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#351771 2015/16 gun of choice for basic modding?

Posted by Wads15 on 25 February 2016 - 11:42 AM in Modifications

Fantastic. Thanks everybody!

#351743 2015/16 gun of choice for basic modding?

Posted by Wads15 on 24 February 2016 - 01:17 PM in Modifications

Word-- thanks everyone for the recs!


One more question-- is there a good source for springs? I see people really going to town with 10kg+. Is there a particular website or page with gun+springs compatibility? 


I'll be looking into those Buzzbee blasters and that Sledge.


I also love how people are making a little bit of money by selling modded guns/ kits/ homemades. Love that entrepreneurship. 



#351719 2015/16 gun of choice for basic modding?

Posted by Wads15 on 23 February 2016 - 04:07 PM in Modifications

Hi all! I'm an ancient Nerfer from the NerfOnline and NerfHQ glory days. I made this NH account when I was 13 years old. I'm now 27. And that itch to Nerf just won't go away.... Jesus I'm old.


All of the guns are spring-loaded now?! Guns have electronics and motors wtf? Has anyone utilized 3D printing?! I have so many questions.


But first-- What's your gun of choice for basic modding? I'm looking for something powerful and *accurate* that will leave a real welt. ROF doesn't matter to me-- whatever is beastly.


Currently I have these with basic AR & spring mods:

Sharpfire 5kg spring

Big Shock 5kg spring & crayola (crayola FTW)




It's so much fun being an adult with cash and time to splurge on this shit. Cheers everybody.






#130911 Hey Old Friends! Remember Me?

Posted by Wads15 on 28 November 2007 - 10:37 PM in Off Topic

Hey guys,

It's Wads15, back from the dark ages of nerfonline and nerfcenter and nerf hq. How's everything been lately? I've been in and out of the nerf scene, seeing how Stanford University academics and extracurriculars eat up all of my spare time. I did manage to spread the wealth when I arrived here 2 years ago (that's right I'm a sophomore in college now!) when I managed to bring a duffel bag of assorted nerf guns (LnL, BBB, 3 SplitFires, 2 at2k, RF20, vortex launchers) to school with me.
I've got a shit ton of guns NIB, MIB, lightly and heavily modded back at home gathering dust. I'm thinking of selling on eBay when the pricing is high. haha

So I'm in CA for the next 2.5 years! Hit me up if you're planning some cool event or raze the Stanford campus.

Hoping to muster up some replies,


#82511 Hey You Men!

Posted by Wads15 on 29 May 2006 - 07:59 PM in Off Topic

Wait, Wads? Like, NerfOnline Wads?

Oh yes! Good ole' NerfOnline Wads!
I remember you!
How's it going? Any news on other peoples and their whereabouts?

#81838 Hey You Men!

Posted by Wads15 on 14 May 2006 - 11:10 PM in Off Topic

So, here I am! It's been a LOOONG time, since July 16th 2005!

How are all of you old fellows who might remember me?

What's up with college acceptances and the like? (EXCITEMENT--I'm going to Stanford!!)

How are the next waves of Nerf blasters holding up?

How's life in general?

Anyway, talk to you guys later (hopefully!)..... and if you'd like, hook me up at Xboxdude1 AIM style.

So long!

#32227 Pc Troubles

Posted by Wads15 on 24 July 2004 - 12:20 PM in General Nerf

Well, looks like that trade was done just in time. Thanks, mon.

#32199 Pc Troubles

Posted by Wads15 on 23 July 2004 - 05:47 PM in General Nerf

Ahhh..... NH. Good to be back! *Hem*,

Okay, so my buds and I bust out the PCs. Everything goes fine and then one of these beasts starts to "skip." This foam-shooting-piece-of-plastic has only had the removable clip and air restrictor mods... no air bladder reductions or whatnot. So, whats wrong? I narrowed it down to the green "piston" being a bitch.... and that's where yall come in.... any help is appreciated!


#8698 Ciao

Posted by Wads15 on 24 August 2003 - 09:48 PM in Off Topic

Well, it's that time of year again. No, not the holidays, I am on holiday. I am off the Nerfing stuff for a while- Not visiting boards and such "regularly" (once a week... haha). See some of you in 04' n' s-h-i-t. If something drastic happens, e-mail/IM me at Xboxdude1@aol.com. Yeah, mon!

Buffalo Soldier][BobMarley


#8456 Un Explosion In Baghdad

Posted by Wads15 on 19 August 2003 - 06:23 PM in Off Topic

Guh. I've heard it blew out windows a mile away. That freaked me out. I didn't see anything but the bloodstained people.

I hate Shrub (code name). He'd better not do anymore shit in Iraq. I'd say:

Shrub - "Bring it on"

It hath been brought.

#8261 Toys R Us

Posted by Wads15 on 15 August 2003 - 02:17 PM in General Nerf

AT3k rings up at $7.49 now.

Yes. I've seen some a few 4Ks at 12.49 or something next to that. I'll go to TRU in Albuquerque... 1 hour drive. They have Max Shots and AT2Ks. Hey, it's for a good cause :D. TIME FOR HOARDING! There should be a national holiday for hoarding...

EDIT- Ah ha! Amazon is cutting prices, too! (figures)

#6923 My Sickness

Posted by Wads15 on 12 July 2003 - 04:34 PM in Off Topic

But I like saying douchbaggasaurus. It amuses me.


#6600 Sm 1500

Posted by Wads15 on 05 July 2003 - 07:46 PM in Modifications

I just break it off.  I like to break things.

Yeah. It's lotsa' fun.

Was Sane - Just go at the friggin' be-otch with a screwdriver and a lot of strength. Oughta work. Yeah again.

#6587 Driving

Posted by Wads15 on 05 July 2003 - 12:46 PM in Off Topic

Pontiac doesn't exactly have the... shall we say, "longevity reputation" that cars from Japanese makers tend to have.  Good luck with it, but don't be surprised if the engine doesn't make it very far before breaking in one way or another.

Here here. You just can't beat them Japanese cars... tough lil' buggers... and congrats... I guess.

#6454 Happy Birthday To Julie!

Posted by Wads15 on 02 July 2003 - 03:19 PM in Off Topic

H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y-!-!

#6350 Sorry People

Posted by Wads15 on 01 July 2003 - 03:39 PM in General Nerf

and then people who don't bother reading them will assume that he's stopped cartooning, been sent to military school, or gone to Tibet.

Hey! I remember that! What happened? Did groove get a new computer? OR was he sick?

#6286 Spiders

Posted by Wads15 on 30 June 2003 - 01:36 PM in Off Topic

Gah! BATS ARE THE ANSWER! Yes, those little mice with wings! Take that! Hmm... anyone have a phobia of bats?

#5987 Stefan Straightening

Posted by Wads15 on 24 June 2003 - 07:47 PM in Homemades

See, another reason we should have a W&D! I sometimes overheat my Stefans;shrinking them. When they become a success, I straighten um' by hand. Tedious, but it [eventually] gets the job done.

#5986 Nintendo Lock 'n Load

Posted by Wads15 on 24 June 2003 - 07:43 PM in Modifications

Yeah, I posted this at NO along time ago. But hey, Im glad someone brought it up. I was trying to find that thing. Now... if only the gun in Duck Hunt shot Nerf darts...

So it was YOU who posted that. I remembered seeing that last year... I missed it.

#5957 Music Choices

Posted by Wads15 on 23 June 2003 - 07:21 PM in Off Topic

Well, I am a mellow reggae listener... with some random alternative stuff. Beenie Man, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Shabba, Louie Rankin, (Shaggy), Chucka Demus & pliers, Cutty Ranks++++...... On the alternative side, I like the White Stripes, the old OFFSPRING, System of a Down, Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins, RHCP++....

#5907 Age Of Nerfers

Posted by Wads15 on 22 June 2003 - 10:27 AM in General Nerf

Mwhahaha! 14 year olds are the shiz!!

#5882 East Side...West Side...

Posted by Wads15 on 21 June 2003 - 05:00 PM in General Nerf

HELL YEAH!! New Mexico... too bad I'm the only one in NM. Then I saw some others from the Midcoast... er, Central. My heart jumped!

#5860 Guess Who?

Posted by Wads15 on 21 June 2003 - 09:59 AM in Off Topic

I remember my first gun... the ever so trusty NB1. :mellow:

Me too! I wanna do some mod on it... Frost Vectrons perhaps...

#5842 Guess Who?

Posted by Wads15 on 20 June 2003 - 04:21 PM in Off Topic

Heh heh, brownie points indeed! One word for the cure - MUTAGE... (or you can just eat poultry instead of beef...)

Oh yeah, welcome back. You may remember me as Wads14 back on NO... I'm an upgrade....

#5706 Happy Fathers Day

Posted by Wads15 on 15 June 2003 - 12:47 PM in Off Topic

Firing up the grill as we speak.
shitake mushrooms, ...

MMMMmmmm... the Olive Garden...Going to town in t-minus 99 minutes...

BBQ dun sound too bad either - Shitake shrooms... Austin Powers 3. Heh.

Ah yes, congrats to the dads oot there!

#5383 Nerf In The Newspaper

Posted by Wads15 on 08 June 2003 - 10:18 AM in General Nerf

No modification? What savages are these?! :D

Hear hear! These "kids".... they don't feel the power! God.... B)

#5290 Mrs. Pac-man

Posted by Wads15 on 04 June 2003 - 06:58 PM in Off Topic

You're not out of the loop, this is vintage entertainment.

Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator

It faithfully emulates a whole assload of obsolete arcade game hardware. Currently supports nearly 4000 ROM images. More or less anything that existed in an arcade prior to the late 90s will play on MAME.

It's pretty cool for people who actually played those games because you're not playing a re-write of Pacman or Centipede, you're playing the actual original code. Serious old skool arcade nuts won't settle for playing it on a PC because the atmosphere (and proper controller hardware) just isn't there.

Hence my quest... to find a vintage arcade cabinet, slap a high-end PC in it, and buy some OEM arcade joysticks and buttons to build a control panel versatile enough to play most anything.

For some reason, I knew that... weird. Plus, the Mrs, Pac Man I play has a special chip that makes the game freakishly fast! Much better!

#5231 Mrs. Pac-man

Posted by Wads15 on 02 June 2003 - 07:15 PM in Off Topic

Impressive... *looks aroound himself and backs out of the room*

P.S. New HS - 211,250 (still ain't that.... other one) ^_^

#5179 Reggae

Posted by Wads15 on 31 May 2003 - 09:44 PM in Off Topic

Heh heh, half of my Xbox Hard Drive is made up of Marley & Tosh...

#5164 Reggae

Posted by Wads15 on 31 May 2003 - 04:17 PM in Off Topic

Heh, here's another topic - I'm in search of fellow Rasta listeners. Any Reggae is to be talked about (Bob Marley, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Louie Rankin, etc.). Later.


#5161 Mrs. Pac-man

Posted by Wads15 on 31 May 2003 - 04:14 PM in Off Topic

It's W, since there has been recent topics on games I'd like to make an addition: Mrs. Pac Man/Pac Man! I've an kiosk from the old days.... around from when I was born (my parents' game). It is the coolest game ever! Sure, I'm wasting precious minutes of my life, but, it's just too damn fun! Post your high scores and such... 118,846! ;) .... damned that dumb orange ghost... it just goes in circles!

#5007 Favorite Video Game

Posted by Wads15 on 26 May 2003 - 11:15 AM in Off Topic

Project Gotham Racing
Good ol' Mario

#4304 X2

Posted by Wads15 on 05 May 2003 - 07:22 PM in Off Topic

Yes! THIS MOVIE TOTALLY ROCKED! It was kinda but not close to the comic (IMHO)....NightCrawler kicked sooo much ass! But then there was Toad, too! Heh, freaks are awesome! The weird thing with NightCrawler was when his voice fell about 2 octaves when he was talking th Mystique. That freaked me out... It's one of the best comic movies... ever... Spiderman ain't that bad either. Wtrent10 - What the hell are you thinking?! BaH! Gotta go.


#4303 Return Of The King

Posted by Wads15 on 05 May 2003 - 07:16 PM in Off Topic

Heh, cool. "You Can't Go On Without Mapquest" ™ :) As with other movies... X2 was cool, then there's always The Matrix Revolutions, Bad Boys 2, and the craptastic ending of the Star Wars trilogy - Ep. III. I can't really remember dem others...

#4269 Matrix Reloaded

Posted by Wads15 on 04 May 2003 - 11:20 AM in Off Topic

I've heard it will end in a middle of a scene... annoying. Yes, I will see it. Too bad I'm rafting on the week it comes out. :angry:

#4268 X2

Posted by Wads15 on 04 May 2003 - 11:18 AM in Off Topic

Heh, I will see it in T-minus 4 hours...

#4267 Return Of The King

Posted by Wads15 on 04 May 2003 - 11:16 AM in Off Topic

So do I, my friend. So do I. The only thing is that it will be the end of LOTR in theaters. There won't be much to look forward to afterwards... same with the Matrix trilogy. *sigh*

#4009 Proof Of Hasrbo Engineers Modding Their Guns

Posted by Wads15 on 25 April 2003 - 09:13 PM in General Nerf

Can I get Hasbro's email?

No, now go home.

I would like to use this space to create an ultimate flying Digiwoox.


Thank you.

Ash, what are you on right now? Sugar? Ether? C'mon, tell me. :huh: