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#361400 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 24 August 2017 - 10:56 AM in Darts and Barrels

It's a good option for cheap ammo and ugly-color mags or 18-dart mags. They don't offer too much else that's of interest 

yeah, but still they are good mags, i have some, they are really good, and work fine in any blaster. Still, it's cheap

#361399 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 24 August 2017 - 10:54 AM in Darts and Barrels

Protip: Don't go into the free shipping section, it's full of dildos

haha yeah xD we need a banner on here that says "beware of b.o.n.a.r.s" which stands for big, orange, nerf arrows and rockets, specifically



Welcome to the internet

it's scary place #shudders#

#361379 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 23 August 2017 - 09:08 AM in Darts and Barrels

I'm well aware of the various cut-down darts and their properties. Some have rock-hard tips, some aren't glued very well, some fly all over the place. For super stock and HvZ, they work fine however.
My point still stands. There is not a safe, hopperable, durable, and consistent dart from China. Accustrikes do not hopper consistently. 
I remain skeptical until I see a video of them going through a hopper with a standard barrel, shooting 200+ fps in a laser straight line. Also, fuck carrying cornstarch around.

Yeah I guess. And well then, I guess cornstarch is only for some people.

It's a good option for cheap ammo and ugly-color mags or 18-dart mags. They don't offer too much else that's of interest yet.

Yeah, but hey the mags and darts are good, that's all I care about

#361363 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 21 August 2017 - 08:43 AM in Darts and Barrels

For the stuff I've looked at, shipping is not included in price. Add an extra $5 in there; though if they combine it might be an ok way to stock up.

Yes, ok, you are right, just checked and it's $31 including shipping for 1000, however, it's still a viable alternative because last I checked that's still cheaper than like eBay

#361358 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 August 2017 - 10:38 PM in Darts and Barrels

I'll be ordering a few magazines to see if this site is legit, the prices are pretty nice. The colors are not new however. 
I've yet to see a durable, consistent, safe, and hopperable dart comparable to the slug with minimal wye modifications. I'm not seeing anything that fits the bill there.

A.)already done, Walcom was offered free stuff in the nerf department, usually, that means not a scam at all

B.)wrong, there are cut down ACCs, weird slug lookalikes, elites, worker, and you can manually cut accustrike darts and more. Here's the link, options, my friend, select the kind you want


C) even if slugs are better, these are cheaper, and like silly darts will feed with corn starch, these may be the same way. It may be possible, and it's very likely that any of the above mentioned kinds could work, albeit maybe a fix or two, and as I said, they have look alike slugs, if slugs work, these will, and are cheaper. Plus, if you are able to cut down accustrike darts, which I believe hopper, you can get 1000 for $18 as opposed to usually $20 plus endless amounts of time to make 200 slugs

Edit:oh and foam blast also seems to have gotten stuff

#361351 Cheapest darts, mags, rounds, everything, I have ever seen

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 August 2017 - 05:25 PM in Darts and Barrels

Letting everyone know that we now have the best source for anything nerf.



To give you an idea on how crazy this is, 1000 darts go for $18, and clear 18 mags go for $3 a pop, that's a third of all places previously available, and there have been multiple people saying it's not a scam.

They have darts of every color I have ever seen, anything from red, to purple, even on the mags

Plus, gone forever are the days of slugs, there are slug lookalikes for $1.99 per 50, this is just crazy, splurge while you can.

#360547 3rd party MEGA darts?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 13 June 2017 - 08:51 AM in Darts and Barrels

I've had these reccomended to me http://www.ebay.com/...xIAAOSw8-tWYHcR
Haven't bought them yet but thinking about it .

Yup! These are with sponge and Silica gel so I can promise you these are the same as mine, feel free to buy mine or those.

#360523 3rd party MEGA darts?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 12 June 2017 - 09:26 AM in Darts and Barrels

Hey all, wondering if anyone knows of any 3rd party, aftermarket, or non-hasbro darts that work with nerf megas.
My mega bigshock is now one of my favorite nerf pistols, especially after removing the AR, dart post, adding omw 7kg retaliator spring, and worker barrel adapter. It shoots mega darts, elite darts and rival balls really hard and far. But mega darts are faaaaar from accurate.
I would LOVE some mega sized koosh, or waffle, or fvj/fvn darts.
Any of you know of anything besides crappy nerf mega darts?

So there is a long story, and I will start off by saying DON'T buy those rayethion darts, someone didn't read the post, those are elite size darts. Now you have two options, one is a serious don't buy, they are crappy, jam, have terrible foam and I have tried all mega darts. Out of these, only 2-3 work. The other one, is made out of regular foam and SILICA gel, pay attention to that, because it's important to make sure you don't get the crappy one. The crappy ones are made out of EVA and soft plastic, don't buy those.

Now, i wouldn't exactly recommend these darts, but neither would I say don't buy these, it's an odd case quite frankly. With these, they whistle MUCH more than regular nerf darts, at the cost of durability. They won't last as long as regular nerf megas, and not every gun will fit these perfectly. Only the rotofury seems to have an issue with this though.

Here's link for 120 at 12.99:https://www.amazon.c...Nerf mega darts

#360370 Rival Magazine Storage?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 05 June 2017 - 09:37 AM in General Nerf

I have condor mag pouches, they are good for dart mags but if you try to put rival mags in them they fall out when you run. Which, unfortunately, is also the case for the paintball pod holding belt. The elastic bands that retain the pods just aren't set up right to hold rival mags since they're longer but thinner. It will be good for when I get a nemesis and have a use for paintball pods though.
I have a pouch that holds 8 rival magazines but not securely once you remove a few, I think I am stuck with that plus using the clips to attach a couple to the rails on my zeus. I might just sew something myself, or make a duct-tape/cardboard thing.

Well dangit. Yeah, I would do that, however. If you are willing to spend the money, I personally would just ask you try out the fast mag things, and quite frankly, if that works you could have dump pouches, AND then these fast mag things holding extra rounds you can just pull out and shoot the balls into the nemesis with the release all button.

#360342 Rival Magazine Storage?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 04 June 2017 - 11:44 AM in General Nerf

Interesting. I ordered a paintball pod holder, if that doesn't work I might try those  next.

Well, i mean if you want more holders, use these, that chest rig i linked the other day is actually only $30 or so if you know where to look, and you can get an even cheaper rig if it's just a vest and not a full on rig.


These are the holders you want that i know would work for 6 rival mags.

#360311 Rival Magazine Storage?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 03 June 2017 - 09:47 AM in General Nerf

I am looking for a good way to carry 12 round rival magazine on a battle belt or plate carrier. I don't want to spend $15 on a 3d printed holder for 1-2 mags. I was using these:
https://www.amazon.c...ht holder&psc=1
Which are fine for carrying a few magazines, but I want to carry about a dozen and 12 flashlight holders would use my entire battle belt. What I'm hoping exists is something that will hold 5-6 magazine arranged vertically and only use up 2-3 molle loops. I own a variety of dump pouches/holsters/admin pouches etc and none of them are quite right (they're mostly not tall enough).
What do you guys use to carry rival magazines? I'm open to pretty much any suggestions that will let me carry 10-12 magazines and cost less than $40 total. That can be one big pouch, two small ones, a thigh rig, whatever. I just need it to not take up a ton of real estate since I need to carry other gear as well.


This is exactly what you need, fits your price range, and may be used, HOWEVER. I don't know if it works, all I'm suggesting is you check into these "fast mag" pistol carriers. I know the actual stick mag holsters can get really cheap, and depending on the dimensions of a regular rival magazine as compared to a regular nerf mag, you could potentially just use those. It's up to you, check into the dimensions of the pistol carriers, or go grab a 18 or 12 rounder and see if you could fit rival magazines in that profile.

I would be REALLY eager to know if it works, toadbrew, report back here if it works. Because if so, I think I single handily have found the best option for mag carriers, the 18 stack holders are cheap and good, and if this turns out, then we will have a rival option.

Edit:btw, these are molle compatible, and if anyone knows I WILL HIGHLIGHT THIS HERE BECAUSE I NEED AN IMPORTANT ANSWER. Do anyone know if these holders would work, it says it fits anything from a glock 45 ACP to a 1911

Edit 2:Did some even more research, toad you are lucky, rival 12 mags fit into the dimensions of a 12 mag when put sideways, so remember that discussion the other day about my stuff? Yeah, find cloth 5.56 or 7.62 mag holders, and find a molle vest(if you need I can link you one) and use all of that, I also have a link for a perfect holster that's $15, has storage for 6 of your rival magazines, and is MOLLE compatible on front and back side

Honestly, I am quickly growing to love these fast mag things, they are cheap, useful, can be inverted, and use MOLLE webbing, what more do you need. Now final thing is be warned, I just checked, the width of a rival magazine is too thick to fit into the profile of a regular mag, however that doesn't exactly translate into it not working. You just need to try it out.

#360210 Chest rig question

Posted by Pineapplepies on 30 May 2017 - 11:57 AM in General Nerf

The questions on the amazon page say it will hold AK magazines, and generally (but not 100%) gear that holds AK magazines will hold nerf magazines. If it doesn't, it should definitely hold at least SOMETHING from this nerf-related list:


Demolisher missile


Extra lipo

Extra IMR's

Water bottle

Sledgefire shells


Extra darts


And then you can find pouches that *will* hold nerf mags and attach them to the molle.

Thank you god, ok finally, exactly the answer I needed. Thank you SO much, I will proceed with getting this rig, because all of those things are something i could use. Btw, I will say for anyone who does see this page, the mag carriers I am using are called FastMags, they are double stacked 7.62 holders, now I won't disclose where you can get them, since the price I am getting them at is really cheap. Look on aliexpress for the single carriers, they are MOLLE compatible and are basically a better version of the NMAG system, don't buy that junk, this is literally half the price and is the same exact thing. 


Edit:and this should be pinned somewhere, I think it's useful for the community where to get a cheap loadout, this tread has established that the above vest is highly modular and useable. Then I said basically the best option out there for mag holsters, if any of you guys need a good loadout, use this system. Most people of course recommend the above Nstar vest, but for anything more than 12 mags aka any rig that runs a rapidstrike or hyperfire you are going to want these things..

#360195 Chest rig question

Posted by Pineapplepies on 29 May 2017 - 05:51 PM in General Nerf

I doubt it. This isn't a slight on you, it's just that there's no setup that will do this with nerf. Airsoft maybe, but not nerf. I know you said you need good cover fire, but that's kind of silly since if you have good cover fire you can take down hordes of zombies with a maverick.
You can train to run with a 50 pound load (real soldiers do it, and more) but you'll never be as fast as you would carrying a 20 pound load. That's just how humans work. The most likely scenario here is that the people you thought would be covering you will decide to run (probably a correct decision), you'll tag out a couple dozen zombies, and then get nommed. Fifteen minutes later, all of those zombies respawn. Unless you were pivotal in finishing a major mission, you didn't accomplish much, and now you don't even get to enjoy your $500 loadout.
However, this is all said with the caveat that if the most fun thing for you to do is to be the guy with 800 darts, then you should 100% be the guy with 800 darts for as long as you can. Just don't think it will make you invincible.

Yes, I know, that's why I'm only doing less than a 20 pound load, i know I can't run too fast with 35 pounds on my back because it does weight you down. Plans already changed, and I'm expecting less people for my squad, so I will need to carry less stuff, I am still wondering. Does anyone know if those M4 magazine slots work with the 12 dart mags, I still want to know that and no one has answered me.

#360162 Chest rig question

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 May 2017 - 07:10 PM in General Nerf

Unless you're dual wielding double hyperfires at maximum voltage there's no possible way you need 800 darts on your chest, to say nothing of the fact that you would be a massive and slow target for everyone else.

As a former XC runner, and having been on countless hiking trips and times with 35+ pounds on my back, i think I can EASILY carry something that would weigh at most no more than 20 pounds across my whole body.

But yes, I'm planning on running a hyper-fire, and that was all theoretical

Edit:and then also add a year of training and pushing myself to sprint with this full rig on, plus all I need to do is just simply have enough blasters. I can be entirely immobile and as long as I have a good cover fire I can easily take down hoards of zombies with the blasters i will be using.


If a chest rig will handle 18 dart box mags no problem, why wouldn't it handle a 12 dart box mag? Maybe I'm misreading something?
Also, if you're going into Nerf without regard to cost (lucky you!) and you also know you're getting this chest rig anyways, what exactly are you asking for?

Yes, this seems to be a big misunderstanding, and I apologize for that, I WILL MAKE THIS CLEAR AND GET YOUR EGOS OUT OF THE WAY PLEASE. I'm asking simply if the built in storage(made for M4/ar15/multiple other guns magazines, aka the 5.56 round) would fit 12 round NERF magazines, that's all. I need to know before buying the product if I can count on those pockets fitting my box mags.

#360151 Chest rig question

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 May 2017 - 09:18 AM in General Nerf

Recommend these, cheap and reliable. Holds 12x18rounders at max capacity.

That's what I use and I've very happy with it, even when I'm using it to hold twelve 18 dart box bags.

Guys, I know you love to rave about this chest rig, but do me a favor here please and I don't need any more people reccomending this rig. Let me come clean here, i am planning to get really into nerf, and I am into spending more money on something that can get you the furthest as opposed to spending money on something cheap and have it it get you as far.

I have found this rig, and noticed it has molle, I need that, for I have found a really cheap mag holder that I'm not going to disclose for reasons of it going out of stock soon after it's shared. It holds 2 box mags for roughly $12, and on that rig I linked I can hold 18 stick mags, and up to 38 STICKMAGS if I'm willing to spend the money. That's an insane amount of rounds, around 800 to be exact.

Now I'm not planning on getting that yet, but back to the main topic, I would like it if people told me wether or not the built in storage fits 12 round magazines, I don't need to know, I'm set on getting this anyways, but I would like it if people stopped trying to get me hooked on another thing and answer my question.(note. I am already getting what you mentioned for others, my squad, but all I need to know is about one fully decked out kit for me.

#360130 Chest rig question

Posted by Pineapplepies on 26 May 2017 - 01:25 PM in General Nerf

Hello everyone, I know i have asked this before but I didn't get this answer out of that. So anyways, I have found this nice looking chest rig



I will be likely getting it, but what I'm wondering is more so if m4/ar15 chest rigs like these would fit 12 dart clips. The molle webbing on there is enough for me to want to use them with the fast mags i will be getting. But i need to know if the built in slots would work for any mag or other things like blasters.



#360128 JSPB B&B mini-hopper

Posted by Pineapplepies on 26 May 2017 - 01:14 PM in Homemades

This is a design that is easy to make and it can allow firing shots in rapid succession.

Holy crap, not the greatest english, but who cares, this is amazing, mad props man.This looks amazing, if you could post the files you made this from and the parts list, I would imagine the whole community would thank you. Also, besides posting the files, try selling these! I can tell you depending on the price i would buy one of these


Edit:if you are with the JSPB group, tell them their products are great, but it would be appreciated if files for this were given out. I know you want to make profit off of these, but do everyone a favor and allow this to be open source if they want, and give the files out. I can tell you that it won't really impact your sales, in fact you may sell more because there will be many ways you can do it, aggressive and closed marketing is what made sites like tacticoolfoam.com get bad reviews and a bad rep, don't follow that path.

#360127 2017 Modification/Homemade Contest

Posted by Pineapplepies on 26 May 2017 - 01:02 PM in General Nerf




 I'm confused. What's an "Ultimate" blaster mod writeup? 


In general, though, if you build a blaster and you take the pictures and you write the instructions (i.e. don't copy and paste), you're eligible. Ideally, if your mod is based on someone else's work, you at least have something a little extra to make it "yours." Even if that's mostly an aesthetic addition.


Also, be sure to credit whoever your work is based on.

He is refering to lorddraconials way of calling his "everything basic" type mods, for example: a non-cut, non-painted firestrike with increased seal, padding, spring, ar and lock removal, and nothing besides that. It's a maxed out blaster without any shell painting, reinforcing, or crazy additions, and excludes anything related to replacing or improving parts. It's a extreme sleeper if you know what that is, no modding can be detected unless you look very closely or note the slightly different spring.(In fact this is honestly sort of overpowered in some cases because you can bring it to a stock only war and have it pass for a regular blaster, and the preformence isn't enough different to get you kicked out, but enough to provide more range).



Heh heh, sorry for not explaining that part... What I meant was, all the basic, easy modifications in one big write up (ARs, better seal, spring upgrade, no deadspace, lock removal, reinforcements, and a paint job).
Hope that clears it up... Sorry for the confusion.

Bubba, i would caution you on making a ultimate blaster, because Jwasko said you have to change at least something something to not plaugerize, and as you know drac has MANY videos out there. However, my suggestion would to be is do what you asked about, and then put something crazy, or add some special features and or cosmetics to make it earn more points, because every point counts!



Jwasko, so let me get this straight, are modded water blasters allowed? And like do you have to have an amazing paintjob or colors to get a lot of points in the aesthetics category?

#359506 Similar design, but NEW DARTS

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 April 2017 - 11:47 AM in Darts and Barrels


I think it's going to come down to simple testing.


I'm curious as to how these would do in flywheel blasters.

Yeah I may get these, anyone else feel free to get them too, anyone know if these have been mentioned before or am I the first?

#359501 Similar design, but NEW DARTS

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 April 2017 - 10:42 AM in Darts and Barrels

Same tip geometry as waffles, but might have more give on impact.

So does that translate into working better or worse for accuracy and fps? My guess is maybe actually worse because of the gaping and un-even hole in the tip, I don't know any physics yet though but im guessing you do slug

#359499 Similar design, but NEW DARTS

Posted by Pineapplepies on 27 April 2017 - 10:02 AM in Darts and Barrels



Found these, wondering if these basically are the same as X-Waffles because those are good darts, but these are cheaper and maybe even a better dart.


Edit: they come in many colors, and i would think they would preform the same but want to know if anyone has these already

#359336 Demolisher absolver

Posted by Pineapplepies on 20 April 2017 - 10:10 AM in General Nerf



I've seen your prior posts and you seem pretty smart (unlike many other posters here and elsewhere online). Therefore, I firmly believe all you need to do is search on NH for "absolver" and look at the pictures of what people have done. There is no "trick" or special part to use. It's honestly as simple as figuring how to guide high pressure air from one opening into a 3 or 7 bundle of barrels.


I made my own set of absolver shells and couplers by going to a bigbox hardware store and looking at what PVC screw and friction fit couplers, pipes, tubes, and other doodads they had and just brainstormed internally for 15 minutes. I then bought a wide variety of sizes and shapes (they're so cheap) went to my workshop and just experimented with only hot glue, a saw, a mitre box, epoxy, PVC cement, an X-acto knife blade, and polystyrene card stock. Literally, that's all I did and was able to figure it out despite being one of the lowest IQ members on NH.


Here, look at what I did:




No, I don't have the part numbers or exact dimensions, but you don't need them if you go to a bigbox hardware store and just spend an extra $4.75 on PVC parts.


In hindsight, I would have used a screw couple with a larger opening, but that's the only thing I would have changed.


Based off of this, I likely will use this another time because I'm planning on using a 1/2 inch cpvc coupler, however, I will use your system. I know this would be a weird part if it exists, but does anyone know if there is a cpvc coupler PLUS a screw couple part? Like I'm saying a screw coupler of a certain size, then the inner diameter fitting cpvc through friction fit.

You mentioned something about 3D printing, which I've done a bit with for absolvers. I made a simple 3 shot barrel in CAD, here it is:

Just stick a stub of 0.5" CPVC into the back to attach it to a coupler system.

Also here is a link to the .STL, if it doesn't work for some reason let me know:

Using this, printing this today, do you know if this is airtight already or should I just wrap it in tape so no air escapes?


I did it, just the way I had said it. All you have to do is fill the head with hot glue, add more stuff/hot glue to kill dead space in plunger tube, and cut down barrel/epoxy on 1/2" cpvc pipe and if you want a coupler, put on a coupler. Hits like a truck on steroids singled, went so fast using a stock dart that I couldn't see it.

Ok cool, the group consensus seems to be to use 1/2 inch cpvc, so that's likely what I will do, thank you

#359235 Demolisher absolver

Posted by Pineapplepies on 14 April 2017 - 12:18 PM in General Nerf

You could use CPVC in a 3 shot or 7 shot configuration (assuming the 7 shot configuration fits; the 3 shot definitely would).

Ok.... but still, how?!?!? I know that's how I do it, but where do I start, better question, what do I go and buy to make it???!? I know I should use either a twist fit or a regular coupler but then what about the actual piece that holds the cpvc, like what holds those pieces in place. I don't know if any pvc part that would fit in the back of that launching tube, like what size coupler or piece what I use


Been done, no offence intended, but wasn't this on an SBNC show? Where some dude did what your asking about? Cuz if thats what your thinking about, I think he explained how he made it.
But seriously, just cut out the inline barrel thingy, put some CPVC inside, and puddy that shiz up
I mean, I honestly would just couple it with CPVC and use it as a built on HAMP system.

Checked, I know which video you are talking about but no he mentioned conduit, not what we could use here in the U.S, and I mean I want it to be REMOVABLE and able to fire one dart or three. I will ask the question and clarify more here, I want a REMOVABLE system where I put one coupler piece, and then can select different types of barrels so I can use megas, three darts, one dart, missles etc. What I don't get though is how do I make said attachments, and what materials do I use? Like what size coupling would actually allow me to use three darts and then also one?

And also, I don't care what I have to buy/use to do this, including if I have to print something because I have a 3D printer, I can make next to anything but need to know how

#359212 Demolisher absolver

Posted by Pineapplepies on 13 April 2017 - 04:43 PM in General Nerf

Does anyone know of how to make an absolver for the demolisher hamp? I don't really know what I would use and suggestions and material list would help. There aren't really any good guides on this and I know I would want a coupler but not sure how to make the multi barrel system.

To clarify, what I'm asking here is I understand I need a coupler system, and I need a bunch of a certain size of other couplers to make different attachments, but I'm wondering what I would use and how I would do it

#359211 Another Nerf-puter project

Posted by Pineapplepies on 13 April 2017 - 04:40 PM in Modifications

The fdl2 has dials for Firesign mode:semi, burst, full auto. And rof control. This cannot be done with the mechanicly pushed stryfe.
Whoops on the dart counter meaker. I thought that would have more attention as one of the coolest things.

That's not what I mean, I meant that it would be similar to the FDL-2, and as opposed to having electronically powered pusher, I mean this system or make a dial that can manipulate the voltage going to the motors, and modify the speeds, and potentially have something that can be control the fps.

Yeah the work involved to make it a 'counter' was kind of trivial so I din't highlight that feature, but yeah that should be given more emphasis given it's the most important part of it. Also, I called it a 'round counter' in my post, not an 'ammo counter'. Rounds/ammo... same difference... though "round" seems like the more appropriate word. When I hear the word 'rounds', I'm thinking darts in a clip... when I hear the word 'ammo', I'm thinking darts in a scavengers bucket. IDK, LOL!!!
Pineapplepies, that's the first I've heard of 'FDL-2'... I'll have to look in to that. As far as controlling flywheel and feeder motors, I think both features would stay within range of the 328p. The select fire feeder motor thing would require probably 4 GPIOs (2 switches on a dial => bits for 4 modes, a feeder position switch, and motor driver output), and some simple logic fed from the remaining rounds variable. The flywheel could be controlled with a logic level FET (I'm a big fan of those) and analogWrite() I believe, since that uses Timer0 and the IR sensor is rigged to Timer1. Not 100% sure, but one problem I forsee with using Timer0 analogWrite(), is it may introduce some error in the RPM measurements (which gets micros() from Timer0). I think the errors would be negligible though, and if they weren't then maybe analogWrite() can be ported to use Timer2 for this project (I've ported a servo lib to another timer on an unrelated mega based project... wasn't that hard to do). With 3 analog inputs left, adding a 'flywheel speed dial' to that would be trivial.
Now my mind digs deeper down the rabbit hole... how about developing a PID loop to set actual FPS with the dial... that would be tight!!! We could get the flywheels smart... make them adjust up/down depending on what FPS is coming out the other end.
Anyhow, my time to work on code can be hit/miss depending on my work/family schedule. This is open source code, and I'm no expert coder. There are many things that could be done more clearly/efficiently, on top of adding desired features. I haven't shared on Nerf reddit... I figure one place is better than 2, and Nerf Haven seemed the best spot for this. That said, I might put this on github if there are other dudes wanting to work on it.
At the moment, it compiles around 84% progmem with the useless splashscreen, and 69% without the splashscreen. That leaves plenty of 'hard drive' to add features. SRAM is at 82% with or without the splashscreen, but so far the heap hasn't crashed on me. Before I was using float arrays, 90% SRAM, and that was crashing. So, when we start talking about adding more to the data tables (like current, etc...), or expanding the max clip size, we may run in to the limit of the 328p. That said, I've got some extra esp8266's. I think the code for that would be even simpler, since the ide has built in esp stuff that does better than 65nsec (so no need for input capture, and direct port probably won't be necessary). That would make for a much more compatible and easier to read code, but I enjoy squeezing blood from rocks.

Yes, that's what I meant, I mean find a way to allow this to control or post how you can control the speeds of the motors. Some people may not think it's useful, but when you get into the area of FDL-2 performance you may not want to give some nasty welts so you can turn down the speed. My other idea with that was that if you are in a really long battle you can limit the voltage going to the motors, so if you only get one 2s pack you don't burn through your battery too fast. And yes, that's exactly what I meant, finding a way to control fps.

#359172 Another Nerf-puter project

Posted by Pineapplepies on 11 April 2017 - 08:14 PM in Modifications

Could you hook this up with a system, and or could you possibly code this to regulate the flywheel speeds and then furthermore control the thing with dials, that would make this FDL-2 but open source AND in a much smaller and versatile package which would be groundbreaking.

#359171 Simple Longshot mod?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 11 April 2017 - 07:43 PM in Modifications

I'm surprised it's that slow, I was going to get the 8 kg spring, but now you have me wondering. Maybe 80-90 is the fastest anything can so with the AR intact? Don't get me wrong, that's about what I was looking for anyway, it just seems lower than I would have guessed.

No, but it depends how far you want to go, I have modded one long shot before and actually I would reccomend just buying and using a [k25] because it has more potential, plus you get five LONG springs for 12.15 plus shipping. The only problem is the fact that it is slightly hard to prime, I would recommend getting a pumpgrip if you wanted to go a step further and get a [k26] to work, but the max and strongest spring the longshot can handle is a [k25].

#359151 Caliburn: Mag-fed Pump-action Springer

Posted by Pineapplepies on 10 April 2017 - 06:55 PM in Homemades

Do you think you could put a k14 in this? The power is great but what if we went higher fps, I know some homemade come in at like 230 fps like xellas in coops video so if you wanted to could you actually go the extra mile and use the strongest spring I know of.

#359129 Buzz bee ultra tek Rapid tek vs sentinel

Posted by Pineapplepies on 09 April 2017 - 10:40 AM in General Nerf

This is basically a Sentinel in a different shell, with a better priming method and a significantly more comfortable handle. It's easier to turn it into a pump-action blaster as well. Someone brought one to the last NIB SoCal war and it had great performance right out of the box.

Huh, who would have known, I have both and quite frankly I think the sentinel is better but that's just me. Do you know if you can rotate the priming handle to the other side and has anyone done that? I use my left hand to prime and its bothersome to prime sideways so I would use this at endwar over my k26ed sentinel if I could find a way to do that.

#359127 Buzz bee ultra tek Rapid tek vs sentinel

Posted by Pineapplepies on 09 April 2017 - 09:20 AM in General Nerf

Is this the glorious sentinel. I do not own one but might pick it up for its insane performance.

Yes sadly this is the sentinel, it's a true shame to see some idiots at hasbro found a way to basically make a monopoly. My personal reccomendtion would be not to buy it at this price, sadly I don't think it's worth that much. You should if you are going to mod it but as for just leaving it stock your time to buy it was months ago when hasbro wasn't a pain in the ass

Edit:I know I sound depressed but it is true that unless you want to mod it for this price you should get something that's more functional all around or if you have the money because the sentinel is power based, something like a EAT for this price would better serve you in any situation where you need more speed

#359118 My strongarms cylinder pop out won't work.

Posted by Pineapplepies on 08 April 2017 - 09:03 PM in Modifications

You know, the ones with the clips that always break off leaving a brick-shaped nub!

Totally off topic but I always have had that entire thing pop off, no nub just the entire piece coming off leaving a rectangle imprint and basically a actually pencil shaped mechanical pencil

Does anyone know how to make this work, all I did is remove the dart pegs to make it compatible with stefans. It does pop out a tiny bit I'm guessing it's the air restrictor but idk I would prefer not to have to remove them. Here is the picture and yes I know that it does not have the barrel thingy. Thank you for whoever can help!

You should have no problem with that working. I removed and sanded the dart pegs and it should work fine, do you mean the shell doesn't fit back together?

#359117 Spring issues

Posted by Pineapplepies on 08 April 2017 - 08:49 PM in Modifications

Okay, it's been a while.
While my limited access to the site has been a drawback, it has t stopped me from participating in the hobby!
I recently got hold of an old BuzzBee tek6, and I really liked the spring in it as opposed to the one in my EAT. While it fits nicely, I ran into some mechanical drawbacks.
The spring is a little short.
We all know very well that dead space is bad (cough cough reverse plunger)
But the spring is more than dead space. I'm only getting 5/8 of the power I can get out of it, and it seems to be grinding against my plunger rod a little bit too.
I need to make a spacer piece somehow, can somebody point me in the right direction?
I don't feel like buying a new spring, and that's not gonna happen for a while.

Do you have a dremel or any sort of tools? I would recommend just making a spacer like you said, I mean you could just find multiple circle shaped objects and glue them together. I believe unlike what slug said you could actually do it without buying a spring, it may be slightly homemade though.

#359113 Paging Langley

Posted by Pineapplepies on 08 April 2017 - 07:57 PM in Off Topic

He hasn't suspended me for the semester, so I don't know.

Interesting, slug do you know anything

Kinda miss all the funny screenshots I got from him like the classic translation

Edit:I'm getting march 27th as when he was last active so huh I don't know

#359110 Paging Langley

Posted by Pineapplepies on 08 April 2017 - 07:30 PM in Off Topic

Does Langley even exist anymore, I have noted an absence of the all loved and hated Langley

#359059 PSA $5 recon mk2s

Posted by Pineapplepies on 06 April 2017 - 10:42 AM in General Nerf

https://www.amazon.c...words=recon mk2
Already picked up 2
Good for super stock springers builds. I plan on using them for homemade pump action with internal mods. Write up coming soon.

Are there actually only 4 left or is there a limit per person

#359021 Milwaukee Area Nerf Outings (M.A.N.O.) 2017 Season dates!

Posted by Pineapplepies on 04 April 2017 - 01:21 PM in Nerf Wars


Is anyone going to this in the Chicago area? I'm looking to host a war around 60025 and since you guys seem to be near wondering if we could possibly get some people from here and sort of combine the people willing to come to the war. I mean where anyone who is near us and is willing to come to ours join us, and I can provide about 5-15 people for your war, as sort of a way to increase numbers and level of fun. For ours we have about 5 people so far and planning on doing this around may 20th or 21st. We also will be using more open rules.

#359020 Anyone willing to come out for a Chicago area nerf war?

Posted by Pineapplepies on 04 April 2017 - 01:15 PM in Nerf Wars

Well... showing up is all that really matters, especially considering our circumstances with an incredibly low player count. As of right now, I honestly couldn't care less about what kind of blasters we're going to be using (mod or non-mod), the game-modes we decide to play, or the overall quality of the Nerf War. All I want is at least 15 or so players, a determined location, and a date/time for this nerf war. It's not that I'm being lazy or impatient, but considering the fact that I will probably be moving cross-country in about 3 & 1/2 months... there is a chance that I will have to throw in the towel and drop out of this thread if things don't speed up between now and summer. I really, really don't want this to happen so that's why I keep telling you guys to please help me out with the advertising, on here and on Facebook. We have 3 months to get it together. Time will fly, trust me.

Hmmmmm this isn't good, we are about 6 days away from 3 months until you leave, so here's the deal. I can get my friends in on this if everyone's fine on that, or we could have a small war with whoever we have. As for the others, please just advertise on Facebook, speaking of which Pacnick have you tried advertising to the group in Milwaukee? Look in the wars thread there is a lot of wars within an hour of us so I think I'm going to go advertise there.

#358957 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 01 April 2017 - 05:43 AM in General Nerf

I have run three wars, most of which had over 30 people of varying ages, nerf experience, and enthusiasm, some with very little budget. I will say to you again, from experience, it is not your job as host to make sure everyone who shows up has a gear loadout that you think is optimal.  Most of the people coming should be bringing their own blasters, and the available loaners for people who don't should not be magazine fed, especially not fed from cheapo magazines that don't correctly fit or feed. If you want advice on running a war, I am happy to tell you everything I know and I am sure plenty of other people would be as well. If you want me to tell you you're making great decisions by buying bulk mags to use in loaners, that's not going to happen. That wouldn't be support, that would be me lying to you and encouraging you to waste your money. People will come to wars with a jolt and have fun. Fun is what you should be going for here. You're not training elite nerf teams for Endwar or a trip to the SENC. You're having a fun event for mostly non-competitive nerfers to benefit a dying friend. You would probably be better off banning magazine fed blasters rather than trying to ensure there are enough for everyone.

Ok, I think I finally get the point you are getting across, then that decides it. I will still be getting mags, because the main problem is banning mags would just decrease the amount of blasters available by about two thirds and that's not a good idea when I know for a fact a bunch of people won't have blasters. However I think I'm going to take your advice and for the loaners I'm going to get some sort of non-mag fed blaster.

Still, my point was I think it would have been smarter if I provided mag fed blasters because although this is a one time thing, i don't have the intention of letting people keep these, so my thought was that it is smarter to get something I can use more and quite possibly mod them later on. Like for example I was planning on getting champions, and if I did I would be able to theoretically mod every single one to hell and back with pump grips and everything if I ever took a small group of friends with me to endwar.

Thank you for the advice though

Edit:and in case you didn't get it, I meant I'm getting mags still because we need enough for the existing blasters we have, but perhaps not for everyone

#358924 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 30 March 2017 - 03:56 PM in General Nerf

Bump for above because apparently it decided not to actually register that I posted
Edit:mod please condense post, I am honestly not sure why it posted twice, then also wouldn't register

#358873 Bulk mags

Posted by Pineapplepies on 29 March 2017 - 04:45 AM in General Nerf

I have these mags. They only fit in a rebelle rapid red without modification. Any other blaster would need the mag modded. They only hold 11 but can be modded for 14. They function fine with the only complaint being that they are very brittle. They will not survive a 3 to 4 foot drop on any hard surface. They also normally come from China and take a long time to get them. Hope this helps. NERF on!

Ok cool, thank you for being the only one who got the point of this topic. All those down sides are ok, and could you link me or show me how to mod so they hold 14? Also the brittleness is ok, we are going to be on a street and lawns so for the most part we won't have a hard surface they can drop on, do you think a few layers of duct tape would fix the brittleness.


Triads are great for having your opponent under-estimate you. Quick to front load due to small size, and that lower middle barrel (first barrel in the smart AR cycle) can launch darts far better than most other elite blasters stock. They really are exceptional to have, and as long as you use cover, you'll be tactically as effective if you know what you're doing as someone with a lipo powered brushless arduino controlled stryfe which launches darts at glass ceiling velocities.
Skill is a much greater force multiplier than gear.
Now, take someone who knows what they're doing with a triad and hand them the Uber tricked out controllable dart hose and you will have a one man army. Why? If he knows what he's doing with a triad, his gear is simply a multiplier to his skill and not a crutch to cover up weaknesses in tactical and teamwork ability.

I think you are missing the point of why I posted this, I'm not here to argue that, I'm here to ask if it would be even possible to use these. You see I don't care about wether or not a triad can beat a person with a super stryfe based on skill, all I needed to know was if it was even possible to use these NO MATTER HOW PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT THEM. My neighbor has cancer that will kill him, we don't have the time or money to get anything except cheap stuff, so that's why I just need to know if they work or 100% no matter what I do they can't work

What? What? I thought I just told you - I saw a guy wreck with just a triad against noobs with good gear. I saw another guy with just a hammershot hold off me and my whole team. I've got good gear, and I'm not a noob.
The one caveat I'll grant you is that we're playing in heavy cover indoors. The guy who held me off? Hiding behind a 3/4 lite door - we couldn't charge him because his door was covering a kill-zone lobby that would've gotten us mowed down by other people in other cover. My buddy with a triad? In a stairwell plinking at people as they ran by. Still, provide good cover and you'll find that good loaner gear (that can break, is expensive, can fail, etc.) is not necessary.

What's "not enough"? I'm considering running a double-stack 18 for my next run. That's it. 36 rounds in two stacks. The blasters should have the mags they came with, right?

Those are the cheapest reliable mags I'll (or anyone I've seen reply to this same question) recommend.

Just split the teams! Make it so the heavily geared people are evenly split, no money required, you've solved the issue.

Ok ok, you don't have to get angered I just don't really have that money, it's not me who is paying for all this, I'm a teenager, I don't make that much money. My parents, neighbor, a few people who are donating, and a few aunts and uncles are paying for this, so the less money we have to ask for the better. You point is valid, I'm not arguing here I'm just saying that doesn't matter in the situation we are in, to my knowledge, everyone is on a similar level of experience. So I'm saying I think the gear matters because everyone isn't really a "pro" like you or me because most of them haven't even used nerf guns before, the people who have haven't done it much because they have wars with me and we don't do that often. I mean there are exceptions, but for the most part I would say I am going to have the most gear and experience since I have had many wars, at least 6-7 more than anyone else in the group that comes. I will take your advice on splitting the teams though.

This is going to be such a fun event, plenty of jammed mags for everyone.
Edit: If you are going to just ignore what everyone says and insist the cheapo knock off mags are great why did you make a thread asking about cheapo knockoff mags? Just buy them, either they will work or they won't.

Well thanks for the unending support toad, have a great next war too and if you want to how one try running into the same problems I have and get back to me. I'm not fully insisting them, no on except the person who made the first quote on my post understands why I'm here, I'm here to buy a very cheap mags, preferablely the cheapest which is why I linked this one. I'm not here to argue what is better or what is worst, and we deal with mag jams, so what, it will make it more usable and we will be able to use them again and again if we get mags.