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#327009 NDA Exclusive - Nerf Gatling foam-ball blaster

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 19 February 2013 - 11:07 AM in General Nerf

Did it have a decent rate of fire? The last thing I want is to drop 50$ on a "full auto" nerf blaster and end up with another nitron.

#326723 Rough Cut 2x4 Raider Fore-grip and AR Spring replacement

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 12 February 2013 - 07:44 AM in Modifications

Cool experiment with the AR springs, too bad it didn't work out. The raider priming handle doesn't look good on the rough cut in my opinion, but your mod is really clean and modded rough cuts are rare. It's good to see some one doing something with this blaster.

How do you plan on reinforcing the handle? Filling it with epoxy putty might do the trick, but that would be a lot of putty.

#326364 Question to all you modders

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 05 February 2013 - 01:32 PM in General Nerf

I would like to see all previous tacticool accessories available for individual sale, or as mission kit packages, as well as completely new accessories that you can buy individually. Most of the blasters you can buy right now have tactical rails, but very few come with anything to make use of those rails, especially in the elite and vortex lines.

I would love to see a wide release of the pinpoint sight, as well as a flashlight. New adjustable, and folding stocks would be welcome, maybe a folding stock with an switchable attachment for holding clips, or loose ammo. A few different styled barrel attachments would be nice, some with integrated blasters maybe, some short, some long, different designs on the outer barrels.

How about a nerf gun cam? Mattel put a camera in a Barbie, there's no reason Hasbro can't put one on a tac rail.

The idea is with a decent selection of accessories, even people who are not modders can personalize the look and function of their blasters, without having to resort to eBay. And since the super soaker lines are using tac rails now, it's not just the nerf lines that benefit from this.

Speaking of modders, why not just release a plate that slides onto a rail, something like what the stampede shield rests on? A blank plate would allow us to zip tie, glue, bolt, or epoxy whatever we want onto it and make a custom accessory ourselves.

I can see drum clips selling well as mission kits. For instance, a drum, a fill of elite darts, and a bandolier with a drum holder attachment on it, or a drum and stock that can hold a drum.

As far as what I would like to see in blasters themselves? Give me an elite Vulcan.

... Oh and grenades, something safe to throw that will launch a dozen darts or so when it hits the ground. That would be awesome.

#324446 Rampage priming issues

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 13 December 2012 - 05:00 PM in Modifications

Awesome! Thanks Boff :)

As for the priming issue, I had a piece inside the magwell flipped the wrong way so the magazine lock wasn't unlocking. I should have taken some pictures of those internals but I didn't think about it till after it was already reassembled. Thank you everyone for the help! Here's the finished blaster:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Retaliator stock, and AR removed. Paint job was inspired by Black_Chrome's awesome raider in the paint job thread. Kind of the reverse of his with some metallic red thrown in to spice things up.

#324429 Rampage priming issues

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 13 December 2012 - 02:00 AM in Modifications

Thanks Querty for replying and the PMs, I'm looking into that and located the lock, but I think I found the culprit to my problem. Unfortunately, I have no clue where it came from or where it's supposed to go. I looked back in my screw/small parts container and realized I had a left over piece :( here are some pictures:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

My first thought was that it goes in the magwell, but there is nowhere for it to go in there that I could find. I took apart my magwell so I could paint the button separately but couldn't get any detailed pictures of how the parts went in because everything flew out after the screws were removed. I couldn't find any pictures online of magwell internals, but I tried every possible way I could think of to fit this piece in with no success. The magwell seems to work without it however, which leads me to believe its from the inside of the blaster somewhere. I haven't been able to find it in any pictures of rampage internals though, and honestly I don't have a clue where it would go. Can one of you more experienced modders help me identify this?

Right now the magwell is not attached to the gun which I suspect is causing the priming issue. But I want to know more about this piece first before I put it back on because detaching the magwell is a pain in the butt.

#324372 Rampage priming issues

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 11 December 2012 - 12:14 PM in Modifications

Hello everyone, Im pretty new to these forums and modding nerf in general. I took apart a rampage painted it, and removed the air restrictor. I put it back together primed it once, fired a dart, and the priming handle got stuck in the fully forward position. I took the blaster apart again, made sure everything was in the right place put back together, and same thing happened. It's like something is getting caught somewhere inside, but I don't know where it would be. Does anyone have any idea where the problem could be?

I'm still in FNG status so my ability to reply is limited, I can take pictures and edit them into this post if anyone needs or wants them.

#324102 Rampage drum magazine drum magazine

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 03 December 2012 - 01:39 AM in Modifications

Thanks Crater, I really like how the maverick turned out. I posted a link to this thread in the internals directory, so hopefully it gets added to the list :)

HasReadCoC, that's paint from the Maverick paint job lol. I hold pieces in my hand to spray them, it's the best work table in the world. I don't wear gloves though because I've had folds of latex brush up against wet paint before and cause me lots of grief. I've found it's better to just paint bare handed.

#324101 The Official Internals Directory

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 03 December 2012 - 01:33 AM in Modifications

I was told to post this here so people could find it easier. I tore apart a Nerf Elite Rampage 25 dart drum magazine and posted pics over on this thread: Rampage drum magazine break down

I'm going to tear apart a Vortex Pyragon soon for painting and taking pictures (maybe a video as well). Should I post another thread for that, or post it directly here?

#324046 Modification and Paintjob Pictures

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 01 December 2012 - 12:11 PM in Modifications

Hello everyone, This is a Maverick I modded and painted as a Christmas gift for my nephew. ARs removed, penny modded, and drop barreled:

Posted Image

#324045 Rampage drum magazine drum magazine

Posted by Mr Blue Dot on 01 December 2012 - 11:49 AM in Modifications

Hello everyone, I was looking around for something like this, couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd just post it myself :lol:/>/>/>

I took apart a rampage 25 dart drum magazine so I could paint it and took a bunch of pictures. This magazine uses 12 screws total all the same size, and 2 springs (only one of which will be removed). The only tool you will need is a philips head screwdriver. I used a sandwich bag to hold all

Posted Image

There are five screws on the front (grey part) of the magazine and five screws on the back (clear part). I started with the front.

Posted Image

This is what the magazine looks like after the front plate has been removed. Go ahead and flip the magazine over at this point to get to the back plate.

Posted Image

After the screws have been taken out of the back plate, slide it straight up off the slot. The jam release knob should stay on the inner drum and not come off with the back plate, but if it does be careful because...

Posted Image

...there is a tension spring right underneath the knob. Take note of it's location and set the spring aside. Turn the magazine over again.

Posted Image

The drum wall slides right off easily.

Posted Image

Take out the center rod. It just sits in there, so no tools are needed.

Posted Image

This is where the dart pusher connects to the inner drum. The mechanism here is much like a tape measure as you will see. If you don't plan on painting the inside of the drum then skip this next step.

Posted Image

To remove the dart pusher I tilted it to the side, then gently pulled on the grey plastic holding it opposite the side I was tilting the black plastic rod to. It popped right out.

Posted Image

Here are the two pieces separated from each other.

Posted Image

Here are the final two screws. If you don't want to paint the inside of the drum you can just remove these two screws without detaching the dart pusher from the inner drum.

Posted Image

The dart pusher slides right out after the screws are removed. Take note of the way the dart pusher comes out of the magazine, it will need to go back in the same way when it's put back together.

Posted Image

There are two tabs like this on the magazine that you can pry apart to separate it into two halfs. I didn't because they appeared to be glued, and also because I can paint this piece as it is.

Posted Image

and here are all the pieces ready to be sanded, prepped, and painted!

If you have any comments or questions just post away. This is my first post on these forums and I hope that some one finds this useful. I'm tearing apart a few different guns to be painted, and I have found that the guns usually need to be broken down further than you would need to for modding. If there is an interest, I can take pictures and post more break downs like this. Let me know what you think!