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#339254 Old Recon Pistol Mod - 3 Shot Breach Load

Posted by xMyStEr on 31 May 2014 - 07:23 PM in Modifications

Very creative. Maybe you could try something like Drac's miniclip design.

I considered chopping one of my 6-6rnd mags down but couldn't bear it. I like the idea and would suggest it, but they can get pricey, especially considering I'm broke.

I had a think though. a mag made of framework and powered by elastics. i made some bends on steel round stock and got this:

Posted Image

needs bending and cutting here. just the best pic i got. two elastics. one on the frame at the rear, another on the inside of the barrel.

Posted Image

fully bent, cut an inch from the last bend.

Posted Image

it broke while i was spreading it. thats how open it needs to be. ill weld it likely monday and update.

#339210 Whats happened with Canada?

Posted by xMyStEr on 27 May 2014 - 07:38 PM in Nerf Wars

Hey guys.

The forums don't have new wars in Canada. And they seem to be scarce on the general web.

So has anyone got up-to-date info on an Ontario war?

Also, I'm considering going to Apoc. If I pay in for gas, anybody give me a ride in my area?

#339172 Old Recon Pistol Mod - 3 Shot Breach Load

Posted by xMyStEr on 26 May 2014 - 04:59 PM in Modifications

I haven't done a range test on it, but it shoots pretty well across the hallway. It's (much) better than a stock stampede, and seems pretty par with my modded retaliator. My receiving tube of course broke, and I'm just epoxying that now.

Ranges shouldn't be affected by any mods done here. its just cutting the body and adding a permanent mag.

I'll have exact ranges once i finish fixing the tube. just for ranges sake.

More pics of the magazine. There's a cardboard 'spring' in there. more pics of that. The plan for the spring was to take some thin steel and heat treat it, which is something I have mild experience with.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The two magazines have been compared. My mag is wider at the bottom, which gives the two darts enough room to get jammed together. Its an easy fix, and I already addressed this.

#339148 Old Recon Pistol Mod - 3 Shot Breach Load

Posted by xMyStEr on 25 May 2014 - 10:17 PM in Modifications

Hey Guys. My First post. Kinda Excited.

So, my Recon turned into a piece of junk. partially because it was a Recon, but mainly because the plunger broke. Then I was trying some body mods, and it wasn't working out. I managed to fix the plunger by cutting it, gluing a section of copper pipe in, and sealing all of it by wrapping a plastic bag around, and running my lighter over it. I have pictures, but I doubt they're useful.

I was thinking about my options when I came across this pistol mod: http://www.nerfmodsr...nerf-recon.html

It might even be here on the site. Basically it cuts the mag well out and makes it single shot/easier to holster.

But I hate singles. Especially with your pistol. Like, its your last ditch ace in the hole, get a little more out of it. So here's what I did:

Posted Image

cut out the mag well as usual(not shown) then cut back like so from the access door

Posted Image

I added a magazine in made from cardboard, and just glued onto the muzzle peice( the mag is also too big at the bottom which causes jams). Also, only a cardboard spring.

Posted Image

I also put more covers on the mag

Posted Image

Of course, there's this stop piece to make sure the dart loaded in doesn't get pushed out by the receiver. had to cut it so it would fit, and attached it with an elastic.

Posted Image

It worked pretty good, for a while. I mean, there were jams with the last two darts being pushed more beside each other rather than stacked, but the first one fired fine. The spring got in the way of the receiver a little bit. But ultimately, it was the hot glue on the firing tube that failed.

Quick note. I tried it out without the spring, where i just opened the breach, flipped it over, and closed the breach, and that seemed to work really well. It may be viable for turning this into a long shot front gun type thing, but with more ammo (and probably better range). Most of the body mod was to my barrel attachment, so I may cut it down and epoxy this on (up side down, without the handle).

Now, keeping with the times, I'm certain the Retaliator can be modded the same way seeing as it is the better, direct plunger equivalent of the Recon.

Future editions:
-I have access to auto body panels, and may use that to form a mag. this time, to much more specific dimensions (and welded so they stay that way)
-perhaps cutting an actual mag down to fit is more viable for some, may try that later
-considering the OMW Recon kit, which includes a receiver made of aluminum
-once everything is done, I need to cover up open areas from the cuts.

It was ultimately a lot of fun, and hopefully it inspires other modders. Really hate single shot, and recons, and cumbersome pistols.