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#306273 Sharp Shot Mod: simple, easy, cheap (seriously!)

Posted by Bserve on 20 October 2011 - 11:28 PM in Modifications

First off, I'd like to tell you that I don't have any pics, but this mod is so simple and effective you won't need any. I have done this mod quite a few times myself. I just can't get enough of it!

First thing you do once you've opened the blaster is to take out the plunger tube. What you're gonna do with this is drill out the entire barrel and cover the air release hole with something (I usually use scotch tape). Then, once you replace the full plunger assembly, stick 6 nickels behind the spring then as quick as you can, close the shell. There will be plenty of compression, but the stock catch spring will do just fine. If you do this correctly, It should be hitting around 65 feet (56-78 ft). If your mod goes terribly wrong, don't blame me. I hope this tutorial helped you! Have a nice day (or night)!

Optional: Hammer in a brass barrel.

Pictures are coming soon!