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#353610 PCSR and 3D printed homemade parts? Aeromech, thoughts?

Posted by Safety2nd on 20 May 2016 - 01:41 AM in Homemades

So I'm currently borrowing a 3rd printer. Its the Dremel Idea Builder aka a Flashforge Dreamer without the heated plate. Anyway, it only uses PLA not ABS. I was wondering if I would run into too many problems printing in PLA? There is also Polymax PLA which looks pretty nice and may be even better than ABS. I'm pretty sure it works in the printer I have, still waiting to hear back from Polymaker about their filament. So yea, what do you all think?

#353609 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 20 May 2016 - 01:32 AM in Homemades

So I may catch a lot of flack for this but... Anyway the reason I'm going for a realistic looking mod is that it's for a LARP. So going for high immersion. Otherwise I wouldn't never think about it for a regular battl.

#353298 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 07 May 2016 - 06:16 AM in Homemades

Anything snap is easier in my experience, I just really like the carbine because no need for plunger rod Meaker.
I also would like to add, I agree with Langley that you should work on a beginners homemade. Those are just easier in my experience, and shouldn't be too hard. If you're really insistent in trying to put a homemade in a nerf shell, see if you can fit 1-1/4 in PVC in it. You'd probably have to cut out a lot of supports too. The only thing besides putting it in an LSK is a nitefinder rifle, and I don't remember if those hop.

I'll probly end up doing the carbine. While I do have access to a 3d printer the Rainbowpup and ESLT need it more than I'd like to get into for this project. The main reason for wanting the bullpup design was so I didn't have loads of extra barrel out the front but I think I can work around that. Could also do the pump snap but not sure if I wanna try and get the Alpha Trooper's pump working with that.

I'm pretty sure 1-1/4 tube will fit in the Alpha Trooper. I was already planning on gutting the inside. I like doing things the hard way.

The first pick is what I'm going for the second is the internals, the lower one being the AT. I also have a deploy to work with too. I have a longshot, would way rather a longstrike though.

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#353281 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 05 May 2016 - 06:46 PM in Homemades

So I found this video with a blaster by somebody named Modman. The blaster is called a Rain Pup. It looks perfect for putting on a RSCB and fitting it in the Alpha Trooper. I can't seem to figure out how the seal, at the part where the hopper conects, works. As far as I understand the rod travels into the plunger tube. Is it just the it's easier for air to leave the barrel rather than the seal?

Is Modman still on here?

#353270 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 05 May 2016 - 01:38 PM in Homemades

Sorry, I didn't build the blaster, I bought it from Cheerios.  Typical homemades will have five to ten times the plunger volume of the AT/Deploy/Recon plunger.  There is no contest.  Most people are happy with the ranges and effort associated with [k26] springs.  Personally, I prefer the [k25], which is a bit lighter.  But that's just me.

Do you have a picture of it? I'd like to see the RSCB setup. Does Cheerios still sell blasters?

I just had read that people were having a hard time with the [k26] in the Snap Carbine. I wasn't sure what the difference in spring and plunger power was with the k18 Snap Carbine over a modded AT. Say if the Snap Carbine is the only one to fit in the AT shell and it can only use a k18, I was wondering if I would just be better modding the AT.

#353252 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 05 May 2016 - 04:14 AM in Homemades

I have done exactly this with my RainbowPup, and it works very well.

You wouldn't happen to have pictures and maybe some build details of your Rainbowpup?

By the way thank you all so much for the info. So I'm gathering that a bullpump won't work for my project but an ESLT and Rainbowpup will. What are your thoughts on a Snap Clip Carbine? I'd prefer to use the Alpha Trooper shell but the Deploy works too.

If I were to use say the Snap Clip Carbine, what am I looking at power improvement wise over just modding the Alpha Trooper or Deploy? I'm pretty sure the ESLT and Rainbowpup are huge improvements.

Also is it really that bad of an idea to use a [k26] spring in a Snap Clip Carbine? Is there a noticible power difference with a k18 in the same blaster? Thanks again.

#353230 RSCB clip + Bullpup + Nerf blaster shell?

Posted by Safety2nd on 04 May 2016 - 08:15 AM in Homemades

Hey all. So I'm new to modding and homemades but I'm super excited I found out about it. I have been searching around quite a bit and have not been able to find an answer to my questions. Basically I'm also very much into the aesthetics of modding too and have been wondering if anyone has ever tried to put their homemade blaster into a nerf shell?

From what I can tell the Bullpup design looks like it would fit the best. I was thinking either an Alpha Trooper or Deploy shell. Maybe a Recon? My other thing was that I'd rather not have a hopper sticking out so I was wondering about the compatibility of the RSCB clip with the Bullpup design?

On a side note, is a bolt slide like the Snap Clip Carbine compatible with the Bullpup? Are there other designs out there that might work better? Thank you for any info or pointers you can give me.