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#346803 Dart and Barrels pictures thread

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 17 May 2015 - 09:32 AM in Darts and Barrels

Oh just an RSCB LOL :P

Posted Image

#345721 Crazy Idea

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 21 March 2015 - 04:35 PM in Darts and Barrels

Would sprayable insulation foam sprayed into a mold make good stefans?
(I would probably 3D print a mold for uniform stefan formation.)
Posted Image
(That is an example of what I'd be using.)


You could try it but I think the foam might be too brittle.

#345145 Homemades Picture Thread

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 21 February 2015 - 12:33 PM in Homemades

Quite possibly the largest caliber homemade blaster the NIC has ever seen: Xeno Cannon!

Posted Image

Class: Air Pressure
Caliber: 50.8mm (2")
Length: 27"
Firing Pressure: 30 PSI
Powerplant: One 12 volt Air Compressor
Capacity: 1 Xeno Slug
Rate of Fire: 2 rounds per minute
Range Flat: 75 Feet
Range Angled 45 Degrees: 110 Feet
Ammunition: Xeno Slug:
Posted Image

#344899 A new barreling material

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 09 February 2015 - 05:27 PM in Darts and Barrels

At my Home Depot they have 10 foot straightened sections of PEX tubing. In fact I used to use it for rebarreling and stuff like that until I decided to update to CPVC

#344220 Crossbolt Official!!

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 12 January 2015 - 09:09 PM in General Nerf

Judging by the video I'd say that it performs quite well but we will see for sure when someone gets their hands on one. I am very interested in this blaster.

#339197 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 27 May 2014 - 12:09 PM in Modifications

Yes, I have never had any problems with trustfire 14500s. I use them in my stryfes and barricades, and I plan to use them in my stampede. How hard would it be to replace the motor in the stampede? I have a basic understanding of electronics and I have a few friends who have a wide knowledge, but I would like to know how difficult this will be.

All you will have to do is remove 2 screws holding the motor in place, cut the wires and remove the pinion gear (I use a flat head screwdriver to pry it off) and put it on the replacement motor. Then you just figure out the correct polarity of the motor wires, solder them on and reinstall the bracket.

#339170 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 26 May 2014 - 04:38 PM in Modifications

Like an airsoft battery? Or what were you thinking of?

this is the LIPO battery I use in my stampede: http://www.amazon.co...m/dp/B004UZD4Q8

#339167 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 26 May 2014 - 04:00 PM in Modifications

Alright that sounds pretty good. I probably will end up buying the second one you listed. Thanks a lot!

Anytime! If you have any other problems you can PM me

#339165 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 26 May 2014 - 03:35 PM in Modifications

Well crap. I didn't want to do any more work on it but whatever I guess. Is that motor more powerful than a regular stampede motor?

Yes it would be more powerful but if you don't want to do any cutting you could just use this: http://www.ebay.com/...8859712?lpid=82
It's the exact same size as the stock motor but it can handle up to a 9kg spring at 18-20 volts but it should work just fine with whatever your running through it.

#339163 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 26 May 2014 - 03:25 PM in Modifications

I shall get a firing video up later today. I have also noted that the stock ROF was slower than a normal stampedes when it did fire. Would that motor that you posted match the one in the stampede? EDIT: sometimes I could fire 40-50 times straight. This was when I was using 2 9vs instead of the stock D batteries.

Well this is the one in one of my stampedes: http://www.redrocket...bq6rDBLfjPD_BwE

You are gonna have to remove the pinion gear on it by cutting it somehow and it's longer than a stock stampede motor so your gonna have to cut a hole for it in the shell.

#339159 Weird stampede issue

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 26 May 2014 - 02:33 PM in Modifications

hmmm. Maybe the motor is bad? you could replace it with something like this: http://www.puffinmod...t.php?prod=1671

#338449 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 23 April 2014 - 06:25 PM in Modifications

RSCB Titan Mav: Posted Image

#338417 Voltage Modded Stampede problem... It keeps going, and going, and goin

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 22 April 2014 - 07:20 PM in Modifications

I know EXACTLY what the problem is and how to fix it. under the catch there is a pushrod that releases the catch when the breech is fully closed. the spring that returns said pushrod is weak and will become stuck. remove the pushrod and simply replace the spring with one from one if those ballpoint pens with the clicker or something of the sort. that should fix any issues


#338352 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 20 April 2014 - 03:55 PM in Modifications

Plasmacaster Stampede!: Posted Image

Inline Longshot: Posted Image

#338242 RSCB Stream Machine

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 15 April 2014 - 08:36 AM in Modifications

LOL That's exactly what I'm doing XD

#338234 RSCB Stream Machine

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 14 April 2014 - 11:06 PM in Modifications

I have abandoned this idea because it was too inaccurate due to the barrel moving around so much during firing. I have decided to rebuild it again. As a hoppered HAMP. Pics/writeup/video as soon as I get my hands on a 1/2" PVC wye. see you then!

If no one else has anything to say about the original RSCB Stream machine then Moderators. Please close this thread.

#337187 RSCB Stream Machine

Posted by Xenomorph1320-D on 22 February 2014 - 12:09 AM in Modifications

Hello everyone! (you can call me Xeno for short if you want) Im new here! Anyways on to the mod:


Stream Machine water gun

air compressor hose

an RSCB or Hopper Clip

a large hose clamp

zip ties

PVC cement or other adhesive

a PVC 2" threaded male fitting

the front end of a BBB plunger (at least thats what I used but you could probably use something else)

As you can see I was nice enough to take apart my blaster as much as I could and rebuild it for this write up. I couldent get these two pieces off because they are PVC cemented on. now then. Step 1: remove the nozzle of your stream machine. mine was threaded on so that wasn't a problem for me.

after that take the PVC 2" threaded male fitting and glue it to where the nozzle used to be. then I took my BBB plunger section and glued it into the fitting:

Posted Image

Step 2: get about 4" of air compressor hose and jam one end of it it into the barrel. you don't really need to glue it in:

Posted Image

Step 3: take the other end of the hose and jam it into the RSCB like so:

Posted Image

Step 4: place the hose clamp like so and tighten it alot, but not too much or it will break the plastic:

Posted Image

Step 5: take a zip tie and place loop it around the barrel of the BBB and the feeding tube of the RSCB. This it to help stabilize the RSCB and to make a strap point on the blaster:

Posted Image

And you should end up like something like this!:

Posted Image

will measure ranges soon but I do know it is getting way over 100' with elite darts. The RSCB holds 5 elite darts but hopefully I will start making stefans soon.