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#321237 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 30 August 2012 - 03:47 AM in Nerf Wars

Also interested, and I'd be using homemades if I came. I would appreciate some guidelines for how powerful is too powerful, as I can tailor my arsenal to whatever is OK with you. I'd most likely be using a tagger-HAMP or a blowgun, both of which can be fired very softly as necessary at close range, but when fired hard will shoot a tagger about 50' flat.

My Alpha Trooper gets 70 feet max, and we use it every game with no injuries or complaints. Hell, NERF ELITE guns get between 65-75 stock. Your tagger-HAMP doesn't sound like a problem at all.

What about mini-marshmallows? Are these a viable type of ammunition to use?

No, standard foam darts/discs only. I apologize if this is a major inconvenience for you.

#320636 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 18 August 2012 - 12:11 AM in Nerf Wars

Iowa wouldn't be out of the question for me, especially if you're allowing homemades (which are pretty much all I use). However, if you are allowing homemades (which are typically much high power), I'm concerned that you're specifically allowing (if not encouraging) headshots in your rules. It's not nearly the concern in a stock dart war, but in this case I don't want people intentionally aiming for my head.

Otherwise, it sounds fun...different than the rules I'm used to, but I'd give it a shot.

We prefer attendees with an overpowering homemade be equipped with a less powerful second primary for closer combat, and use the homemade as a loser. We also recognize that some people don't have that option. For these people, we ask that headshots not be fired within 20 ft of the target. Needless to say, there are chances that you'll walk into the path of an already fired dart, or someone could be an idiot and ignore the rule. Unfortunately, not everything can be accounted for. If you're worried, take the necessary precautions you feel necessary to ensure your protection. You could wear anything from a thick hood to a cardboard helmet.

I'm glad that you consider the event worth trying, and I hope to see you there!


On another note, the use of Stefan darts was not approved.

#320604 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 17 August 2012 - 06:05 AM in Nerf Wars

As someone who has been hosting nerf wars for almost 15 years, and has hosted apoc a few times, I feel like I might have one valuable piece of information for the soon to be hosts here. Bigger, in nerf war terms, is almost never better. Now, maybe you've hosted your share of wars and know exactly what you're doing. If that's the case, feel free to dismiss my advice. However, if you're fairly new to this you should consider that hosting small local wars is not only usually a lot more fun, but invaluable, in terms of preparation, for the hosting of larger nerf wars. Don't rush to make everything crowded and impersonal. When given the choice between 50 or 15 nerfers, I'll choose 15 every time.

Thank you for the advice. I've been hosting wars for two years, coming up on my third. The largest war I held was the August war from the article in the OP, which consisted of 50 participants who were almost all local. The Dart Dragons own wars consist of 10-15 people every other week during Summer. In my (much shorter) experience, both sizes turned out to be really fun. I think the reason for that may be the size of the area(s) we have available for use. If I do it right again this coming June, the guests will have as much fun as they did this past August and more.

Ooooh good to hear umbra! I've been away from the NIC for some time now but I'm glad to hear things like this are happening. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents. Now then, might have to blow the dust of the guns I have left and plan for a nice little road trip next summer...

That's great! I look forward to having you attend, should you make the trip.

#320577 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 16 August 2012 - 04:59 PM in Nerf Wars

News flash! It doesn't have to suck, open up the rules a little more and make it more general community friendly to attract more people. To the people who don't think it will become of anything, your not helping. It won't become of anything of everyone shuts it down and doesn't go, why not have everyone possible all just get together as a community, plan to go, and have (hopefully) a hell of a time at a war that has potential to become legendary?

That's pretty much what happened at the August Megawar this year. It is open to the community, and we already have people from the last war ready to join in this one, too. It's currently guaranteed 50 people will attend, our goal is to increase the number to 100 by June.

We'll probably lower the age requirement, though.

#320529 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 15 August 2012 - 04:06 PM in Nerf Wars

Homemades are permitted, provided they have orange accents and tips. Stefans may be permitted, provided they don't contain BBs. I'll discuss that with the other hosts this evening. Carpe has been approved, and will be an included gametype now.

like Mysterio said, expect few to no NIC members to attend if homemades, stefans, and moderately/advanced blasters will be banned. Just a heads up.

And no carpe? Count me out.

#320434 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 13 August 2012 - 11:54 PM in Nerf Wars

I see your points, thanks for the feedback. Most of our restrictions are simply due to our cities strict police. The war is next June, so there's plenty of time to make changes to rules and playable gametypes as well. I'm always willing to look into the ideas people have to offer, and talk them over with the other hosts.

This seems a bit too mil-sim for some nerfers, and with the restrictive [but necessary, considering your target] rules on blasters, may not be the best place to market it. I wish you good luck!

#320426 International Megawar

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 13 August 2012 - 08:41 PM in Nerf Wars

Location: Thomas Park 2nd lot 335 Marion Blvd, Marion, Iowa 52302
Date/Time: Saturday, June 22, 2013, 11 AM until we get tired (between 4:00 and 6:00 pm)

Here is a link to the public Facebook event. It provides information for the date, time, location, and helps get a better general idea of how many people plan attend. This is the local newspaper article that the event earned in August, 2012. It also got some airtime on our local news station, KCRG.

Created by N.A.L.O. (Nerf Army Leaders Organization), this annual "Megawar" was created to bring together Nerf Armies across the continent, and even overseas for a supersized battle. Ages 12+ are allowed to participate in the war next year. The host team this time is the Dart Dragon Army, of Marion and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Nerf, Airzone, Buzzbee are approved brands. If anyone wants to suggest other dart gun brands, I'll take a look. Mods (currently) are limited to homeades (must have orange tip and accents), air restrictor removal, spring enhancement, voltage, Orange Mod Works kits, and appearance. Other mods must be approved so feel free to ask about the ones you've made or want to make. We recommend that Vortex blasters not be used, unless you have a high quantity of spare ammunition.

What to bring:
-Eye Protection - You are responsible for your own injuries
-Blasters: Primary, Secondary, Etc. Bring more if you'd like, and loaner blasters are appreciated. We will not be supplying more than a few Nitefinders and Reflex's.
-Water - We don't need anyone getting heatstroke.
-Standard Foam Darts
-Money for ammo and food
-Good attitude, but that goes without saying.

What Not to Bring:
-N-FORCE weapons, and other melee weapons.
-Modified darts - I don't want people being shot point blank with BB darts, etc.

Below is a list of gametypes to be played, and the rules that have been set for each. A few more may be added in the year if they prove to be popular ideas.

RULES: Keep track of your lives, we go by he honor system
Respawn time varies upon gametype
NO SPAWN KILLS! It's a dick move in online gaming, and it's worse during Nerf Wars.
3 shots anywhere else=kill
If your limb is wounded, it goes limp as if it was really shot
You may NOT take a weapon from a deceased foe. Use only the weapons you brought to the war. You may, however, use ammunition from a deceased enemy.
Mark your clips and weapons

Gametypes: Carpe Testiculum, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Team Juggernaut, Juggernaut CTF, Search and Destroy, FREE-FOR-ALL

CARPE TESTICULUM (Seize the balls): Primary weapon only. Supplies: One bucket per team, and a total number of balls that can be evenly divided between the buckets (five to ten per bucket is a good goal to shoot for).

Goal: To have the most balls in your bucket when the timer goes off.
Rules: This game is extremely variable. Generally, set it up so each team gets a bucket, a slice of the field, and a respawn point near (BUT NOT AT) the bucket. Fill each bucket with an appropriate amount of balls. Have someone set a timer (half an hour is a good maximum time limit, but use your own discretion). During the game, attempt to bring as many balls to your team's bucket as possible. You may only carry one ball at a time, and if you are hit while carrying a ball you must drop it. Respawns occur only at your team's respawn point. - Credit to Prince Dangus

Team Deathmatch: Straight-up Team Deathmatch. Once the teams are divided, the first team to lose every life loses. Teams may use whatever tactics that leaders deem necessary, short of spies. You may not plant your troop in an enemy team, and you may not betray your team and join the opposing. You may NOT take a weapon from a deceased foe. Use only the weapons you brought to the war. You may, however, use ammunition from a deceased enemy. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR LIVES. Bring money for dart refills, we will need them.

CTF (Field): Capture the flag. Each team has one flag, the first team to capture the enemy flag, and bring it across the divider line, wins. Unlimited respawn. Upon death, a player must walk back to the line of scrimage, wait ten seconds then respawn.

Team Juggernaut: The team leaders from every army gear up with whatever they want/can carry. The rest of the troops are to split up what's left, and work together to kill the juggernauts. Humans have 2 respawns, Juggernauts have 3. Respawn for humans is 30 seconds, Juggernauts are 10.

Juggernaut CTF (Forest): The Juggernauts are again, team leaders(If short, Generals may hand-select additional Juggernauts to balance the teams a little. Juggernauts are the defenders, armed to the teeth. Two flags, one flagstand. The goal of the larger team is to take both flags, and return them to their flagstand. Juggernauts have 2 respawns-10 seconds, the rest have 1 respawn-20 seconds.

Search and Destroy: Each team has unlimited respawns until the bomb is planted. The planting team, once the bomb is set, has no respawns. Everyone must return halfway to their starting point before respawning. One team gets the bomb, the other has the task of disarming it. If the bomb is moved, or reaches its time limit before you hit the button on the top, it goes off, game over. The game ends when the bomb detonates, is disarmed, or when the arming team is annihilated.

FREE-FOR-ALL: Every man/woman for themselves! Each person gets one respawn, 30 seconds. Pacts can be made, but I wouldn't recommend them. You never know when your partner is going to decide you're no longer helpful.

If you have any questions, you can either message me here, or email me at umbraserpens@yahoo.com

#320377 New Nerf Guns

Posted by Umbra Serpens on 12 August 2012 - 01:48 AM in News

The new N-Strike ELITE series, in my opinion, is a good new line. However, I don't personally think they're reliable in comparison to their standard N-Strike counterparts. Or rather, I got gypped.

See, I got a Rampage a few weeks ago, and it fired spectacularly. The distance was better than expected, and the drum turned the darts into the chamber without a hitch. Then, everything changed in the middle of a Nerf War. The gun jammed during a slamfire session, which I no longer perform due to the effects of this occurance. On one of my pullbacks, unaware of the jam that had just alligned, I pulled back hard enough that internals were bent to the point of leaving stress marks. I ended up getting it replaced free of charge, claiming it was defective out of the box (which in my opinion, it was).

The replacement sent did not get the same distance, and was rather disappointing in that regard. It still fires a little farther than our Raiders, but not by much. At least this one has no problems though, as tested on the field.

Now, I've never had a problem like this with my Alpha Trooper or any of our other weapons from the N-Strike series, before or after the modifications we made. So, all in all, I'm a little disappointed in the ELITE series, but perhaps I just overestimated them from the start. They're not bad guns at all, and I recommend that others test them and give opinions as well. Perhaps I was just unlucky with mine.