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#182305 We're A Threat!

Posted by OberonFox on 07 October 2008 - 10:43 PM in General Nerf

So anyone else catch the Colbert Report tonight? Apparently games of Nerf Zombies are the number one threat to America this evening. Even had a screen cap from that documentary that was posted here a few months ago. We hit the big time baby!

#162828 Nerf Recons

Posted by OberonFox on 14 July 2008 - 10:22 PM in General Nerf

I am a humans vs zombies player (nerf game, played at Goucher college and other colleges) and once i shotgun modded my recon (done by OberonFox) its all I used. I was disappointed with it out of the box, but it has a lot of options in terms of modding which really made a difference.

It makes me happy when I help others. Granted I took off the shotgun and barrel extension to make it a snub carbine, but I still love it.

Mikey, If you haven't done a single mod before the Recon may be a bit confusing. My suggestion is to go grab a dirt cheap NF and do one of the many documented and excellent mods for it to get a general feel for at least how Nerf plastic cuts and melts. That and then you'll have a pretty awesome pistol.

Love the RoF on my Recon. As said earlier it's a fun gun, not the best, but definitely fun. Welcome to the Haven!

#153902 Nite- Finder Barrel Length

Posted by OberonFox on 29 April 2008 - 08:04 PM in Modifications

Read his post again. He's not calling Ompa a noob. God I hate that word.

#153752 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 28 April 2008 - 09:43 PM in Modifications

They make one specifically for cutting metal.

Ah. Thanks.
Diamond I assume?

I think so. They come stacked in a little plastic tube for like $10. I haven't even stopped using the first one yet, and it's great for cutting through about anything: including Nerf plastic.

@Dayko Making it look kinda like a Sci-Fi blaster was one of the reasons I wanted to put the extra tube on the back instead of the front. And I'm a massive Star Wars geek so you're comment comes as high praise. :]

I too am a Star Wars geek. Now all you need to do is a paint job. May I suggest a Star Wars theme :D ?

Workin' on it :o

#153649 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 28 April 2008 - 01:11 PM in Modifications

While on the topic of springs, how does one go about cutting a spring to size?
I have had no luck doing so...
damn cordless dremel.

I use a cordless dremel just fine. You just have to get the appropriate cutting disk. They make one specifically for cutting metal.

#153631 Longshot Mod

Posted by OberonFox on 28 April 2008 - 08:59 AM in Modifications

Copy Pasta'd from one of my other posts on similar topic....

There are various free or extremely cheap image alteration programs, like Gimp ,out there if you can't afford Photoshop. All of them have a crop feature. Take your picture at maximum resolution from a distance that will allow full focus of whatever you're taking the picture of, and then crop and resize to appropriate web proportions.

#153630 Cliptek Mod!

Posted by OberonFox on 28 April 2008 - 08:55 AM in Modifications

There are various free or extremely cheap image alteration programs, like Gimp ,out there if you can't afford Photoshop. All of them have a crop feature. Take your picture at maximum resolution from a distance that will allow full focus of whatever you're taking the picture of, and then crop and resize to appropriate web proportions.

Personal pet peeve (besides shitty cameramanship) = People who post unfinished write-ups. Just wait until you have the whole damn thing done already.

#153629 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 28 April 2008 - 08:42 AM in Modifications

Very nice mod! If I had more balls and a dremel I would try this. Would Plumber's Goop work as well as Epoxy?

I actually used Goop at first to seal the two plunger tubes together. Total disaster. Takes up to 24 hours to cure, tends to drift unless you have it viced together and all over just isn't that great. Any surface that will receive stress from air pressure, mechanical pressure, whatever will tend to break the seal and tear itself apart. It just doesn't bond well to the type of plastic that Nerf uses. So the short answer is no. I'm not a fan of Plumbers Goop. You're mileage may vary.

#153506 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 27 April 2008 - 07:30 PM in Modifications

I like it, nice job. How did you keep the two plunger tubes straight when you epoxied them together?

Right behind the plunger head is a recess in the plastic about an inch or so long. I shaved the back end of the front plunger tube to nest right inside of the recess on the back plunger tube. Keeps it nice and straight. For added reinforcement I actually dremeled out two small holes through the sides (one of each side) and screwed in two tiny screws in addition to the epoxy. It's solid as a rock. You can see one of the screws in the last picture with the plunger pulled back.

#153460 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 27 April 2008 - 05:13 PM in Modifications

I'm lovin' the popsicle sticks.

That looks very comfortable. Nice mod.

Heh, I'm limited in my tools so I can't machine parts to fit my needs so I tend to get inspiration from things around the house. Craft stores have a lot of good parts some times. And yeah, it is pretty comfortable to fire.

#153450 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 27 April 2008 - 04:01 PM in Modifications

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Bomberman It's actually not awkward at all and fits quite nicely in my hand.

Posted Image

I would probably try a single longer ar-15 spring, but since I couldn't get two Handyman springs to compress far enough to catch on the trigger, I doubt the AR-15 one could either. That and I had to make a custom recess on the plunger and the added stress would probably eventually strip the plastic and render it broken.

@Dayko Making it look kinda like a Sci-Fi blaster was one of the reasons I wanted to put the extra tube on the back instead of the front. And I'm a massive Star Wars geek so you're comment comes as high praise. :]

#153414 Different Take On A Doubled Up Nf

Posted by OberonFox on 27 April 2008 - 01:05 PM in Modifications

After getting my feet wet with with a few normal mods (NF, Mav) and my Recon Mod I wanted to take a stab at something similar to the NF Rifle, but in reverse. So I added the second plunger tube to the back end of the gun, not the front. I attempted a breech mod for it as well, which technically worked but was killing my ranges (more work to figure that out) so it's just a standard singled springer for now.

Here's the pics.

Posted Image

Internals with all the standard AR removals and such. Plunger tubes epoxied together and plunger nested and fitted together. Eventually I drilled and inserted two very small screws into the overlap area for the plunger so that it could handle the pull stress of the extra spring. To allow for the trigger to work I just cut down the rear trigger plate and attached it to the forward one with a bit of metal bracket, works beautifully.

Posted Image

External shot. Yes, those are Popsicle sticks used for exterior reinforcement. They fit nicely into the dremeled out NERF medallions and helped hold it together for later epoxy putty reinforcement. I was worried that since most of the draw stress would be on the rear portion of the gun, it might rip off the back end. That's a little micro Maglite up front to replace the craptastic normal NF light. Just for shits and giggles.

Posted Image

After making sure the proof of concept worked, I cut down and replaced the barrel end with a crayola marker breech mod. As stated it cut range, so I reshaped it to just be a nice bed for the dart. Also shown is the PVC barrel extension and an exterior barrel shroud for cosmetic purposes.

Posted Image

Put together with full draw shown. Was a difficult process with lots of gluing and regluing to plug up air leaks and reinforcing. I stupidly epoxied the plunger completely together for reinforcement and had to cut it up to remove and alter springs. The pull ring on the back is actually only attached with a long screw so i can take it on and off to change springs if I need too. Right now it's got a handyman spring up front and a standard NF spring behind it. Two beefy springs wouldn't compress enough to get the plunger to latch on the trigger.

With the two springs and the barrel it gets pretty nice ranges (averaged 85' after 10 shots.) Nothing Effeminate, but this was more an exercise in design and boredom than an attempt to make an insanely awesome gun. Still I like the overall shape of the gun and with some cosmetics and a paint job will look pretty nice. I'll update the thread with pics when I get done with the paint. Enjoy!

#153411 Are You Serious?

Posted by OberonFox on 27 April 2008 - 12:37 PM in General Nerf

the video

Something I found on youtube. I know many people don;t fully believe my ranges, but this is just bull shit.

Yeah, pretty obvious that it's complete BS. I'd like to know A.) where the hell a kid gets $1K+ to spend on a toy gun and B.) where the hell he found room for FIVE springs.

#152870 Longshot Or Recon?

Posted by OberonFox on 24 April 2008 - 12:37 AM in General Nerf

I don't know, comparing the recon to the mav seems about right. Recon defonately has the advantage as it has a clip. with the stock as a primary sized blaster, it really doesn't compare to the LS. You can get 60 feet flat, but you'll probably only be able to hit ankles...

Granted. It's also why I use a LS for my primary. The argument isn't that the Recon can replace another blaster as a primary, but that its still a useful and viable gun. I'd hardly call a Recon with a stock 'primary sized.' My Ls is a big beefy shotgun modded beast. My Recon (even with stock attached) is half the length of it. Because of a nice friend I have six clips total and being able to share between my LS and Recon is a nice advantage. I have a holster for my Mav and it's got a nice ROF similar to the LS and Recon, but even modded it never gets near the distance of either and is still a really bulky pistol so I prefer my cut down NF, which incidentally can just about match ranges with my LS.

You want a long range sn!pe primary? There's tons of air mods for that, a few springers too. Want shotgun or mass dart spam power? There's guns for that. Whatever works for you bub. I'm just a little tired of the Recon getting a bad rep, and yes I realize that I'm Recon fanboy #1. So like anything, take my opinion with a healthy grain of salt.


#152861 Longshot Or Recon?

Posted by OberonFox on 23 April 2008 - 10:29 PM in General Nerf

I agree that the extra clip slot on the stock is shite, that's what tactical vests are for. Besides my stock is cut down and I wouldn't be able to grip it if the clip slot was in use.

#152714 Old Guns: Should I Keep Or Not?

Posted by OberonFox on 22 April 2008 - 09:44 PM in General Nerf

Oh man, that brings back memories. I wish I still had my Bow 'n' Arrow and Master Blaster. Those were the only classic guns I had growing up.

#152699 Longshot Or Recon?

Posted by OberonFox on 22 April 2008 - 09:00 PM in General Nerf

Here is my view on the topic:
If you could consistently get 60', hell I'd settle for 50', out of the Recon in pistol form it would be worthy considering for a sidearm. The problem is, 60' is only possible with the stock addition, then at that size it is too big to use as a secondary. Also, with the stock on, it is not much smaller than the Longshot, which gets higher ranges, so it isn't really primary worthy. Which is pretty much what everyone else said.

If I remove the barrel extension and just have the pistol+stock I still get the 60' ranges and it's half the length of a LS. And it looks hella cool that way imho.

#152655 Longshot Or Recon?

Posted by OberonFox on 22 April 2008 - 06:25 PM in General Nerf

I'm not about to denigrate someone's opinion of the Recon; you're entitled to your opinion. However I fail to see how someone can compare Mav to Recon ranges. Granted, I use a stock mod, but I get about 60' ( +/- 5-8') with mine including the barrel extension so I can shotgun it. Is there some hard and fast rule for the wars you're going too that only allow two guns? They're freaking plastic. It's not like a Longshot primary, Recon Secondary, *insert tertiary here* is gonna weigh you down that much more. Effective ranges in outside wars rarely exceed 50'. I'm glad your uber LS can toss a dart 100'. I'll still dodge the damn thing before it's halfway to me. No, the Recon is not for someone who doesn't like heavy modding, but neither is the LS. The game is about fun and picking the gun that's FUN to play with, not min/maxing your stats like some DnD rules nazi.


#150706 Yet Another Spring Question.

Posted by OberonFox on 12 April 2008 - 03:11 PM in Modifications

Finally got around to purchasing a second NF and I'm attempting something similar to the NF bow with the plunger tubes doubled up. Since the plunger itself is, by necessity, chopped up and reconstructed I'm a little worried about stresses tearing the internals apart with too tough a spring. Each NF spring compresses to 3cm and my chopped down Handyman spring I had in my original NF compresses down to about 4.5cm. Would it be more efficient to place both NF springs in the tube, sacrificing that 3cm of airspace, for the force of dual springs; or would using the single stronger spring with the (slightly) increased air capacity produce more force on the dart?

Thanks in advance guys.

#150704 Recon Modification

Posted by OberonFox on 12 April 2008 - 03:04 PM in Modifications

Nice alternate on the stock. I actually really like the coupler attachment, and I honestly never thought about attaching the extra spring tube directly to the pistol. I like that I can take mine all the way off though in case i needed a more "stock" pistol.

I consider my Recon my secondary actually. I have a single shot NFbow that i'm working on for my Primary "range" gun, then the Recon for RoF mid range and eventually i'll remake another singled cutdown NF for the pistol slot. If the Maverick was smaller I'd honestly select it for pistol because of it's RoF, but it's so damn bulky.

#147710 Scout Modification

Posted by OberonFox on 29 March 2008 - 10:08 AM in Modifications

I know it's a relative crap gun (kudos regardless on improving it in any way: nice mod) but I love how the scout looks. I'd buy one just to play around with if I could ever find one of the suckers.

#147437 Motorized Buzzsaw Mod

Posted by OberonFox on 28 March 2008 - 01:52 AM in Modifications

Excellent mod, cant wait to see the polished final product. Also, THANK YOU for taking decent pictures.

#146427 Recon Vs Lonshot

Posted by OberonFox on 23 March 2008 - 11:53 AM in General Nerf

The only reason I'm writing these is because I'm really bored. F U

copypasta from his own threads. Stop feeding the troll and let the mods sort it out.

#146426 Replacing Nf Spring

Posted by OberonFox on 23 March 2008 - 11:48 AM in Modifications

If someone's rushing you...and you whip out your awesome "100 foot NF!!11!" and then the dart flies above his head, you're screwed.

Yes, because you're a terrible shot. My NF may shoot further than your "optimum" 45' but the dart velocity from 0-45' for mine is a lot faster than yours I'd wager. It shoots straight and If i can get my foam on target faster than you can, then that's just an added bonus.

#145596 Who Has Some Money They Want To Blow?

Posted by OberonFox on 17 March 2008 - 08:31 PM in General Nerf

I'm confused by the image on that box. The 'gun' is an F-14, there's an F-14 on the box, and yet the kid is holding an F-16. Why didn't I get a job in marketing? Apparently you can be an idiot fuckstick and still design packaging.

#143094 Recon Question

Posted by OberonFox on 28 February 2008 - 08:59 PM in Modifications

To make it Stefan compatible: use either 2" stefans or mod the clip. Also put a tighter fitting material in the rear portion of the bolt.

This is the best Recon topic, in my opinion. Almost makes me want to buy a Recon. Almost.

Wow, i'm honored actually.

It seems the Recon is a hate it/love it kinda gun. Still loving mine and I get around 60 feet with my added spring.

#141469 Magstrike Cpvc Clip Mod

Posted by OberonFox on 20 February 2008 - 01:17 AM in Modifications

Are you serious?

Last Post
Posted Image

Your Post
Posted Image


#141176 Recon Mod Idea

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 10:59 PM in General Nerf

My thought was that a recon could be cut and merged with a nitefinder or a disk shot pistol similar to what Arius did, only with the clip on top and feeding downward.

While having the slide on the bottom would technically make it more shotgun-esque, the amount of work to invert the internals to match with opposite mounted NF seems like an overly complicated way of going about it. I'd also personally hate the clip getting in the line of site.

#141125 Recon Rifle

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 07:49 PM in Modifications

I like that the diameter of your spring-stock attachment is about the same as the rear of the gun, it balances nicely. However, wouldn't a 2" width tube allow the AR spring to bend and kink up? I'd think that would rob it of some of its' power. And are you planning to do anything with the end of your stock? Right now you've just got a tube with no shoulder brace.

#141122 Absolver- Titan Modification

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 07:43 PM in Modifications

my gun

Thanks again for inspiring me.

Man Link, you've only got 3 hearts, you haven't been playing the game long enough. Also, editing. Seriously.

Regardless, nice mods both of you.

#141100 The Vulcan

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 06:11 PM in General Nerf


I reiterate. Take a good close looks at the chains. especially the last link poking out from under the tripod. See it? Ok look reaaaaaaaaaaal close. It is not the same shape as the rest. It does not have the air restrictor cross on the end, the central part is shorter, the thinner end part is longer. It's not a casing for a dart. It's wither a feeder link or the way to attach multiple chains together. It has 25 casings. It's not called the Vulcan 27.

#141021 Ea Details Plans For Hasbro Brands. Announces Nerf N Strike Video Game

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 01:07 PM in General Nerf

Maybe it's just me, but I'd get one to replace a Wii Zapper.

I don't even own a Wii (yet) and I'll probably still pick one up.

#141012 The Vulcan

Posted by OberonFox on 18 February 2008 - 12:43 PM in General Nerf

So...maybe Hasbro just can't count.

And if some one posts that sci-fi picture again... :D *twitches*

The ends of the chain do not look to be casings but some different type of feeder bolt. The end that's under the tripod has a different end to it than the ones that carry the darts. So still 25 darts with two endcap pieces.

#140888 Recon Shoulder Stock Rebuild With Spring Integration And Shotgun Mod.

Posted by OberonFox on 17 February 2008 - 08:04 PM in Modifications

The hassle is half the fun!

#140886 New Dart Guns At Tru

Posted by OberonFox on 17 February 2008 - 07:58 PM in General Nerf

I may be calling my closest TRU tomorrow to see if they have these in stock and justify the 45 minute drive. That pistol show much potential. And thank god it's not a wad of beehive lumps like all the other off-market guns.

#140883 Recon Shoulder Stock Rebuild With Spring Integration And Shotgun Mod.

Posted by OberonFox on 17 February 2008 - 07:47 PM in Modifications

how are the bolts attached to the gun itself?

They're epoxy puttyed into the small recess at the rear of the slide.

Could you post a list of materials? I'm thinking of doing this, but it would be much easier to simply have a list I can C&P and print to bring to Home Depot

Oh jesus, a shopping list? Heh, let me try and remember. OK, here's the gist.

1 Recon
1 MiniMaglite
2 tubes Epoxy Putty (There are various types: some dry in 5 minutes, some take 30)
1 sheet of thin (maybe 1/8th inch thick) plastic. They sell it in the window section of Lowes. in 4' x 3' sheets.
4 1/2" long 1/16" diameter bolts
2 1" bolts for fore-grip (they have to reach out wider to meet the brace)
6 nuts ( I got the kind with the plastic seal on the one side to prevent overscrewing.)
10 washers to go on the inside of the fore-grip braces. acts as a a support for them so the plastic won't bend too far in.

And if you're doing the shoulder stock mod as well as the shotgun:

1 3 1/2" length of 1" pipe, dremeled out slightly to accommodate plunger tube
1 1/2" length of 1" pipe for the inside of the mid-brace, 1/2" pipe inside is optional
1 Leftover NF or equivalent sized spring

E-tape, rubber bands and lots and lots of re-measuring may be required as well. All in all I spent about $25 on the whole project and now I have a ton of leftover pipe. I had to buy them in 10' sections.

Hope this helps!

#140844 Recon Shoulder Stock Rebuild With Spring Integration And Shotgun Mod.

Posted by OberonFox on 17 February 2008 - 05:46 PM in Modifications

Nice Job! It's clean, functional, and awesome. Like I said before, the Recon is just plain fun, and I think your mods put the fun back in functional (wow, I can't believe I just typed that)

A couple questions:

What did you make the new foregrip pieces out of? (and is there any chance for a template?)
How difficult is it to remove the barrel extension? (for example, for a pistol's only round or something)

The braces are made out of clear plastic sheeting I got as a single sheet piece from Lowes and then cut out. The sheet is only about an 1/8th of an inch thick as I only had my Dremel to cut them out with. Large vibration will actually cause it to crack and break, so if you cut it with anything that isn't a nice high power tool make sure to have a firm grip on it to prevent that. I shattered two earlier attempts before i got four of those shapes.

The single sheets by themselves were far too flimsy to take the force of pushing back and forth, so I got two wooden Popsicle sticks and used them as a stabilizing shank in between two pieces and epoxy puttied them together.

As far as determining the holes for them, since the plastic is clear, I just put the cocking slide all the way back, and placed the fore-grip light back to just shy of all the way back. Then it was just a simple thing to mark the spots on the plastic with a sharpie where I intended the holes to go and cut the shape around that.

All of it is secured with nuts that I only finger tighten. So it takes all of 30 seconds to unscrew the six nuts and wiggle off the braces so i can take the barrel off. The bolts are still attached to the slide, and the stock with it's extra spring still sides off, so the pistol is still perfectly functional all by itself.

If I had a nice table saw or equivalent I would have just gotten the nice thick plastic Lucite sheets or some aluminum rails or something. But this worked out surprisingly well.

As a final warning. I have since found out, that after repeated firing, the epoxy putty is not the greatest for shear forces and the rear bolt on one side has developed a crack in the putty around it. So make sure to really secure those in there if you're using my method and not permanently attaching it to the frame.

Thanks again for all the compliments guys, it's nice to get a little reward after the work.

#140703 My First Mod

Posted by OberonFox on 16 February 2008 - 10:17 PM in Modifications

Tip on pictures. Take them further away. Seriously, I see this all over the forums. Most digital cameras take at least a decent resolution. So just back up the camera a little and use some form of photo editing software to just crop and resize them. There are a few free ones out there that have at least this basic functionality.

Otherwise, glad you got your pics up, decent mod. And I'll second (or third or fourth or fifth) the sentiment on getting a NF. They're dirt cheap and you can do all sorts of fun stuff to them.

#140697 Recon Shoulder Stock Rebuild With Spring Integration And Shotgun Mod.

Posted by OberonFox on 16 February 2008 - 10:02 PM in Modifications

Why did you remove the pop up sight on the barrel extenuation? once folded down the the sight on the coking slider makes a very iron sight. That is what the notches in the circular peace are for.
I hope that made sense.

Yeah, I know it's an effective iron sight. I just hate iron sights. That and I have a nice red dot sight I got from Wally-world that will look real nice on this as soon as I can dig it out of storage.

And now, the unveiling.

Posted Image

It's obviously a little harder to cock with the paint thickening certain parts that slide past each other. The added spring adds to this. The extra weight from the light and braces isn't that much and it feels great with the shoulder stock. Definitely my new primary. I'll stick with my NF sidearm for the further ranges. And with some beautiful weather today I finally got to do some range tests. For a six shot clip i got this:


Nothing Effeminate, but solid. And with the ease of clip replacement and increased rate of fire with the shotgun mod, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for taking the time to view this, and I can't wait to see some more Recon mods. Maybe I'll finally tackle my LS now.

#140521 Btg And Rf100

Posted by OberonFox on 15 February 2008 - 11:56 PM in Modifications

Long range with close support functionality sounds like a good idea.

This may not have been the best execution of said idea.

Last picture, the plant looks sad, tell your mom to water it.