, Starcraft 2 isn't out yet. It probably won't be for another year or more. You may be considering Broodwar a sequel, but in reality it's just an expansion.

Oh, and I play on a few different zones for certain reasons.

U.S. East: JCass42
Asia: JCass
Europe: JCass314

PM me if you feel like playing.

#249436 Search Is A Pain

Posted by Poseidon on 02 September 2009 - 06:41 PM in Off Topic

Or with SNAP tech, you could just search something like "SNAP bow" and you'll get something regarding the basic idea.

#249201 Singapore Nerf Tournament 2009

Posted by Poseidon on 31 August 2009 - 04:01 PM in General Nerf

I don't know... as miffed as I am at the stock guns, I do think it fixes the element of sharpshooting. I don't pretend to be any expert at NIC wars, but at the ones I have with my community, it tends to pretty much turn into people standing at opposite ends of the field taking shots at each other. With stock guns, it seems to be a lot more fun and active. Although, I concur; those playing fields are a lot weaker then I thought they'd be.

Thanks for the videos though Sg. It was certainly amusing.

#248820 Nerf War In St.joe

Posted by Poseidon on 27 August 2009 - 07:37 PM in Nerf Wars

Nerf war in St.Joe. For homemades and modded guns. For more information pm me. <_<

You might want to specify St. Joe where? I'm sure there are multiple.

#248801 At2k Internals Integrated Into 1-1/2" Pvc

Posted by Poseidon on 27 August 2009 - 05:30 PM in Modifications

It looks like you just took the same 2 pictures twice. Learn to look at your shots after taking them.

Actualy there 2 different pictures so make sure you have your facts right before you post.

I believe he was saying that there were essentially showing the same thing.

Anyway, nice work. I did something similar with a two inch diameter, thick, wrapping paper tube but this looks like it will turn out much better. Thanks for the post.

#248769 Make A Scout-crossfire!

Posted by Poseidon on 27 August 2009 - 10:49 AM in Modifications

Interesting. I've done this with a Maverick cocking mechanism before but not the Scouts. Unfortunately, the only practical use I can see for this is minimization which isn't going to happen so long as you have the ammo barrel on. Good work all the same.

#248322 Mother Of All Modification Contests

Posted by Poseidon on 23 August 2009 - 07:07 PM in Modifications

Could anyone give the links to the first and second place entries for all of us who don't have FU/NHQ accounts?

Congrats to all of the entrants and especially ASON. Nice work guys. Maybe next year I'll get off my ass and give it a shot.

#248261 Rf20 Problem

Posted by Poseidon on 23 August 2009 - 08:13 AM in General Nerf

Just as quick side note, when single shot mode is on, you will lose more air per dart compared to firing on full auto.

Yeah, I figured that when the same number of pumps got me darts the same distance on single shot as 20 did on rapid fire.

#248177 Crossbow Help

Posted by Poseidon on 22 August 2009 - 06:44 PM in Modifications

Please don't ban me? Just remember to follow the rules and you should be fine..Also, grammar is a big deal around here, so double check before posting.

He says as he only puts two dots where there should be either one or three.

Anyway, if you have the shell of a xbow, you could conceivably make internals for it. On the other hand, a mod isn't going to get you anywhere. A mod just does as it says; modifies something that already exists. What you're proposing to do is to machine brand new internals yourself. Not the easiest thing to do.

Possible? Yes.
Difficult? Hell yes.

#248138 Anyone On Nerfhaven Unicycle?

Posted by Poseidon on 22 August 2009 - 03:18 PM in Off Topic

I tried once and fell if that counts. I honestly have no idea what kind it was though.

#248112 Rf20 Problem

Posted by Poseidon on 22 August 2009 - 12:04 PM in General Nerf

Guys, my questions answered. If you have unrelated RF20 questions, start another thread. Thanks.

#247958 Rf20 Problem

Posted by Poseidon on 21 August 2009 - 10:15 AM in General Nerf

All single shot does is slow down the rate of fire.

Ah, that would make sense. Thanks a load.