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#352650 What is the "best" spring for a Longshot cs-12

Posted by jsharma17 on 07 April 2016 - 04:12 PM in Modifications

8KG OMW spring does the job just fine for superstock and will be maxed on the field in terms of effective use with a proper air tight breech.  I've spoken with Heng of Xplorer and he advised me that their 18kg spring is near identical to OMW's 10kg spring, but the majority of springs they sell and install in their blasters are the 14kg variety (which in reality is comparable to the omw 8kg spring).  Anymore load then that and you send darts farther but the wind will take them off into the sunset.  Its not range that's important, its effective range, the distance where you can accurately hit stuff a good majority of the time.  If you rely on long range pot shots then just angle your blaster 45 degrees and spray and pray.  


I've found that most "aimed" shots that hit after a year of warring happened at 75 feet or less; even if many shots may have landed and or hit at further distances it was more practical to wait for a close engagement distance instead of spamming and wasting ammo.  If you're building up something greater then the needs of an 8kg spring it'll hit harder at a higher fps but from my experiences won't necessarily be anymore accurate.  

I had 14kg in my LS and it was hitting 220fps maxed on the chrony with elite darts, they hit hard and can shoot through cardboard box layers but I personally didn't want to get hit with that and I knew most others wouldn't either at a super stock game with a mix of kids and adult players (if you are going to start tickling this range, just go to NIC homemade wars and fire stupid power airblasters and leave welts).  I also realized after rapid priming my arms would get tired after a while with the 14kg springload and I wasn't pulling back the shotgun grip all the way to catch and then get a lot of misfeeds.  The performance with various strength springs at a short distance wasn't different enough to justify the huge load springs and sacrifice rate of fire and reliable priming.

One hand priming the 8kg spring is possible, but for that I recommend the stage 1-2 omw kits that come with a polycarbonate high impact bolt sled.  The stock sled will bend and twist and snap with one hand priming relatively easily with 8kg or more spring loads (i have broken one myself even using a shotgun grip, which is essentially 2 handed priming as it pulls from both sides evenly).  


Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

Thanks so much! Should I just use the oznerfnerd spring?

#352616 What is the "best" spring for a Longshot cs-12

Posted by jsharma17 on 04 April 2016 - 08:16 PM in Modifications

Well that depends how strong you are, if your a kid, yes, if your a teen/adult, no.

Ok, what are the fps scores for a longshot with a 14 kg spring in it and Can I one hand prime it? I am the typical 13 year old.

#352615 Oznerfnerd Longshot kit

Posted by jsharma17 on 04 April 2016 - 06:38 PM in Modifications

well if you have to just pick one I would get the artifact kit. But if you have the money to get a few kits I would get all three. the big hammer kit seems cool too 

What's the fps with the artifact kit. Bc using the stage 2 OMW kit with the oznerfnerd kit means you don't have use the metal brackets and it shoots ~130 fps.

#352603 Oznerfnerd Longshot kit

Posted by jsharma17 on 03 April 2016 - 06:58 PM in Modifications

Personally I like it, its a good addition to a OMW kit , artifact kit or a brass breach. 



-very nice 3d printing quality

- the metal reinforcement peaces make the stock parts very strong when glued properly 

- dead space reduction peace is a nice clean alternative to using hot glue 

- very nice 14kg spring with ground ends (best on the market in my opinion) 

-plunger reinforcement centres  the spring and really supports the weak part of the plunger rod 

- the lube it comes with is very good 



- you must use very strong epoxy to glue the bolt sled reinforcement parts. super glue will not work, jb weld broke on me, lepage epoxy broke as well, the only one that worked was aroldite and i had to import it from australia 

- the bolts that are ment to go though the plunger cap (micky mouse peace) are a pain to get on and the nuts did not fit unless i bent the bolt quite a bit. The bent bolt would not go though the screw ports unless i used alot of force. 

- its expensive to ship from Australia to canada or the US 

What should I get then OMW, Artifact, or Oznerfnerd?

#352583 What is the "best" spring for a Longshot cs-12

Posted by jsharma17 on 02 April 2016 - 09:02 PM in Modifications

Most people like 14 kg's usually it's a 1.125" x 5.5" X.100 gauge spring with about 8-10 coils if you order from an aftermarket shop like Oznerf or Black Tactical (warning terrible shipping prices from BT).  Personally I like the Xplorer 18 kg spring, Have you ever looked at a Home depot spring and wish it were longer but the rest the same?...well essentially, that's what Xplorer did, build one of the nicest springs I have seen in recent memory. I have been using it on a lot of blasters lately because It's like an Everbilt 7/8"x4"x.080 (14 coils) spring from Home depot except it's stretched to 5.25" with 14.5 coils total (x7/8"x5.25"x.080").  This makes it so it has a steeper wire pitch and more power, 1.3" solid clearance, but cut down to 10 coils fits most Nerf blasters that can use a 7/8ths spring. 

However, a good alternative is to use a Century Spring Company C-882 spring and cut it down to 6" (15 coils).  you got to cut the spring, square the spring, file the spring (some would argue it would work just fine open coil but I try to be smooth about it)  The yield is around 14 kg's but it has a little more precompression and also costs $5 at Orchard Supply and Hardware.  If you use the stock longshot spring with that, it's almost 18 kg's.


I think I'm intrigued by the 14kg spring, is it hard to prime?

#352582 Oznerfnerd Longshot kit

Posted by jsharma17 on 02 April 2016 - 09:00 PM in Modifications

Hi everyone,


I was wondering if I should know anything before ordering the oznerfnerd kit. If anyone can make a small review, someone can list pros and cons, if it is worth the money, etc. 




- jsharma17

#352573 What is the "best" spring for a Longshot cs-12

Posted by jsharma17 on 02 April 2016 - 05:47 PM in Modifications

Hi everyone, 


I was wondering what is "best" spring for a longshot cs-12. When I mean best I the most power while considering ease of use.

For example, a 22 kg spring has so much power but even with reinforcement, it is incredibly hard to prime. A 7kg spring is easy to prime but, only shoots ~80 ft. I want to say that Oznerfnerd's (14 kg spring) is the best choice but I don't know if it's hard to prime. 




- jsharma17

#352550 OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kits for Retaliator and Longshot (cs-12) reliabl

Posted by jsharma17 on 31 March 2016 - 08:40 PM in Modifications

No you must use epoxy glue is no where near strong enough. If you can't do it yourself hire someone to do it for 

Where can one find Epoxy?

#352545 OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kits for Retaliator and Longshot (cs-12) reliabl

Posted by jsharma17 on 31 March 2016 - 08:02 PM in Modifications

I have an Oz Nerf Nerd kit in my longshot and I fell its definately worth the money if your looking for something that shoots really hard, from what I've seen people get 120-130 fps. All those random metal bit are reinforcement peices and the large orange peice fills in all the longshot's dead space. The only draw back is that it takes a bit of work and you have to do some cutting and gluing, but Oz Nerf Nerd does have a pretty thorough video on how to install it. Though I still find the kit easier then doing an ar removal and dead space reduction (general mods people do for performance upgrade). The kit is about the same price as OMW stage 1 & 2 after shipping and currency difference so Its really up your preference. OMW is one of the easier drop in kits, Oz Nerf Nerd is better if your willing to take the time to install it and your games allow those FPS.

I saw Bobololo's video on the Oznerfnerd kit and I'm leaning towards buying that. I have two questions though. What will I have to cut and also can I use glue instead of epoxy?

#352390 OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kits for Retaliator and Longshot (cs-12) reliabl

Posted by jsharma17 on 23 March 2016 - 04:08 PM in Modifications


I have bought the kit for the Retaliator, and can say that the kit is easy to install and instructions clear, but may not be worth the money. With the kit installed, the Retaliator can shoot about 90 feet. All you need to do to install the kit is remove the stock spring and replace it with the modded spring, put the upgraded catch spring on the metal catch mechanism and replace the stock catch mechanism with that. Then, you put the metal reinforcement plate in the stock adapter.
Even though there is only a 15 foot range increase, I feel the kit is worth it.

Yeah I don't mind paying the $18 for a 15-foot increase. I feel like it is worth it. So I would buy the Stage 1 kit but I have heard, the metal trigger from the stage two kit is slow and the priming slide requires much more effort, is that true?



OMW is not the only kit maker. The Australians have one and Blaster Parts exists. Blaster Parts can be sourced in the US through Containment Crew. All offer tons of upgrade at different Price points. Will you be doing a Brass Breech mod or installing a pump grip? The OMW stuff isn't as good as the other options in my opinion. Stage 1 is good I feel the Oz Nerf Nerd kit was just as good though. Stage 2 is unnecessary in my experience if you know how to pad a plunger. I have not broken a bolt sled even with a Blaster Parts spring and a brass breech. But I do take meticulous care of my blasters, Some may say too much. 

I'm not doing a brass breach just because I feel the breach is alright as it is so I don't really see the need to reinforce it after the stage 2 kit. I'm also not going install a pump grip because I think the priming slide is fine (for me.) I have heard of Oz Nerf Nerd but I have seen the kit and I think it just comes with the spring and some other thing which I don't know. I don't know how to pad the plunger head. I assume it's like applying felt on the plunger head?


Does anyone know about the LS kit?

#352350 OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kits for Retaliator and Longshot (cs-12) reliabl

Posted by jsharma17 on 21 March 2016 - 03:18 PM in Modifications

I have been wondering the same thing.  I know a friend of mine has an orange mod works kit for the Alpha Trooper and it performs incredibly well.  The orange mod works website doesn't do a very good job explaining the differences between their kits.  

I have the alpha trooper with the kit installed and shoots incredibly hard. When I first shot it, with the kit installed, I could feel the gun vibrate. I highly recommend it, but back to the main idea. I'm trying to find if the kits are good for their respective gun, not the difference. 

#352346 OMW Unleashed Stage 1 kits for Retaliator and Longshot (cs-12) reliabl

Posted by jsharma17 on 21 March 2016 - 12:08 PM in Modifications

Hi everyone,


I was wondering if the Orange Mod Works Unleashed kits for the Longshot cs-12 and Retaliator are easy to install and worth the $18.99 I'm paying for them. I have exprience with modding (recon, firestrike, reflex) and I know how the internals work and stuff. But my main questions are:


- Is it worth the money?


- Is it easy to install?


- Are the instructions clear?


Links to the Kits:

(Longshot cs-12)







- jsharma17